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Part 36

It was still only two thirty and I was still floating on air after the race. I now knew why my new enemy was so upset, not only was he beaten by a squirt like me but the prize list was impressive today too! Besides a small cup, I received fifty pounds in cash and most valuable, a new frame! Way cool!

Dad agreed to let the girls and I go round the shops for a while whilst he slinked off to the second hand bookshops.

"Five o'clock at the front of the cathedral"

"Yes dad"

"Okay, see you kids later"

"Bye Mr Bond"

"Bye dad"

Dad set off up the street towards the castle leaving us to our own devices. We made our way through the backwacks from the bus station (the car was in the multi storey above it) we emerged into the shopping streets of 'lower' Lincoln. The girls hadn't been to the city before so I had to act as guide as we ricocheted around the shops. We started to move towards the 'upper' town, across the river, the others were fascinated by the shops on the bridge, reminiscent of medieval London.

"My legs ache!" I complained to no one in particular

"Let's get some ice cream and sit down by the river" Bernie suggested

"Great idea, there's a cart over there" Ally pointed a little up the street

"You two go get a bench" Bernie instructed Maddy and I, "and we'll get the ice cream." she said dragging Ally off.

"Come on Drew" Maddy led me over to the steps down to the river.

I winced as we made our way through the other shoppers and as luck would have it we claimed a bench just vacated by an elderly couple.

"Ah! I'm cramping" I exclaimed as I stretched my legs out to ease the cramps

"Come here, let me rub your legs" Maddy instructed.

With the pain I was in I didn't hesitate but swung round so that my legs were across her knees. She started to massage my tortured calves and gradually the tenseness started to ease.

"Huh! Leave you two alone for two minutes and your all over each other" Ally joked

"Grab one of these Drew" Bernie proffered a double 99 in my direction.

"Thanks Bern, Mad was just easing my cramp"

"Sure" Ally suggested, her tone indicating she wasn't believing that for one minute.

"Was too!" Maddy finally defended herself under Ally's onslaught.

"Hey stop arguing and eat your ice cream kiddies" Bernie put in

Ally pretended to pout and Mad stuck her tongue out. I swung my legs back to the floor and the others joined Mad and me on the bench.

"Hey Drew, you gonna spend some of your winnings then?" Bernie asked between mouthfuls.

"Dunno, not seen anything I fancy"

"Well finish up, let's shop!" Mad implored

"Coming already" I replied getting up gingerly.

Ally and Mad each took hold of an arm and I was steered back to the shopping concourse.

"I know Drew" Maddy suggested, " you should get some of those three quarter trousers"

I had to admit I did quite like the style and I needed some new kecks to go to Germany.


"Great a quest!" Bernie exclaimed

"They've got some in Top Shop over there" Ally pronounced

I was steered toward the store and pulled inside. This is one shop I always find a bit strange to go in, I mean they have a men's bit but it's mostly girls stuff. My mates oohed and aahed over various tops, skirts and stuff then Maddy homed in on what we were looking for.

"What about these?" she asked offering a black pair

"I prefer the lighter ones" I offered

"Me too" Ally confirmed

"There's more over here" Bernie called and our gaggle relocated.

"These are only a tenner Drew" Ally exclaimed

"What do you reckon guys?" I held the trews up to me

"They look brill" Bernie offered

"Hey what about these too" Maddy was waving some denim at me.

"Jeans?" I queried

"Yeah but these are seriously cool" she replied, "and they've got your size"

"How do you know what size he needs?" Ally questioned

"Well der, who's stuff do you think he wears?"

"Keep it down!" I hissed

"Oh, right" Ally finished

"Hey Drew you so need this t shirt" Bernie called from yet another rack

I looked over at the t, the strap line read 'I'm Great Babe', seemed cool.

"Enough guys, I only got fifty and I don't want to spend it all"


"Yeah we were just getting started" Maddy added to Ally's rejoinder. Sheesh girls!

I paid for the stuff and felt relieved to escape the shop still clutching just over half of my winnings. Thank heaven for summer sales promotions! Time was starting to get on a bit so I led the way through the gate that demarques the 'upper' town. We ambled up the ever steepening street, past the bookstores dad had headed for and finally we reached the castle and cathedral precinct. The girls hit a couple more shops while I collapsed against a wall to wait for Dad.

The girls reappeared seconds before dad.

"You kids look like you've bought the town up" dad offered

"Drew got some new clothes and we've just got a few trinkets" Mad offered by way of reply.

"Well I know somewhere to eat just around the corner, you all up for it?" dad asked

"I'm starved" Bernie exclaimed

"Me too" Maddy added

"I just want to sit down" I suggested

Well I know these blow by blow accounts get tiresome so I'll cut straight through all that! After a look around the cathedral inside and out, Dad led the way to a Chinese Restaurant a couple of streets away where we were treated to a long and delicious meal. It was after nine when we got home, we dropped my 'cheerleaders' off but only after agreeing to meet up after my Sunday ride.

After a pleasant ride the following morning during which I continually relived Saturday's race I got ready to meet the others. As it was quite warm I decided on my new three-quarters and t-shirt. Jules gave me a funny look as I left but that's sisters for you eh!

Drew in 'that' t shirt

Well I wished I had looked in the mirror! I must have looked a right sight. Somehow I had managed to misread what it said on the t-shirt, I thought it said 'I'm great Babe'; I didn't see the 'a' before 'great'! No wonder Jules gave me a funny look. The girls had duped me good and proper this time, I mean it wasn't until Bernie pointed it out that I discovered my error, much to my embarrassment.

"I can't wear this!"

"Why not?" Ally asked

"Well duh! It's a girls shirt!"

"So?" Bernie questioned

"Well like I'm not a girl!"

"Sometimes" Ally mumbled



Maddy offered a way out.

"Drew if anyone says anything, you can just say it's Jules' that you picked up by mistake"

"I guess"

"Well come on then, lets get going"

Going was a walk to our favourite spot by the river about an hour's walk away. With some reluctance I hoisted my rucksack on to my shoulder and followed the others off of the estate and onto the footpath across the fields. I soon forgot about my embarrassing t-shirt and we chatted as we walked, you know normal kid's stuff.

"Has your mum found out why Rhod's not been around?" I asked Mad.

"I don't think so, least she hasn't said anything"

"I miss having him around" Ally put in

"Me too" Bernie agreed

"Do you think he's fallen out with us?" Maddy queried

"I don't see why, I mean we always invite him along" I stated

"Yeah, it's like he just he just doesn't want to hang around with us anymore" Ally observed

By this time we were nearly at the river. The day was turning into a regular scorcher, almost cloudless blue sky and unless you strained, no traffic noises either. The wheat in the fields was still only knee high and green, insects buzzed, birds chirped and we walked along enjoying the day. The path reached the beck where we crossed via the stepping stones and turned along the bank. We followed the waters upstream for ten minutes before reaching 'our' pool.

Maddy and Ally produced a blanket and we all settled down to catch our breath and drink some squash. The sun danced through the trees overhead and a gentle breeze off the beck cooled the suns influence. We lay there in silence, each thinking their own thoughts.

Bernie broke our reverie.

"Come on guys lets have a swim"

"I didn't bring a cozzie" I started

"No matter Drew" Ally suggested

"Yeah let's just get in the water" Mad burbled

The girls were pulling tops and shorts off, obviously prepared for this they each had on swimsuits of one type or other.

"Come on drew, you can wear your underpants" Maddy suggested

"I guess"

I reluctantly removed my trousers and top exposing my boxers to my friend's view.

"Hey cool shorts" Ally ducked my swing

"Last one in's a girl!" Bernie shouted leaping into the deep pool as she did so.

Inevitably it was me that hit the water last and we were soon happily splashing about in the cool waters. We played for a half-hour or so then returned to the bank where Bernie distributed bananas and we sat soggily eating. Although it was warm, it did little to dry our clothing and I for one was starting to feel a bit chill in the river breeze.

"Better get dressed I guess" Ally observed

"Bugger" I exclaimed, "I'm gonna have to keep these wet shorts on"

"You can't do that Drew, it'll ruin your new trousers" Maddy voiced her concern.

"Well I'll have to go commando then"

"Urgh, the thought!" Bernie exclaimed

"Hang on I've got some spare pants" Ally offered

"I can't wear them!"

"Why not, you've worn girls pants before" Maddy stated

"Yeah, but..."

"But you need dry underwear and these are them" Ally said brandishing the offending garments.

"Come on Drew, they won't bite" Mad instructed

I took the proffered garment, white cotton bikini pants.

"Ok then, be back in a mo" I grabbed my other clothes and found a little screened area just upstream and dressed in the dry pants, trousers and t-shirt.

"Better huh?" Ally queried

"Yeah I guess"

The girls had all changed in my absence and were ready for the off.

"Comfy?" Mad asked

Well I have to admit that the panties were more comfortable than my boxers.

"Ok I guess"

"Oh come on Drew, no one can see so quite worrying" Bernie stated.

It was teatime by the time we got back to Ally's place and that bane of the English summer was about to take place, The Barbecue! Mr Lacey was upholding the ritual by trying to light the coals and Ally's mum was busy preparing salad.

"You kids all staying?" Ally's dad asked

Well there was nothing else doing was there?

Maddy Bell 12.06.03
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