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Part 31
Mr Bond, Drew Bond

Tuesday morning and I was still running on adrenaline after Monday's race. I think I mentioned a while back that Mr Wood made a point of congratulating any pupils competitive success. I guess therefore I shouldn't have been surprised when my previous day's performance was mentioned. I admit it, I squirmed. I mean everyone in the assembly hall had to turn and look at me didn't they?

After that, the day and indeed the week, settled back to 'normal', whatever that is? At the ten that evening things started to get real complicated, to them I was Dee Bond, daughter of Jenny Bond. However several of them had been at yesterdays race meet and seen her son Drew win the under 14's race. As a result they now thought I was my own sister, help! I was going to have to sort this out, and soon, but how? I mean to say, I am gonna look stupid, they are all gonna be embarrassed, it's a mess!

Well at least there wasn't any spectre of 'Gaby' reappearing, well not intentionally, and if anyone thought I was a girl I'd put him or her right straight away! Right?

On Thursday Mr Wood called a meeting of all the 'exchange' students after school, so I guess things weren't quite normal!

"Ok people, quiet down!"

Our little group stopped our chatter at Mr Woods' request.

"Right then, I've called this meeting for several reasons. Number one is that I feel that you should all be involved in the planning for the exchange visitors. They will be here for six weeks, which means a lot of free time, which we would like to make enjoyable and educational for them. I'm sure they will be doing the same for you next year."

There was a collective groan from the students present.

Mr Wood continued,

"Secondly, I've got the details of who will be hosting who"

This obviously started several small discussions.

"Quiet! I'll give you all a folder with pictures and stuff after our meeting, I guess they will be having a similar meeting this week to discuss you lot!"

This was greeted by more murmuring.

"Settle down. Now before we meet again I want you all to come up with some activities and excursions that our visitors will find stimulating. We are planning on two trips per week as a group, you lot will go on one of them each week..."

"Cool" someone quipped

"...Which will be educationally stimulating! So I don't want a list of amusement parks!"

Groans all-round.

"Okay everyone?"

"Yes sir" we all replied in unison.

"Fair enough, we'll meet here the same time next week to discuss your ideas. That's all for now, collect your folders on the way out"

Well guess what we would all be doing instead of our homework!

"Who you got Mad?"

"Sabrina Jones" she replied looking through the folder, "oh wow, it's got her email and stuff too"

"I've got Amy Plokowitz" Bernie offered "how 'bout you Rhod?"

"Dan Martin"

"My ones called Darla, that is just so American!" Ally offered

"What about you Drew, who've you got?"

"I don't believe it! There must be a mistake, they've given me a girl!"

"What's her name then?"

"Britney Walters. I don't believe this! I bet they got me and Jules mixed up"

"Yeah that'll be it Drew, just change folders when you get home" Maddy suggested.

"I guess"

"Come on, we'll go to my place and send them all emails!" Mad was really enthusing by now.

"Great idea" Ally replied

"I'm in" Rhod agreed

"Math's can wait for one night" Bernie echoed the sentiment

"Drew?" Mad questioned

"Yeah, ok I guess I don't have to send one to 'Britney' though"

We walked back to Maddie's 'ranch' where her mum greeted us.

"I wasn't expecting you lot tonight"

"Sorry mum, but we want to send some emails to our exchange partners in America"

"You don't want feeding then?"

Four of us looked at our feet in embarrassment.

"Please mum" Maddy ploughed on

"Veggie lasagne ok guys?"

"Er thanks Mrs Peters"

"That'd be great Mrs Peters"

The other two made thank you noises of agreement.

"Ok then, you've got about forty five minutes before we eat. Ring your parents first though"

"Yes Mrs Peters" Bernie answered for us all

"I'll get the computer on while you all phone home, meet me in the dining room" Maddy suggested

Well we were all sat around the computer in under five minutes and Maddy's Yahoo was ready for mail.

"What are we gonna say?"

"Hi?" I offered

"Well der!"

"How about ask for pictures and stuff, we can send some of us with the emails" Ally proposed

"Great idea"

"I'll get the camera"

"What do you want the camera for?" Mrs Peters asked her daughter.

"We want to send them pictures of us"

"Well you can get some easier than that, look in the 'my pictures' folder and the folder marked 'kids' has a load of you lot in it"

"Great mum, that'll be quicker"

"Well you can wash up and lay the table first, dinners in ten minutes"

"Ok mum"

"Yes Mrs Peters" the rest of us murmured.

Well I'm sure I mentioned Mrs Peters cooking before but just in case you missed it, she is brill. The lasagne was homemade and cooked just right, I'm sure she could have a restaurant, but then I guess we'd have to pay to eat this well! We finished up with blackberry and apple pie with ice cream - I could live here forever.

We quickly did the clear up and with 'Auntie Carol' safely in front of the telly next door we returned to the job in hand.

"How's this sound" Maddy started, "dear whoever, my name is Maddy, or whoever, and I'm your exchange partner in England."

"It's a bit formal isn't it?" Bernie suggested

"I suppose so, any better ideas?"

"How's about 'hi whoever, I'm x from England. I just found out you're my exchange partner and I thought we could get to know each other before you come in August."

"Whoa Drew, you got verbal diarrhoea?" Ally interjected

"That's great Drew, what next though?"

"How about, 'here's a picture of me, can you send one back?'" Rhod suggested.

"That's good, then what?" Mad asked

Well you don't want me to go through sentence by sentence do you? We eventually ended up with this message which we sent to everyone's partner including mine, 'Britney'.

'From Drew Bond

Subject Exchange trip

Hi Britney,

I'm Drew Bond from England, your exchange partner (I think). I'd like to get to
know you a bit before you come over. I've attached a picture of me with my
friends, (I'm on the left), can you send a picture of you back?

All my friends are in the programme too, that's Madeline, Rhod, Ally,

Bernie and my sister Juliette too! We are all looking forward to getting to know
you all.

Bye for now


School uniform - yeagh!

I attached this picture, the others all found pictures they liked; Mrs Peters didn't have many of me as myself!

I was amazed when only a few minutes later I got a reply from Britney.

'Hi Drew,

Thanx for the picture, we are all looking forward to the trip, this place

is like Drearyville most of the time. The only picture I've got scanned is
attached, hope you like!

Guess everyone calls you 007 eh?

Have to go as my next class is just about to start.

Bfn Britney'

The first picture of Britney

The picture wasn't the best quality but Britney looked quite cute wearing what I think was a cheerleader's outfit.

"Mr Bond, Drew Bond, licensed to race!" I quipped

"Wow Drew that was a quick reply" Ally suggested

"Must be my animal attraction, she can't keep away!"

"Sure 'Gaby', that must be it"

"Come on Rhod, that was a bit low" Ally suggested

"Sorry Drew, jealous I suppose, she looks a fox!"


"Oh look there's two more replies"

"Who from?" I asked

"Er Amy, that's you Bernie and Sabrina who's staying here with me"

"Lets see then" Bernie enthused

Well the replies were much the same as mine and each had a picture attached.

On the left is Amy and on the right is Sabrina.

Well I guess we'd have to wait to find out what Darla and Dan look like.

"Come on kids, school night! I'll drop you all home" Mrs Peters broke our discussion up.

When I got home Jules was in her room so I knocked and waited.

"Come in, oh hi Drew"

"Er sis I think I got the wrong folder earlier"


"Well I seem to be paired with a girl"

"Oh and you thought I had got a boy?"

"Well yeah"

"Sorry to disappoint you Drew but I'm paired with a girl too, Debbie Walters"

"Oh no!"

"What's yours called?"

"Britney, Britney Walters"

"Do you think they are related, sisters or something?"

"I suppose they might be" I agreed

"Well that might explain it then"

"I guess so"

Well it looks like I'm gonna have a new girl friend come the summer. At least Rhod would have Dan who we'll be able to do stuff with.

Maddy Bell 03.05.03
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