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Part 16
Easter Break 4

Wednesday morning. What I night! I barely slept thinking about yesterday's events.

"Morning Drew, where are you off to today"

"The guys are going to Sheffield"

"Aren't you?"

"Well I was but I don't want to as you're going away soon"

"That's really sweet Drew, but you go with your friends, we can go for a ride and talk later when you get back yeah?"

"I guess"

"Look, you can out to see me in a few weeks and I'll be back every few weeks anyway. So go on and enjoy your holiday"

Mum was quite persuasive when she wanted to be. I was quickly ushered out and I was a bit breathless by the time I got to the bus stop.

"Hi Drew"

"Hi Maddy"

"How'd you get on last night?"

"Pretty good Ally, I came tenth"

"What's up?" Rhod had noticed my slight reticence.

"My mums got a contract to race professionally"

"Kewl Drew"

"Yeah, how cool is that, your mum a professional racer"

"I guess it is pretty cool but she'll be away in Germany most of the summer"

"That means you'll be going to see her then, wow that's so neat"

"I guess"

"Yeah well like you'll get to see some neat places huh? We only ever go to Fuengerola!"
Drew with breasts!.jpg

"Ooh I do feel sorry for you" I answered back.

"Come on the bus is here"

Well I had to tell them all that I knew on the way across to Sheffield.

"And I've got a bone to pick with you guys too"

"What have we done?"

"These!" I gave Maddy her earrings, "you didn't tell me I still had them in when I left last night"

"Oh sorry Drew" Maddy was a bit too quick replying and Bernie gave her a look.

"Drew didn't you notice anything else?"

"No. Like what?"


"What about eyes?"

"Well you still had your eye make up on when you left"

"Noo! I thought I got some funny looks last night"

"Didn't you notice the mascara at least"

"Well I thought my face was very garmed up with sweat and dirt but I never looked in the mirror. Your mother notice Mad?""

"Yeah she saw but I told her we used you to practice on during the day and forgot, which we did in a way"

"Shit (I rarely swear), they all thought I was a girl at the race! I'll never live it down"

"Well don't worry about that now, we've got a mall to maul!"

That bad pun at least broke my mood and we all started coming out with a series of diabolical puns, far too bad to repeat. 

It was nearly two months since we last all came to Meadowhall and under somewhat different circumstances. At least this time I wasn't pretending to be a girl, I could enjoy myself! The plan however was much the same, trawl the shops for a while, get some lunch then see a film before Bernie's mum picked us all up. She was going to Leeds and would collect us on the way back, so we had until five o'clock.

This time at least Rhod and I got out of going into all the girl shops; we managed to linger outside watching the traffic. Church Warsop, where we live, is not exactly a throbbing metropolis but neither is it Hicksville, I mean we get buses and allsorts! Come to the 'big' city and you see a different level of living.

It being Easter break, the Mall was packed with kids just like us, what did kids do before Mall's? I guess when we've been here before I've had other things to think about but today I found myself checking out the mall bunnies. While we waited for the girls, the two of us were discussing what the crowd was wearing in a way we certainly would not have a few weeks ago!

Some of the girls must have spent ages getting dressed and stuff, just to walk around the shops. I mean it's not like there were many lads around. It wasn't all hanging round for Maddy and co. We did get to spend time in the games and music stores and just like our last visit we ate in the 'Oasis' before going for a film. Unlike last time Rhod and I could enjoy the film! What film? We got a showing of Starwars number 1, which everyone enjoyed even though we had seen it before, the big screen makes a big difference.

We had some time to kill after the film before the Bernie-mobile arrived so the girls dragged us round more shops including Disney and Warner Bros., again! We met up with Bernie's mum and we got a surprise treat on the way home, we got fed at the Little Chuff! If you've never had the pleasure (?) of eating in one of these places, the one thing you can say is that you get fed well even if you do wait forever! Dad never tires of telling everyone about going in a Chuff with mum for a coffee. I mean like two cups of coffee, go in, order, get coffee, drink coffee, pay leave, 20 minutes max. Oh no in a Chuff you are looking at twice that and Dad reckons it took a full hour as they had two cups each! He might be exaggerating but we were there for an hour and a half tonight!

Thus I didn't get that ride with mum today, maybe tomorrow.

"Up young man!"


"Come on get up, it's dry and we're going for a ride"

"It's twerly"

"It's eight o'clock, now come on, breakfast is on the table"

"Okay mum"

In truth I wasn't reluctant, just tired. When I got home last night the house was in uproar, mum was packing! It's the same every holiday, mum packing is like preparing for D-day and then some. This time it was different, mum was taking a lot of stuff; it was like she was leaving forever. Her wardrobe was nearly empty and there seemed to be tons of bike stuff piled in the hall too.

"You okay with this Drew?" Mum came straight to the point as soon as we were heading towards Thoresby.

"I guess so. But helping you pack last night, it seems sort of final, like it won't be the same again"

"I know, it feels strange to me as well. Leaving you and Juliette is hard and well you know what I'm like when dad's not around"


"That at least. But you know why I have to go?"

"I know you really want to race with the pro's"

"There's that but it's more than just that."

We crossed over the A1 road and toward Retford.

Mum continued, "before I had you kids, I used to race at the top level but there was no way I could ride against the foreign teams, there was just no support at home. Then you kids arrived and it was moot anyway."

"You still raced though!"

"I know, but with you two I couldn't afford the time or money to pursue things. And before you blame yourself for my lack of career, don't! I wouldn't change a thing, especially you kids."

"So now we're older and you can afford it you want to go for it"

"I guess so. I know it's a bit selfish but this sort of chance comes up about never so I have to do it. So I know I at least tried, at my age (she's thirty four in June) I won't get a second chance, forgive me?"

"I'll still miss you"

"Of course you will, but your dad will ring every night, so we can talk."

"It won't be the same"

"'Course not but chances are it will only be till the autumn and then it's back to normal!"

We negotiated Retford and took the lanes towards Gainsborough.

"Now then young man, while we are on our own, watch that pothole, we need a talk"

"What about?"

"About you"

"Like what?"

"Your Gran told me about your pierced ears"

"She said she wouldn't!"

"I asked her. Now don't get a strop on. I don't know why you had it done and you know my thoughts on the subject. But what's done is done. All I'm going to say is, in future talk to me before doing something like that"

I have to say it wasn't the conversation I expected.

"I'm sorry mum. It was sort of spur of the moment, I was with the girls and.."

"I don't think I want to know all the details do I?"

I sighed as I wasn't going to have to come up with a lie.

"No mum"

We pulled up at Beckingham Café, the first time I had been on a weekday. At weekends it's always crowded with cyclists and bikers but today it was truck and van drivers so we got some strange looks in our cycling kit as we went up to the counter.

"Usual Drew?"

"Yes please mum"

"Go get a seat and take my stuff"

Mum ordered and soon joined me with two-pint mugs of tea. We sat talking about mum's new job while we waited for our food, she was infectiously enthusiastic and it really did sound like a cycling fairy tale. We were interrupted by the delivery of the food.

"Here we go girls, that should keep you going"

"Thanks Bill"

I was turning bright pink and spluttering while mum was starting to giggle.

"He, he, he..."

"I know, perhaps you're really Drewella"

Mum was struggling to control herself.

"But mum"

"I know Drew, don't worry about it and eat your food"

"Yes mum"

I was a bit miffed though. It wasn't like it was the first time it had happened; the shoe shop was bad enough but here with mum and the other night at the ten too. I really will have to get a hair cut!

After the café we crossed into Gainsborough and turned towards Lincoln. We took it steady and mum kept up a one sided dialog about what she would be doing this summer.

"Short way back?"

"I guess so"

So we turned onto the A57 to cross Dunham Bridge, then mum started pressing the pace a bit. All the way through Tuxford she had me pushed close to my limits before easing back to a steady 15mph as we dropped down to Ollerton. We were back to talking, although I was hurting a bit from the effort and the last few miles went swiftly by. We got home just after twelve; plenty of time to get to Clive's to play some video games.

I felt better about mum going and as mum knew about my ears I didn't need to fret over that either, perhaps I should get some earrings. What am I thinking!

Friday, the last day of the holiday really. We all, that's the girls, me, Rhod, Clive and Paul with Jules and her mates, are going skating in Nottingham. We caught the bus into Mansfield, then the connection on to Nottingham. As you can imagine, ten of us made a bit of a din but we managed not to get thrown off the bus!

We arrived before the morning session started so we watched the ice hockey practice before getting on the ice ourselves. None of us are great skaters and Clive and Juliette are appalling! But we all had a great time and too soon it was over. It was only lunchtime so we did the Burger King thing before joining the throngs of shoppers in the shopping area. We found some really cool shops selling Goth stuff and Maddy just had to look in the dancewear shop, so we all did.

That was the scene of another Drew the girl episode. I ended up on my own for some reason and I was stood absentmindedly looking at the displays.

"Can I help you miss?"

Not again! I mean I was wearing baggy jeans and a hoody, how un girl like is that!

"Er no thanks, I'm just waiting for my friends, I think they went upstairs" I used my deepest voice in an attempt to ignore the miss bit.

"Ok if you're sure. I'm just over here if you want me, you might want to look at the new leotards on the rail over there, there's some really pretty ones in your size"

Drat didn't work!


The assistant smiled back and returned to her station, for want of anything better to do I made my way to the rail of leotards which is where Maddy found me.
Grunge gerl!
"Gaby there you are"

"I was just..."

She cut me off, "Are you going to get one" Maddy was smirking at me

"No, come on and less of the Gaby!"

I started towards the exit but had to pass the salesgirl.

"Nothing you liked?"

"Er no"

"She's just looking today, her mums getting her some stuff in a couple of weeks. That pink one with the flowers is really nice."

"I like that one too, well we might see you in a couple of weeks then"

"Er yes"

"Well have a nice day girls, bye"

"Bye" we both echoed.

"What was with the Gaby stuff in there Mad?" I fumed

"Well I heard her calling you miss when I came looking for you so I thought I'd go along with it, more to the point why was she calling you miss?"

"I wish I knew, when I was out with mum yesterday the guy at the café did too."

"We have just so got to tell the others"

"Not with Clive and Paul around we don't! it's embarrassing enough as it is and they might make the connection. Anyway where are the rest of them?"

"Waiting in the square, we're going for the bus now"

I was sure things were starting to get even more weird but I didn't dwell on it.

Mum's last weekend at home was going to be busy. I was due to be riding with mum on the tandem this afternoon, a twenty five mile time trial, then tomorrow was mums last proper race before going to Germany, seventy five miles near Market Harborough.

We all piled into the camper with the tandem and drove the twenty miles up to Blyth. News of mum's contract got there before us, everyone wanted to congratulate her and we nearly missed our start because mum was talking so much! We were soon into a rhythm and unlike Christmas this time it was a straight out and back course. I was pedalling for all my worth and we made good time to the turn, just under thirty minutes.

We actually passed a couple of other tandems on the way back but the scratch team caught and passed us for four minutes with just two miles to go. If mum did the same calculation I did it would account for her sudden spurt and my attempt to help out as best I could. After all the scratch pair had a slowest time this year of fifty-one minutes so we were doing pretty well!

We made the last turn still within a couple of hundred metres of the scratch team and seeing this the small gallery became as vocal as I've ever heard at a time trial, I pushed my last and we sailed over the line. We turned in the village and we were both still panting away like mad.

"Brilliant ride ladies, thought we'd never catch you"

"Thanks" mum gasped "what have you done?"

"49.50, our best this year, see you at the tea tent" and with that the two burly tandemists left us to almost crawl up the hill back to the HQ.

"If they've done a 49 mum we must get a 54 at the worst!" I was exhausted but jumping with adrenaline at the same time.

As we pulled to a halt at the tea tent we were greeted by a mixture of "well done"'s, "great ride"'s and clapping. Dad and Jules found us, dad taking charge of the tandem after we dismounted.

"53.59 mum!"

Jules was almost doing a jig in excitement

"You're second so far but there's no one left to finish who's that quick"

By this time I was collapsed on the grass sipping the tea dad had appropriated for me. Mum sat next to me and gave me a hug.

"Still life in your old mum yet eh?"

"That was fantastic, I'm really gonna miss doing this"

"Me too Drew, me too. But I promise that if I get a chance I'll ride the memorial weekend with you in September."

"That'd be great!"

Maddy Bell 08.03.03
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