Chapter *6.18*



Over the top of Kempenich and there's over 600m to lose in height so it's a fast leg all the way to Brohl on the Rhein. My finger tips were dropping off, well they felt like it so I hit overdrive and concentrated on going fast. I enjoy riding fast for its own sake, it gets the ole adrenalin pumping and I defy anyone to say they hate that ‘rush'. I had a bit of extra rush when I got a bit sidewise crossing the railway lines above Brohl but I was still upright and travelling.

I stuck to the main road up to Sinzig then it's all up hill, albeit only just, to home. There was only one problem with my plan to stop off at the Spa, I was too early! Ah well, I'll go after school tomorrow.

“You look very nice this morning Gaby,” Frau Thesing mentioned, “we don't usually see you with makeup, what's the occasion?”

Shitza! I knew there was something I had to do before work.

“Erm nothing, just fancied a change.”

“Next you'll be wearing Kleid unt Rock to work!”

Not this side of hell freezing. I just gave her a smile.

“I'll just wash up.”

“Give that daughter of mine a shout while you are there.”


I want words with her too.

“Gabs, didn't hear you come in.”

“Your Mom wants you.”

“You did your makeup, we'll make a girl of you yet.” She escaped any retaliation with a neat sidestep.

“So how come you're wearing der Lidschatten und der Lippenstift? Nice colour by the way.”

“You know damn well why I'm wearing it!”

“Did I miss something?”

“Yesterday, at the Spa.”


“You guys got them to put on semi permanent makeup. I'm stuck like this for weeks!” I raved at my friend.

“We wouldn't do that Drew, are you sure?”

“Of course I'm sure, look” I wiped my hand over an eyelid and showed her the result.

“Oh mein Gott! Honest Drew we didn't pay for that, just an ordinary makeover.”

“Well if this is ordinary I'm a Dutchman.”

“I'm so sorry Liebchen, we'll have to get it removed.”

“Not happening, Jules checked on't interweb this morning, it's a sort of surface tattoo, it'll fade in about six weeks.”

“We can get the Spa to do something.”

“Like what?”



“There's one good thing, it suits you, those colours.”

“I guess it coulda been worse, but like it looks like I'm wearing makeup and school?”


“I think I can get away with covering it with foundation.”

Any further conversation was halted by the arrival of some customers. I didn't want to believe my friends had set me up and Con's reaction kicked that into touch. So just how did I end up getting the ‘treatment'?



“We're coming by coach.” Bern answered.


“It's cheaper and less hassle.”

“It takes days though.”

“Don't be such a drama queen, we get the coach in London in the evening and we're in Germany next morning.”

“You'd be here the same day if you flew.”

“Yeah but its over £100 each way and we'd have to pay extra for my luggage.”

“I guess.” I allowed.

“I can bring more stuff this way coz Mum won't have much.”

“So why's she coming anyway?”

“Bail condition, your ‘rents even have to sign for me, its so embarrassing.”

“Better than being stuck there though.”

“Yeah, sort of.”

“We can go to Phantasialand.”

“If you insist.”

She didn't sound too enthusiastic.

“Second thoughts?”

“Kinda, I don't know anyone there, well except for like you and yours.”

“You met the girls last year.” I pointed out.

“But they're not like Ally an' Mad.”

There was no answer to that, even eight months after coming here I still long for the old days.

“How is it with them?”

“A lot better thanks to you, its still a bit weird though, they've got school in common, I don't anymore, I've just got this tutor woman twice a week, its not the same.”

“Guess not, but you'll be in school here which is cool, I won't be the only one being picked on in Herr Viessner's class.”

“That doesn't sound good.”

“Well its not actually bad, its English so I do sorta have a bit of advantage dun I?”

“I'm worried about that as well, you know the German?”

“Don't sweat it, if I can manage you can, you're much better at languages than me.”

“But it's different when you're in a maths class, or history or something.”

“Don't I know it! I'll be there though.” I chirped.

“I'd best get off the phone, you've got school in like eight hours.”

“Bum! I've got an essay to write too.”

“Okay, see you next weekend what is it? Chooce!”

“Yeah, night Bern, take care – bon voyage!”

“Night Drew.”

I put the phone down, geez we've been on the phone for almost an hour! And I really do have an essay to right.



“So its like permanent?” Pia asked.

“She just said P.” Anna pointed out.

“What're you gonna do?” Brid enquired.

“I'm going over after school to see if there's anything they can do.”

“We'll come too.” Steff stated.

“You don't have to.”

“Friends stick together.” Anna put in.

“Thanks guys, and thanks again for Samstag.”

“It was fun,” Nena bubbled, “the look on the Barons face when you trod on his foot! Priceless!”

“The guys got two left feet!” I mentioned.

“And you haven't?” Anna grinned.

“Mine are both right.”

“You make a good match then.” Con chortled.

“As if!”

“Come on D, you need to touch up your makeup.”

This is a pain!


“This isn't possible.”

“So how do you explain Gabs face then.” Steff was showing her hard side to the receptionist at the Spa.

“It was done somewhere else.”

“That's it, get the manager!”

“Steff, its alright.” I tried to defuse her.

“No its not Gab, they're responsible, you could be stuck like this for like months!”

“I hope not.”

“Well if you are someone's gonna pay!”

I'm glad I'm on her side.

The receptionist type person returned with an older woman in a white coat.

“Hello girls, there is a problem?”

“Yes,” Steff started, “we clubbed together to give Gabs here a birthday treat on Saturday, the full works.”

“Ah the girl who sleeps through a waxing.”

“Um yes.” I confirmed.

“So what is the problem ladies?”

“Well whoever did the makeup made a mistake, she gave Gabs like permanent makeup.”

“She had black hair.” I offered.

“This isn't possible, that treatment is €200.”

“Just look at her face.” Steff was warming up again.

The woman did examine my face then.

“It seems you are correct but I don't see the problem, you got a €200 treatment and only paid €30.”

“But I don't want it.”

“Well I'm sorry young lady but there's nothing we can do.”

“Can't you like remove it somehow?” Steff urged.

“If it were so easy. It is a long lasting treatment, it is why people are willing to pay so much for it, the materials we use generally last up to eight weeks.”

“But?” Steff started.

“Forget it Steff, looks like I got an unwanted gift that I'll have to live with. Mum's gonna kill me.”

“We're not happy!” Brid added.

“Look, I can see you're upset and it was our mistake, how about a free session?”

“For all of us?” Steff pressed.

The woman hesitated slightly, “er yes, all of you.”

“Deal!” Steff agreed.

So it looks like I'm stuck with the makeup but I do get a free spa session, some trade!

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