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Part 6
Gaby's Cosplay

I have to admit that I was a bit withdrawn most of the day and my mind kept wandering. A couple of times I found myself reliving the events of Saturday and by the time we kicked out for the day I was pretty wound up. I didn't see much of Rhod but I could guess that he was going through similar turmoil.

Back home and I was seriously contemplating how I could get out of going through with this evening. If Julie had not been in doors I wouldn't have gone, when Bernie knocked on the door, it was sort of the lesser of two evils to go with her.

"Come on Drew, cheer up"

"About what?"

"What's the prob?"

"Maddy tell you about Julie?"


"Well I'm just a bit worried whether she'll say anything to anyone, especially mum and dad"

"She won't do that"

"Why not?"

"Well, she sort of told us she wouldn't"

"What! She's talked to you about it?"

"Er yeah, she wanted to chat at lunchtime and she told us about yesterday and what she knew"

"I'm dead"

"Don't be so melodramatic!"

"She's being too nice"

"I thought you guys got on?"

"We do but like this is way off court"

"Anyway, she's coming over later"

"Nooo! I thought this was just going to be us five?"

"Well it is but she said she wants to help"

"It's a plot"

"No it's not"

We were now at maddy's door and Bernie rang the bell. The others, Ally and Rhod were already there playing on Maddies PS2.

"Hi guys"


"Cheer up Drew I might never happen"

"It already has"

"Come on guys, get with it. Mum says it's ok to go online for a bit and I want to show you some neat stuff"

"I thought we were doing costume stuff?"

"We are" Maddy was really up for this.

Perhaps I should explain a bit here. All five of us like Manga and anime but Maddie is, how can I put it, a fanatic! While the rest of us read the books, watched the videos and horsed about re-enacting our favourite episodes, Maddie really was as deep into it as I was with my bike. Her parents had even taken her to one of those convention things last year, you know where all the weirdo's dress up and stuff. She was obviously at the root of this whole thing, Ally and Bernie were always game for a laugh and so the plot was hatched!

Maddie's PC was in the dining room, so we all went through and while she booted up we dragged chairs round so we could all see the screen. The machine was soon dialling up and as soon as the connection was made Maddie went into favourites and clicked a link.

"This is one of my favourite sites"

"What is it?"

"It's a site devoted to cosplay"

(In case you don't know, cosplay is what the Americans call dressing up, usually for conventions)

The site opened up and greeted us with some Manga illustrations.

"Ok guys, there's links to all kinds of stuff but they've got some great picture galleries from the various conventions"

She clicked on a link and another page came up, a directory of the galleries.

"I thought we could look through the galleries and get some ideas how to do our costumes"


"Could we change costumes do you think?"

"Well I guess if anyone see's one they really like. As long as it still meets our requirements"

"How about we vote on any changes?"

"Ok, but let's start looking, mum said we could have until seven"

Maddie clicked a link and the first gallery popped up. We worked our way through pages of convention pictures; some of the costumes were really excellent. On the other hand some of the wearers perhaps should have thought a bit more about how they looked! If a costume excited anyone of us, Maddie saved the picture so we could look at them later.

Sheesh! There were a lot of pictures.

We were disturbed just before seven by the doorbell

"I'll get it mum"

"That'll be your sister Drew"

"I guess"

"What's the problem Drew?" Rhod asked

"She knows about Saturday"


It was Rhod's turn to go pale

"Come on guys its not that bad"

Just then Juliette came in with Maddie.

"Hi girls"

"Hi Julie"

"Hi Jules"

"What you doing?"

"Maddie's been showing us some costumes on the web"

"I thought you guys said you'd picked costumes already?"

"We did but there's some well cool ones we've seen"

"I know," Ally opined, "Jules can look at the pictures and pick say ten out, then we can make a final choice"

"That's a good idea"

"I know, to stop arguments from these two, we can then draw lots for the costumes"

"Sounds fair I 'spose" Rhod offered

"Ok," I agreed, "but only if big sis agrees to dress up too"



"Say yes Jules"

I knew Juliette wasn't the greatest fan of Manga in the world but I thought that I had got her now.

"I was going with Charlie and Anna as Charlie's Angels"

"Oh come on Julie, I'm sure they can find someone else"

"Hang on, I'll ring Anna for you"

Maddie rushed off to the phone and we could hear a muffled conversation then "yes". She came back into the dining room.

"Anna said you hadn't decided yet" she accused Juliette

I thought to myself "yes, got her this time". Juliette's face was a picture; she had backed herself into a corner.

"Ok I'll do it, but we all have equal choice"

"Fair enough, lets show you the pictures"

It was clear after about two minutes that this was never going to, even Rhod and myself reluctantly had favourites and we were each trying to influence my sister in her choice.

"Look guys, I can't do this with you all here. Why don't you go and watch TV or something so I can concentrate. Maddy have you got a pen and paper please?"

"Sure Jules, papers on the sides there, pen by the keyboard. You lot next door"

We left big sis to make her selections and Maddy left the rest of us in the lounge while she procured drinks and biscuits. The girls spent the time waiting discussing their favourites while Rhod and I discussed our least favourite options from what for us was a complete set of bad options. Juliette, to be fair, didn't really take long to make her selections and called us back to the computer after about twenty minutes.

"Ok people quiet down," we did as bid, "I'm not going to show you my choices, we all pick blind. Can you get a dish please Maddy?"

We waited while Maddy fetched a mixing bowl.

"Right, I've got ten bits of paper," she indicated a handful of paper balls, "they all go in the bowl and then we each pick one. There's a number on each one which refers to a picture, I know which numbers refer to which but if Drew picks for me I can't cheat at all"

"Sheesh you thought of everything there"

"Sounds good"

"You guys ok with this?"

"I guess so sis"


"Suppose so Julie"

"Ok then, everyone reach in and take a ball"

We each in turn put a hand in and retrieved a paper ball until only Jules was left.

"Ok Drew pick me one out and give it to me"

I reached in again and took one of the remaining options and passed it to my sister.

"Right then, every one gets a chance to swap their choice now but this is your last chance. After this you are stuck with what you've drawn. Maddy stick or swap?"





"Er swap I think"

"Ok then pick another ball then drop the other one in the bowl."

Rhod selected another bit of paper, then Juliette continued.


"Stick I guess"


"I'll stick too"

"Well I'm going to swap but I want Rhod to pick for me"


Finally our selections were made

"Lets see what everyone's got, open your papers"

Juliette went back to the PC and got ready to open the pictures

"What are your numbers?"

I replied first


"Four" that was Ally

"Three" was Bernie's draw

"I got nine" Rhod told us

"Number one for me, what's yours Jules?"


She clicked the mouse on each picture and our choices sprang up on the screen.

Maddy Bell 26.01.03
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