Chapter *6.31*



I was up early for my training ride, miserable though it was. Given a choice I'd stay indoors but that would mean using the turbo – which I hate. So I put my wet weather kit on and headed out into a dank Ahrtal to start the day with 50 kilometres around the eastern Eifel.

I've taken you round several of my training routes; today it's a variation on the Effelsberg circuit taking in Rheinbach and Meckenheim before heading back home. It's not the nicest ride but I need the extra distance and it adds that without sticking loads of climbing into the equation.

I was in the shower by nine thirty, all my clobber was soaked and currently dripping over the garage floor, must remember to stick it in the washer.


“Morning kiddo, good ride?”

“Not too bad, bit wet though.”

“I suppose I shall have to sort out your bike?”

“Erm, pretty please?”

Dad just rolled his eyes.

“Bern up yet?”

“Think she's in the shower, you pair off out today?”

“Bad Neuenahr I think.”

“Well I might be out when you get back, I'm going to see Henryck this afternoon.”


“Don't get up to any mischief.”

“No Dad.” I sighed. I mean, as if!

Its not like I've got a lot of choice over today, for one I can't really go as Drew and for two there is no way I'm wearing that dorky Warsop College swimsuit. Which is why I found myself in front of my mirror checking myself out in my only other swimming cozzie, the white bikini. It's the first time I've put any girl stuff on since finding out about my girl bits and it's all a bit weird.

Am I a boy pretending to be a girl or am I really a girl with weird plumbing? I didn't really understand everything the Doctor told us but I got the impression he thinks I should be a boy. Just where does that leave my chest though? I mean I never wanted to be able to fill a ‘B' cup but I do and as I understand it they are unlikely to just disappear.

I checked out my profile once again, not an ounce of fat, not quite a six pack but I was pretty pleased with what I could see in the mirror.

“Er sorry.”


“I'll wait downstairs.”

“Don't be daft, I'm nearly ready.”

“I didn't mean to spy.”

“Spy? What are you on about?”

“Seeing you undressed.”

“I'm hardly naked,”

“Not quite.”

“Well okay but I have got clothes on, after Thursday I've seen more of you so I can hardly complain.”

“Those melons are all yours?”

“Apparently, no glue required.”

“Mad did get you once or twice with that didn't she.”

I sighed.

“Hook, line and sinker.” I admitted.

“Erm I hope you don't mind Drew.”

“Mind what?”

“Well I think you look hot in that bikini, I wish I could pull it off.”

“You hitting on me?” I pouted.

“Don't be so daft, I'm not into laydeez.”

“But I'm not – you're winding me up!” I accused as Bern collapsed in laughter. She's so sharp she'll cut herself.

I decided that I might as well embrace things for the day so I found myself dressing a la Gaby. If Bern could do the skirt and top thing so could Gaby.

So it was that I found myself in Thesing's wearing a short skirt, stripy tights and a jumper over my bikini. My bikini. Geez. The other girls arrived in short order, my appearance hardly raising an eyebrow.

“Come on, times a wastin'.” Steffi encouraged.

Might as well get this over with.

Our little gaggle made its way to the Bahnhof, the original plan was to ride our bikes in to town but the on off damp put paid to that idea. We caught the down line Express and repeated our journey of three weeks ago. The difference this time was that at the Spa I wasn't cut from the pack instead I joined the herd in the communal changing rooms.

Bern had taken my advice so I could hardly wimp out now could I? I was once again a bundle of nerves, yeah I know I'm with my mates but it doesn't stop my mind reacting to the situation.

Yes we had fun, I had fun, Bern had fun. Am I going to tell you all about it? Not on your Nelly! Well okay it was quite funny when Anna's thingies popped out of her suit in the Jacuzzi but my lips are sealed, zip!

We left the Kursaal complex sometime after three so we headed into the town proper and hit the boutiques. Bad Neuenahr is not exactly shopping central, I think I mentioned that before but it kept us occupied for a while before we decided to head home.

“So are you guys wearing those frilly outfits tomorrow?” Brid asked as we walked back to the bakery.

“Not likely!” I stated with some vehemence.

“Aw, too bad, you both looked really cute.” Pia opined.

I made retching noises.

“You haven't forgotten the new uniform Gabs?” Con mentioned.

Well I had sort of been pushing it to the back of my mind.

“No.” I sighed.

“New t shirts?” Anna enquired.

“I wish,” Connie noted, “Dad wants us to look a bit smarter.”

“So you have got maid outfits.” Nena giggled.

“Have not, it's a very professional, modern design.” Con told them.

“So its just sexy enough to not put the customers off their coffee!” Anna guffawed.

“What she said.” I sighed.

“Oh my god, we'll have to come see.” Steff enthused.

Oh joy, its not like we won't have half the valley ‘coming to see' tomorrow, now the girls are coming too. Why me?

“When's your Dad back?”

“Dunno, he's gone to the Pinger's.”

“Stick the oven on and I'll get Stonehenge, they'll be done in thirty minutes.”

“Like your thinking, be right back.”

I hurtled upstairs, returning somewhat slower with the collection of miniature monoliths.


We had a sarnie while we waited for the oven to do its stuff. Despite my impatience we did wait the full thirty minutes.

"Looking good." I noted.

"I reckon with a bit of paint they'll look pretty pukka."

"Best do that upstairs." I suggested.

"Good idea."

We gathered all the evidence up and headed to my eyrie.



"You know today?"

"What about it?"

"Don't take this wrong but like you were the best looking girl there,"

"Oh." my heart dropped.

"And like we've been home an hour and you haven't changed into jeans or stuff."

What she said was true - well not the best looking girl bit, but I had sort of forgotten how I was dressed. I mean it never really crossed my mind, this stuff is darned comfortable!

"I suppose I ought to change."

"Look Drew I didn't mean to upset you, that's the last thing I want to do. But like when you dressed as Gaby back in Warsop and in Grottoes, well I could still see Drew in there. Today it was like it was Gaby, I couldn't see Drew at all and I'm pretty sure that's what everyone else sees."

"I wish my life was simpler, I wish I was ordinary."

"If you were ordinary you wouldn't be you and its you everyone likes, not some bland boring lad. If you don't want to change, don't. It doesn't bother me and your family seem okay with it too."

"I guess." I sniffed.

"Come on, let's get the Blue Stones finished."


"So Dave, how are things there?"

"I wish I knew luv, the Dark One has been staying with that American lass in Bonn and I've hardly had a squeak out of Drew. I mean he seems happy enough but he won't open up to me, I think he's confided in Bernie though."

"I guess we'll have to have a family meeting when I get back."

"I think so Jen, how's the training been going?"

"Well its certainly novel this altitude stuff, what the benefits will be when we get back to Europe is anyone's guess."

“What time do you get back?”

“Around eight I think then we've got an hour or so from Frankfurt.”

“We'd best have the chat on Monday then.”

“Have to go luv, we're having an early dinner and I'm … five minutes late already.”

“Okay, see you tomorrow then, love you.”

“And I love you Dave Bond.”


Stonehenge wasn't finished but it wasn't far off, Drew looked over to where it was stood on his desk. In the end he had changed into jeans and a T but only so he didn't get paint on his other stuff. To be fair though it was Bern who did most of the work, she's a dab hand with a paintbrush!

His thoughts wandered away from modeling clay to what Bern said earlier, ‘ you were the best looking girl there' . That was obviously a lie and quite ridiculous to boot, I mean how could a boy be the best girl? Do the other girls really think of me as a girl? They know I'm a boy, I've told them often enough haven't I?

Am I a boy? That really is the big question I guess I suppose, the doctor seems to think I am, leastways he didn't say I wasn't. On the other hand I seem to have quite a bit of girl in me too, so does that make me a girl? According to the Doc lots of people have some non-standard bits and no one really notices. I guess I lucked out with sprouting boobs.

Mum's home tomorrow, oh bum Herr Thesing is expecting me to wear that damn new uniform tomorrow too. Well I suppose its not that bad, nowhere near as awful as the first one, oh sugar! I forgot about the Dernau Zeitung article, we're gonna have every perv in the county in tomorrow. I suppose I could just refuse to wear it? What the hell am I thinking? I'm actually considering wearing a skirt for work – I'm a boy fur heavens sake!

Hmm, need to finish my essay for German in the morning, oh bum I haven't done my geography project yet either. Hope its dry in the morn….

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