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Chapter *7*

Tenshi No Koromo

The doorbell rang far below. 'Bugger!' Drew thought to himself, no one else was in this morning and whoever it was was likely to have gone by the time he got down. 'Hmm, the window.'


"Ein Päckchen für Bond."

"Moment bitte."

'Bum, I'll have to go down anyhow!'

A minute later he was at the door.

"Ah, Morgen Fräulein, ihre Unterschrift bitte."

Drew took the proffered stylus and scrawled on the screen.


"Drew Bond."

"Danke, tschüss!"


'Hey he called me fraulein, soddin' cheek!"

The parcel wasn't that big and on inspection it was actually addressed to him.

'I don't remember ordering anything, wonder what it is?'

He walked through to the kitchen to find a knife to cut the tape. 'Whatever it is it's well packed, a box and brown paper, funny stamps.'

A quick rummage in the drawer supplied a craft knife and soon the string and sellotape were severed and it was down to the box. No clues there, it was plain white, the sticker on the lid looked like it was written in Chinese and it didn't rattle. Another quick couple of slices with the knife and its contents were revealed, well something wrapped in bubble wrap was at any rate. Another couple of nicks with the knife and he could unwrap whatever it was.

'Hunh? Oh wow I'd forgotten all about this.'

The contents revealed themselves as a pair of resin figures, anime style of the ' Tenshi No Koromo ' girls, the costumes he and Mad had warn to that last con. All thoughts of sorting out his CD collection were lost as he examined the figurines, he had been conned into wearing the ‘Little Maid' outfit by Maddy who dressed herself in the somewhat less revealing ‘Sister' costume. The figures were, he had to admit, quite exquisite, detailed down to underwear and wispy bits of ribbon.

Maddy was fastidious in her costume production and the modelers were obviously cut from the same cloth. Drew was fascinated and re-examined them in delight.


His reverie was broken by the voice from the doorway.

“Oh hi Connie, what's up?”

“Not much, thought I'd see if you wanted to do something, what's that?”

“Just some figures.”

Connie Thesing joined him at the table.

“Kewl, you collect these?”

“Not really, I um just fancied these.”

He didn't want to admit that he'd worn a costume like that himself.

“You've gone very red,” Connie grinned, “spill!”

Connie could be worse than Maddy and could certainly get him to reveal stuff virtually by just giving him the ‘look'.

“I bet you'd like to wear these costumes eh?”

He felt his face redden more.

“Er course not, why would I?”


He'd never been very good at this fibbing and hiding the truth.

“Look, me an' Mad went to a Con before we moved out here and w-she wore the-is costume.”

“I bet you looked cute, which did you wear?”

“The Petit Maid.”

“Hah! I knew it!”

Geez, he'd been suckered again!

“So you still have the costume?” Connie enthused.

“Can't remember, Mad does the costumes.”

“Lets go look.”

And Connie was off heading to his room.


He let out a deep sigh, closed the kitchen door and set off in pursuit of his friend.

By the time he got to his room Connie already had his wardrobe open. She had of course been up to his eyrie fairly regularly over the last few months, as he had visited her flat too, they were firm friends and at least she knew he was a boy – even if she played it like he was a girl most of the time.

He sat on his bed with a sigh.

“Gott Drew, you need to sort this closet out, everything is so mixed up.”

‘Like me' he mused, “try the left side.”

In fact he knew exactly where it was, right at the back behind his favourite dress and his Foresters uniform. Maybe he should sort the wardrobe out and now Connie would see just how much girl's stuff he actually had. It's a walk in closet and his friend was now hidden amongst the coats, shirts, skinsuits, trousers and um dresses that made up his wardrobe.

“Oh kewl!” a muffled exclamation reached him followed by Connie bearing not just the TNK costume but the cheer outfit too.

“Sugar ” he mumbled to himself. “You found it then.”

“Right at the back, this a costume too?” she waved the cheer outfit at him.

“ not really.”

“Not really?”

“Well I was on the cheer team at home.”

“Oh kewl! You did all that jumping and stuff?”

“Um yeah.” He started to colour up again.

Connie however had already hung both outfits on the back of the door, “show us how the maid dress looks then you can show me some cheerleading.” She enthused.

What happened to a quiet morning sorting out his desk? And just saying no to Connie never worked, he'd tried that and ended up in a worse fix than ever, he was the reigning Queen of the Vineyards after that episode. Well it couldn't be that bad and he'd already been out on the bike.


“Great!” Connie beamed, “you need any help?”

“Not yet.” He thought Connie's offer of assistance was a bit eager.

‘Well if she wants Petit Maid that's what she'll get' he decided . Although he'd ended up dressed as Gaby several times in Germany since they moved, he'd never intentionally set out to go all the way. But he got the devil in him this morning so he dug a box out from under his sink, a box that he'd last opened for that Con before the move.

“What're you doing in there Drew?” Connie queried through the door.

“Nearly ready.”

‘Geez I don't remember it being this tight.' He readjusted the short sleeves and assessed his appearance. ‘Hmm, not up to Maddy's skill with the make-up but not bad, not bad at all.' Of course he hadn't stuck his breast forms on properly but there was enough tack to keep them in place and most of the cleavage looking back at him was his own anyhow. ‘Well here goes.'

“Ta da!”

“Drew?” Connie was lost for words, “wow!”

“So waddya think?”

Connie was still gold fishing. “You, you er must be a girl really, no boy looks so good!”

“Well” he pulled the front of the dress up to reveal his lace covered smooth crotch, “hmm?”

What did she think? Now she was really confused – Drew was a boy wasn't he? Leastways that's what he said but this person in front of her was clearly a girl, wasn't she? Its true that the costume was terrific and the person in front of her wore it well. She was just so cute from the be-ribboned stockings to the lace headdress she just screamed girl.

“Er how er?”

“Might show you later.”

“You are a boy? Aren't you?”

“Course I am.”


“Later, what do you think of the Petit Maid?”

“You look fantastic, the outfit is just like the doll.”

“Mad really is a perfectionist, you want a drink?”


Drew led the way back to the kitchen and headed to the fridge for some pop.

“I can't believe that the tomboy I usually hang with can look so, so…”



“Japanese for cute according to Mad.”

“Seems fitting.” Connie mused.

“So how come your erm…”

“Bits are gone? It's a special gaff thing to make me look like a girl down there.”

“Why would you have such a thing?”

“Now that is a long story.”

“I've got time.”

‘Should I tell her? Hell why not.'

“Swear you won't tell anyone else?”

“Okay, just spill it.”

He took a sip of his lemonade, where to start?

“Well it all started before Easter last year…”

“And so Woody paid up and I got to keep the prosthetics – not that I wanted them but like Sally said it isn't exactly hygenic to re use this stuff even if it has been cleaned.”

Just then the back door opened.

“Hi kids.” Jenny greeted them.

“Hi Mum.”

“Hi Frau Bond.”

Jenny was already stooping to remove her cycling shoes so she hadn't really noticed what her son was wearing.

“Good session?” Drew enquired.

“Um yeah,” she glanced over to the teens, “Gaby? Why are you dressed like that?”

‘Oh bugger, I forgot I was wearing this still.'

“I um was just showing it to Connie.”

Jen surveyed her offspring sat at the table in a ridiculous frilly pink outfit that hinted at stuff he didn't have and exposed stuff he did. Flippin heck, he looks more like a girl than his sister!

“Well change if you are going out, you'll be arrested for indecent exposure in that outfit.”

Drew flushed.

“I'm gonna shower, you staying for dinner Connie? Its only a pasta salad tonight I'm afraid.”

“Yes please Frau Bond.”

“Well you'd best change Gaby, you wouldn't want to be mistaken for the help!” Jen quipped.

“Sure.” ‘What was that 'help' bit about?'

“So why'd your Mama call you Gaby?” asked as they once again climbed up to Drew's bedroom.

“She always does if I'm in a dress, she says that she can't picture Drew as a girl, its so embarrassing.”

It was when he slipped the dress off that he realised he was in trouble. Instead of the jelly blobs going with it they hung on his chest still. Oh shit! A quick tug only confirmed his fears – there must have been some adhesive on the forms still and as it's a contact adhesive….hmm solvent. A search under the sink failed to turn up the precious bottle and then the colour drained from his face, what if the gaff was stuck too? Double shitza !

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