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Part 58


Beep beep beep beep beep beep

Oh, I dragged an eye open and looked at the alarm clock. Six a.m. The events of last night came sharply back into focus.

"What are you doing in a dress?" Dad demanded

"His boobs are stuck on" Jules put in


"The bottle of remover stuff got broken and we couldn't get any today, Mrs Peters is having some delivered Monday?" I explained quickly

"Why didn't you let me know, how are you going to go tomorrow like that?" he enquired

"I can strap them down?"

"I trusted you to be sensible Drew and you've fouled up again. It's your Mum's big day tomorrow and you pull another one of your stunts." He paused as we turned into our road; "well no son of mine is going to embarrass the family tomorrow."

My heart dropped, he was going to leave me at home, I'd miss Mum's finest hour, as well as everything else. My own fault I guess.

"No," Dad went on, "we're leaving Drew here Jules" he told us

I started to sniffle.

"Juliette, you are in charge of making sure you and your sister are packed and ready in the morning. And make sure you've both got something a bit dressy packed, there's a big reception tomorrow night." He stated

Had I heard right? Did he really say what I thought he did? I wasn't sure if I was happy or not. On one hand I was going to Paris, on the other hand I was going as Gaby! Once this is over I am definitely never, ever going to end up as Gaby again! Dad pulled into our drive.

"Come on sis" Jules tugged my sleeve, "let's go pack"

I mutely followed her into the house and upstairs.

"You've really done it this time Drew" Jules stated

"I guess"

"Let's find you some stuff then. You need something to travel in, something nice for the race and then the reception. Hmm, oh and something to come home in"

"Shit!" I exclaimed, "what about my passport?"

"Well if you wear something baggy and no make up that shouldn't be a problem"


"You can wear that dress for the reception, it looks pretty cute on you"

I rolled my eyes

"Come on Drew"

"Best start calling me Gabs" I suggested

"Okay then Gabs, let's find you a nice dress for the race"

"Can't I wear jeans?"

"You heard Dad, and I think I've got just the thing"

I borrowed Jules babydoll to support my breasts in bed and finally settled into a restless sleep a little after twelve.

So that brings us back to this morning.

"Come on Gaby, up and at 'em!" Jules breezed in to my room

"Minute" I suggested

"Don't forget to put your night-dress in your bag then?"

"No Jules"

I pulled myself together and dressed in jeans and hoody. I didn't look too girly unless I pulled it tight, ah well!

"There you are Gaby" Dad greeted me, "that what you're wearing?"

"I thought it best if she doesn't stand out too much when we're travelling" Jules told him, she was wearing jeans and a T herself.

"I take it you have something to change in to?" Dad enquired half an hour later when I reached the kitchen.

"Yes Dad" I answered, inwardly cringing at what my sister had selected for me.

"Ok then get some breakfast, I'll load the car so we can leave for Gamston as soon as you're finished"

It was just after seven that the Bond family set out on Drew's amazing adventure, bodacious!

We drove the few miles across to Gamston International in about fifteen minutes and parked outside the departure lounge. Dad went inside to check the arrangements.

"It's not exactly Heathrow is it?" Jules commented


In fact Gamston barely rates as an airport at all! Dad told me once that before Sheffield Airport was built this was the only airfield where international flights could put down for miles. International in this instance being not 747's but little 10 may be 20 seater's, private charters and business flights. This was the only airfield with customs and immigration officers required for the international flights.

"Come on you two, our flight is waiting for us" Dad told us when he returned

We gathered our various bags and followed Dad back into the airfield building. I have to tell you, my stomach was doing summersaults in anticipation of the flight, and this was going to be my first flight!

"Over here kids" Dad called

I followed Jules to the desk where we checked our bags - essentially they were put through the x-ray thing and put onto a cart to go out to the plane. I was busy watching our luggage while we did the passport bit and Dad chatted about why we were flying with the guy who seemed to be doing everything.

"Well have a good trip, see you tomorrow"

"Thanks" Dad replied as he led the way out to the little twin engine plane that awaited us.

The crew, Bob and Marina soon had us stowed and belted and we were quickly taxiing toward the A1.

"Okay everyone?" Bob asked through the cockpit door

"Yes thanks" Dad replied

I gripped my seat as the engines changed in tune and we started to roll down the tarmac. Our little plane bucked a bit on the less than smooth surface and then a sudden lurch and the tyre noise stopped and we were climbing steeply into the summer sky.

"You okay 'girls'" Dad asked

"Great" Jules enthused

I just nodded.

It was great looking out of the window, identifying the villages and roads below. The seatbelt light went out and Bob, who I thought was the pilot, came back into the cabin.

"We should land in France about ten thirty, if you want a drink there's a thermos of coffee and hot water for tea at the back, there's soft drinks in the fridge, help yourselves and enjoy the flight"

"Thanks Bob" Dad mentioned

Well I'm sure most of you have flown so I won't bore you with the whole flight. We headed southeast and after a little over an hour we crossed the Channel to France. I didn't like it too much when we caught a bit of turbulence, I was near to losing my breakfast, but the flight across France was uneventful. As predicted it was just after ten thirty when we touched down at the small airfield north of Paris, the French equivalent of Gamston.

The French customs guy was a bit more thorough than his English counterpart but we were soon through the control point and wondering what was next.

"Monsieur Bond?" a scrawny looking guy asked

"Yes, er ah oui" Dad replied

"Please" the guy motioned toward the big Peugeot estate parked outside.

"Come on kid's, looks like this is our transport" Dad told us

The driver helped us with our bags and we piled inside.

We all watched the countryside as we headed toward the buildings of Paris some twenty kilometres away according to the sign at the airfield. The traffic increased as we hit the French capital and our host threaded through various back streets, finally stopping outside a small hotel, the Hotel Metropole.

"You check in, I will collect une heure, ah you say one hour." Our guide advised us.

We followed Dad inside the establishment and joined him at the desk.

"Bond, we have reservations from Apollinaris" Dad informed the clerk

"Ah oui, Monsieur Bond, you will be wit your wife in room 214 and your" he glanced at me," daughters will be in room 322. Jean Paul will bring your bags"

We followed the clerk; his badge advised his name as Gregor, into the lift and up to the third floor where Jules and I were going to share a room again. Somehow our bags arrived before we did and Dad then left with Gregor to find his lodging.

"Okay Gab, time to make you beautiful" Jules declared

I just groaned.

I emerged from our room wearing a light blue dress with a sort of transparent jacket thing and sandals, I was not impressed!

We reached the reception just as our driver walked in the door.

"Please, you are ready? We must hurry, the rue, they are closing soon pour le finale"

Blue dress
I hated the outfit - I looked so, so girly!

I cursed myself, Jules and Dad in that order as I manoeuvred my dress into the back of the car. Me for getting in this fix, Jules for picking this outfit and Dad, well he had to be at fault for something didn't he? As we neared the Champs Elyseé, the lampposts were festooned with posters for the Tour Feminin and strings of bunting decorated trees and shop fronts.

Crowds were starting to gather and in the distance, the sound of the PA system could be heard. Our car eventually pulled up just a street away from the Champs Elyseé behind a van covered with Apollinaris decals. Dad tipped our driver and we got out to join the crowds heading towards the finishing straight. It has to be said, we were a little lost but Dad put his pioneer hat on and led us past the Apollinaris van. We were barely beyond the van when a voice I thought I recognised called out.

"Mr Bond, Juliette!" it was Kat Pinger

"Hi Katia" Dad replied

"Where is Drew?" she somehow had missed me

"We left him behind, we brought his cousin Gaby instead" Jules informed our friend whilst pulling me forward.

Kat looked a little confused at first, and then recognition lit her face followed by a big grin.

"Hi 'Gaby'" she emphasised my aka. "Come, we have seats in the grandstand, they will be here soon!"

She led us to a control point where we were checked into the race enclosure, this was just so cool! George Muller stood and greeted us when we reached the allocated seating.

"Hello again Herr Bond, frauleins" we all shook hands

"Your wife Dave, she has been exceptional" he went on

"We think so" Dad replied

We took our seats and I was wrapped up in the excitement. We watched on the huge screen set up opposite as the race wound its way into Paris. Mum was getting a lot of camera time, the French commentary was beyond me but I kept hearing 'Apollinaris' and 'Jenny Bond'. The wide shot then showed the bunch crossing the Place de la Concorde and then we could see the race as it climbed towards us. The crowds were quite vociferous and the Apollinaris camp joined the meleé.

I spotted the Maillot Jaune with a phalanx of protective cream shirts near the head of the field and whooped louder still! The bunch continued toward the Arc de Triomphe then turned to re-pass us to start the first of five laps taking in the Place de Concorde and circumnavigating the Louvré.

The big screen followed the Tour Feminin survivors around, occasional forays left the front, but all the main teams wanted to keep it together at this stage so on the next pass, they were all together again. Four to go. A small group broke away through the tunnel on lap two and when they passed us there was maybe a five second gap but the determined bunch had swallowed them by the time they descended back to the Place de Concorde. Two down, three to go.

We all knew that barring disaster Mum would be declared the winner in about thirty minutes but even George was nearly wetting himself in anticipation. The crowd watched the screen raptly as the next lap unfolded and this time when they reached us the bunch looked a little fidgety but complete.

Just two laps, twenty minutes to the finish of the ladies tour. Jules was bouncing in excitement and I kept grabbing Kat and grinning. Kat in turn was watching for her own Mum and was vocal in her support of Frau Pinger. The crowd changed note and I watched the screen as a lone rider left the tunnel with a lap and a bit to go. It was the yellow jersey; Mum was making a bid for stage 4! The other team members were working their socks off keeping the pace high enough to deter a chase while Mum gained fifty meters on the main group.

The crowd was going silly now. This was more like the men's tour! Mum was grinning as she headed toward the Arc; her time trialling ability coming into it's own. She held the slender lead back down toward the Louvré; the bunch was now getting quite tetchy! A kilometre to go and she was still out there but the rest of the squad was showing the strain behind her. There was little to do really when finally the dam burst and the sprinters unleashed their effort. Mum could only smile bravely as they drew past but with one last effort she claimed sixth place and victory on the line!

To say it was chaos would be to belittle the scene below us. Officials, spectators, riders all in one morass of humanity! It took a few minutes, but George managed to get our party down to the rail where we were soon reunited with Mum. She looked suitably surprised on seeing me but soon we were all hugging over the barriers. I saw Kat and Maria off to our right greeting each other in similar fashion.

An official got my Mum's attention

"See you in a few minutes" she stated as she went off for the mandatory drugs testing.

Twenty minutes later we all proudly watched as the prizes were awarded. I was unaware that Tina Porsche was in the running for the under twenty-one prize but team joy increased when she was declared winner of that competition. The squad just missed the team prize but second was good! Mum took the same place in the climbers competition, way cool. Then came the overall and Mum's moment of triumph! We cheered ourselves hoarse as she was declared winner by 35 seconds.

The press got their shots then our little family was reunited on the podium. I had forgotten about my appearance until George lifted me onto the block and had to bat my skirts down. Well too late now. The cameras moved in again as Mum hugged me and Jules, "later" she intoned to me as we mugged for the press.

There was a press conference next, we watched as our Mum handled the media's questions. We listened as she answered questions in French, English and German, George and Tina got their turns as well. Eventually, an hour after the race finish we made our escape.

Mum - the winner!
Mum waved as she mounted the podium.

George drove us all back to Metropole where he told Dad the arrangements for later while me and Jules took Mum up to her room.

"Okay" Mum sat in an easy chair, "ahhh, that's good. Now then, will you explain how and why I have two daughters? Drew? Juliette?"

"Well..." I started. Dad had Mum's bath ready by the time I had finished the explanation.

"You do realise Drew that your picture will be seen all round the world," Mum concluded

"I'm sorry Mum, I didn't mean for this to happen."

"I know you didn't, I'll be having words with your father too. If anyone asks, we'll go with Jules suggestion, you are my niece, filling in for Drew who was too ill to travel. I just hope the press doesn't realise who you are. You two go and get changed, everyone is meeting in the reception area, George is organising the transport."

"Yes Mum"

So I followed Jules back up to our room.

"Come on Drew, if we can get you looking really hot, no one will ever find out"

"Kat knows" I stated

"Kat is your friend, she won't tell anyone"

"I guess"

I showered first and unpacked my dress while my sister did the hot water thing. Jules surpassed herself with both her own and my makeup and coiffeur. I looked more than just passable, with my hair up and my frock suitably adjusted I was pretty hot! Jules was looking pretty buff too and I thought back to the last time that the three Bond 'girls' appeared together. That was a dinner in Mum's honour too.

We joined everyone in the reception area, even Dad looked good for once, he's usually a bit of a scruff! When Mum appeared, George started a round of applause much to Mums embarrassment.

"Kat" I whispered


"Shssh! Call me Gaby tonight please?"

"Okay but you owe me an explanation"

"Sure, I'll tell you later"

The reception was being hosted by the team sponsors at a plush venue near the Orangerie. It was rather formal, luckily the food was on a buffet basis, and everyone was having a good, post race relaxation time. Champagne and wine was flowing freely, even for us kids, although none of us looked very much like school children tonight.

Gaby's new dress
At least I was comfortable in the dress, even if Jules made me look like quite a babe!

"So your friend Maddy?" I nodded, "she broke the bottle?" Kat asked

"Well not on purpose" I replied as we sat in a corner snacking on pastries

"I can't believe you Drew Bond!"

"Shssh!" I hissed

"Sorry 'Gaby', it is just so funny"

"Not from here it's not" I stated

"What happened next?"

"Well..." I went on. Twenty minutes later and Kat had the full story.

"Promise you won't tell any one?" I implored

"Who would I tell? No one would believe me anyway"

"Thanks Kat, you're a real mate!"

"Urgh!" I moaned

"Get up Drew" Jules suggested

"Do I have to? My head is throbbing" I replied

"We're leaving just after nine if you remember, it's nearly eight now" she stated

"Okay, where are my jeans?"

"How should I know, I'll see you in the restaurant" Jules told me as she left.

I searched for my travelling outfit, but my hoody was missing too! Damn. All I could find was Jules long denim skirt and one shouldered top, my race outfit was a screwed up mess and no way am I wearing my velvet dress again. Someone is going to pay for this!

The Suitor
I was not impressed by the sudden disappearance of my jeans. Someone is gonna pay for this!

I joined the rest of the family and various Apollinaris team people for a quick breakfast; hmm I could get to like chocolate croissants and coffee.

"Hey Gab?" Jules attracted my attention

"Mum's coming home at the weekend"

"Really Mum?"

"Yes, George said I could get a few days at home before our trip to America"


"One thing though" Mum stated


"I'd actually like to see Drew when I get there"

"No sweat Mum"

Our trip back was again via Bob and Marina's little plane, I was a little happier this time and spent the flight trying to decipher what the French press had to say about Mum. It was 11.15 UK time when we arrived back at Gamston. The guy at the desk didn't even look up when Dad offered the passports, just as well how I was dressed today.

"You should really go to school this afternoon" Dad suggested

"I suppose" Jules whined

"I can't" I stated, "oh bugger, people will see me when we get home"

"Like who, all the kid's will be at school and there's only old Mrs Duncan at number 21 who's in during the day" Jules advised us

"I guess"

"You going to Mad's tonight Drew?" Dad asked

"Oh I forgot, the guy's are coming to ours"

"Well I've got to go into work for a couple of hours so don't get into any mischief"

"No Dad"

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