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Part 119

Another Strange Christmas

Sunday morning was pretty much a repeat performance of last year, the only real difference was that Xena was the stoker this year and Gabrielle was piloting the machine. Well that and the fact that this time Dad, Gran and Jules were along too. It was an unseasonably warm morning – well above freezing at least, just as well in these costumes!

“Three, two, one, go! Good luck girls!”

I pushed down and felt the unfamiliar feeling of extra power as Mad started her effort behind me. By the time we made the first turn we had settled into a comfortable cadence and were holding a steady twenty five mph. Being in control of the ‘Beast' was entirely different to sitting behind Mum and in a race situation more so. Every time Mad shuffled her bum on the saddle I had to fight to keep us on track but after several growls from me, the shuffling stopped and our efforts were more focused on forward motion.

The dry warm weather had encouraged more spectators than last year, a lot of whom were riding anti clockwise around the circuit. We got a cheer every time we crossed someone and I could feel a distinct kick through the pedals as Mad pushed just that little bit harder. Dad had found a good spot for the family to watch from and apart from the shouts of encouragement; a camera flash announced our capture on candid camera!

I was quite surprised when we actually overtook the pair in front just after ten miles, mind you, the stuff strapped around their machine must have been causing quite a bit of trouble! In turn we were overtaken and Mad's competitive spirit came through as she started urging me to go faster!

Into lap two and we looked set to be just outside the hour, maybe a one one. The second lap seemed to flash by, I suppose knowing the road a bit did that. By eighteen miles though, it was clear by the panting behind me that ‘Xena' was fast approaching her threshold for endurance and I eased my effort just a tad. It seemed to do the trick, with three miles to go Mad seemed to get her second breath and with a bit of encouragement we returned to our former pace plus some for the final leg to the finish.



We freewheeled along the lane for a short way before I changed down and guided us slowly back to the village hall. Gran and co were waiting for us.

“Well done you two” Gran mentioned as Dad grabbed the machine so we could dismount.

“You look knackered Mad” Jules stated

“Not many! I've felt better!”

“That was great,” I stated untangling myself

“Yeah, but I'm still done in” Mad agreed

“Come on then, I've got some cocoa in the camper” Gran told us.

“Go on Drew, I've got the ‘Beast' under control, go get warmed up” Dad urged.

I clopped around the van behind Mad, I laughed to myself at the image we must be making, skimpy outfits with cycling shoes and crash helmets! The cocoa was good – hot and sweet with just a hint of bitterness, it worked it's magic thawing us from the inside out.

“You getting changed?” Jules asked

“I wish”

“What do you mean Drew?”

“Well they wanted to get pictures of everyone in costume last year”

“And?” Mad queried

“Everyone thought I was a girl okay!” I was a bit sharper in my reply than I intended.

“Easy Drew, it was only a question,” Gran pointed out.


“Anyway, you make quite a good girl” Jules put in

“She has a point” Gran agreed, “but get changed if you want, I'm sure they won't miss you”

Wanna bet. I sighed deeply, maybe, just maybe there won't be a repeat of last year.

“Come on, I've gone this far, another few minutes won't make any difference” I allowed.

As luck would have it, any potential for further embarrassment was limited to the ‘group' photo taken by the local rag. We failed to figure in the prizes for either speed or costume, our 1:01:53 put us in fifth place and the couple we passed on the first lap took the tandem costume prize with their Tower Bridge arrangement. I sensed that Mad was a bit disappointed but compared to their efforts we looked pretty poor. The ride back to Gran's through Sandbach and Crewe only took about three quarters of an hour so I stayed in Gaby guise for the drive back.

Gran assigned Jules to help her with lunch while Mad and I showered and changed, Dad got the chance to veg out in front of the Skiing on the telly. Gran really went to town, other than the substitution of beef for the turkey; we pretty much sat down to a Christmas dinner, complete with crackers. After our morning exertions, both Mad and I polished the meal off in double quick time whilst my sister picked at hers.

For a short while at least, the Bond family relaxed and we even sort of enjoyed ourselves. We ignored Mum's presence, or should I say lack thereof for as long as we could but we had barely finished the washing up before the ‘Sports Personality of the Year' started on the telly. It wasn't quite the same already knowing the result but we all settled down around Gran's ancient box to watch.

“There you are Drew” Mad pointed as they showed people arriving at TV Centre.


“You missed it, you were behind David Beckham” Jules told me


“Everyone at school will be sooo jealous Drew” Mad stated, “I know I am”

“Yeah well” I allowed as the show started properly.

Watching it on telly was completely different to being there. We'd seen the video clips on big screens in the studio, the jump from the studio to video threw me the first time, having been there I wasn't expecting it. I realised after a few minutes that I was giving my own commentary, adding what I'd seen in the studio to what was being broadcast. The others were kind enough not to complain but after I realised what I was doing I tried to keep quiet!

Some bits were actually shown out of the sequence they did it on Friday, which was off putting for me but after over an hour it was time for Mum's big moment.

‘And this years winner of the BBC Sports Personality of the Year is…Jenny Bond!'


They showed close ups of Mum and then a wide shot of the audience before surprising me with a shot of me leaping about.

“…And it seems to have gone done pretty well with the rest of the family too” David Vine mentioned as the shot returned to Mum who was now joining Gary Lineker on the stage.

The video, which seemed to only last thirty seconds on Friday was actually a couple of minutes long and this time I actually got to watch it. There was all the stuff I remembered but I swear I didn't see the footage of the Ranby ten on Friday night! There I was, tucked in behind Mum coming under the Blythe Bridge, how cool is that, me on telly? The rest was much as I remember, the speech full of meaningless platitudes, the shots of the audience and then unlike Friday it was over.

“She looked a bit peaky don't you think?” Gran mentioned as the credits started

“Serves her right” Jules put in.

“You're right Mum” Dad agreed, “She looked a bit thinner too”

“I thought telly made you look fat?” Mad mentioned.

Dad and Gran exchanged a look.

“She seem okay to you Drew?” Dad asked.

“Yeah fine” I replied but I then cast my mind back, was she really?

“Maybe she realises what she's done” Jules just about spat.

“Anyone for supper?” Gran queried.

Gran's suggestion broke the growing tension and as we turned our attention to our stomachs.

Monday – two days ‘till Christmas so it was no surprise that Chester was well busy when we got there. To be honest, I wasn't that fussed about going but Gran and the girls wanted to, Dad was still short of a couple of prezzies so that made it a fait accomplii. We used one of the Park & Rides, there was just no way the camper would fit in one of the city centre multi-storey's, even if we could have got close!

Last time I was here was right before Mad's birthday in the summer, it seems like years ago instead of a few months! We made our way to the main shopping street where by mutual agreement the girls and Gran went one way, Dad and me the other.

“You need to get anything?” Dad asked

“I haven't got anything for Mum” I admitted

“Okay, not sure when or how we get it to her though”

“I know but it wouldn't seem right not getting something for her”

Dad just nodded, this Christmas is not gonna be easy.

“So, any ideas?”

“Not really”

“Well I need to get some bits in Smith's ” he stated easing a path for us through the throng at the doorway.

Dad obviously had a mental list of what he wanted which at least meant our tour of the shop was brief until we came to the checkout. I pondered on what to get Mum while we waited but by the time we returned to the street I was none the wiser.

“Any ideas?” Dad enquired

“No and I can hardly get her some vouchers, they don't have Boots in Germany” I tried to joke. ”What are you getting her?” I asked, fishing for inspiration.

“I bought her an eternity ring months ago, I don't suppose that's really appropriate now is it?” Dad's eyes took on a sad look.

“I suppose not. Maybe we could get something between us?”

“Okay, any ideas then?”

With Dad's input the budget was going to be a bit bigger and the idea of jewellery sounded pretty good.

“How about a bracelet or necklace?”

“Hmm, okay. Tell you what, you go look in Samuels over there, I need to get something in the Co-op , meet you there in say fifteen minutes?”


We separated and I soon had my nose pressed against the jeweller's window. Mum isn't a great one for jewellery but what she has is good stuff and with that in mind I focused my attention on the less flashy pieces. There were some nice chains and stuff but as soon as I saw the bracelet I knew it was the one. It was gold and comprised three thin bangles in different colours loosely woven together and holding what looked like a diamond where they all three met. It was gorgeous, Mum would love it, and then I looked at the price. Sugar! £230 – even with Dad's input that was a bit rich especially given the circumstances!

“So you seen anything?” Dad's voice interrupted my thoughts

“That was quick”

“Just caught the queue right. So what have you seen?”

“The only thing I spotted is a bit out of the price range,” I lamented

“Which we talking about?”

“The bracelet on the blue card, second shelf”

Dad scanned the display until he spied the piece.

“That is really nice, your mother will love that”

“But look at the price”

“£230, with the discount that's pretty cheap”


“Didn't you notice, look at the window son”

I stood back, in foot high letters across the window it read ‘BLUE SPOT HALF PRICE SALE' and sure enough the bracelet was marked with a blue spot.

“But that's still £115's”

“How much were you going to spend?”

“Well I budgeted on thirty but I could go to forty”

“Thirty it is then, I'll make up the difference”


“Come on before I change my mind” he directed me towards the door.

Twenty minutes later we re-emerged somewhat lighter of pocket but both happy with our purchase.

“You want to do anymore shopping?”


“How about we kill some time with a walk around the walls?”

I might have guessed!


Dad led the way and we were soon on the city walls. After the crush down in the main street, the wall was a haven of peace and I relaxed somewhat as Dad started to wax lyrical about Chester's history. I got the five-penny lecture about the ornate clock that sits over both wall and Main Street before we continued towards the river.

At every turn there was something for Dad to rabbit on about, the amphitheatre – largest in Britain apparently, the baths then down at the river the tidal reach. I was more interested in the iron bridge further up the river – the one you see at the start of Hollyoaks , neat! Dad of course was more interested in the medieval crossing and I got a lecture about that!

After a short walk along the river we came out by the council offices and we cut the wall walk short to go meet up with Gran and co. the girls were laden with carriers, goodness knows what they've been buying? Gran led the way to a relative haven of peace, a small backstreet café where I gratefully collapsed into a chair next to Mad.

We kept it to drinks and toasted teacakes, as is tradition we are eating out tonight so anything more substantial now was ruled out! The others oohed and aahed over the bracelet, even Jules. It was already turning dark when we exited back onto the street and by mutual consent we headed for the bus station to catch the bus back to the camper. It was nearly six when we finally got back to Gran's; just as well the restaurant was booked for eight.

You remember last year? I do. Thinking back, that was really my first outing as Gaby, even if it was against my wishes. We had that photo thing where I had to be in the Gaby costume then straight to the restaurant. All I really remember is being pretty annoyed that I didn't get a chance to return to Drew mode before we ate. This year there is no such problem, no Mum either.

I won't bore you with the meal but it was okay, in view of the situation we did have a relatively good time but I could tell Dad wasn't firing on all cylinders. Gran did a sterling job of keeping us entertained; we even joined in with the carol karaoke halfway through the meal.

We left Gran about ten o'clock next morning, Dad said he wanted to miss the traffic, what with it being Christmas Eve.

“Have a good time in America” Gran told us when she managed to pry Jules and I off.

“We'll try” Jules replied

“Off with you then and have a good Christmas okay?”

Dad gave her a big hug and we clambered into the camper.

“Bye Gran, Merry Christmas” I called as we pulled away

“Bye, safe journey” Gran replied waving as we drew away from the house.

Everyone except Dad, (he was driving after all) waved until Gran was out of sight.

Despite Dad's misgivings, we never met the expected traffic and we made good time arriving back in Warsop a bit after twelve. We dropped Mad and her bags off and returned home. The answer machine was blinking away to itself when we got indoors and Dad absently hit play

“Message one on Monday the 23 rd of December at eighteen thirty eight – ‘Hallo Dave? Can you please to ring me, it is Maria' beeeeep.

Message two on Monday the 23 rd of December at twenty fourteen – ‘Dave, it's Maria again, I will try again tomorrow' beeeeep. End of messages”

The machine cut off.

“I wonder what Maria wants?” Jules queried

“To thank us for the Chrimbo card?”

“Sounded more serious to me” Dad mentioned, “lets have a cuppa then I'll give her a bell”

“You don't think something's happened to Mum?” Jules asked

“No, I think she would have said, now go get that kettle on”

It hit me then, I still had everyone's, that's the gang's, presents. Bum.

“I've got to go out Dad, I need to play postman”

“Well take care and don't be too long”


I scurried upstairs and carefully stuffed the gang's prezzies in my rucksack then headed out to the garage where I pressed the Klein into service as postman's bike. In all it took me nearly three hours to drop off four presents, well I could hardly post and run could I? I actually arrived home with more than I left with, some of the packets looked quite interesting.

“I was just about to send out the search parties,” Dad admonished when I returned to the living room.

“It's not dark yet”

“Quite” Jules mentioned without looking up from her book.

“So what did Maria want?”

“Just a chat”


“Okay, about your Mum, she's worried about her. Apparently she's missed a few training sessions and no ones seen her since Friday”

“Well she was in London wasn't she” I mentioned

“Yes but she was supposed to fly back on Saturday, the whole team were having a Christmas party on Saturday night and your Mum didn't show.”

“She never said,” I noted

“Well they've been trying to get hold of her ever since, there's no reply at the flat and no one seems to have seen her.”

“I told you Dad, she'll have gone off somewhere with lover boy” Jules put in with disdain.

“Well whatever, Maria's worried even if they have fallen out over this business, she wanted to know if we'd heard from her” Dad finished.

“Jules is probably right Dad, I'm sure she just forgot the party, she'll be okay”

“I hope so” Dad's face showed the deep concern he was feeling.

It doesn't get any better does it? We just had some ding curry for tea then spent Christmas Eve evening watching films, Chicken Run , The Great Escape and the James Bond one that starts in Paris. Dad finally packed us off to bed about half eleven, he was pouring himself a stiff drink the last I saw.


‘Ding dong merrily on high'

Urgh, I slowly opened my eyes and ascertained that the cheery singing was coming from downstairs, most likely the telly. Christmas Day. Normally I'm excited about my prezzies and looking forward to a fun day with the family. No offence to Aunt Carol, but eating at the Peters just won't be the same, even if she is a better cook than Mum. Mum, that's the missing ingredient. The singing was now accompanied by the smell of frying bacon and the promise of one of Dad's full English was enough to get me out of bed and dressed.

Jules was already at the table by the time I got there and as if I was the cue, Dad served breakfast. Goodness knows why this family tradition got started, I mean on the day that everyone stuffs themselves silly we start off with a cooked breakfast! So okay, we don't usually get to eat until mid afternoon but even so. Then it struck me, apart from Mum I was missing the usual smells of Christmas dinner preparations, it just wasn't the same!

I know people have different ideas on the appropriate time to unwrap presents but at Bond acres its breakfast, then prezzies, maybe a bit of telly, the Queens speech then dinner. It would be different this year but there wouldn't be a change until after ‘prezzies'! As usual for Christmas, Jules and me did the wash and drying before joining Dad in the living room for the grand distribution and unwrapping.

All the family presents were in a pile next to the telly, I noticed a few that weren't there last night. Dad turned off the telly – this is important stuff!

“Okay kids, looks like I get to be Santa this year” Dad stated, Mum generally does this bit.

Over the next twenty minutes the single pile was whittled down to four smaller ones, well two not so small! Both Jules and I had, apart from family presents any that we'd gotten from friends, that's another family rule – absolutely no presents to be opened before today. I was quite impressed by the pile I had accumulated, it was bigger than Jules', not that it's a competition! I know it seems a bit killjoy but Mum always insists that we write a list of what and who from as we open our prezzies. That way we can write our thank you letters properly. Bit Victorian our Mum. Looking over to the sofa there was a small pile, maybe half a dozen packets for our absent parent. It was a reminder of what was missing from today but no use crying over spilt milk.

“Come on Drew, ‘re you gonna start or what?” Jules enquired

“Oh right” I selected an interesting looking packet covered in snowman paper – the big unwrap was on!

I suppose we're pretty lucky, although our family is spread around the country some and we're not what you might call ‘close', there is always a good stack of relation sourced prezzies, some of which are actually quite useful. Today I've accumulated twenty pounds in book tokens, a saddle pack, pen set and a fleece hat, not bad huh? Gran got me a CD storage book and some winter gloves for bike riding.

Our parents always give us joint presents but this year some were from Dad only and there was just one from Mum. Dad got me a digital camera, Jules got one too – not top of the line or anything but still pretty neat. There was also what looked like a handbag, well actually that's what it was, a man's handbag, I remember seeing a few when I've been to Germany. I wasn't that impressed but when Dad pointed out how useful it could be when I go away it made sense.

The parcel from Mum wasn't that big but size isn't everything is it? I was a bit disappointed when the paper revealed clothes. In my opinion buying someone ordinary clothes for Christmas is a bit insulting and thoughtless. So you can imagine how I felt when I opened Mums package. So okay, it wasn't quite jeans and a t, but even so. Well actually it was a jacket and trousers, what I recognised as typical German costume – it could have been worse, at least it wasn't lederhosen! Jules fared no better, she got the girls version! Was Mum on drugs or something? Disappointed, I turned to the remaining pile of packages.

The stuff that was left comprised all my ‘friend' prezzies. Bernie got me a Pink CD, Ally gave me some more book tokens, I got an Airfix kit from Rhod, a Lancaster bomber. There wasn't anything from Mad; she'd already said I'd have to wait until we went over later today. The remaining parcels were from some of the girls on the cheer squad, even so I wasn't expecting the stuff that I got. Talk about embarrassing with a capital E! Two pairs of earrings, an ‘Impulse' perfume spray, three bottles of nail varnish, a pack of eyeshadow and a thumb ring. Well I guess I should have half expected it, after all I'm Gaby to them. Why couldn't they do what I did and give sweets?

Jules was more than a bit amused and as for Dad, well I don't suppose that he believed my story of ‘meant for someone else' for one minute! I'm sure that if I'd been a girl I would have been quite happy but for some reason I just can't see me wearing blue eye shadow, pink nail varnish and Snoopy earrings!

We were due at the Peters about half twelve so after a quick tidy and clean up it was time to leave for the short walk. Walk so that Dad could have a drink or three! No white Christmas this year, but not raining either. In fact it was pleasantly mild as we walked along, the sun even poked its head out which encouraged a few new bikes, skates and skateboards outside. I was feeling a bit self conscious, Dad insisted I wear ‘my' suit, to be fair he was wearing his ‘Sunday' suit and Jules the lucky cow, got away with a glittery top and skirt.

We arrived at the familiar door, sounds of frivolity leaking from an open window.

“Merry Christmas!” Aunt C greeted us, “come on in”

“And to you Carol” Dad mentioned as we filed inside.

“Hi Drew” Mad called from the living room.

“Afternoon Dave, kids” Mr P added, “oh! Not again” there was an electronic sound, clearly Mad and her Dad were playing some sort of game.

“Go on in” Aunt C told us.

“Hiya Mad, what're you playing?”

“Age of Empires, Dad's set it up so we can have two players”

Indeed Mr P had rigged up his laptop, the house PC and the telly – quite impressive!

“Here Drew, you take over mine, I'm in blue” Mr P vacated his seat and passed the laptop to me.

“Er thanks”

“Drink Dave? Kids?”

Well I don't want to bore you all so I'll skip the details. Mad and I, with Jules offering advice were soon well engrossed in the game and the olds retreated to the dining room. It only seemed like about five minutes before Aunt C called us to eat, in fact it was over an hour, well you know what these games are like.

Aunt Carol had really excelled herself for today. The table was groaning under decorations, sauces and dishes of food. Only the meat was pre served, the usual turkey, what I think was pork and a couple of mini sausages. None of us are particularly religious but no one complained when Uncle John said Grace; on the other hand we didn't need any second bidding to dig in afterwards!

Everything you could wish for Christmas dinner was available, sprouts, roast tatties, peas, carrots, mash, cranberry sauce, roast parsnips, bread sauce, and gravy – well you get the picture. Mum always does soup first but I think I prefer Aunt C's style! (and cooking – sorry Mum). At some point we pulled crackers, proper ones with descent gifts, I even joined in with good humour when I landed a silver barrette! No one wanted to swap so I ended up with it clipped haphazardly in my hair.

We even got wine to drink – I'm not sure I'm that keen but it was still pretty cool! With candles providing most of the light and a CD of Christmas carols providing the background it really did feel like a ‘proper' Christmas. When everyone was done on the main course, Aunt Carol fetched the pud in, in flames and with a sprig of holly on top. As Mad was keen to point out, this was no shop bought pud and by the time I finished my ample portion I appreciated the difference.

The meal wasn't quite over yet – we finished off with fresh brewed coffee, I'm not a fan of coffee but I savoured the mellow taste knowing that there was a price to pay for all this largesse! Yep us kids have the washing up to look forward to! We were still lingering over the coffee when the phone rang. Mr P went to answer it and we took that as a cue to start the clear up.

It's about time the Peters got a dishwasher – other than me, but with three of us going at it, me washing and the girls drying we actually made short work of the piles of crockery. Aunt C organised the leftovers, which made a bit more to wash.

“Jules!” Dad called out, “can you come through?”

“Minute!” she finished the plate she was drying and left Mad and me to it.

We finished up and headed towards the lounge.

“There you are Drew, your Mum's on the phone” Dad told me with a worried frown.

“What's the matter? Where is she?”

“Nothings wrong, I'm sure she'll tell you” Dad answered

“Drew?” Jules called from the hall

“Coming” I went out and she handed me the handset.


“Hiya kiddo, merry Christmas”

“Happy Christmas Mum – we got you presents but we didn't know where we should send them to”

“Well you can give them yourself, I'm coming over on the 28th ”

“To see us?”

“Yes to see you,” she sounded tired, not like sleepy tired but worn out tired. “So what did Santa bring then?”

I sat on the bottom stair and we talked about my prezzies, the race at the weekend, going to Chester – well pretty much everything that's happened since I left her Saturday morning. She seemed content to listen for the most part, not usual for Mum but for a change she seemed in no hurry to end the call.

“Maybe we can go for a ride when you come at the weekend?” I suggested as my diatribe ground to a halt.

“I'd like that, we'll have to see, no promises. Can you put your father back on?”

“Okay, I'll just get him, see you Saturday”

“Yes Saturday, bye for now Drew”

“Bye Mum”

I hurried back to the lounge and told Dad that Mum wanted another word.

“You okay Drew?” Aunt C asked

“Yeah, its great isn't it, Mum coming?”

“Yes Drew”

“There's got to be a catch,” Jules stated

“Why?” I asked my sibling

“There has been every other time. I bet she'll want us to wear those ridiculous German outfits”

“German outfits?” Mad enquired

“Yeah” Jules told her, “She got us both these really dorky German costumes for Christmas presents.”

“Doesn't sound like your Mum” Aunt Carol mentioned.

“Well that's what we got,” Jules confirmed

“I bet you'll look brill” Mad, the phantom costume freak of old Warsop town suggested.

“There is no way I'm ever wearing it” Jules stated.

Dad came back in then.

“Everything okay Dave?” Uncle John asked

“Yeah fine, sorry we disrupted your Christmas”

“No problem” Aunt C replied

“Well she's coming home on Saturday till the New Year.”

“Home?” I asked, “you mean like our house?”

“Maybe” Dad allowed, “We'll see”

I could see that Dad was troubled by this development, Aunt C was itching to ask for more details but too polite to ask outright.

I was surprised to see that it was almost four o'clock and dark outside, we were staying for tea as well so there was a bit of time to fill, Jules got roped into playing cards with the olds leaving me and Mad to our own devices. We slipped out of the living room and Mad led the way up to her bedroom.

“I didn't say thanks for my prezzies” she told me


“Argh! I forgot to give you yours”

Well I hadn't wanted to mention that but I was feeling a bit miffed!

“Here you go” she handed me a very booky looking parcel.

I sat on her bed and carefully opened the paper. No it wasn't a book but a framed picture, a picture of Mad and me at that first Anime con we went to. Remember that? Meeting JK Rowling and all that? Well this picture was of the pair of us in our Chobits costumes, I can't say as I remember posing like this but we had a lot of pictures taken that weekend!

“Thanks Mad” I allowed trying to keep my disappointment out of my voice. Just what I wanted – a reminder of me dressed as a girl!

“Thought you'd like it but Mum wasn't sure”


“So did you get much else, you never said?”

We spent a few minutes comparing present lists, Mad seemed to have a similar haul from the cheer squad and seemed highly amused by my reaction. After all, she reminded me, they all think I'm a girl and that stuff is what teenage girls give each other! Maybe the leather handbag I got Mad was a bit of a surprise then. Not that I can see any girl I know complaining over getting a king-size Toblerone !

We eventually had tea just before seven – a cold buffet followed by more coffee and Mrs P's homemade Christmas cake – yummy! I think Dad had drunk quite a bit during the day and we gratefully accepted Aunt Carol's offer of a lift home, she'd only had the wine with Christmas Dinner unlike Uncle John who was in a similar state to Dad!

I only realised when I started changing for bed somewhat later that I'd had that damned barrette in my hair since lunch and no one had said a word! Well today has hardly been a typical Christmas day has it? With Mum's phone call it turned out better than it started, don't tell Mum but I think I prefer Aunt C's Christmas menu to hers. Maybe Jules is right, perhaps there is an ulterior motive for Mum's visit but she's coming which is what counts.

Maddy Bell 29.12.04Secret © 2004

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