Chapter *8.28*

Stuttgart Taxis

I checked my bags once again, cycling kit, Sophia's dress – even some normal clothes. For once I had everything under control; I straightened my bakery uniform and headed off for work.

Saturday morning at Thesing's is of course different to weekdays – no schoolgirls taking the place over for one! I was filling in for one of the full time staff, Sonia, who is off on her hols this week – I might get a few extra hours during the week. Herr Thesing had already been at it for a couple of hours when I arrived, once I had stowed my coat I started filling up the counter display and bread racks. Seven thirty is when the real rush starts though as half the village comes in for breakfast supplies.

“Six rolls.”

“Two chocolate and two plain croissants please.”

“Coffee and cherry Danish.”


I was ready for a coffee myself by eight thirty when the main rush was over.

“You want your break now?” Frau Thesing asked.

“I can wait a bit.” I allowed tucking an errant strand of hair behind an ear.

“Any thoughts to what you'll do after school?”

“Well there's racing, I could maybe turn pro.”

“What happens after though?”

“Yeah that's what Mum keeps telling me.”


“Well I wouldn't mind doing like catering management, I'm not a great cook but I could fancy running a restaurant or something.”

“Hard work.” she noted.

“Well Jules is the academic one, despite appearances.”

“How is she? We don't see her much.”

“She's hardly at home lately; she stays with a friend in Bonn during the week.”

“Very independent.”

“More like keeping out of Dad's way, he still hasn't forgiven her over the scooter.”

The scooter. Boy did that incident take on epic proportions! I dunno why she wanted one in the first place, I know Mum wasn't keen but Dad can be a soft touch and that was one of those times. Me, I can't believe she let her friend borrow the thing, if it had been mine there is just no way.


The rest of the morning was fairly uneventful, the girls were going to the cinema in Koblenz so Con only stopped by on her way from flat to door. Soon enough my shift was over, I thought I'd treat everyone to a bun, even at staff rate it cost me an hour's wages! Oh well.

The Luchow's car, complete with bikes and packed to the gunnels was on our drive alongside a new minibus in full team colours and everything. Wow, I didn't think it would happen this quick.

“You never said you were getting the new bus.” I observed as I wheeled my workaday hulk into the garage.

“That kiddo, is because I didn't know until I went in this morning.”

“Can I take a look?”

“You'll have plenty of time over the weekend, right now you need to get changed, I think Angela was doing some soup before we go.”

“'Kay.” I started up the stairs.”

“Oh could you ask Dieter and Josh to come give me a hand loading up.”


I think there was something in that request that I should be worried about.


“Woo if it isn't the backerie mädchen!” Roni chuckled.

“Give over or you won't get a bun!”

“No cake until you've had lunch.” Sonja Luchow instructed.

“Erm, Dad asked if Josh and Herr Luchow could give a hand loading the bus?”

“Sure, come on Josh, the ladies will still be here in ten minutes.”

The pair of them went the long way round; Dad obviously hadn't divulged knowledge of the secret stairs!

“So what was that about?” I enquired.

“Tali and Josh.” Gret supplied.

“In the last fortnight?”

“Well, a bit longer, “ Tali admitted, “he's been up to see me a couple of times.”

“Less chatter,” Angela interrupted, “Drew, you need to get changed?”

“Oh right, sure. Be back in a few.”


When I returned downstairs the table was surrounded by people eating, our resident caterer having supplied not just soup but fresh bread too.

“If you'd been any longer I was going to eat yours.” Gret grinned.

“What is it?” I enquired perching myself on the bin lid.

“Rather good is what it is.” Dad mentioned.

I tucked in, it was chicken broth and very nice too.

“There's buns.” I reminded them.

“We can have them when we stop later,” Dad suggested, “we really could do with getting on the road.”

“Girls, washing up please.” Sonja instructed.

“Bleh!” Tali moaned.

“Drew, this all your stuff?” Dad enquired from the hallway.

“Race kit, overnight bag and the dress.”

“Righty o.”

“Dress?” Roni asked.

“I borrowed it last week; Sophia is going to pick it up while we're in Stuttgart.”

“Who's this So-feeah bird like?” Josh requested.

“Sophia Taxis, we were at the wedding together last week.”


“Quite the social butterfly our Drew here.” Gret supplied.

“Didn't you see her on the telly the other night?” Tali added.

“On the BBC?”


“You know I don't watch your telly Tali.”

“Hey that nearly rhymes.” I chuckled, “telly Tali.”

“Are you lot done yet?” Dad asked.

“Just about Herr Bond.” Roni replied.


The bus, given that they sponsor our team, was of course a Mercedes, a rather nice bit of kit with plenty of room for us, the bikes and goodness knows what else! I locked the house up while everyone loaded up which left me with the seat by the side door – not where I'd sit by choice but someone has to use it.

“Sugar! Buns!”

“Hurry up, can one of you give her a hand.” Dad asked.

Roni came with and took the cakes back to the bus while I relocked the house. After what they cost me there is no way we are going without them! I slid the door shut again.

“Seat belts.” Dad instructed and then we were off.

“How's it going man?” Josh asked once we were on the autobahn.

“Fair to middlin', you?”

“I canna complain like.”

“So what's this about you an' Tali then?”

“Not a lot really, she's a canny lass alright but it's a bit difficult talking to her you know.”

“You'll have to brush up your German.”

“Aye, there is that like.” He agreed. “Anyway what's this aboot a weddin' an' you on the telly an all?”

“Long story.”

“Long drive.” He observed.

And so I ended up giving him a somewhat abridged version of the Munich trip.

“Gera way man!”

“I swear it's true, they must have been at least that big.” I demonstrated with my empty hands.

“They sound like those things we had in Salzwedel the other week.” Gret offered.

“Baumkuchen.” Tali joined in – I hadn't even realised they had been listening!

“They were pretty big, sort of like a pine tree shape.” Josh supplied for my benefit.

“Doesn't sound the same at all to me.” I noted.

By this time we were quite well down the road, still some way from our destination of course but making good progress.

“Toilets in ten.” Dad offered from the front.

“It might be new but it's still not great for sitting in too long.” Angela mentioned as she climbed down from the bus.

“Uh huh.” I agreed rubbing some life into my own posterior.

“Anyone want a drink?” Dad enquired.

A chorus of requests were the reply, yours truly designated as waitress to fetch them.


I nearly dropped the stupid cardboard tray thing when my handy started vibrating in my pocket. By the time I got back to the bus and extracted it, it had long stopped.

“Someone trying to get you?” Roni guessed seeing me phone in hand.

“Yeah,” I got the missed calls screen up, “Sophia, wonder what she wants, I said I'd call when we arrived.

I hit the dial button and walked around the back of the bus.


“Er hi Soph, what's up?”

“Just thought I'd see where you were.”

“About halfway I think.”

“When I told Daddy you were coming he said to invite you for dinner tonight.”

“There's eight of us Soph.”

“That's okay, there's tons of room, please?”

“Let me ask my Dad, I'll ring you back in about five minutes okay.”


I returned to the caffeine fest.

“There you are,” Roni observed, “so what did she want?”

“Dad, did you like have plans for dinner tonight?”

“Not especially kiddo, thought we'd go into the city and find a restaurant.”

“Well that was Sophia on the phone, Sophia Taxis? We've got an invite to eat at her place.”

“That's nice of her parents; does she know how many of us there are?”


“Everyone okay with that? Angela, Sonja?”

“Sounds good to me.” Dieter mentioned.

“I'll ring and let her know then.”

Josh followed me behind the bus, “Drew man, this that bit of posh totty from the wedding like?”

“Might be.” I allowed.

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 29.05.11 © 2011

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