Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 8


We flew out to Munich and booked into our hotel. Polly and myself got quite a bit of attention, our blue and pink hair cuts standing out even in a country with sex shops at the airport. The fair we were attending was actually taking place about 30km away in the Schloss Halbe Weis. The flight had been a bit of a trial in a tightly laced corset, but I had survived in one piece, just.

The festivities at the Schloss were over four days, Thursday and Friday, were catwalk days, Saturday was more laid back with seminars, culminating in a fetish ball in the evening. Sunday was to be a wind down culminating in a buffet lunch at Munich city hall.

As a company, Papillon was to exhibit both days on the catwalk and John was giving a talk on new developments in the 'scene'. As there was only Polly and me to model, Mary was drafted in to help and despite her protests she ended up modelling too. We showed in rotation with three other small fetish suppliers, that gave everyone a chance for costume changes. Thursday concentrated on rubber wear, which I actually like wearing although it was hard work changing about ten times.

The other models, mostly German's, were mostly in archetypal buxom blonde, our slightly extreme hair and more restrained figures attracted a lot of attention. Mary, after much cajoling agreed to do her hair a vivid orange, so we made quite a trio. The costumes on display ran from a white latex wedding gown to inflatable suits, with every step in between.

Friday was the more extreme fashion day. I got to wear 'my' metal chastity suit besides a selection of corsetry and bondage gear. The Germans were well into chastity garments as I was to find out on Saturday. The afternoon session included a parade of pierced and tattooed bodies, I have to say done right both can enhance a bod, but get it wrong, well some of those on display detracted rather than enhanced. Each evening we had returned to our hotel and actually spent the time quietly talking and drinking. Friday night John told us that he had hired the three of us out to model for a German guy Saturday. Hmm, I'll get my own back! Well John introduced us to Joachim then went off for his presentation. Joachim spoke pretty good English and explained that we would be demonstrating the latest chastity wear to hit the market. Didn't sound too bad, well the other pair were to get off lightly, he took a shine to me so I got 'star' treatment.

Well I ended up in a moulded carbon fibre creation, which was comfortable to wear, shaped much like a tanga brief. Once locked, it was quite restricting but not too restrictive, it certainly felt better than other ChB's I'd had on. The surprise was that an outside party could insert both dildoe's and butt plugs with it in situ, although it was impossible for normal intercourse. Of course Joachim had to demonstrate this facility, much to the audiences enjoyment and my embarrassment. He then locked a 'safety' plate in place and moved onto a bra arrangement similar to the metal suit. Again it was carbon fibre which locked firmly together, however there was no nipple access.

At the end of the demonstration, the other two were released, somewhat to Mary's relief although I'm sure Polly was quite happy. Me, well Joachim bet me I couldn't stay fully locked in with the dildoe's till the ball. Now that was really throwing down the gauntlet, the prize a custom set of the carbon chastity gear.

Needless to say I won, Joachim agreed to measure up in the morning, and I agreed to wear the tanga for the ball. My costume was a corset dress, similar to the ones I modelled in Amsterdam but a bit less flouncy, I was laced to about 18" which looked spectacular. The front of the skirt was flounced up to reveal my underwear; Joachim was going to get his money's worth with the ChB on display all night. John had locked me into everything and I even had my ankles chained together.

Mary got to wear a long corset dress laced to the knee, restrictive but very nice and our reluctant model was quite happy. On the other hand Polly this time got short straw. John had borrowed from one of the Germans a rubber gown with a difference; it was inflated till it was almost solid to touch. It was actually a fairly classic looking thing that was put on like a catsuit with floppy bits, this was then inflated, and Polly could only move her ankles. The top was of a puff sleeve design and once inflated the only way she could hold her arms was in an open embrace. She was not amused.

At the ball were several obviously experienced lacers, one had on a metal corset with the centimetre size engraved around the waist, it translated to 14"! Well it was quite a night and some girls even made a couple of costume changes; I was actually unaware of wearing the ChB by mid way through the evening.

As the Germans do, the dancing was pretty formal and Polly's embrace was ideal, John actually deflated the arms a bit so she wasn't quite so restricted. It was an extremely good night. Around eleven the 'adult' entertainment started. A young woman, i hope she had volunteered, she at least came in willingly was ritually stripped by two others then strapped to a wooden frame by her ankles and wrists. Her short black hair was then shaved off along with any other hair the girls could find! Then followed a session of what can best be described as hot wax torture as almost every part of her had hot wax dripped over it, head, breasts, clit, and feet. At the end of the session she was covered with the wax and was carried off still attached to the frame. I learnt that she was placed in the entrance hall, she was still there when we left much later.

A demonstration of 'Pony' training came next, a trainer and his two 'ponies' went through their paces of dressage and jumping. To be honest, this was a bit tame after the wax. The two girl 'ponies' were well prepared with hoofed boots and gloves, tails and their hair worn as a mane with full traceries but otherwise naked.

Next came a demonstration of, we were informed, the Japanese style of bondage. Lots of tight ropes were knotted around a young ladies body and tied off to leave her in impossible positions. The final part of that demonstration involved the obviously limber girl having her ankles tied to her neck from the back, it looked excruciating and I vowed never to get involved with that sort of thing.

The last session was live mummification! A volunteer first endured having a catheter fitted outside of the main hall, before rejoining the hall's occupants. She was then gagged before the mummification started. Naked as she was, first she was thoroughly doused in talc then the wrapping began. Arms, then legs, followed by torso and finally head leaving just her face exposed. Then her legs were bound together and in turn her arms were bound by the crepe bandage to her sides, she could now move no parts at all. During all the wrapping the catheter had been run out through the layers so in theory she could stay like this indefinitely!

Due to a lot of encouragement from the floor a final stage was added. That is the gag was removed and a face-breathing mask fitted before her head was totally encased. Lastly the whole mummy was then painted with some sort of size, this dried and set within the hour leaving the girl in a solid cocoon with just the end of the breathing gear and the catheter advertising a human presence. The poor girl, I later found out was not released for a week!

I learnt more about fetish in one night than a lot of people find out in a lifetime! I did of course return to my corset on the Sunday, we did a bit of sightseeing around Munich before catching our return flight to Heathrow. This time I was ready for the discomfort, and in fact I noticed it far less than I had on the outward journey. I reflected on the last couple of months on the flight back. I had gone from a relatively shy fetish virgin to a completely hooked fetishist. I have been exposed to rubber, bondage, piercing, tattooing, corsetry, chastity and slavery, topped up with this weekend's contribution of ponies, mummies and humiliation. Surely there can't be much more? Could there?

Of course I'm often wrong, as I was soon to find out. Things actually settled down for a while, the monthly fetish parties with Polly, and even Mandy, occasional photo sessions down at Ashford and a series of sessions around the country giving shows to 'private' fetish groups. These last often included an element of bondage, I didn't mind but it's not really my scene.

Mandy moved in with Steve, my parents when they met her were charmed. Her burns had healed but the branding was quite obvious, putting her hair up was not really an option in everyday situations. Although now having some involvement via his girlfriend, and myself Steve remained apart from the fetish business, I can't say as I blame him really.

It was actually late summer when everything as they say, went pear shaped.

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