Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 9


John gave me a bonus in August, the Internet shop was a real success and sales were well up. So I decided on a few days vacation, a return to Germany I thought would be nice, so I booked a hotel in Stuttgart, the Black Forest nearby, galleries in the city, plenty to do. Of course anyone with mauve hair was going to attract attention, but apart from my now ever present corsets, I kept the rest of my clothing pretty mainstream.

I hired a car and drove around for a bit on my first full day, taking my time and unwinding just nicely. The second day, Tuesday, I hit the city and the shops and galleries kept me occupied all day. Wednesday I decided to drive across to Baden Baden. I spent time checking out the Casino and then took the waters at the public baths, the Romans discovered them and I can see why they liked them. It was still fairly early so I decided to drive back across the Schwarzwald, perhaps find a restaurant for dinner before returning to Stuttgart. I picked a route off the main drags and now I deeply regret doing so. A rumbling from the rear signalled a puncture, at the best of times I'm not much good at this sort of thing, so when an elderly Mercedes pulled up, I was relieved that I might get some assistance. How dumb can you get? The driver, a middle aged man, got out and came over and tried his German on me, I'm no linguist, my German was just not up to the conversation, but using gestures and pidgin English he seemed to agree to change the wheel for me. I watched for a couple of minutes as he set about the task then lost interest and wandered off into the trees a short way. Well I didn't stand a chance, he was on me and had me blindfolded, trussed and gagged expertly and obviously with practice in under a minute.

I was carried struggling back to the road and dumped into a car boot, I don't know which, but we were soon travelling, no great speed but lots of up and down and turning. The trip was not long, probably no more than half an hour before the car stopped and after a few minutes the trunk was opened and I was hauled out. Even I knew that I had been abducted, for what reason I could only guess, rape was obviously high on the list. It was a short list. I was carried into some sort of building; it sounded like a wood hut, no echoing of plaster or brick walls. I was dumped in a corner and felt a collar placed around my neck, then an audible click as a lock hasp was closed, a trial movement confirmed I was now chained to apparently the wall. My abductor retreated saying something in his native tongue before leaving me still gagged and blindfold with both wrists and ankles bound with some sort of cloth.

I lost all sense of time, I could hear nothing from outside and only my own shuffling made a noise inside. I managed to get reasonably comfortable; there was sufficient chain to allow me to lie on the floor where I did manage some fear induced, fitful sleep. I awoke to a draft and the noise of a door shutting. My captor made it pretty clear I was to sit up, my blindfold was removed and for the first time I could see my surroundings.

I had guessed correct with the wood hut, it was more of an open plan cabin however and I was held in a pen like arrangement in one corner. The rest of the room sent alarming signals, not just rape but torture looked to be on the cards. My host had obviously been practising his English,

'I undo feet and hand, you strip, take clothes off' he made it sound like 'clothis' Well obviously I had to struggle, it's part of any such plot, but a tug on the chain reminded me that I was unlikely to get away that easily.

'Struggle, you hurt, do as say you OK, ja?'

That was laying it on the line, I nodded, he motioned for me to strip and I complied. He ahh'ed when my corset, still laced at 20" was revealed and my nipple rings set off a session of touchy, feely which I could do little about. He left me corseted for now and then manacled my wrists and ankles before disappearing into a second room. I could hear some shuffling of furniture, cupboards opening and closing, he came out and ran a tape over my assets before again disappearing into the other room. When he returned a second time he released the chain from the wall and not allowing me any slack pulled me into the other room.

A very solid table cum bench, which I was forced up onto, dominated the room. My collar was then locked down so that I could not move my head more than an inch or so. My arms were fastened up above my head and my ankles were pulled toward the lower corners and restrained. I kept my bush trimmed short or shaven depending how I felt but what came next was to say the least painful. All I can really tell you is that barely a hair has returned since so I guess he must have used some sort of electrolysis and he was thorough!

Then instead of the expected rape he took delight in showing me my new toilet arrangement before he fitted the catheter, even a wee was beyond me now. He turned me over and my rear got the same depilatory treatment before an unusual butt plug with a removable core was fitted, so that was out too! I was returned to my back only after he released my corset laces so he could take it off.

At this point he changed my position to a standing one next the bench with my arms pulled high above me and toes barely touching the floor, I new a lacing bar when I saw one so what came next was less of a surprise. He fetched a corset to me and loosely fastened the double busk, it was laced not only at the back but to each side from waist to bottom too and was clearly smaller than what I normally wore. Well I nearly fainted a couple of times before he tied the thing off. He ran his tape around my solid waist,

'Ah vierzehn, you say fawty centimetres' he was obviously pleased, I calculated that to be a bit under 16", quite small enough thank you.

Still suspended he then produced what looked to be a solid pair of pants, but quickly it became apparent that it was a chastity device of some sort. Before he went on though he produced a dildo of Herculean proportions, fully four inches round and ten long. Well you can guess where that went, it filled me entirely, worse was to come, he then used what looked like a darning needle to sew my lips together over the end of the vibrator, for it was indeed destined to drive me crazy.

Only after this was the chastity pant pulled up my legs, I was unlikely to be raped with this lot, small consolation. The solid unit was eased over my hips before being closed over the corset and using some kind of ski binder, tensioned up. As it pulled tighter I could feel that where it contacted my labia a group of dastardly studs rubbed, already causing some sexual discomfort, stuffed as I was with the huge vibrator. I could feel Hermann; well that's what I dubbed him playing with something between my legs before he finished closing the belt. He used a strange key to operate a lock

'Only one key, you not get out of this without. Made from kevlar!'

Kevlar, that's the stuff they use for bulletproof vests, I feared he was right. Moving behind me again, I felt a slight internal draft when he removed the core from the butt plug, then something was pushed through and into my bowel. I was unsure what use a bicycle pump could be until I felt a bladder of some sort inflating inside me. The tension remained and he fiddled with something before I got a feeling of turning and he stood and came to taunt me again.

'You only toilet when I allow, I show'

He pulled a long mirror over and placed it between my legs so I could see his handiwork. The chastity belt fit seamlessly with my flesh, I looked like a Barbie doll down there, no sign of sex or rear exit to be seen, just the vaguest outline of the cap which closed my rear.

'You urine, it go ass, stay in you till I say'

No kidding Hermann.

He then fitted me with some heelless knee length boots that laced tightly to my feet and lower legs. My feet were held vertical, even more than the ballet boots I'd seen through work, there was no possible way of really standing in them. I was returned to the bench where my arms were now encased in very similar sheaths. Next he produced the item I grew to hate most, the rubber suit. It was tight and covered me from top to toe, there was a small grommet to access my rear and my nipple rings were pulled through two tiny holes so my nipples were squeezed while the rings hung free. It was sealed from tiny waist to neck with a sort of ziploc arrangement which he then completely sealed onto me with a heat sealer.

I wore that bloody rubber suit for three months straight, laced to 16 inches and locked in a chastity belt. I couldn't stand or hold anything; I was fed using animal type suction feeders. I don't know what he got out of it; from time to time he would dress me up like a doll, or would truss me further, even suspending me for days at a time. That dildo was used as punishment, I don't know what for but it was excruciating, coming continuously for hours at a time leaving me totally exhausted. I was moved once, a moulded face mask was strapped on which had no eye holes so I've no idea where I was taken, but from the voices and other noises it was some sort of fetish affair. My sense of feeling was numbed but I could swear that at one point I had four women, I guess, using my hands and feet as sex aids, yeargh!

I wore a rubber gag almost continually except at feeding times. True to his word he usually 'emptied' me each day, although several times he didn't come for two or three days which was excruciating.

When he sold me things changed.

I was taken in an old camper on a long drive at night, only now do I know it was into deepest Bavaria. So, now I was like Mandy, something to be bought and sold. My buyer was a sadist, I could only hope that I was rescued sometime soon, I would have been missed by my parents and employers quite soon, so hopefully some one was looking for me. What I could never at that time guess was that they all thought I had died in an auto smash, my hire car was found at the foot of a gully, with what was thought to be my remains inside. They didn't check too closely, my belongings were there, hence no reason to suspect foul play. My original captor was a pro.

My new owner released me from my three months of rubber hell and chastity and left me locked in a windowless room with a shower and toilet pan.

'Use' were his instructions

The shower was bliss, I was still sewn up and catheterised although I had lost the butt plug, my anus was as a result of the stretching now having trouble stopping leakage. When he came back I asked for another plug, he didn't want it but when I showed him the problem he just grinned and fetched a more than ample bung which he placed with little care in the hole. Having to wee using a tube has its advantages, no leaks and you can do it like a guy stood up.

I checked my body out, I was emaciated, my breasts had lost some size and my waist was now a permanent 16 inch, there was actually some looseness before it was removed. My hands and feet were suffering more from cramp than anything else thankfully. Only my sex seemed to have suffered real lasting damage, not improved when my 'owner' opened me to remove the vibrator. I bled like a pig, he was expecting that and supplied a compress and antiseptic cream, and like my anus I was well stretched here too. He left the catheter in place, I don't think I could have managed to wee if he hadn't.

This guy didn't keep me restrained for most of the time, my cell was heated so even naked it was not too uncomfortable, I had a thin mattress and duvet for sleeping and he did actually believe in feeding me. After the first week he kept me laced in a tight corset for all but brief shower breaks, he obviously wanted to retain my tiny waist.

I was now used, and I mean used, for sex on a regular basis, he preferred my ass, stretched, as it was which facilitated easy entry. A couple of times I was tied to a bed and over several hours was used by upwards of twenty men and even a few women with strap on's. Other times I was trussed, whipped and otherwise tortured with various implements. I wasn't always gagged, I tried to keep my own counsel, supply responses as required but I answered wrong one day.

He strapped me tightly to a table and blindfolded me. Before I knew what was happening my tongue was clamped in some forceps and pulled from my mouth. I feared I was about to loose it but perhaps worse I felt a brush of heat moments before a searing pain in my tongue. It continued for perhaps a minute before water was poured into my mouth and over my face and my still connected tongue released. It hurt like hell. It was days before I could speak again I could taste burning constantly but it was only when the swelling subsided that I discovered exactly what he had done. Not wishing to damage me out side, I had had my tongue pierced by a hot iron, a hole as big as my little finger decorated, if that's the word, my tongue. This did two things, gave me a lisp that I'm assured is quite flattering and a hole through which I could be further tortured or tethered.

I grew to understand how Mandy had felt, no escape, best option to go along with the treatment. I didn't fancy any more punishments; I might not get away so 'lightly' next time. Time passed and I adapted to what seemed my fate, rescue was not looking too likely, my German was improving what more could a slave want? Well obviously a lot but I wasn't likely to get any of it.

Gauging time was not easy but I guess I was in that flat for around ten weeks or so before I was made into an immobile statuette for a week. I still wore a catheter, he wouldn't remove it but I was at least used to it now. I was bound wrist, neck and ankle and put into a plastic box. This was then filled to shoulder level with sand and then plaster some three inches deep poured on. When he lifted me out I was encased in a slab of plaster with no possible way out even with my hands free. By the time he finished I looked as though I was sinking through concrete. I was getting quite docile by this time so when I was exhibited in an actual public exhibition I did nothing to help myself, I guess he drugged me too.

After that episode, I was fitted for a new corset, which arrived pretty quickly. My captor stretched me from a lacing bar for the fitting, when he produced the 'garment' I was a little appalled for it was solid with the tiniest waist I had ever seen. It covered from my hips to finish in two moulded breasts - too perfect in shape by far with just a rear opening, so it had to be sprung about my torso. My nipples were passed through a neoprene grommet and the rest of each breast eased into the cups. I couldn't see the closure mechanism; it wasn't laces but even uncinched it held me tightly. Over the next month of my captivity, my use for sex was stepped up; my solid body seemed to act as an aphrodisiac to him and his friends.

All the while the corset was gradually being pulled in, my already small waist was constricted by the carbon fibre encasing me until after wearing it continuously for seven and a half weeks he was satisfied. Thirty centimetres the tape read when he showed me, I could touch fingers about me, when I caught my reflection soon after I could see a bizarre insectoid shape, I hadn't realised but there was a significant pipe stem waist, must have been three inches. A couple of days later he chained me to the kitchen table and proceeded to seal the rear closure with more carbon fibre. I stayed there for two days while it cured then that was it, a permanent corset with a twelve-inch waist!

He started to become restless I could tell and when I was again strapped down, this time face up, I thought I was in for more rapine. In fact the opposite. He sprayed my sex with something and although I could see he was fiddling down there, I couldn't feel anything, obviously it had been some sort of freeze spray.

When he finished he took delight in showing me his work. My lips were pulled through a plate that covered my sex completely, and to my horror not even just one, but ten rings pierced them, holding them closed, but not only that attaching the plate very thoroughly to me. Even worse he explained that the rings were the same type as those in my nipples. I would never remove this chastity device and would forever use a catheter to wee.

The bastard.

My use for sex didn't stop; it was just transferred to my rear.

I had been a captive for almost a year when fate took its hand. My owner decided to go to a slave convention, taking me as exhibit one.

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