Chapter *6.22*


“Von Strechau?”


I wanted to melt into the floor. So that means the guy at the door is Baron von Strechau, like real German aristocracy.

“You two know each other?” Mum enquired.

“Erm kinda.” I allowed.

“We share some of the same classes at school, you must be Frau Bond, your daughter is very popular at school.”

“Er thank you?”

“Max, Maximillian Von Strechau, at your service.” He even did that heel-clicking thing as he introduced himself.

“Hmm!” the senior Strechau got his sons attention, “Menu's?”

“Ah sorry,“ he passed out the menu folders, “you would like beverages?”

“Please.” Dad agreed.

Max took our order and left us.


“He's a bit of all right.” Bern stage whispered.

“By the look in Gaby's eyes I think you need to keep clear Bern.” Jules suggested.

I shot my sister a look but as luck would have it Bern changed the subject.

“Does everyone here have a job?” Bern enquired.

“Not everyone.”

“Just most.” Jules put in.

“I guess, me an' Con work at the bakery, Pia helps at the family restaurant and Brid does a few hours a week at the supermarket.”


Our drinks arrived along with my would be suitor which would've been on worthy of note except that he managed to knock over Bern's Apollinaris water which was on his tray above my head at the time. I was soaked!

“Mein Gott Max, what are you trying to do, drown the poor girl?”

“Its okay really, I'll dry, its only water.”

Whilst I'm not his greatest fan it was something that could happen to anyone.

“I'll dry off, where the rest room please?”

“You're staying very calm Drew?” Bern noted.

“Well I know what its like, lets just say one of my customers got a bit too well acquainted with their coffee just after I started so I know what its like.”

Yeah I won't forget that episode in a hurry!

“I'll show you the way Drew.” Max offered.


"No, thank you, I'm not really cut out for this stuff.”

“You'll soon pick it up.” I offered as we left the dining room and entered a miniature maze of corridors.

“Here we go, there's towels in the cupboard, can you find your own way back?”

“I think so.”

“I'd best get back then.”


I located the towels and soon had my hair and face dry again, not much you can do with a damp jumper though. I retraced the outward route and was soon back at our table where von Strechau senior was just taking everyone's order.

“Geez, did you smell the order pad?” Jules teased.

“Just one of my many talents.”

“You okay kiddo?” Dad asked.

“It was only a bit of water.”

“What are you eating?” Mum prompted.

I glanced at the menu.

“We having starters?”

“If you like.” Dad allowed.

Kewl! “Can I get the Grießnockerlnsuppe, Wildbraten with the Leipziger and Rösti?”

“I dunno where you put it sometimes kiddo.” Dad chuckled.

“What is all that you ordered?” Bern enquired taking a sip of her replenished water.

“He's just showing off Bern.” Goth Girl stated.

“Am not!” I pouted, “its like beef and veg soup and then venison steak with veg and fried taters.”

“You certainly haven't changed your eating habits!” Bern grinned.

“So what're you having?”

“Rind something.”

“Rinderbraten.” Jules put in.

“Roast beef.” I translated.

“Phew, I thought it might be something weird. So like why did you put make up on when you went to clean up?”

Bugger, bugger, Bugger!

“I um.” I started.

“Zo, Zweibelsuppe?”

“Here.” Dad mentioned.


“That's mine.” Mum enthused.

“Grießnockerlnsuppe fur ihre Fraulein.” Herr Strechau delivered my soup from the tray Max was holding. “Bon Appetite.”

“Er thanks.”

The food was good, I mean GOOD, at a guess it was costing a bob or two so it ought to be!



“Where do you put it?” Bern enquired as I placed my utensils on the plate.

“Hollow legs.” Jules suggested.

"You don't do so bad yourself.” I opined.

That got the expected raspberry in reply.

“Jules!” Mum didn't need to say more.


“They aren't usually this bad Cheryl.” Dad stated.

“No we're worse!” I put in.

“Anyone for dessert?” Mum enquired, “coffee?”

“What the heck, you only live once.” Cheryl chortled.

“So two Obstsalat mit Eis, one Apfelrösti and three Zwetschkenknödel.” Max repeated our order.

“Uh huh.” Dad agreed.

“So like what're we having Drew?” Bern enquired.


“Don't be so obtuse Drew, its hot plum dumplings.” Dad informed the table.

“Sounds nice.” Mrs Rose added.

I could get to like dining here, the menu is a bit more adventurous than a lot of places, I mean Schnitzel can get a bit boring after all.


“I'm stuffed!” I sighed.

“You didn't have to eat the rest of Bern's dumplings.” Mum pointed out.

“Güten Nacht Gaby.” Max called out.

“Er bye Max.”

“So what's that all about Gaby ?” Bern mentioned soto voce.


“Like I believe that Drew Bond.”


Just because we have guests doesn't mean Mum and me stop training, it did mean that we went out together for a change; at least we set off together. We rode together up to Nurburg where I turned for home and Mum headed on towards Mayen, I got home just in time for breakfast.

“Do you go out so early everyday?” Mrs Rose enquired.

“Nah, usually its after school or later in the day.”

Mum chose that moment to clatter into the kitchen.


“Coffee?” Dad enquired.

“Please.” Mum plucked a slice of toast from the rack, “back in five.”

“So what are you kids up to today?” Cheryl asked.

“My friends are coming over about half nine.”

“Its twenty past now.” Dad pointed out.

“Shitza! Be right back!” I took off like my bum was on fire.


I arrived downstairs to find the girls already getting reacquainted with Bern.

“Morning Drew!”

“Morning, so what lies've you been circulating?”

“As if.” Steff snorted.

“Yeah it seems its you holding out on us, Gaby Bond.” Anna grinned.

“Anna!” I gesticulated my displeasure.

“Bernie was just telling us about last night.” Con put in.

“I was just telling them about that Max kid.” Bernie supplied.

Oh joy.


"I suppose she's told you about Max half drowning me?”

“I wish I was a wall fly there!” Pia giggled.

“That reminds me Drew,” Bern started, “why did you put on make up last night?”

“I didn't!”

“You so did! When you came back from the lav you definitely had make up on.”

“Off actually.” I sighed.

“You haven't told her?” Nena enquired.

“Told me what? You're not going all girly on me Drew?”

“It's sort of complicated.”

A lot more than you'd think!

“No its not.” Connie stated, “He accidentally got semi permanent makeup at the Spa last week.”

“So how come, how do you?”

“I've got foundation on now to cover it up, I forgot about it last night when von flippin' Strechau half drowned me.”

“Now that sounds like the Drew Bond I know. But like why was that Max kid calling you Gaby?”

“This lot are to blame for that.”

“Are not!” Steff exclaimed.

I sighed, “It's a long story.”


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