Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 7


We spent the weekend at the studios, then returned to my place Sunday evening to find Steve waiting for me. I introduced Mandy as a friend from work; I could tell my brother was smitten straight away by the way he acted. I left Mandy to settle herself into my guestroom and joined Steve downstairs. I didn't want Steve pushing himself onto Mandy and I wasn't sure I could tell him the whole truth, so I compromised with a tale of a failed relationship.

I had forgotten that he was going to help with some web updates but not a problem, we'd eat and do that later. I ordered pizza and fetched Mandy down. She was still wearing the stilettos, locked on with no hope of getting the keys.

'Um, Steve have you got any tools here'

'Yeah a few, why?'

'Well Mandy's lost the keys for those locks' I indicated her shoes 'could you try to get them off for her?'

Well, already smitten he needed no encouragement.

'Sure, they shouldn't be too difficult'

As it happened they were fortunately only simple brass jobs and a bit of jigging soon opened the clasp. I hadn't thought, but after the almost permanent wear Mandy had been exposed to, she now couldn't straighten her feet out and in fact her bones had reshaped themselves. Effectively she could only walk on her toes. For the first time in years Mandy was able to bathe properly, I left her wallowing in a bath of bubbles while Steve and I worked on the computer.

'Are you wearing some of your kinky stuff again sis?'

'What do you mean, kinky stuff?'

'You know, rubber undies or something, it's just, your sitting a bit odd, more sort of upright'

Well I didn't think anyone could tell, but as he'd noticed I'd better come clean.

'Erm, I suppose you could say that, I've er taken to, um, corset wearing and it sort of keeps you quite stiff' I waited for the expected reaction.

'Guessed there was something, this job has really changed you'

'Well I guess it's broadened my outlook some.' I felt compelled to confess about the chastity belt. 'Look don't tell the olds but I'm getting quite into the 'alternative' scene, it was a bit of an accident but I spent two days locked in a chastity suit - neck through to bum, and I have to confess to almost enjoying it'

'Well I guess whatever turns you on sis'

'Look Steve, I didn't tell the whole truth about Mandy.'

'Didn't for one minute believe you had'

'Hmm, well I suppose you ought to know - I've just helped her get her out of a slave / master relationship, she's 'had a bad time the last couple of weeks. Please I know you like her but don't push it, give her some space, she'll appreciate that.'

'Master / slave? I don't really want to know do I? Ok she gets the space.'

Mandy was too frightened to stay at the house alone, so she went into work with me. She borrowed some of my stuff and looked quite a normal girl apart from those towering heels, fortunately she was still only about five eight with them on. I set about finding some more info on corseting and was amazed at all the info on the net. It was clear that if I was going to do this seriously, I would need to commit time and money to the enterprise. As Papillon supplied only off the peg corsets - ok for occasional wear, I was going to have to spend good money on a custom job.

Well in for a penny, I got Mandy to measure and by three in the afternoon I had placed an order for a custom job. As delivery was about eight weeks, I organised half a dozen of the company corsets for my initial training. I was going to live a twenty-four hour, seven-day a week corseting life style. I told my employers of my plan and although surprised both Polly and John were very supportive.

On Tuesday I found Mandy a job near the Papillon office, serving table in a diner. It wasn't ideal but she was happy with it. Polly informed me of a trip we would be making to Germany at the end of next week, the three of us plus our photo team would be spending the weekend in Munich at a fetish 'convention'. Polly and myself would be modelling some Papillon gear during the 'catwalk' show, so we were both booked into Dino's this Friday. This Friday was party time again, I was going to wear the armour, Polly was still undecided.

I was corseting now and I had to plan everything to the Nth degree. That included eating, using the lav, what to wear, pretty much my whole life.

I organised for Mandy to stay with Steve while I was away, a mutually agreeable arrangement. This week however I was getting myself ready for the party. This time Dino's instructions from John were for me to get a barnet of cerise, he retouched my eyelashes and brows in blue, very sci-fi. Polly's shorter cut was more dramatic and I was quite surprised by the brutality of it, it was shaved diagonally from temple to nape leaving her a fringe but significantly bald! Her remaining hair was coloured a dramatic blue - that was a lifestyle cut, as one of the bosses I was very surprised she had allowed it.

My costume already sorted we spent the afternoon sorting Polly's out. She ended up in a blue rubber catsuit that set off her new hair cut in that it left one breast exposed. We coloured her nipple blue and with pale makeup and blue lips she looked quite something. My turn then and I needed both Polly and Mandy to help me into the full metal suit. I made sure all the toilet facilities were fitted and plugged in; front and back, then had Mandy lock everything on. I finished off with black rubber stockings and ankle boots and fitted polished bracers and anklets. With my chrome nails and silver lipstick I think I looked amazing. Steve was looking after! Mandy overnight, so the two fetish queens went off to party.

This time I enjoyed it from the outset, we made quite a pair on our entrance, all metal and rubber. I recognised a few people from last time and soon I was one of the 'gang', exchanging stories and experiences. This outfit was not good for dancing, so I left it to Polly to cut a rug, which she did with some abandon. I was looking forward to the parade, Polly won the rubber category, I won the metalwear competition, and I was very chuffed when I won best of party to wide acclaim. My prize this time a bit more valuable, a German made custom chastity belt, not really me but well, I was wearing one tonite wasn't I!

I crashed at Polly's for what was left of the night, I had forgotten the key again, well not quite but Mandy had it, and she was with my brother. Biting the bullet I caught a taxi to Steve's and with only one of Polly's raincoats for cover waited for Steve to answer the door.

'Morning bruv, can I come in' I pushed past him

'And hello to you too sis. To what do we owe this early honour'

'Mandy has my key'

'Key in the singular'

I suppose he might as well see

'Yes, for this' I opened the coat and my sibling took a double take

'You are locked into that thing, willingly?'

'Of course willingly, it was for a, um party last night' I was blushing heavily

'Oh that sort of party, hang on I'll get Mandy'

'I'll make some coffee'

Minutes later a semi dressed Mandy, obviously roused from post coital bliss, arrived in the kitchen, followed by my brother.


'Thanks Julie'

'Sis why didn't you tell me all of Mandy's story, think I couldn't hack it. If I got hold of that brute I'd, well I don't know, give him some of his own medicine. Oh and I like the pink hair'

'Cerise and that's why I didn't tell you, you just fly off the handle.'

'Don't have a go at him Julie, he's very sweet. He nearly fainted when I showed him my tattoo.'

'Well I think most people would. How are the other bits?'

'They have scabbed well but I guess only time will tell'

'That really makes my blood boil, a tattoo is one thing but brands, that's barbaric'

'I don't think either of us disagrees with that sentiment. Anyway, Mandy have you got the key for metal mickey?'

'Oh sure, hang on a minute'

'Steve, I've also decided to do something else, I know it's a bit of an odd thing, but I've started corset training'

'Ok then what's that about then?'

'Well, essentially by wearing a tight corset over a period of time I permanently alter my body shape. It's not for work, it's a personal thing and a bit more subtle than say tattoos'

'Well it's your body sis, you know where I am if you need me'

'Here you are Julie, one key for your metal suit. You taking it off here?'

'No, I'll do that at home. You staying here or coming with me?'

'I'll come with you, give me a minute'

'You take care of her bruv, she's been badly hurt'

'You know I will'

Mandy came back down and we left for my place.

'What's the bit with the corsets then Julie?'

'I don't really know, I just wanted to do something, I enjoy being in corsets and it seemed logical.'

'Have you like got a target or something?

'Well the long term aim is an unlaced 16" waist'

'That's minute!'

'Yeah well that's a long way off. For now I start by wearing corsets laced to 20", that's not much off my current waist. And I'm going to need help, you up for it?'

'How could I refuse, sounds like it could be fun.'

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