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Part 7

The images that greeted us represented quite a cross section of anime characters, but Jules had also selected costumes that she thought we would actually be able to make.

"Ok, Drew you've got Chi Light"

"Nooo" I groaned, it was a very girlie costume with all sorts of flounces and lace.

"Bernie you've got cat girl Merle"

"Great, that's dead easy!"

"Nina for you Ally"

"Should be a cinch"

"Rhod you will be the lovely Nuriko"

"At least it's not as bad as Drew's"

"Oh good, Maddy you've got Chi Dark, you're costume is nearly the same as Drew's but in black"

"I really like Chi, this is great Drew!"

"No it's not, I don't know how you fixed it Julie but I'm sure you did"

"Did not, how could I?"

"Well I dunno but..."

"She didn't fix it Drew, anyway Jules what's yours?"

"I've got Yubi in her wedding dress"


"I think yours and mine will be the most difficult Drew"
Drew and Maddy would be Chi light and dark respectively

"You're not kidding, how did I get talked into this? I'll never get away with it"

"Well even if someone spots that it's you, it is a costume party!"

"Yeah and I'll be dressed in lace and stuff!

"Quite griping Drew, Rhod's costume is really feminine too"

"But not as revealing"
Bernie would be Merle  Ally would be Nina  Rhod had landed Nuriko

 "Well at least mines easy, I've got an old beach dress that's the right colour"

"I know the one, that'll be great, mines not difficult either and I don't think yours will be too bad Rhod, we might even be able to borrow a costume for you"

"How come?"

"Well it's pretty much like what they wore in the Gilbert & Sullivan just before Christmas"

"I guess"
Juliette had Yubi

"And I can adapt that bridesmaid dress from Auntie Junes wedding, it's pink but it'll do"

"Time for you lot to go home"

Maddy's mum broke the discussion up just before eight.

"Whatever your plotting will wait till tomorrow"

"Yes mum"

"I'm sure you fixed it"

"Come on Drew, how could I fix it? I even tried to even the odds a bit for you"


"Well there were two male characters in the pick list, but no one picked them"


"Look, there could be fall out for me too so I guess we'd all better make sure we do a good job"

"I suppose, what about mum and dad?"

"What about them?"

"Well do we tell them or what"

"Nah, lets keep it between us and your mates unless we really have to tell"

"Ok then. I guess I'll manage"

We didn't get a chance to meet up again until Friday when the girls decided to go shopping in Mansfield for costume material and stuff next day. Rhod had to go visit rel's for the weekend and Saturday I went out with mum for our regular, (well most weeks anyway) training ride. So it was Monday when we met up again as a group, this time at Ally's house.

I was amazed by what they had already accomplished. Both Bernie and Ally's costumes were nearly finished and Jules' was a good way along. Ally had asked Mr Benson if we could borrow a costume for Rhod and he'd agreed that they could see if there was something suitable on Wednesday lunch break.

Maddy and my costumes were going to take the most work and so far there was just a bag of bits of lace and taffeta. The girls had got the material on the market and had even found a pattern for a skating costume that they could use as a guide. My input was so far was 10 towards materials and frankly I doubted whether I could do much more.

"Look Drew, we've done everything so far, you and Rhod are going to do something towards this"

"Like what? I can't sew" I stated

"Neither can I"

"We know that but we are putting you in charge of accessories"


"You know, shoes, hats, gloves and stuff"

"We've even made you a list, here Rhod..." Bernie gave him a slip of paper "you do Ally's staff, my tail and everyone's hair stuff, basically every thing above the waist"

"You Drew get the rest, shoes, tights and stuff" my list was thrust in my hand "everyone's sizes are on there. You should be able borrow a lot of it but you will have to buy some of it, here's 20, you should be able to get most of it for that"

I looked at the list; it was split by costume and detailed what I had to obtain

Bernie    flat sandals 4
   thick tan tights
Ally     blue sandals 6
   thick black tights
Rhod     flattish shoes or sandals 5
   white socks or tights
Juliette    white knee boots 6
   tan tights
Drew    white sandals or shoes 5
   white stockings or hold-ups
Maddy    black sandals or shoes 41/2
   black stockings or hold-ups'

All the info was there and whilst I thought I knew where I could get some of the footwear, I was going to have to buy most of the hosiery. The look on Julie's face told me not to expect any help from that quarter. It was going to be embarrassing but not too difficult.

"We need the shoes next week but the other stuff isn't essential yet"

"Why do we need the shoes so quick?"

"We need to make sure at least your sister and Rhod's dresses are the right length so you might as well get the rest but I guess they're not so essential as long as we have the boots and flats."

"Now we've got that sorted we need your measurements Drew, so strip"

"Oh no!"

Jules came to my rescue.

"Come on guys, let me take him in the bathroom to do the measuring"


It looked like the next week was going to be interesting.

Maddy Bell 02.01.03
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