Chapter *7.23*

Nailed Again

"Bern? Roni?"

I could hear some giggling from the guest room

"In here Gabs." Bern confirmed.

I pushed the door open.

"Whoa!" I retreated quickly to the sound of more giggling. Why the reaction? Well Bern was stripped as far as I could see, naked.

"Do either of you want tea and cake?"

The door opened behind me.

"I was just showing Ron my stretch marks." Bern stated.

"You could have warned me you were naked."

"I wasn't."

"Well it looked like it and why the giggling?"

"Junior was kicking." Roni mentioned coming up behind Bern.

"You can turn round Gab, I'm dressed." Bern giggled.


"Its the first time I've felt it." Bern told me. "You can have a feel next time."

"Maybe." I allowed.

"What do you reckon Drew?" Ron thrust out her hands.


Bern had obviously been at work on her nails, they were still short but now sported purple nail varnish and an even appearance.

"Bern stuck some falsies on, its weird having nails this long."

"Tell me about it." I sighed waggling my own for emphasis, "tea?"

"Yeah, there's no way I'm missing mums Black Forest." Roni grinned.

"Count me in." Bern agreed.

"Ok, in the lounge in five."

I left the girls giggling once more.

Well the cake was everything I could expect, light but moist sponge, oodles of cherries and enough cream to make your arteries harden on sight!

"I think you should grow your hair a bit Ron." Bern suggested as we cleared up after eating.

"I was thinking about it, but I keep it short so it's easy to look after with cycling."

"Well wunderkind here seems to manage okay."

"I am here you know." I huffed, "and who says I like it long?"

I looked at Roni; she kept her hair in a fairly short pixie cut, not quite like those pics I've seen of Beryl Burton but not a lot longer. Mine by comparison is below my shoulders.


"Well what?"

"You gonna get a number one" Bern enquired.

"I might."

"Don't talk rot Drew, we all know you like it long, plus you look cute in pigtails."

Roni just giggled.

"I do not look cute." I managed between gritted teeth.

"Okay, not cute, just bloody gorgeous." Bern stated.

"Bern was saying you're not traveling with us tomorrow." Roni mentioned.

"What else did she say?"

"Nothing, I swear!" Bern held up her hands.

"Hmm, yeah I'm meeting you guys down there."

"How come?"

"I er got double booked helping a friend."

"And this other thing is in Trier too?"

"Er yeah, sort of either side of the race."

"Mum said there was some festival thing, it part of that?"


"Gott Drew, you might as well tell her, she'll find out tomorrow anyhow." Bern pointed out.


"I'm helping out with Pia's Gardetanz group."

"How come?"

"Someone broke their ankle, I said I'd fill in for a couple of weeks training."

"You dance?"

"Of course she does, I told you about the Forrester's yeah?" Bern enthused.


She carried on oblivious.

"Drew was with us."


“Someone had to keep them in check.”

“She does a mean splits.”

“I never could, I guess I'm too muscle-bound.” Roni noted.

“You get to show that off tomorrow Gab's?”

“Maybe.” I admitted.

I decided to get dressed as much as possible at home so although I wore jeans and a sweatshirt underneath I had on the shiny hose and leotard. Dad didn't say much as we waited for the coach, I could tell he was still more than a bit miffed but it wasn't really my fault was it?

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 24.09.09 © 2009

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