Chapter *11.12*


Although the local ladies were a bit territorial to start with, well 'we' might be after their male companions, things soon settled down to a friendlier atmosphere and if anything it was 'our' boys who were in danger from them! Dances are very formulaic - long word for a Tuesday night, you know, like always ending with some slow stuff? Well the extended 'mix' mid evening always means it's refreshment time.

"Where're they getting the drinks?" Sal enquired when a couple of girls walked past bearing plastic cups of something fizzy.

"It said something about refreshments on the poster," Jess supplied.

"Must be in that room over there." Claire point ed across the currently deserted dance floor to where a good number of kids were gathered.

"Let's do it." Geth suggested in a pretty poor Schwarzeneger impression.

"Where's Mand?"

“Not sure, toilet maybe?” Sal suggested.

“I'll go find her, you guys fetch us some pop?”

“Kay,” Josh agreed.


Before you say anything, I do not have a toilet fixation. After the incident earlier today I'm not taking any chances so looking for Mand is a good excuse for paying a visit myself.

“You in there Mand?” I enquired of the only occupied cubicle.

There wasn't a reply but I'm sure it was occupied even if no one was owning up to be inside. Oh well, best do my stuff and get back, I'm gasping for a drink.


“Where've you been?” Jess demanded.

“To powder my nose, didn't you guys get any drinks?”

“We couldn't,” Jamie stated.

“Why not?”

“Someone had the tickets.” Claire suggested, “The tickets that you exchange for the drinks and snacks.”


“I um think they're in your bag Gab?” Josh suggested.

A quick check discovered the missing dockets, “Oops!”

“You can be so blonde sometimes Gaby,” Mand observed.

“Where've you been, you weren't in the toilets.”

“Just er grabbing some air,” s he blushed.

“Geth, Jamie, let's get the supplies while the ladies hold their inquest.” Josh recommended relieving me of the slips of paper.

“Some sense at last!” Geth agreed.


The snap wasn't anything exceptional, a paper plate with a few crisps, a mini sausage roll, some chopped apple and a couple of those mini cracker things with squeezey cheese on. The drinks were just as basic, orange, cola or lemonade but at least they came in a three-mouthful size , rather than standard one gulp plastic cups! Okay so although I really only wanted the drink but when the guys brought the plates out – well it looked a bit sorry lying there on the plate.

I think the DJ had something a bit stronger than lemonade, when he returned to spinning the discs the tempo was altogether more frenetic. Where the first session had been quite civilised now the atmosphere was more erm, edgy I guess. Okay, I'll admit it, the German charts are not exactly full of edgy rock, think David Hasselhof rather than Beastie Boys, so the faster, heavier beats, well like I've heard some of this stuff of course but I wasn't expecting it tonight, here.

The hall became a sea of bouncing, excited, noisy teens united by the music, for a short while at least choices of clothing and social preferences forgotten. Clingy dress, dancing, warm evening – well I was soon in quite a lather wishing I was less covered, well my arms at least I don't think I could have much less below the waist although I was pretty tempted to remove my tights. Tough call but the hose stayed.


I mentioned the dance formula before, true to form our musical director all to o soon announced the last track, a suitably slow number from some woman named Wino or something like that.

“You fancy it like?” Josh enquired.

“Er, if you like.”

I've experience of slow dancing, Max's hands have a tendency to wander a bit, of course Will, I mean Prince William was pretty stiff by comparison – I guess he has to be. Josh's request whilst unexpected did at least protect me from being called out by one of the very ‘hands on' locals. Josh is no Astaire so I ended up taking the lead.

“Drew man.”

“Shh, Gaby,” I hissed.

“Yeah sorry like man, I just want'd to say, you do the girl bit really well.”

“You've seen me dressed before, bud.”

“Aye, that ah have but seeing youse here with all the other girls, well don't take this the wrang way like but there's a few gorls here which I'd pick as a lad before I got anywhere close to you.”

“I'll take that as a compliment.”

“What I mean is,” you could hear his noggin working, “you make a well pukka lass.”

“You do know I'd prefer not to.”

“Really? I know what your Da said aboot yer plumbing and stuff, I thought yer wanted to be a lass full time like.”

“Apart from here and racing I pretty much am already, have been since I moved to Germany.”

“How come? I thought like you only decided a few weeks back.”

“It's a long story, it wasn't exactly my choice.”

“This I hafta hear.”

“Not here, not tonight. Let's just say I'd far rather have acne and testosterone than boobs and monthlies.”

“Sorry man, I just assumed like.”

“You see what you see, it's not like we get much chance to talk is it.”

“What about tonight, you're fair gussied up for being He-man like.”

“Jess, she's always thought I'm a girl, I was in my best Drew gear ready to come out before she spotted me et Voila . It's a wonder no ones twigged it's me.”

“No worry there, dressed like that and all the makeup I doubt if anyone not looking could tell.”

“But you did.”

“Yeah but I've seen you in a frock before, these guys have na, at least not knowingly.”

“Manda knows.”

“Well she's not said anything has she?”

“Up to now.”

But can I rely on that? I guess only time will tell. The music faded down to be replaced by catcalls and cheering.

“Come on you two, Steve'll be waiting , ” Jamie prompted.


“Think you've scored there girl.” Jess enthused as we waited for our ride, Steve not being sat outside as we expected.


“Josh, he's had his eye on you all night.”

“Josh!” I almost shouted.

“The one you were draped all over for the last dance,” she further suggested.

“Was not, we were talking.”

“If you say so.”

“I do,” I affirmed, “we ride for the same team, he's seeing one of the other girls on the team.”

“So you are interested.”

“I am so not! We're friends ok.”

“Well if you're not, I am.”


“What'd I say?”

“Come on you two, bus is here.” Mand halted the conversation with her announcement.


The drive back to Lilleshall was longer than expected, an accident on the bypass being the cause of Steve's delay back at the hall.

“You all have a good time?”

“Great,” Claire enthused.

“Made a change from Corrie,” Laura noted.

“Glad you enjoyed yourselves, it's back to the grindstone tomorrow.”

“Don't remind us,” Geth sighed.


“I'll bring the dress to your room as soon as I've changed,” I whispered to Jess as we got out of the bus.

“No need, you can keep it, I've not got the curves you have.”


“Yours ok.”

What's the point in arguing?



“Night Jess, night, Gaby.” Laura called over.


“Good call Jess,” Sal added.

“Night girls,” Steve added to the exchange before heading to his own accommodation.

I managed to get to my room without being spotted, kicked off my shoes and with a sigh collapsed on my bed. What a night! Great fun but the whole Gaby thing right in front of my teammates – talk about playing with fire. Still I think I got away with it, no one said anything at least.

I can't believe Josh though, I mean, thinking I want to be a girl. Goodness knows where he got that idea, it's not like I go to races in a dress or anything, I do try to be Drew when I'm racing. Maybe I'm less successful at pulling off being Drew-boy than I thought. Think I'll shower in the morning.

That decided I removed my hose before peeling the dress off over my head in the process releasing by chest from the spandex' grip. I hadn't realised just how tight that dress was, at least my girls haven't been showing off too much all evening! A quick check in my pants, good no new blood. PJ's on, light off and to sleep – not.

I suppose I'm over tired now. Instead of sleep my mind wanted to re examine the day's events, randomly jumping from Welsh mountain to the chat with Josh, reliving my torture by toilet and this evening's festivity. I'm glad most of my life isn't this busy. Half one, come on Drew, let's get some shuteye.

One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, ouch! What the heck, ah Jess's earrings. I quickly removed the offending jewellery and tried again. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, four sheep, five sheep, sick ship, seven sheeeep, ate shiep, nine lambs, no nein sheep, zehn…”

to be continued....

© Maddy Bell 19.05.13

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