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Part 28
Bank Holiday Blues

I pretty much sulked all the way home. Did no one think I was a boy?

"You coming to Clumber tomorrow Drew?"

I was in a world of my own staring out of the bus window.


"Sorry Mad I was thinking"

"Yeah well don't do too much, it'll sap your strength!"

I batted at her, but she easily dodged my half-hearted slap.

"Are you coming with us tomorrow?"

"I guess so, we riding or what?"

"Yeah, mum and dad are gonna meet us there with a picnic"

I bucked up at that, Mrs Peters culinary skills are legend as I may have mentioned before!

"Who else is coming?"

"Are you all coming tomorrow?" Maddy asked the rest who were having an animated discussion.


"On our bikes? To Clumber? Remember?"

"Not us Mad, we're going to Anna's Grandma" Jules answered for the older girls.

"Mum's got me painting my room tomorrow" Rhod complained

"I'm coming" Ally stated

"Can't miss your mums picnic!" Bernie agreed

"Meet at Drew's about half nine then"


The bus reached our stop and we all piled off.

"See you tomorrow then" Mad called as she skipped off toward home.

"See ya girls" Rhod called

"Bye Rhod"

We all went our separate ways; Jules and co walked with me as they were eating with us tonight.

"Drew, I didn't realise this girl thing was getting so out of hand"

"It's getting worse sis" I moaned

"It takes a bit of imagination!" Charlie suggested

"I suppose you look a bit like Jules but not like a sister" Anna added

"Can I tell them about you know what Drew?" Jules asked, "they won't tell anyone else"


"Whatever it is Drew we can keep a secret!" Charlie replied

"Okay then I guess."

We were nearly home now.

"Well remember the other week when Drew was off school?"

"Yeah, you said he had flu"

"Well he was at school all week!"

"Where was he then, we never saw him and he always hangs around with the girls."

"There was only Maddy's cousin with them..." Anna stopped mid sentence

The penny dropped!

"You mean that cute girl was Drew don't you?"

"And her name was Gaby?"

"You got it!" Jules beamed while I tried to disappear into the ground.

"Now I get it, you were the girl at the dance weren't you?" Charlie asked me

"Er yeah, that was me"

"Wow, that costume! You're a natural!"

"My brother, the perfect girlfriend!" Jules stated

"Give over!"

We reached home and went inside.

After dinner the girls disappeared to Juliette's room and I settled down to watch James Bond with Dad. It had barely got through the opening chase before Jules called me out.

"The girls want to see you dressed up"

"No way!"

"Oh come on Drew just this once then never again"


"What are you two arguing about, I'm watching the film" Dad's voice reached us.

"Just asking Drew for a favour" Jules replied

"Do it for your sister Drew"

He didn't even know what it was!


He cut me off.

"Do it Drew"

"Well it looks like you're gonna do it then"

"I guess so, but this is the last time!"

"Fine, ok agreed. Do you need any help? What are you gonna put on?"

"I think I can manage thanks, the school uniform is all the girls stuff I have as well you know" I almost spat.

"Hang on I'll get you some stuff"

She disappeared into her room then emerged thrusting some stuff into my hands.

"Okay, come over to my room when you're ready"

Just what I wanted! Not!

I looked at what she'd given me, just a skirt and top, at least it wasn't a dress like Mad kept dressing me in!

I went to my closet and retrieved the bag of stuff Mrs Johnson had given me, then emptied the contents on the bed. Panties, bra's and in the bottom, now in a box, the gaff and breast forms. Well in for a penny!

I stripped and then pulled the gaff on and got myself comfortable; it really did look realistic! Next I pulled on a bra and slid the breast forms in; I was not sticking them on! Panties then Jules t-shirt and skirt followed then finally the pair of sandals that were in the bag. I found my earrings and put them in, brushed my hair out and ta-da, there was a boy in a skirt!

I listened for dad, then knocked on Jules door.


I went inside, closing the door behind me.

"Oh wow, that's amazing Drew"

"You could be Maddy's twin!"

"Not you too, that's what her mum said"

"Her mum?"

Well I had to explain the whole thing to them then.

"That is just so amazing!"

"I would never have believed it"

"Well this is the last time I'm wearing girls stuff"

"And so cute too"

"I am not cute!"

"You are too!"

I sighed in resignation.

"Is that the right time Jules?"

"Just about"

"We'd better scoot"

"I'll get dad to take you home"

"Won't he mind?"

"'Course not"

"I'll go get changed, see you guys"

"Bye Drew"


The girls went downstairs and I went back to my room to lay Gaby finally to rest. I pulled off Jules t-shirt and with a bit of a struggle got the bra off. Aargh! The breast forms stayed put! Damn! There must have been some adhesive left from last week. I tugged a bit and while I got an edge up they were once again stuck to my chest! I searched through the stuff on my bed; I found the adhesive but no solvent. Damn, it must still be at the Peters. I heard Jules come back upstairs so I pulled the t-shirt back on and returned to her room.

"Er Jules"

"I thought you were getting changed?"

"I was but..." I pulled the shirt up to expose my breasts, "...these have got stuck on and I left the solvent at Maddy's last week"

Jules just started to laugh.

"Come on Jules this is serious, I need to get them off"

"Sorry Drew but you just look so much like a girl stood there holding your breasts"

I quickly let go of my lumps and pulled the shirt back into place, I barely noticed that I still had on the skirt and sandals.

"What am I going to do?"

"Well, first ring Maddy, make sure she's got the solvent."

"But dad will be back in a few minutes"

"Use your mobile up here stupid"

"Oh right, good thinking Batman"

I dashed to my room and found my phone and pressed the speed dial for Maddy.

"Hi Mrs Peters, sorry it's late but can I speak to Maddy?"

"Sure Drew, just a minute" the phone went dead for a few seconds then Maddy came on.

"Hi Drew, what's up?"

"Well I'm sort of Gaby at the minute"

"I thought you weren't doing that?"

"I wasn't." I gave her the quick version of the evening

"... And I haven't got the solvent, I left it at yours"

"That's what that bottle is. It's in the bathroom"

"Can you bring it over?"

"Not tonight Drew, I'll bring it in the morning, I'll come early right?"

It was as good as I could hope for.

"Okay, thanks Mad, see you in the morning"

"G'night Gabs"


"What did she say?" Jules asked

"Well she's got the solvent but she can't bring it tonight"

"'Course not"

"So she's gonna bring it in the morning"

"That's not so bad"

The front door closed.

"Dad's back, you stay here, it's nearly time for bed anyway"


Jules went down stairs and came back a few minutes later.

"Here, wear this" she threw a wisp of something at me

"What for?"

"Well it will support your breasts, you'll be more comfortable in bed"

"If you say so" I was not convinced

"Take it from me"

"Okay already!"

"Now scoot, I'll see you in the morning"

"Yeah, g'night"

"Night Drew"

I returned to my room and looked at what she had given me. It was pink and see through with a sort of nylon t-shirt at the top and matching panties. Well in for a penny, in for a pound, I stripped off the skirt and T and was soon dressed in Jules night-dress. She was right - it did a pretty good job of holding my 'breasts' still, better than Mad's Pj's last week anyway.

I could see why there were matching panties too, from the chest down was totally see through, the panties were needed for modesty. I left the gaff on, it wasn't uncomfortable, and pulled the bikini panties up into place. Looking in the mirror I got an inkling of what other people saw. Certainly wearing this outfit I looked like a girl, an ugly girl, but a girl, not a boy!

I got into bed and had to immediately readjust my nightwear as it bunched up as I slid under the duvet. The Pj's last week felt different but this night-dress affair was something else! I had to stop myself from feeling myself up, weird but nice.

I'd like to say I fell immediately into a deep slumber, but instead I lay thinking about the day's events for at least an hour before sleep took me. Surely tomorrow could only get better.

Maddy Bell 20.04.03
Copyright (c) 2003

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