Chapter *8.23*

Homecoming Queen

We did make a stop near Frankfurt Airport for the necessaries and for Gloria to have a break from driving. It seemed to get brighter the closer to home we got, the sun even showed its face as we travelled up into the Westerwald, false hope however, it chucked it down when we dropped down to cross the Rhein at Koblenz!

“I'm home!” I sang out sticking my head round the kitchen door, “could someone help me with the bags?”

Silence was the loud reply so I dumped my Handtasche and went back down to where Gloria was pulling my bags out of the boot.

“Looks like they're out somewhere.”

“You alright on your own?”

“Yeah, I don't suppose they're far away, the cars here after all.”

“Well I'd best get Mother home, remember what I said.”

“I will, thanks for taking me and everything.”

“Our pleasure Gaby, see you soon.”

She climbed up into the Cayenne.



I dragged my bags up to the house – now this bit of girldom sucks, then once indoors I collapsed onto a kitchen chair.

“Oh its you, thought I heard the door.” Jules mentioned a minute later.

“I did shout.”

“I had Vampira on the stereo.”

“That explains a lot.”

“You want a cuppa?”

“Er sure. Where are the olds?”

“Gone for a walk I think, probably be back soon.”


“So how was munchkin land?”

“‘Bout the same as last year, sunny, busy.”

“We saw on the telly last night.”


“Here you go, we hardly recognised you all done up like the other toffs.”


“Of course they kept on about Prince William and his squeeze being there.”

Her name is Kate.” I stated.

“Oh my god, you met them!”

I hardly took my sister for a royal groupie.

“Not only met but danced with.”

“You are kidding? No you're not, geez girl how do I live down my little sis getting it on with royalty?”

“It was hardly ‘getting it on' as you put it, it was a waltz and a polka.”

“That's worse!”

“I'd best get this stuff sorted out, you couldn't bring one of the bags up?”

“Yes your majesty.”

“As Will said last night, that's his Gran, I'm merely her highness.”

“Get on with you before I tickle you to death!”



I sorted my stuff out, I'll do my laundry later, I turned my PC on, hmm Bernie, wonder how she's getting on? Thirty minutes later I surveyed my condensed report on Munich.

Dear Bernie,

Hope you and junior are okay. Boy what a week but where to start? The wedding right, so we, that's Max's Mum and Gran drove down on Wednesday and picked up his aunt who is like this countess!

So anyhow when we got to Augsburg we were staying in this for real palace, I was in my own room but in a suite with Sophia - she's pretty cool, she leant me a frock for dinner as I didn't know I needed one.

So like the wedding was in the cathedral right in the middle of Munich, there were TV cameras and everything! Then we went to this park place for photos. Turns out the von Strechau's are like minor royals.

Of course I had to wear the ball gown for the evening do which was in this huge palace place that's now all museums inside. Max's Gran leant me some of the family jewels which Sophia reckons were worth more than our house! I didn't realise but Kate, she comes from England, well never guess who her bf is? Prince William! Not only that but he danced with me! I nearly died but like I didn't but you know what I mean.

Today, this is Friday, we drove home, we had to drop off Max's aunt of course so we had lunch there.

Got another race this weekend but Mum'll be here which is cool.

Bye for now,



I printed it off and put it into a Hello Kitty envelope ready to post in the morning.

“You back kiddo?” Mum shouted up the stairs.

“Up here.” I called back.

“You up for a ride?”

To be truthful I didn't really feel like it but I do need to with a race on Sunday.

“Sure, give me five.”

“I did four hours with the girls this morning but I thought you'd like a leg stretch when you got back.” Mum told me as we took a steady ride up the valley.

“Uh huh.”

“So good trip?”

“Apart from wearing ten centimetre heels all day yesterday and sleeping in the corset because I couldn't undo it – yeah it was good fun.” I grinned.

We kept it at talking pace for pretty much the whole ride as I told her everything about my trip.


I was woken by my phone playing the tune that was the gang alert.

“‘Lo.” I groaned out.

“Gaby Bond get your arse down here now, you are in so much trouble.” Anna stated, I could hear the others nearby.

“What time is it?”

“Just gone eight.”

“Urgh – where are you?”

“In your kitchen.”


I heard some giggling at that.

“Give me five.”

“Five or your mum says we can come up.”



“So just when were you going to tell us?” Pia demanded.

“I was going to, honest.”

“You were so not!” Brid declared.


“Come on then, spill.” Anna prompted.

“Um are we going anywhere today?”

“Don't try to wriggle out of it Gaby Bond.” Connie told me.

“I'm not, but like if we're shopping I could tell you on the way?”

“She's right,” Steff agreed, “if we get a move on we could go down to Mainz?”

“Give me…”

“Five, we know!” Anna grinned.


Its best part of three hours down to Mainz and the inquisition lasted pretty much the whole trip. Of course the fact that I was with Max was a major point – I protested my innocence regarding any sort of relationship.

“You can not tell me that there's nothing there.” Pia persisted.

“Look okay, he's not entirely repulsive but that doesn't mean I'm interested okay.”

“We'll be watching you girlfriend.” Steff advised.

“So anyway,” Anna took up the conversation, “I think we should do it.”

“Yeah, it'll cause a bit of a stir.” Con grinned.

“I'm not sure it's a good idea.” I offered.

“Gaby Bond how can you say such a thing!” Nena stated.

“I was just saying.” I replied meekly.

‘It' was a harebrained idea of Anna the costume queen that we all go to school dressed up in heels and everything. I'm not sure what the point is exactly but it was sure to get attention. It's a good job I didn't tell them about the Ahr Angels!

And so the day's trip suddenly had a focus, suitable outfits and especially shoes! Urgh! Well at least I'm exempt already having the offending footwear.

Mainz (say Mines), for the less well travelled of you, is of course where the Main (think Frankfurt/Main) joins the Rhein. The mostly pedestrianised shopping area stretches most of the way from the Bahnhof to Rathaus down by the river.

“I thought the idea was to be classy not trashy.” I noted watching Nena trying on some ridiculous zebra print stilettos.

“I think these are nice.”

“For brothel work, seriously, they scream tart.”

“Gab's is right Nen,” Anna put in, “the leopard print are much more subtle!”

“Plusstht! So okay style queen, what would you pick?” Nena challenged.”

“Nothing flashy,” I looked along the shelf, “here.” I selected a vertiginous pair of blue heels.

“Well let's see then.” Nena persisted.


“Well I can't see if I'm wearing them.” She pointed out.


I sat on a stool and swapped my Skechers ® for the heels.

“See?” I stood and walked across the aisle.

“You have so got to buy those Gabs, they are so you.” Anna enthused.

“It's not me looking and I don't need more heels.”

“Oh wow Gabs, they are just perfect!” Steff gushed joining us.

“I still like the zebra print.” Nena stated.

By the time we left Deichmann's we all had new stilts and much to my annoyance I'd been bullied into buying the tallest of the lot with a stupid 12cm heel, which put me almost en point! Of course now we just have to find stuff to wear with our new footwear – I can see a big dent coming to my bank balance without any plastic models being involved!

to be continued....

Maddy Bell 26.05.11 © 2011

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