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Part 10
Dress Rehearsal

After yesterdays exertions mum decided that we would have a 'family' day. In parent speak that means we were going on a family outing whether we liked it or not, usually to somewhere we weren't keen to go. But surprise, this time it wasn't so bad. Dad drove us up to York but only after mum and I had done an hour's training ride around some of the north Nottinghamshire lanes.

I like York. It only took a little over an hour from home and the olds had decided we would 'do' the Jorvik experience so we headed straight there. For anyone who doesn't know, Jorvik is history brought to life with animatronics and you ride round in little carts. Everywhere seems to have one these days, Robin Hood in Nottingham is much the same. The other thing is that you usually queue for ages but we timed it just right getting there just before the coach load of scouts and the WI outing!

I won't describe it in any detail - if you want that look it up on the web or visit yourself! We all really enjoyed it, even historyphobic Juliette. Afterwards we visited Clifford's tower, I was getting vertigo just climbing up to the gate but it was worth the effort. A late lunch was next on the agenda; we found a café near The Shambles, which supplied a reasonable meal without breaking the bank. (At least I presume the latter, mum and dad didn't argue over what we could eat anyway.)

After eating, dad suggested we walk round part of the city walls, which was fun although by the time we climbed back down to ground level it was getting to be a chore stopping to let parties of obnoxious French students past. Mum then insisted that we go to the Minster to see the famous stained glass windows. Our family although nominally Church of England is not religious, I guess most of my visits to ecclesiastic buildings are like this one. That's to say short.

Anyway afterwards we had a walk through the shops and back to the car to head home.

All the activity over the weekend hadn't given me much opportunity to fret over costumes and stuff; it was Juliette later that evening who brought the subject up.

"Drew we need to finish your costume tonight"

"I guess"

"Bring your stuff to my room and you can change so I can see what needs doing"

I was resigned to it but an excellent weekend meant it couldn't dampen my spirits too much. I fetched the bag that Rhod had given me and crossed the landing to Juliette's room.

"Good. Bernie gave me the tennis panties on Friday so you can put them on and you'll see how much you show"

"Are you gonna stand there watching me?"

"Sorry, I'll just go get us a sandwich, corned beef ok?"

"With pickle?"

"Ok, won't be long."

I waited until she had shut the door then shucked my jeans and t-shirt. I found Bernie's tennis pants and pulled them up over my own underwear. This was just so gross! I took my Chii costume off the hanger that my sister had it on and shrugged it into place. I tried the zip but couldn't get it more than an inch up. Jules chose that moment to return, making me jump when she pushed the door open.

"Jeez Jules, you could have warned me, I thought it was mum"

"Sorry but my hands are full"

She proffered a plate of sandwiches to me that I took and put on her dresser.

"Grab these drinks and I'll lock the door"  

The drinks followed the food to the dresser.

"Ok, let's zip you up, turn around"

I did and she did.

"This is really pretty good for fit" she tugged and pulled a bit, "I don't think we really need to do much"

"Can I take it off yet?" I hadn't had it on for ten minutes yet and I was feeling exposed and uncomfortable, that is uncomfortable to be wearing it, it was actually a nice fit.

"Not yet, I want you to put your shoes on and have a practice walking in it."

"Must I?"

"Yes, last time you were worried about people seeing your bits so lets have a look."

Embarrassed doesn't come into it. I lifted the skirt so she could see my underwear.

"Let go then spin round"

I followed my sister's direction.

"Those knickers do a good job but you won't be able to wear your y-fronts underneath at the dance"

"Why not"

"Well I can see them, that means other people will and secondly girls don't wear y-fronts!"

"I can't just wear these" I indicated the frilly pants.

"I agree. I know, those panties we got you at Christmas are still in the cupboard you can wear them underneath"

"I suppose so"

"No suppose, you will"

She sounded just like mum when she said that.

"Ok put your shoes on and walk up and down a bit, you'll need these"

She gave me a pair of sheer knee-highs. I recalled my experience at the shoe shop, pulling the thin hose on I felt a strange sort of excitement. The shoes slipped on easily and I did the delicate buckle up on each ankle strap. When I looked up Juliette had put her costume on and was just fastening the zip.

"Can you finish the zip for me?"


The last time I had seen her in the dress was at Auntie Madge's wedding last year when she was a bridesmaid. It was subtly different now, the cowl neck was gone and the front was sort of ruched up so you could see her legs. She fetched the boots I had bought for her and suddenly there was Yubi.

"Now walk"

It felt a lot different walking around in this outfit to the costume at Christmas. That at least came nearly to my knees, now I had flounces tickling the top of my thighs as I walked back and forth. The heels made me walk differently too, smaller steps and slower too.  Jules was walking about too, she wasn't used to the clumpy soles on the boots and mum didn't let her wear heels very often either.

"That's enough for now, I'll just finish putting the bows on then your costumes done"

"Hooray" I muttered under my breath. My feelings regarding this whole thing were still pretty negative; at least it would be over in a couple of weeks.

Monday was as bad as usual. I asked Clive if he and Paul were going to the dance and was surprised at the answer.

"Yeah we most certainly are"

"S'not like you two"

"Yeah well, Maddy said that her cousin was coming"

Mad hadn't said anything about anyone else joining us. Seeing my questioning look Clive went on.

"You know, that one I told you about the other week at Meadowhall, Gaby and I think her mate Pippa's coming too"

My heart sank. Here was Clive one of my best mates just about telling me that he had a crush on Gaby! I tried to change the subject.

"What are you two going as then?"

"Dana, nana nana nana Batman! And Paul's gonna be Robin"

So it was true and apparently Rhod and I were being set up by the girls. Just then the bell for assembly went halting any further enquiry. Our school has a full assembly on Monday's but the rest of the week it alternated between upper and lower school. So Monday's were always a crush as 1200 students tried to each claim their own patch of floor.

As usual the deputy head, Mrs Johnson, read the notices before the choir entertained us for five minutes. Then, as usual, Mr Wood our Headmaster took over to give us his wisdom on this weeks pressing issue litter. Finally came the traditional sports results, the success or otherwise of the various football, hockey and netball teams. After the main teams were covered, the 'minority' sports got a mention, the chess tournament and the schools new basketball team. Then much to my surprise I heard my name mentioned. Apparently someone had leaked my Saturday success to the Head. Of course everyone turned to look at me and I found myself turning a nice bright crimson.

This Monday was going to be different to usual. During the day I even had one or two kids congratulate me on my riding, weird. Clive's revelation kept coming up as I stumbled through the days itinerary. I was going to have to cancel now, there was no way I was going to be Gaby ever again!

The others got our house together just after six, mum had ordered us pizza and that was obviously the first order of business.

"I'm not doing it and I don't think Rhod should either"



"Well I was talking to Clive this morning and I think he fancies me. And from what he said Paul seems to like Rhod too."

"Whoa, you mean they're both Homo's?"

"You'd never know"

I realised I had missed a bit out here.

"No not me and Rhod, Gaby and Pippa"

"Well that's ok then"

"No it's not Ally. I do not want my mates fancying me"

"Hey it's a real compliment, I mean they must have both liked what they saw week"

"That's regardless. And Maddy, you told them to go to the dance to see us" I accused.

"Well I did sort of let slip that Pippa and Gaby would be there. And I thought that it would help with your cover"

"How so?" Rhod asked

"Well you suddenly appear and people ask about you, a lot. You appear and people already know you and suddenly you have camouflage, no one asks the wrong questions."

"She's right you know" Juliette put in.

Thinking about it I could see some logic, but I was still not happy.

"Well I'll still do it" Rhod opined.

"We knew you would Rhod, its scaredy pants Drew"

"Look I never wanted to do this, you all hounded me into it" I knew I had really talked myself into the situation.

"Did not!"

"Well, I don't like doing it but I suppose I'll go along with it"

"Now we've got that sorted, " Juliette took control, "lets get these costumes on. Drew, you and Rhod use your room and we'll use my room. Meet down here in half an hour."

We trooped off to get changed.

As it was a full dress rehearsal so to speak, that meant we had to put everything on, in my case that meant the stockings and suspender belt as well as girls panties. I managed to get it all on but I couldn't work out how the suspenders worked.

When I got to the lounge, Ally was already there, so I got my stockings sorted out after re routing the suspenders under my panties. Boy did I feel stupid! However when the rest of the girls arrived they all commented on how good I looked.

"Drew, you forgot to put your wig on"

 I still looked like me, but me in a very short dress! And I had to admit that I did look a little cute. Yeagh!

"I'll do it for you" Mad volunteered, "come on into the kitchen and sit down."

Using her own experience with the hairpiece, she soon had it in place covering my dirty blonde hair with the lighter long hair. Then she added the hairband and earpieces.

"God, with some makeup you'll look really hot!"

"Thanks, I really need to look hot, I've already got Clive drooling over me!"

We reassembled in the front room and my sister took over again.

"Let's check that everyone has everything"

We all looked our friends over to discover any obvious omissions from our costumes.

"Bernie, you need some stripes"

"I know, Ally's going to paint some on next week, I didn't think it worth it for tonight"

"You need a money pouch Rhod"

"I've got one he can use" Ally offered

"I guess we're all set then"

"Do you know how much like twins you and Maddy look Drew?"

That's all I needed to hear!


"Perhaps they really are, separated at birth!"

"Give over" I was blushing for the second time today.

"The guys need to practice dancing, especially Drew in those shoes"

"Yeah great idea, remember last time"

That brought chuckles from the girls and embarrassed looks from Rhod and i.

I was doomed. Jules selected a few Cd's while the rest of us moved furniture for a makeshift dance floor. We spent until eight o'clock practising our dance moves, including to my chagrin that peculiar girls thing of group moves, you know, sort of like line dancing but really just short set pieces. Aargh!

We got changed back into civvies before my olds got back and the guys left for home. What a day, I was whacked.

Maddy Bell 09.02.03
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