Chapter *6.11*

Friday Night

I didn't know it yet but last nights exchange of emails had sparked off much more than either myself or Bern could ever imagine! But more of that later.

"So" Bridg started as we settled down for lunch, "what are we doing for Drew's birthday?"

With everything that's been happening I hadn't really given it much thought myself. Back in Warsop it was usually something like a trip to the pics then like a birthday tea. This'll be my first birthday without the 'old' gang in like forever.

"You got any ideas Drew?"

"Not really, we usually go skating or something and probably something to eat."

"I know" Steffi started, "we'll organise a surprise."

"That okay Drew?" Nena enquired.

What do you say? No, I'm washing my hair? Lets face it, there's not that much can go wrong, is there?

"I guess, can we do on the Saturday though?"

"Great!" Anna giggled, "I lurv surprises!"

Oh boy, what am I letting myself in for? At least if it's at the weekend we don't have to worry about school the next day.

I arrived home a tad on the cold side, that's one thing you soon learn living in the valley bottom, it might still be light but you lose the sun quite early and with it any warmth it might give. And in the middle of February that means its darn cold by the time school lets out!

At least tonight I don't have too much homework. It was a rule the rents laid down when I got the broadband in my room, homework first then I could surf'n'stuff. Well excepting if I needed to look stuff up for school.

As soon as I logged on though there was a 'new mail' message, well several actually. My homework wouldn't take long so I hit my mail log in.

Talk about fans, flying and excrement! I won't bore you with all the details but I was in trouble because I hadn't said anything, Bernie was in trouble because she hadn't, why hadn't we told them - and a lot more in the same vein.

I rattled off a quick reply, just one, I'm not writing to each of them, but even so when I looked at the clock I realised that a/ it was nine thirty and b/ I hadn't done my homework! Sugar! Well I guess friendship comes first.

This is one week I just don't want to repeat - and to cap it all I've been coerced into attending another Weinkönigin event on Friday. I'd been trying to forget about it but hidden in my in box was a reminder from the Königin committee. Double shitza!

At least my homework was relatively easy - 1000 words on the causes of the American Civil War. We'd covered that when we were in America last year so the only difficult bit was putting it into German! On the plus side I've nearly got the hang of how it works but don't ask me to explain!

Thursday passed all too quickly, Friday too - all too soon it was time for Gaby to put in another appearance. At least this time it wasn't a dance or visit to the old folks home. Having said that, a formal dinner at the Kursaal in Bad Neunahr was not exactly an easy gig either. The only plus, if you could call it that, is that I get to wear more normal stuff. Yeah normal if your Connie not normal if you're Drew.

"Come on Gabs, we'll be late."

I think Jules enjoyed all this stuff, especially like tonight when she was seconded as my guardian; Dad had been given the task of taxi driver for the returning Apollinaris riders.

I did a last check in the mirror, yep as I feared, no sign of Drew at all.


"Yeah I'm coming"

Pia's dad was taking us; he's on the organising committee anyhow so Pia and her mom were along for the night too.

"Nice dress Gab."

"Er yeah." I wasn't sure if she was being ironic or not.

My dress was far too girly for my liking, okay any dress is girly but this one was more than most. It's actually quite a nice dark purple with like a sparkle to it; but the flouncy bits all over it offset that. I know, it coulda been worse, it is knee length and it doesn't show too much chest. Of course I have to have my hair up because as Weinkönigin I have to wear my 'crown'. Talk about hassle!

I've gotten quite good at this girl stuff I suppose, not that that is something to put on my CV, 'Good at girl stuff, dab hand at makeup, can braid hair,' yeah that'd look really good - not! The fact of the matter is that I'm not really having to think about it, worse still the other day I even found myself tidying my eyebrows! Roll on September so I can get back to being me full time.

The dinner was a sort of fundraiser thing combined with some presentations for what I couldn't really say; my German isn't up to the machine gun announcements of the MC so I just clapped when everyone else did.

What I had failed to see coming, I guess someone did mention it at some point, was that I had to help with these presentations. Talk about embarrassing, the more so because people applauded me when I walked up to the stage and I hadn't even done anything!

So I stood, smiled and passed the awards out as directed, the worst bit about, and I can barely bring myself to think about it, was that nearly all of the insisted on trying to kiss me! The first one caught me unaware and landed one nearly square on the lips. Gross! After that I was ready to repel boarders, no one got past my cheek after that I can tell you!

Still, the food was pretty good; even I had to leave some. I mean everyone got their own joint of meat and there were enormous platters of taters and veg, I'm getting quite partial to hot red cabbage!


"Yes Herr Sebenschuh "

" I have something for you, I should have given it to you earlier but..."

Pia's dad patted down his jacket pockets searching for something.

"Ah here we are." he pulled a small box out of a pocket, you know the sort of thing that rings come in, "it is your badge of the Ahrtal Löwen Club, you are an honory member as a Wein konigin ."

"Er thanks Herr Sebenschuh"

"Lets see!" Jules demanded from behind my left ear.

"Okay let me get it open then."

Turns out that the badge was like a silver brooch with 'Ahrtal Löwen Club' running around the edge and 'Weinkönigin 2004' on a banner type thing underneath. In the middle was what I guess is the Löwen's actual badge.

"Kewl" Jools allowed, let me pin it on."

How come my sister was suddenly into all this charity stuff? Lets face it; it hardly goes with her Goth Punk persona does it?

It was pretty late by the time we were dropped at home, my feet were killing me - do not wear strappy sandals to a formal function even if your sister reckons they are perfect. My poor tootsies have been stood on several times and the straps have been cutting in too, was I glad to get them off!

The rents were already in, Mum looked well fit - not like that although I guess she is, no athletic fit. She'd also got quite a tan, she never mentioned going to the beach!

"Hiya kids"

"Hi Mum"

"Ooh Gaby, you stink of cigarettes!"

"It was quite smoky in the Kursaal"

"You'd best both shower before bed and we'll have to get your dresses cleaned."

"Yes Mum." I sighed.

This was embarrassing,

"Jules?" I called around Goth girls door.

"Wassup? Its only seven for chrisakes ."

"I'll come back later."

"You're here now and I'm awake so what is it?"

"Can I like come in?"

"I 'spose"

I let myself into the black hole.

"So what's up?"

"Erm I dunno, I think there's something wrong, my um thingies had some sort of white stuff on them this morning."

Jules started to chuckle from the nest she was curled up in.

"Its not funny, it could be serious!"

"Sorry Drew, but it is sorta funny."

"You know what it is?"

"This white stuff? It was like a bit sticky right?"

"I suppose it was a bit."

"You're lactating"

"Lack whating?"

"Dur! And you did that whole pregnancy thing last year! Lactating, you know, boobs, milk?"


"Shush! You'll wake the olds."

"But like I can't be, for one I'm not pregnant and the other, I'm a boy!"

"Keep your hair on. Its nothing to do with being pregnant, mine did the same at your age, its like your body is testing that everything works. I bet you slept on your front."


"Well when you move about in your sleep it sort of makes your boobs think they're being suckled. If you sleep on your back and maybe wear a sleep bra they'll stop doing it and dry up in a week or so."

Talk about mortified. So now not only do I have boobies, I have milk boobies!

"Its perfectly natural when your body is developing."

"Yeah, if your a girl. Reality check Jules, I'm a boy, I have all the equipment to prove it.'

"Look, why don't you have a chat with Mum."

Well it wasn't news I wanted but at least it wasn't as scary now, yes maybe I should have a chat with Mum, maybe later.

Hi Drew,

Just thought I'd let you know, the girls are coming round later and we're going to Worksop, Mum's taking us. We were in Yim for hours, you should log in, I'm sure you can get Yaboo in Germany.

Speak to you later


I read it through again; it looks like my friends are getting to grips with Bernie's situation. I sighed heavily, I really miss those trips, its not the same with Con and Steff an' that, but I guess that's a given. Maybe I could try Yim, not that I get that much time for that sort of stuff what with training and homework and all that. I hadn't intended looking at my email when I switched the comp on this morning but when it flashed up that there was mail from Bernie I had to check it out.

“I was talking to your Aunt Carol this morning.”


“Yes,” Mum went on, “she was telling me about Bernie, why didn't you tell me?”

“I was going to.” I told her somewhat defensively.

“You're not in trouble kiddo, far from it. Carol was telling me what you did, I'm proud of you.”

I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding.

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