Chapter *6.13*

Bäckerei Blues


“You are kidding me?”

“Ut uh, straight up.”

“But, but its not like anyone wears that stuff to work here normally.”

“I'm not exactly loving it myself Drew, it's only for today though, pretty please?”

“Like I've got a choice.” I sighed.

“I'll tell daddy while you get changed.”


I didn't see this coming, I'm not sure what Herr Thesing is thinking, I mean does he think it'll encourage more custom? I slipped my keks off and tugged their replacement into place, jeez I'll freeze my bits off, it doesn't even reach my knees! Yeah you've guessed it I get to wear a skirt again. I'll have to borrow some tights off Con and I'm changing back as soon as!

Talk about feeling like a right plonker, by the time I actually got into the shop I was wearing a reprise of the pretzel hairdo I ended up with in Berlin and if Con was anything to go by I looked like something out of an old film. You know the sort of thing, like some sort of idealised waitress cum maid except its blue with lots of frilly bits. As long as he doesn't think I'm gonna wear this for real!

Unlike last week we had some customers today, which was good from the photography aspect but dressed like, like a weirdo, it's embarrassing!

So like Max and his mates had to come in didn't they.

“When we are married you can wear your uniform all the time.”

“In your dreams von Strechau!”

What a jerk! Can you believe his front? To make things worse the photographer insisted on some photos of me serving the Strechs so I had to make like I was happy being leered at by Baron von flippin' Strechau. Urgh, the very thought.

So the photographer chap was done by two but we were too busy for us to get changed so we ended up wearing the kinky outfits all afternoon.

“I hope your dad doesn't get any ideas.” I mentioned as I joined Connie on the sofa.

“He can have ideas all he likes.”


“That's great Cheryl, I'll let them know. Bye for now”

“Who was that?”

“Oh hi luv, I didn't realise you were back. That was Cheryl, apparently as long as the judge grants permission, which should be a formality, Bernadette can come over.”

“That's great. I suppose we'd best let the kids know.”

“I think our son is in his room, Jules is doing something at school.”

“Okay Dave, I'll talk to Drew then I'll start dinner.”

“Wow, I didn't think it would be this quick!”

“Well I must admit it's quicker than I thought too.” Mum admitted.

“So when can Bern come over?”

“We'll have to see, we need to organise school and some other stuff, I wouldn't reckon it'll be before the middle of next month.”

“It'll be great having her stay.”

“Just remember why she's coming, she's been a very silly young woman.”

“Yes Mum.”

“So we'll have none of your shenanigans when she's here.”

“No Mum.”

“Well I'd best get dinner started.”

‘Burnt offerings tonight then.'

“What was that?”

Geez she's got ears like a flippin' bat!

“Er nothing, have to do some homework tonight.”

“Hmmm, make sure you do it then.”

“Yes Mum.”

Wow its kewl that Bern can come to stay. It'll be kinda weird though; I never thought of her going to school here, she'll have to learn German for starters.



“So what did you get?” Anna enquired as I joined the girls in Thesing's Wednesday morning.

“Just a few cards so far.”

“You'd best have these too.” Pia passed me several envelopes.

“Thanks. You guys all on for tonight still?”

“As if we'd miss a free meal!” Steff mentioned.

“You are so mercenary. Oh you'll never guess.”

“Guess what?”

I didn't give any clue did I?

“Oh yeah, Bernie, my mate from England.”

“The one who's schwanger ?” Anna suggested.

“The same.”

“She coming to have the baby?” Con enquired.

“I don't think she'll be here that long.”

How long will she be staying? Mum was on about school last night so does that mean she'll be here for a long time?

Did I mention that it's my birthday today? Yup as of midnight last night Andrew Bond, that's me, is fifteen. Not that I feel any different.

“Come on Gabs, get with the programme!” Pia instructed from the doorway.

“Yeah coming.”

“Take care Gaby.”

“Thanks Frau Thesing.”

I quickly joined the little flotilla of bikes and riders outside of the bakery.



As birthdays go it was turning into a bit of a non event, yes the birthday cards arrived, I got several more at school, goodness knows how they found out, but like fifteen isn't any kind of ‘special' age is it?

One thing that is a bit off are the cards themselves. Now back in Warsop I'd get the generic boy cards from my mates, you know the sort of thing, cars, football, trains. And the cards from England and even the one from Wales are of that ilk; it's the German ones that are the problem! Now don't get me wrong, it's always nice to get the cards but even my friends, who know I'm a boy, have given me girly cards, all flowery with ‘cute' animals and characters on. If I see another Diddlina I'll, I'll do something!

I meant to tell you that I got a card from Rhod or rather Em. At least that one was of some cycle racers. I miss Rhod and even his mum, its been so long since I've seen either of them and even if he has gone all weird he was still my best mate. I think his Dad keeps a tight leash on him / her so these days we hardly even exchange emails. I guess it doesn't help that we are both away from our common ground so everything we talk about is kinda alien to the other. I told her about Bernie but I've not heard from her since.



“So what's the programme for Saturday?” I asked as we munched our lunch.

“Saturday?” Steff tried the innocent stance.

“Well if there's nothing happening I'll go out on my bike.” I bluffed.

“You can't, it's all arranged.” Brid advised.

“Brid!” Pia groaned.

“Gotcha! So come on, spill.”

“Sorry guys.” Brid apologised before going on, “it's gonna be so kewl Gabs.” She enthused.

“So? You gonna tell me or do I have to wring it out of you?”

“It's a surprise.” Anna mentioned.

“Well I know it's happening so it's not such a surprise.”

“We're not telling you.” Steff put in.

“All you have to do is bring yourself to the bakery for eight thirty.” Nena supplied.

“Eight thirty!”

“Anything wrong with that?” Nena enquired.

“I guess not but I usually have a lie in on Saturdays.”

“Not this week, you're a big girl now!” Connie informed me.

“Give over! It better not be anything all girly.”

“Of course not.” Nena replied maybe a little too quickly.

Hmmm, there's something strange afoot.


School over we each headed for home, my birthday meal isn't until seven thirty up at the Sebenschuh's restaurant but we all need to change and stuff. Its gonna be bigger than usual, there's the gang coming plus the Pinger's and a couple of the other Apollinaris peeps, and Roni and her mum might come too. I think Goth Girl is bringing her current boyfriend so there'll be about twenty of us.



“Drew Bond, get your bum in gear!” Dad shouted up to my eyrie.


“The taxi'll be here in ten minutes.”


The thing is, like I'm not sure I want to go. No that's not right, I want to go but I don't know how I can. How can I explain this? Well it's a bit complicated and awkward really, I hadn't given it any thought until I put out my cards when I got home. Complicated because there are lots of peeps coming and awkward because half are expecting to see like ‘normal' me and half ‘Gaby' me. So okay, pretty much everyone has seen me as Gaby but it's my party, that's Drew Bond, male child of the family. And if I go as myself, you know as a boy its gonna look weird to quite a few people who think I'm a girl, it could really cause some problems if it comes out that I'm not a girl. Oh why me?

So the thing is, what do I wear?

“Come on Kiddo,” Mum called up, “we'll be late.”

“I'm not going.”

“What do you mean, you're not going? It's your party which is costing me and your Dad a small fortune.”

“I'm not stopping you going, but I'm not.”

There was a tapping of heels on the stairway.

“Why aren't you dressed?”

“I'm not going.”

“What's up kiddo?” Mum joined me on my bed, “why don't you want to go?”

Rather than reply I just started to sniffle.

“Come here, tell your old Mum what's wrong.”

I snuggled up to her and she pulled me into a hug.


“Everyone is expecting to see a different person tonight.”

“I don't follow, what do you mean?”

“Well like some people like the Sebenschuh's think I'm a girl so I can hardly wear trousers and a shirt can I?”

“Why not? Girls do wear trousers you know.”

“But not to a party, well not chino's anyhow.”

“Oh Drew, you do get in some pickles.” She hugged me tighter.

“You two coming or what?” Dad called up.

“What. You and Jules and whatsisname go on ahead, we'll see you in a bit.”

“Everything okay?”

“We'll be fine Dave, just ask the taxi to come back for us.”

“Okay, see you shortly.”


“So young man, what are we going to do with you?"

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