Chapter *8.09*


There is just no way that I'm telling the girls about the Munich trip, well certainly not beforehand! I bet Bern would be having a laugh at my expense. Bern, I hope she's alright, I've been so preoccupied with Munich that I've not really thought about her today, hmm I know, I'll write to her!

I fired up my PC and opened Word.

Dear Bern

I hope this finds you well, we all miss you, the gang are talking about visiting the UK in the summer so maybe it won't be too long before we're all together again.

You'll laugh at the pickle I've landed myself in this week. On Tuesday Max asked me to go to his cousins wedding next week down in Munich. That's three days off school so I agreed; let's face it, free food and partying who could turn that down?

I didn't know, and the swine never said but its like a royal wedding, turns out his cousin is some sort of princess – yeah for real so instead of some cosy little family affair its actually like a big formal do. So guess who has to dress in some flippin meringue for the party and a stuffy suit for the church bit! I told you you'd laugh.

I'll write again soon,

Take care,


I re read it several times before printing it off, not that I have an address to send it to yet.

Dad dropped me off at about ten to ten, I'm sure he was having a chuckle over this at my expense. I've told the others I'll text when I've finished my ‘errands' so we can meet to go up to Bonn, I'm sure they smell a rat but I can hardly admit to going for a dress fitting can I?

A younger woman was tending to another customer when I arrived; Gerta and Dotty were however waiting for me.


“Ah the Weinkönigin, come straight into the changing room.” Gerta instructed, “You have hose?”

“Uh huh.” I agreed following Dotty.

“Right then, suit first, Dotty has the shoes.”

Ten minutes later I felt a bit like a trussed chicken in the now altered suit and perched on matching stilts.

“What do you think Gerta, Schwartz Handtasche?”

“Oh definitely but stay with tan hose I think, darker would be too severe on someone so young.”

A bit tarty too in my opinion.

“So I think we are good with this, I hope the dress is so easy.” Gerta went on, “come, lets try the evening wear.”

I stripped out of the suit and prepared to don ‘my' dress.

“Not so fast young lady,” Dotty instructed, “off with the BH, I have a corset here for you, to support you as the dress is strapless.”

A corset! They must be kidding, mustn't they?

This latest bit of torture equipment was soon wrapped around me and Dot pulled the laces closed before running the tape around me, tutting before readjusting things. The built in cups shoved my assets firmly upwards much to my embarrassment whilst my waist was held solidly and unbending – how I'm supposed to wear this for a dance?

The pale yellow creation was lowered over my head and seemed to fit somewhat more snugly than the other night. Strange that. Another pair of shoes, more sandal really, I'm sure we agreed on a court shoe, and I was teetering out to see Gerta again.

“Ah splendid!” she exclaimed attracting the attention of everyone else in the store.

With my chest on display in the strapless gown I felt a little exposed even as the skirts skimmed the floor.

“How am I supposed to dance in this?”

“You'll do, it will hardly be a discothèque girl.” Dot pointed out.

“Walk to the door and back please.” Gerta instructed.

I hardly felt able to argue so I carefully made my way the few metres to the door before lifting my skirts to turn around. There was no chance to slouch what with the corset and tight bodice and the only steps I could manage in the skyscraper heels were short. I returned to my starting point where for the first time I saw both Dot and Gerta smile.

“You'll do girl!” Gerta grinned, “and to think your mother said you could be a bit of a tomboy.”

I'm not sure but I think that was intended as some sort of compliment.

“Um, thanks.”

“Well get changed, we need to get everything packed.” Dot advised.

I didn't need a second prod, speeding as much as I could back to the anprobe. As I started to get changed I could hear whispering outside.

“Who is that girl?”

“I heard Dot call her Princess.”

“From her looks I'd say one of the Prussian families.”

“You can tell she is of royal blood by the way she holds herself.”

I giggled to myself, if only they knew. On an impulse I left the corset on and took a few minutes putting my mane into a French braid – very regal! Returning to the shop I spotted the chatters who glanced furtively over as I joined Gerta at the counter.

“You are keeping the corset on I see.”

“Well I thought a little practice before Thursday would be in order – plus I couldn't undo the knot.”

“Thursday, did you hear, it must be the Saxe Coburg wedding!” an excited voice mentioned from across the store.

“And still so elegant even in trousers.”

Clearly Gerta heard this too and decided to play to them.

“We'll put this to your account Highness.” She winked at me.

“Thank you, I'm sure my mother will speak to you soon about the season.”

“She already has Highness.” Gerta hammed a little loudly.


“Ah here we are, thank you Dotty.”

Dotty deposited a hatbox and three large white bags emblazoned with ‘Eloise Couture' by the counter.

“Thanks Dot.” I offered.

“My pleasure Gaby, enjoy the wedding.”

“I'll try.”

“I've taken the liberty of calling your car – I called your father, he'll collect you by the south gate.

“Thank you Gerta, I'll see you soon no doubt.”

I collected the bags and with Dot holding the door swept out into the street and towards my lift home. I felt as though everyone was watching me – which quite a few no doubt were, so I toned it down a little. I still felt a little like one of those girls you see in the films or Sex in the City - not that I'm a particular fan but anyhow with the bags an' all…

Dad was waiting by the time I got there and seeing my burden popped the Saab's back door.

“Thanks Dad.”


“Well sorry.” I huffed.

“Just kidding, so you're all set now?”

I climbed in and belted up, “I guess although I can't help thinking it's a bit overboard.”

“You okay? You look a little stiff.”

“Corset.” I observed.

“That'll be why you look a little um, ‘bigger' then?”

“Er yeah.” I started to turn a delightful pink.

Dad chuckled to himself.

“Shitza! Is that the time? I need to ring the girls.”

I flipped my bag open and was soon waiting for Anna to answer.

“Hi Gab's.”

“Heya, I'll be home in a few, what's the plan?”

“Didn't you get my pm?”

“No – oh hang on something's coming through now.”

“We got the ten thirty, we're nearly at Remagen now.”

I was a bit miffed they hadn't waited for me.

“Con tried to ring you earlier but you didn't pick up.” Anna mentioned, “we could wait for you at Remagen and get the next one up.” She offered.

“Dunno, hang on.” I covered the mic and turned to Dad, “any chance of a lift to Remagen, pretty please?”


“Erm now?” I batted my lashes.

“Sorry kiddo, not really, I've got to go out myself shortly.”

“Bum,” I went back to my handy, “Anna?”


“I'm pushing it for the next Express.”

“We can wait.”

“Nah, you guys go on to Bonn, I'll see you up there later.”

“Okay then, see you later, tschuss.”

“Tschuss.” I cut the call and let out a sigh.

“You were going to Bonn?”

“Yeah, I want to go to the Spielwaren and I need to get some stuff in coats ‘n ‘ats.”

“Why didn't you say? I'm going to Troisdorf so I can drop you off on the way through.”

By now we were in Dernau and turning into our road.


“I'll take that as a yes.”

“Ten minutes.” Dad advised as we pulled onto the drive.

“I'll be ready.”

Of course it was closer to twenty by the time I'd got my posh frock and the suit hung, the corset off (I couldn't stand it any longer!) and a quick visit to the ablutions.

Back in the car and Dad was soon taking us up past Anna's place in Esch and then quickly onto the autobahn which but for dropping me off would take Dad directly to Troisdorf.

I hit dial again as we left the motorway.


“Oh hey Gabs.”

“Where are you guys?”

“Just pulling into Bonn, the Rhine Express was fifteen minutes late.”

“Wait outside then, I'll be there in like ten minutes.”

“I take it you got a lift.”

“Yeah, see you in a few.”

I checked the clock, quarter to twelve – plenty of shopping time!

“You need picking up?” Dad asked as we dropped under the railway by the Bahnhof.

“Nah, I'll be with the girls, we'll get the train.”

“Don't be too late, race tomorrow remember.”

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 29.04.11 © 2011

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