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Part 67


"You've what!" Dad bellowed

"Left it at the Peters" I mumbled

Dad shook his head in disbelief.


"Uh huh" Mum's voice came from the bathroom

"You'll never guess what your son has done?"

"What?" she asked arriving at my door, "Drew what are you wearing?"

I sat, head bowed, on my bed wearing Jules babydoll.

"Sorry" I snivelled

"Dave, go and get the coffee on" Mum ordered Dad

Dad shook his head again as he left Mum and I alone.

"Now then Drew, an explanation please?" Mum requested

"It's all your fault!" I accused

"What is all my fault?" Mum kept her cool under my outburst.

"This!" I spat indicating my current attire

"Calm down and start at the beginning" Mum ordered

I took a couple of deep breaths and settled myself.

"I hate pretending to be a girl!" I started, "when the girls got me and Rhod to dress up for the Easter dance, it was sort of fun I s'pose, but it was only meant to be a one off thing. Then I had to dress up again for the bank"

"Whoa, hold it! Why did you have to dress up for the bank?" Mum asked

"Well Mad had entered me as Gaby and I won the fancy dress and"

"Okay, okay we haven't got a lot of time" Mum interjected

"Then after you went to Germany I did the modelling thing at school? You told Mr Wood it was okay and I know I agreed but I was getting paid after all" I reasoned. "Then there was the whole thing in Germany, you dressed me up instead of explaining to everyone!" I moaned

"But you agreed" Mum mentioned

"Well, I guess but I didn't enjoy it"

"Okay so I admit that was my fault, what about the party at Anna's and Paris?" she asked

"Everyone said I should go to the party as Gaby"

"Me and your Dad didn't"

"Well no"

"So that wasn't my fault"

"I guess not"

"And the Oxford weekend, you didn't take any spare clothes" she mentioned

"No" I mumbled into my falsies

"And why were you dressed as a girl in Paris?"

"Because of sports day, because I agreed to compete in the badminton" I half whispered

"So Drew, you volunteered again, I know it wasn't your fault you ended up stuck for the weekend, Carol and your Dad have explained, but it started with you agreeing to it" Mum was being quite reasonable.


"I do admit that this week is mostly down to me. I thought you enjoyed the dressing up, you always look like you are anyway and you look prettier than a lot of girls I've known."


"Sorry but you do. Why didn't you just say no?" she queried

"I don't know Mum. I thought you'd hate me if I didn't do it"

"Oh Drew!" she hugged me close and kissed my head. "Me and your Dad, well let's just say we thought it was what you wanted to do. You always looked so happy as Gaby"

"It's been fun sometimes I suppose" I mentioned

"So do you still blame me?" she asked

"Sorry Mum" I cuddled up to her.

"Are you two coming?" Dad shouted up the stairs, "we have to go in twenty minutes"

"Coming" Mum called back, "now Drew why are you still like this now?" she indicated my attire.

"I left the remover at Aunt Carol's, I only realised when I came up to bed"

"And the night-dress, it's your sister's isn't it?"

"I borrowed it off Jules, it's more comfortable to sleep in with these" I indicated my boobs.

"Well we can hardly get Carol up at this time (five thirty!), it looks like you are gonna be Gaby until you get back from the airport. Come on, it's not that bad" she chucked my chin. "If you are going to see me off at the airport you are at least going to smart so hang on and I'll get you something of your sisters to wear"

It could have been worse!
It could have been worse !

"No dresses please" I begged

"Okay" she agreed

She returned a couple of minutes later with a pile of stuff.

"Here, get dressed and get downstairs before your Dad blows a fuse"

It could have been a lot worse. Mum had found a loose pink t shirt and a pair of trousers, with 'my own' bra and pants, I looked okay without being too girly!

"Come on Gaby, shake a leg" Dad chivvied when I got to the kitchen. Clearly Mum had spoken to him, as he was much calmer than half an hour ago.

"Here you go sis" Jules plonked some toast in front of me which I quickly buttered and Marmite'd.

We left only ten minutes late for the drive down to Stansted for Mum's nine forty five flight back to Germany where she was meeting the rest of the squad at Frankfurt Airport for the flight to America. Luckily the traffic was light and we made good time across to Newark and the A1. We followed the Great North Road south to Huntingdon where we picked up the A14 and then the M11 at Cambridge. The traffic was starting to build up by the time we reached the Stansted turn a little after eight thirty.

Jules and I got out at the terminal with Mum and her bag to check in while Dad went to park the car. Even at this early hour there were a lot of travellers milling about but we found the Ryanair book in desk easily and joined the queue. We didn't have to wait long and Mum was checked in before Dad found us just leaving the desk.

"Let's get a coffee before I go through" Mum suggested

So we walked round to the Costa Coffee outlet and us 'girls' got a table while Dad got the drinks.

"Now you two, behave for your Dad, especially when the Americans come over" Mum instructed us.

"Yes Mum" Jules replied

"And you young man. If you don't want to do this" she indicated my current appearance, "don't. Tell the girls no. And you young lady can keep an eye on him too, understand?"

"Yes Mum" we both replied

"Here we go" Dad mentioned as he arrived with the Drinks.

"Dave can I have five minutes please, wait here girls" Mum got up and steered Dad out of earshot.

"Wonder what that's all about?" Jules mentioned

"Me probably" I told her

"More like they want a private snog!" she replied

"Urgh! Gross!"

"You want that biscuit?"


The Olds returned and we spent our last few minutes together. We escorted Mum round to security where we all said a tearful goodbye, even Dad. The week had gone by so quickly, well five day's really. Mum joined the queue to get to the departure areas and we stood and waited until she cleared the metal detectors and passport control. Mum gave a last wave and then we lost sight of her as she went for the monorail to the terminal that her flight departs from.

"Well kid's, do you want to wait until she's taken off?"

"No let's go home, we won't know which plane she's on anyway" I mentioned

"Okay, we'll stop at Huntingdon then" Dad told us.

We made our way out to the short stay car park and with heavy hearts we left Stansted, and Mum, behind. The traffic was much heavier now than it was an hour ago when we arrived. Still, most of it was heading into London rather than away so we were quickly back past Cambridge and heading towards Huntingdon.

Just before Huntingdon Dad pulled us off the main road and round into Godmanchester services, essentially a glorified transport café! We've stopped here before, it's cheaper than the big chain services and it's a sort of look into another culture. I know it's a stereotype but I always think of lorry drivers as being middle-aged men, usually a bit on the 'heavy' side and maybe a bit intimidating. For some reason today I felt a bit nervous as Dad led us into cafeteria.

"You okay?" Jules whispered to me

"I guess so"

"I always feel like everyone is watching me in these places, I wish we could stop at the regular services" She went on.

"Come on you two, what are you having?" Dad asked from the counter.

"Tea and toast for me please" Jules told him


"Full breakfast please" Jules gave me a look

"What?" I whispered


"Go get a table girls" Dad instructed

We scanned the room and I spotted a table overlooking the car park that we soon claimed. Half ten on a Saturday morning is not exactly busy in here so the rest of the clientele consisted of four blokes sat at one table and about half a dozen lone diners.

"Have you rung Maddy yet?" Jules asked


"Well don't you think it might be a good idea, before we get back?"

"I guess" I pulled my phone out and made the call.

"Hi we've been to the airport with Mum...yeah...near Huntingdon...are you in today...what time...bum! We won't be back until about twelve...I forgot the remover I'm not wearing the yellow dress...a t shirt and when will you be home then...okay, give us a call when you get in...okay, see you later... bye" I ended the call.


"They're going out in a few minutes and won't be back till sometime this afternoon."

"Looks like you're gonna be Gaby all day then" Jules mentioned

"You look a bit down Drew" Dad whispered as he arrived with our drinks

"The Peters are off out for the day" Jules advised him as she put sugar in her tea.

"In that case there's no rush to get back" he noted

"I guess not" I agreed


"I s'pose"

"Forty three!" came over the tannoy

"That's us" Dad advised

A couple of minutes later our food was on the table.

"You gonna eat all that?" Jules asked.

"Yeah" I replied although in truth I wasn't sure I was going to be up to it. Dad chuckled as I stared at my plate, two fried eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, fried tomato, baked beans, mushrooms, fried bread, kidney and a round of bread and butter! Out of the corner of my eye I could see one of the other patrons laughing to himself at my reaction, I knew it was me because every time he glanced my way he grinned to himself.

"Come on sis, give us some bacon and mushrooms" Jules requested and I was pleased to oblige.

We ate in near silence, only the sounds of the local radio station playing in the kitchens supplying counterpoint to the murmur of conversation. In truth even after Jules nicked some and Dad too I still struggled to finish my food, I gave up on the last few mushrooms and slice of black pudding.

"Urgh" I exclaimed as I collapsed back in my seat.

"It's only a short detour" Dad advised us

"What is?" Jules asked

"Fotheringhay Castle"

"Never heard of it" I mentioned

"There's not much left but it's where Mary Queen of Scots was beheaded"

"Gross!" Jules stated

"Kewl!" was my reaction.

Dad left the A1 to the south of Peterborough and we joined the lanes towards our destination. It was a matter of ten minutes before we arrived in the sleepy village of Fotheringhay over looking the River Nene (locals say nen, for everyone else neen will do!). We parked opposite the church and Dad rescued his camera from the boot of the car. It was only a five-minute walk back to the castle mound and it was not impressive!

 Fotheringhay Castle Secret pic

Dad did his David Bailey act, taking pictures of every lump and bump while Jules and I wandered around finally climbing to the top of the motte. Well at least there was a decent view!

"Where did they do it then?" I asked Dad as he joined us

"Legend has it on top of here, remember there was a tower up here then"

"You'd have thought there'd be a plaque or something" Jools mentioned

"Yeah" I agreed, "heads chopped here", I barely ducked my sister's incoming palm.

"Lets have a quick look in the church before we go" Dad suggested

"If we must!" Jules sighed

So Dad told us all about how important this sleepy little place was five hundred years ago. Birthplace, and burial place of Kings, home to the House of York for several hundred years. Dad's 'little' excursion ended up lasting well over an hour before we rejoined Ermine Street to head home.

Jules, I could tell by her fidgeting, was beyond fed up and I was just dog-tired, in fact I dropped off not long after we rejoined the A1. It was getting on toward two when we got back as far as Mansfield. Dad parked behind the shops.

"I won't be long"

"Why we stopped?" I yawned

"Dad's gone to pick something up" Jules supplied

"Fine" I dropped off again.

I awoke when dad shut the car door on his return.

"Come on Drew, wakey wakey. We're nearly home"


"Hey Drew, that lad over there keeps looking at you" Jules mentioned

I glanced over to the bus shelter.

"Oh no! It's Clive!"

"You mean that Clive?" Jules asked

"Am I missing something?" Dad asked as we pulled into the traffic.

"Er not really, he's in my class at school" I told him

"Yeah and he fancies Drew" Jules supplied

"Does not!" I exclaimed

"Well okay, he fancies Gaby"

"Drew?" Dad enquired

"Well he's got a crush on Gaby, he's no idea we're one and the same though"

"Humph!" Dad mentioned, "as if having the boys sniffing around one daughter's not enough."

"I'm not doing this ever again" I told the car in general, "well once I've got these things off."

"I've heard that before" Jules noted.

"You want a look at this before you go to Maddy's?" Dad asked

"What is it?"

"The photo you ordered for me the other weekend" he advised

"Go on then"

He opened the envelope and extracted the glossy 10 by 8.

 Paris pic

"I'll get it framed" Dad enthused

"Daad" I whined

"Give over Drew, you look very nice in the picture, you're even sort of smiling"

"I'm off" I told him

"Do you want a lift, you don't really want to walk there dressed like that do you?"

"I guess not," I admitted

"And it might be an idea to take a change of clothes?" he suggested

"Yes Dad"

I went upstairs to grab some jeans and one of my own t-shirts, and quickly joined Dad back out at the car.

"Are any of the others coming in the morning?" Dad asked

"I'm not sure"

"Well find out and let me know." He requested

For what I truly intended to be the last time, Gaby arrived at the Peters house.

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