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Part 15
Easter Break 3

Didn't I mention that the other guys were all wearing jeans! Well I guess my skirt did mean that I looked pretty girlie, even with my flat chest! I have to admit that I did feel reasonably confident that no one would pick me out dressed like this, most of the kids at school had seen me at the dance so although Drew was missing, 'my' appearance with the others shouldn't appear strange.

Well even though we walked through our own neighbourhood, we managed not to meet anyone we knew. It wasn't a long way into Warsop and the bank and we were there just before eleven. We went in and had to wait while another customer was served before the group of us approached the teller.

"And what can we do for you young ladies today?"

"I'm Gaby Thomas and I need to see Mrs Jenkins?"

"Ok, I'll just get her from the back"

It is a small branch with usually only a couple of staff and the manager. I saw the women come out and she beamed as she looked at us.

"Hello Gaby, Ally and these must be your other friends"

Ally introduced the others.

"Yes Mrs Jenkins, this is Maddy, Rhod and Bernie"

"Oops, sorry Rhod, I didn't realise you were a boy"

Rhod blushed deeply "no sweat"

"Ok then Gaby, lets get this cheque sorted out for you."

"Thanks Mrs Jenkins, we're sorry about last week"

Well things didn't go quite as we planned. By the time we left, Gaby had a new bank account, a new Discman and after Mrs Jenkins expressed the cheque, fifty of the hundred pounds.

"Phew I thought we were never going to get out of there"

"I'm not sure I've still got all my fingers"

"Yeah but now I've got an account in the name of Gaby Thomas, I'm sure that's not really legal" I said flourishing my copy of the withdrawal slip with my 'new' signature on it.

"Who's going to find out Gaby?"

"No one I guess, unless your mum gets to the post before you"

"Well I'll just tell her they got the wrong address somehow"

"Hmm" I wasn't convinced. The others were keeping their own council and I know Rhod was still embarrassed about being mistaken for a girl even dressed in his jeans and stuff.

"What about an ice cream?" I asked everyone



"Just what I need"

"And it's my treat" I added, "after all I wouldn't have the money at all if it wasn't for you guys"

"Thanks Drew"

"If you insist"

So we stopped off at a paper shop and Gaby bought an assortment of Mivvi's and King Cones and we all sat in the churchyard to eat them. I have to admit that today I really felt quite comfortable as Gaby, I didn't mind the long skirt too much and it was only after we had finished the ice cream and Maddy wanted to touch up my lipstick I even remembered I was wearing make up.

By the time we got back to the Peters' house it was getting on toward one o'clock and it was clouding up some.

"What are we going to do this afternoon guys?"

"We could do a bit of surfing on the net"

"I guess that would be okay"

"We can look at some of the con pictures, mum posted some on Yahoo last week that you guys haven't seen"

"Yeah well the first thing I want to do is get back into my clothes"

"Ok Drew, you get changed while we get organised"

So off I went and I was soon back downstairs in my 'normal' gear. What I had forgotten about were the earrings and eye makeup, although I had wiped the lipstick off.

"Come on Drew, there's a can of orange on the table if you want"


"Oh boy, I didn't know she'd put these on here"


"Look guys we're famous!"

Mrs Peters had posted shots of the group of us in our costumes taken before the dance.

"Someone's bound to recognise me and Rhod"

"Like who?"


"Look guys, most of the people looking at this are in America, they will see what they want to see, six cute kids dressed up in Anime costumes for a party"

"I guess your right"

"Of course she is Drew" Rhod put in, "one minute you're opening bank accounts as Gaby, next your paranoid someone's going to recognise you thousands of miles away"

"I know it's just..."

"Plain stupid" Ally finished for me.

Well we surfed for a bit then Maddy showed us the new game that her dad had bought, The Sims. We pretty much all thought it was way cool! So cool in fact that we didn't hear Maddy's mum come home or her efforts in the kitchen. I guess she thought we were being pretty well behaved, why interrupt? So next thing we knew she was calling for us to set the table for tea.

My guess was right, she brought a huge tureen of spaghetti and two dishes of sauce, a veggie carbonara and bolognese. These meals were legend amongst those who were privy to them; Mrs Peters is a great cook! I had to restrain myself a bit as I was racing later which I thought was why Mrs Peters kept looking at me, I normally have seconds and thirds!

We all helped clear things up and then we resumed our Sims session.

"Is that the time?"

"Yeah six fifteen, why?"

"I'm racing tonight over at Cuckney, I better change and go, I can just make it"

I grabbed my bag and rushed off to the bathroom to change. By six thirty I was ready to leave.

"See you guys in the morning, nine o'clock bus right?"

"Yeah, and good luck tonight Drew"

"Yeah good luck Drew"

"Thanks guys" I clipped my foot onto the pedal and set off for the short ride up to Cuckney.


"Yes Mum"

"Why was Drew wearing makeup and earrings?"

"Oops! We were practising make up on him earlier, I guess he forgot he had it on"

"Hmm" she wasn't sure she believed that and she had a nagging feeling of recognition. She shook her head; 'no I just can't place it'.

I got up to the temporary roadside HQ with ten minutes to spare; it was only a couple of miles after all. I didn't know anyone else there but I located the starter and the signing sheet. I filled the sheet in and handed over my consent form and pound entry fee, collected my number, 17, and went to get ready.

I should explain here what sort of event this is. Like the tandem event at Christmas this is a time trial, but what's called a club event. That means a club promotes it for it's own members and allows 'guests' like me to ride to bolster club funds. They are pretty informal and provide useful practice for 'proper' open events.

As we start at minute intervals I still had nearly twenty minutes to go before my start so I rode up and down a side road, practising starts and generally warming up as mum had taught me. Soon however it was my turn.

"Number seventeen!"


"Drew Bond?"


"You've ridden here before?"

"Yes, last season"

"Well just watch the turn then, 30 seconds"

The pusher held me up as I clipped my left foot in"

"Fifteen, good luck young lady"

My mind was on the start now I wasn't really listening



I pushed down on the pedal and was soon chasing down the hill. To avoid describing the whole ride (boring for you!) I'll cut to the finish. I rounded the last bend and could see the timekeeper. I thought I was doing really well, only two older riders had passed me and I was riding pretty well.

"Seventeen" I wheezed as I crossed the line.

"Well done young Bond, twenty six forty five", one of the club officials addressed me

I was quite elated, only April and I was less than a minute off my best.

"Any relation to Jenny Bond?"

"She's my Mum" I stated proudly

"Obviously a chip off the old block then, it looks like you're following in your mums wheelworks"


I looked over the result sheet; I was tenth quickest, however the winner had only taken a shade under twenty-three minutes to cover the ten miles. (The course is not that great, I heard him say he did a twenty at the weekend). I pulled my cycling tights on over my shorts and I was ready for home.

I got back in good time and after parking my bike made straight for the downstairs shower. Dad put it in so we can change without dripping mud or wet all over the house. I showered and it was only when I was drying my hair that I felt the earrings still in my ears. So that was why I got a few odd looks, I still didn't know that I had raced wearing eye shadow, liner and mascara!  I quickly worked out how to open the hoops and slipped them out and put them in my wallet.

I was just getting dressed when I heard mum come home.

"How did you get on Drew"

I told her all about my ride and answered her questions but it was clear that she had something else on her mind.

"Ok, where's Juliette?"

"Coming mum" my sister sang out

"I've got something to tell you kids and you Dave (my dad)"

We all made ourselves comfortable in the living room and dad turned off the telly.

"You know I went over to the Federation HQ in Manchester today?"

"Yes mum"

"Well they have been asked by a team in Germany if I could ride for them"


"That's great love"

"That's not all. The Federation also want me on the international roster again"

"That's what you wanted isn't it mum?"

"It is Drew"

"What have you said about Germany?" dad asked

"I said I had to ask you all before I made a decision. It would mean I would be travelling a lot and be based near Bonn. I get bikes and all expenses as well as a salary"

"What about your job here mum?" jules asked what we were all thinking.

"I only have to give a weeks notice as it's a temporary contract. The guys at HQ think it's a great opportunity, and I know it's unlikely I'll get another chance like this."

"You've already made your mind up then Jen?"

"I want to go but I won't if any of you don't think I should"

"How long will you be gone for?"

"Initially four weeks, then we travel all round Europe and they hope to spend a couple of weeks in America too. I'll get home for important domestic races and I get a couple of weeks off while the Tour de France is on"

We could all tell that mum was really excited and even though I didn't want her to go I joined dad and jules in our urging her to accept the offer.

"When do you go mum?"

"Well I'll give the Director a call tomorrow and I guess I'll go over in about a week Saturday"

I had a lot to think about that night, 'my' new bank account; my good ride in the ten and mostly mums new 'job'. Things were moving incredibly quickly for me and things certainly wouldn't be the same again soon.

Maddy Bell 20.02.03
Copyright 2003

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