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Book 2
Drew & Gaby's
other Mates

  • Anja Reuter - becomes a confident of Drew on his second trip to Germany.

  • Kristen Oakey - Drew met this young lady when he raced at Didcot powerstation in part 49.
  • The Exchange Students

  • Britney Walters - the American exchange student. She gets Drew into nearly as many scrapes as Maddy. Here she is in her High School Cheerleader outfit. Her sister, Debbie is Juliette's partner for the visit.

  • Dan Martin - At least Rhod's partner was a boy!

  • Darla Greenwood - this picture doesn't do Ally's exchangee any favours!

  • Amy Plokowitz - is a friend of Britney and is Bernie's exchange partner. She gets involved in the American's UK adventures.

  • Sabrina Jones - Another American exchange student, this time it's Maddy's opposite number. She's not certain whether there is something odd with Gaby. After all she does look a bit like Drew!
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