Chapter *6.24*

Wasn't The Cof

My Sunday morning training ride took me across the Rhein again then down to Neuwied where I recrossed the water for the return back to Sinzig and home. I like to vary my route and its easy to do living here, back in Warsop you could sometimes find yourself sticking to a routine just to avoid traffic. It wasn't the nicest ride to be honest, the weather being grey, cold and at times wet.

“You look a bit peaky this morning.” Dad noted as I slumped into a kitchen chair.

“I think it was the Chinese.”

“You did rather stuff it down.” He noted, “so you taking Bernie to the bakery?”

“I wasn't going to, it'd be a bit boring.”

“Ok just so I know.”

“I'd best get a move on.”

“Thought you would bring Bernie?” Connie mentioned.

“Nah, I don't want to bore her to death and anyway, I'm sure you'll see enough of her.”

“You look tired.”

“I didn't sleep too well.” I admitted.

To be honest I really was feeling a bit off in that sort of listless, achy way you get with as cold, I hope I'm not going down with anything.

“Gab's! Your rents are here.”

“Coming.” I finished with the bins and pausing only to wash my hands returned to the Bäckerei.

“Hi Drew, thought you'd want to say bye to Mrs Rose.” Mum advised.

“Sure, you stopping for coffee?”

“We weren't going to.” Dad supplied.

“Oh go on.” Con enthused.

It was sort of a bit weird serving people you know, no lets rephrase that, it was weird that I was working and not sat with them. We weren't too busy so I did get a couple of minutes with them before Dad started getting a bit tetchy.

“Bye Drew.” Mrs R gave me a hug.

“Have a good trip home.”

“Drew?” Con prompted.

“Oh yeah, thought you might get peckish.” I handed her a rather full Bäckerei Thesing paper bag, “there's some sandwiches and pastries.”

“That's very thoughtful Drew, thanks and it was nice meeting you Connie.”

“And you Frau Rose, Güten Reisen.”

“You look a bit pale Gaby.” Frau Thesing mentioned as we sat down for dinner.

“She's been out of sorts all day.” Con told her mother.

To be truthful I really was starting to feel off, I even fell asleep during Tatort. Herr Thesing insisted on driving me home and I must admit I didn't put up much resistance to the idea.

“Geez Drew, you look awful.” Bern exclaimed.

“If I look how I feel…” I croaked.

Mum did the laying on of hands bit, how do they do that?

“Hmm you're a bit warm, up to bed, I'll bring you something up.”

I dragged myself upstairs which induced a bit of a coughing fit, just what I need – not!

“Here you go, drink this,” Mum passed me a steaming mug giving off an interesting aroma, “no hospital for you tomorrow.”

I sipped at the potion and nearly choked as the Tabasco hit my throat.

“Gads, that's strong.”

“Well it's a bit kill or cure.” She smiled.


“I'll check on you later, try to get some sleep.”

“…Yes I'll do that Doctor, Tschuss.” I just caught the end of the conversation as with head pounding and body aching I lurched into the living room.


“I told you to stay in bed.”

“I was bored, where's Bern?”

“You're Dad's taken her into work away from your germs.”

“Who were you talking to?” I croaked.

“Dr Fischer.”


“I have to ring him later on in the week to rearrange things.”

Like I really want him poking around inside me. On the other hand I know that catching cancer early is a good thing.

I spent the day coughing and spluttering, unable to really concentrate on anything – German daytime TV is even worse than in England! I was dosed with Mums honey, lemon and Tabasco cure all which did seem to help my throat a bit. At some point I must have dropped off as I was rudely woken by Dad and Bernie returning home.


“Wotcha.” I managed.

“Feeling better kiddo?” Dad enquired.

“A bit, where's Mum?”

“Out training still.”

“Didn't know she'd gone.”

“Anyone want a drink?” Bernie offered.

“A coffee would be nice, you know where everything is?”

“I'm sure I'll find it, Drew?”

“Tea please.”

“You going to school today?” Mum enquired from the door.

Well I wasn't 100% by any stretch but a lot better than yesterday.

“I guess.”

“In that case shake a leg, I'll drive you both in.”

“Uh huh.”

Mum disappeared and I dragged myself out of bed.

“We have a new pupil today, she is from England and is staying with Drew Bond.”

Bern nervously shuffled as she stood next to Frau Boxberg.

“Her name is Bernadette Rose and she doesn't understand a lot of German so I don't expect to hear that you are making fun of her. Frau Dürst.”

“Thank you Frau Boxberg, I'm sure no one will do anything like that.” Her tone was unusually stern, “I think Bernadette, you can sit with Herr Preiser.”

Bern looked suitably bemused, the statement was obviously aimed at her but the rest was over her head.

Mart took the lead however. “Over here Bernadette.” He managed in English.

Bern took the hint and made her way to her new academic seat.

“I thought Bernie would sit with you Drew.” Anna mentioned at lunch.

“So did I.” I agreed.

“Marty is quite nice though.” Bern put in.

“Frau Dürst is probably trying to stop you being too reliant on Gabs.” Steff offered.

“I can see that.” Brid stated.

“How are you managing with the classes?” Pia asked.

“Well Maths wasn't too bad but History.”

“You will have to get Gab's here to tutor you.” Nena.

“Or Martin.” Connie grinned.

We caught the Express back to Dernau, which was a bit of a novelty for Bern, I was glad myself as I was still feeling a bit under the weather. It's definitely gonna be different with Bern around, you don't realise just how much of a routine you get into.

“So how'd it go?” Mum enquired.

“Okay I guess Aunty Jen.”

“You any better Drew?”

“Still a bit off.”

“Well I hope you are better by Friday.”

“What's happening Friday?”

“The final of the track league?”


“And I've spoken to Dr Fischer.”

“Oh.” Just what I wanted to hear – not.

“A week on Wednesday, your Dad'll take you.”


“Because I'll be away remember, Mexico?”

“Kewl!” Bern noted.


I'd forgotten that Mum's season starts so soon, my road season doesn't get going for three weeks yet. I've sort of got used to having Mum around the last few months, it's gonna be a bit odd when she's away again but at least between trips she'll be home.

“So let me get this right,” Bern started, “the Slavs moved into northern Germany?”

“Uh huh.”

“Didn't like anyone stop them?”

I hadn't given it a great deal of thought so I scanned my book again.

“It says here that the native population was quite small…der de der…oh right, apparently there was some friction with the Danes who controlled the coastal areas but it never came to much.”

“I thought the Danes were like in Denmark?”

“Yeah but they controlled like a lot of what is now northern Germany.”


I could tell she wasn't too sure, I know Bern of old. It was a bit like old times in Warsop, sat round the kitchen table snacking and doing our homework. Having to translate for someone was novel but I guess that's what it was like when I first came and Con was doing it for me.

“Can I borrow your ‘puter for a bit?”

“I guess, you want me to boot it?”

“I think I can manage that, unless it's all in German.”


“Shan't be long, just need to check my email.”


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