Chapter *7.40*

Full House

I used the ride back around to the house to warm down and got there to find Dad and Bern just getting in the car.

“Bit early?” I hinted.

“I want to do a bit of shopping before we collect mum.” Bernie offered.


“We'll drop by the bakery when we come back.” Dad told me.

I could see that Bern was in that state of nervous excitement that can make you quite irritable.

“Can we go please?”

“We'll see you later kiddo.” Dad mentioned picking up on the vibe too.


I parked my bike in the garage and after a quick wipe down to get the worst of the muck off the bike; I headed up to the shower in my room.

I was quite excited, well maybe not actually excited, more nervy really, myself. My training session had taken my mind off everything that's going on the next few days but alone in the house my mind wandered to these other things.

Whilst me an' Ron are racing on Monday everything else is about Bern, her Mum coming, Ron's visit of course, going back to Warsop and culminating in her court appearance. I absentmindedly took my shower before dressing in my Thesing uniform before locking up and heading for work.

“You're early.” Connie mentioned.

“I am?”

“Well like its only eight o'clock.”

“Seeing as you're here you might as well start.” Herr Thesing stated.

“Er yeah sure.”

“Can you do the condiments please.”

“Uh huh.”

“What's up Gab?”


“You've been somewhere else all morning.”

“Just thinking.”

“The dance was fantastiche!”

“Uh huh.”

“Gott girl, you really are away with the faeries today.”

“Um sorry, you say something?”

“I give up.” Con huffed.


“If you don't want to talk just say.”

“I've a lot on my mind.”

“You know everyone thinks you and the Baron are an item.”


“How is that for irony.”


“Well the ‘girl',” I imitated speech marks as I spoke, “least likely paired off with ‘most eligible'.”

“Says she.” Con suggested.

“I've got no interest in boys whatsoever, and that boy in particular.”

“You've been seen.”

“Geez, I've been to his house twice.”

“You've been to his house?”

“Con, you're as bad as the rest, yes his house, to help him with the costume for last night. His Gran's a bit weird.”

“His Gran?”

“Yeah she lives there too.”

“And you say you're not interested.”

“Con, I'm a boy remember.” I hissed under my breath.


I was saved by the bell so to speak – or not.

“Heya Gab.”

“Er hi.” I allowed seeing my nemesis before me.

“We went to your house but no one was in.” Max went on.

“Everyone's out.” I needlessly pointed out, “What do you want?”

“We've brought your bike and clothes down.” He pointed to the Porsche outside.

“Clothes?” Con enquired.

“Sure, Gab left her stuff last night.”

“Last night?” Con mouthed.

“Erm thanks, you'd best leave everything here I guess.”

“No problemo liebchen.” With that he darted back out to the car.


“Con will you give over, he's winding you up.”

“Doesn't look like it to me.”

The von Strechau's unloaded my stuff and departed after the coffee that Con insisted they stop for. Talk about embarrassing.

“So how come you're leaving your bike and clothes at the Schloß if there's nothing going on?”

“Will you shut up if I tell you?”

“Might, depends.”

“Look, I've been twice, once last week then yesterday to make sure his costume was sorted.”

“So how come you left your clothes?” she raised a brow.

“I had to change myself last night so I did it there.”

“Hmm, I might buy it but I reckon most people won't.”

“Its true.”

“So you say.”

I picked at my brötchen in between playing with my tea bag. Con finally gave up on the whole Baron thing when the shop got busy, which in turn took my mind off the stuff that was troubling me. Now over my break my mind returned to the issues at hand.

The biggest of course is Bernie. I really am worried for her, well and the baby when it comes. Most of the time she's been here it's been like old times in Warsop – well apart from like different friends and our living arrangements. They're clearly not the same, she's obviously sweet on Mart, quite what happens there I've no idea, I'm sure Martin feels the same way.

We've never discussed what happens after the court thing next week, I'm sure if she wanted to the rents would let her come back. But I don't know if that's what she wants, I wouldn't mind, it's nice having one of my old friends about.

I don't want to even contemplate the other possibilities, they'd just be too horrible and there's enough negative vibes about already.

“Come on mum, we'll sit in the corner.” Bern suggested tugging her mother into Thesing's.

“Hi Con, two white coffees, a cola light and three Pflaumkuchen please.” Dave Bond requested.

“I'll bring them over.” Con mentioned.

“Where's Drew?”

“On her break, I can shout her if you'd like?”

“No hurry.” He turned and went to join the rest of the party.

Scrooooshhhhoop. The Malia made the throaty noises we all associate with coffee shop equipment and Con put together the order, taking it over a minute or so later.

“Mum, this is Connie, Con my Mum.”

“Nice to meet you Frau Rose.”

“Gooten arbent Connie.”

“Zo, cola light, zwei kaffee und drei Pflaumkuchen.”

“Danke Connie.”

“She seems like a nice girl.” Cheryl allowed before she took a sip of her coffee.

“Yeah, she took Drew under her wing last year.”

“Talking of which.” Bern grinned.

“Mrs Bond! Welcome back to Germany!”

Cheryl was a bit confused, no one mentioned Maddy being here.

“No one said you were here Maddy.”

“Muum.” Bern hissed, “its Drew.”

“Maddy?” I queried.

“Oh my god, sorry Drew, I had no idea, when Bernie said, I never put it together.”

“I'll explain at home Mum.” Bern suggested.

Cheryl Rose was more than a little confused now. Bernie had mentioned that everyone pretty much thought of Drew as a girl over here. Sure, she'd seen the kids in their costumes and so on, but she'd never thought of the youngest Bond as being other than the little lad Bernie had befriended at Junior School, what was it, seven, eight years ago? And now here is this pretty little thing in a skirt and blouse with, if she wasn't mistaken, an entirely natural pair of breasts. What has been going on?

“Gab's, can you give us a hand?” Con requested.

“Er sure, I'll catch you later.”

“See you later kiddo.”

“Laters Gab.” Bern added.

“Its really here huh?”

“What is?”

“Bernie going home, her mom seems nice.”

“Yes, yes she is.”

“I'll have to pop around to say goodbye.”

“Shitza! I forgot about you guys.”

“What about us?”

“You think everyone'll be up for a party tomorrow afternoon?”

“I should think.”

“I never thought about anyone else, I'll have to invite Marty too.”

“Guess I can ring round.”

“That'd be cool, five o'clock?”


The phone started ringing and Connie went to answer it.

Yeah, a party will be cool, I'm glad Con mentioned saying goodbye.

“Gab's! It's for you, there's been some sort of accident!”


to be continued....

Maddy Bell 19.10.09 © 2009

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