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Chapter *22*

Tracking the Moves


Jules Mofa* spluttered to a halt on the drive.

“And what time do you call this?” Dad was absolutely boiling.

“Erm late?”

“Too right its late, I've a mind to take your keys away.”


“Don't Dad me, you know the rules, ten o'clock you are supposed to be home, its half eleven now.”

“Sorree.” My sister mumbled.

“Get that thing inside.”

This was just the latest in a string of such episodes since Mum and Dad agreed that Jules could have a Mofa for her birthday. I listened through my open window to scuffles, creaks and cursing before the workshop door slammed shut and the argument moved indoors. I'm sure we haven't done much for the reputation of Brits abroad lately with all these shouting matches.

I sighed, even up here I could hear Dad having a go, I wouldn't be in my sister's shoes for anything! And it's the first day back at school tomorrow.




Have we really been off for eight weeks? This place looks just the same, the sun is still shining and the girls are still dressed for summer. So much has happened since we broke up for the summer, I've been racing all over the place, I won my second under sixteen title back in England and the Dernau gang have done loadsa cool stuff! Its been brilliant, Mum has started racing seriously – to the point where BC** convinced her to defend her Road Race world title next month! Kewl

“Okay so you all have the flyer for the trip ?” Frau Dürst asked

There was a collective mumble.

“So, I need your permissions by Friday please.”

“Yes Miss.” We echoed.

The trip looked like it was gonna be fun even if it was for our science course work. In the morning we are going to the Space Centre near the airport then afterwards we've got a session at the Karting centre at Kerpen. We all had a vote on that bit before the summer break, the alternative was Phantasialand and frankly we are a bit old for that stuff!


I joined the others down at the Bahnhof, Frau Dürst had arranged for the coach to make some pickups on the way to school to save a bit of time.

“Morgen mädchen!”

“Morgen Frau Dürst.” we replied in a chorus, wish she wouldn't count me with the girls.

“Hurry up and get on, not the front seats.”

No one had claimed the back seats yet so we did! We weren't even sat down before the coach moved off and we were barely organised before the coach was swinging around to the stands in front of the school. As everyone else were already waiting we were stopped barely ten minutes before we started out for the space centre.

“So Drew, you gonna show us how to cheer?”

It was all my own fault for letting Connie see my scrapbooks. She'd told Steff who'd told Nena and Pia.

“Dunno if I have time this week.” I hedged.

“We could come round to yours to do our homework and you could show us after.” Steffi suggested.

“Great idea!” Pia enthused.

“Your Dad wont mind will he?” Nena asked as an after thought.

“I guess not,” I admitted, “as long as Jules hasn't wound him up again.”

“What has she done?” Steff enquired.

“She keeps going off on her Mofa.” Connie put in before I could say anything.

“She didn't get home until nearly midnight the other night.” I added.

So it looked like I would have to show them some cheer moves to get them off my back. My thoughts drifted to Warsop and the Foresters – I wonder what they are all doing?


“Hey Mad, you heard from Drew?” Paul called across the cloakroom.

“Not for a couple of weeks.” Maddy admitted.

“Tell him I said hi when you do.”

“You could email him yourself.” Mad pointed out.

“I lost his address.” Paul countered.

“Geez, I'll send it to you.”

“Cheers Mad, you wanna go to see a film on Saturday?”

“Maybe, let you know.”

Mad let the world go by and started daydreaming. When Drew was around all the gang woulda been out on Saturday, going to one of his races or Meadowhell for the day. One thing's for sure there was never a dull moment when Drewbie was in town! It was only just over three months since the Bonds emigrated but already things were so different. Before the summer she wouldn't have even thought of going out with Paul but now, well now a girl has to have some fun right?


The German Space Centre was an impressive place and everyone seemed to enjoy the visit. We had a questionnaire thing to fill out – I really had trouble with some of the technical words, I mean what is a ‘Weltraumlabor' or ‘Stromerzeugungspotenziale'? Anyway we were told all about the European Space Station project and we got a chance to play with a full-scale model of a Mars Rover.

We returned to the bus around one and started the shortish drive to our afternoon stop.

“Okay listen up people.” Frau Dürst suggested.

We sort of quieted down.

“Okay, our session starts at two thirty sharp so please make sure you get to the pit area by quarter past. I suggest you eat now if you haven't already done so, have fun!”

The Michael Schumacher Kart Centrum was pretty impressive. Once inside the huge building the noise sort of hits you, the lawnmower whine of go karts pervading even to the loos! We had half an hour to kill so we took in the ‘Michael Schumacher' museum and gift shop – not a patch on when we went to the Nürburgring last year.

The Karting session was a hoot. We went onto the track in six kart heats then they ran something like a repechange that you get in some track racing events so that everyone had at least three goes against different people. I was amazed to get through to the ‘B' final. It was only six laps and I guess my competitive spirit broke free as I completely whupped the rest, which got me a place in the grand final!

“Good luck Drew.”

“Gab-ee, Gab-ee.”

I couldn't hear too well with the crash helmet on but I guess the girls were shouting pretty loud. The start light went to amber, flashed once then went green. As far as I knew it was an all boy final, I guess we're more competitive at stuff like this than the girls; there had been some hairy driving this afternoon! Although I started at the back of the grid I soon found myself up in third spot and spent the rest of the race maintaining that position, I seemed able to go quickly on the straights but I lost ground cornering.

“Third place and best girl – Drew Bond!” the mc announced.

What the?

“Go on Drew, fetch your prize.” Steffi prodded me.


There was a good-natured cheer as I joined the others on the podium to be greeted by a raft of flashes as pretty much the rest of the group captured the moment on film. We each had one of those laurel things; much to my chagrin mine had a sash with ‘1st Mädchen' slung across it for all to see.

“Have a good day Drew?” Frau Dürst enquired as we milled about before getting on the coach.

“Yes thanks miss except winning the girls prize.”

“Um sorry about that, that wasn't to do with me, the chap in charge was keeping track and I guess he thought Drew was a girls name.”

“It's short for ANDREW,” I hissed under my breath.


"So its one and two and three and four" Drew showed his pupils again.

"How did you learn all this Drew?" Annie asked as they got into the ready position.

"We told you," Connie mentioned, "Drew was in his school team."

How they came to be in Nina's garden learning some basic cheering from Drew is a long story - well not that long but it started two weeks ago...

..."Aw go on" Connie chivvied.

"What for?"

"Well to show me what it looks like?"

"You put it on then"

"It won't fit me, I'm bigger than you"

Well that was true, Connie was a good 6 inches taller than him and correspondingly bigger all-round!

"Pretty please?" she whined.

In truth he was a little afraid to put the blue and yellow outfit on again. Afraid that it would bring back memories, afraid that he might like it. On the other hand it wasn't like he'd be rejoining the Foresters was it?

They had to change their plans this morning though, Dad wanted to talk to Goth Gurl this evening so they had relocated to Nina's. He hit the play button again and counted them in.

The evening had actually turned out to be quite fun, what the girls lacked in skills they made up for in enthusiasm. Several times they'd ended up in a heap on the floor, which resulted in much laughter and hilarity. He was sure Miss C would be laughing her head off at his teaching methods but whatever, they were having fun. At least he'd escaped putting the Foresters uniform on again, although Connie tried to get him to bring it but he had ‘forgotten' to pick it up this morning – some things he'd do but others…

* Low powered mopeds that anyone over sixteen can ride without a licence, restricted to @25kph. Helmets are not compulsory.

** British Cycling

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