Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 10


I was to say the least amazed when my 'owner' announced that we were going away for a few days. My hair, which by now was rather a mess, needed some attention that it received from one of his friends, apparently a hairdresser. I ended up with my waist length hair bleached completely white and permed so I had a cloud of curly white hair. It was obviously long in the planning as I received neck, ankle and wrist restraints of carbon fibre which were bonded like the corset not to be removed.

For the journey, I was gagged by a very discreet two-part affair fixed through my huge tongue piercing. I did however get to wear proper clothes for the first time in a year, I say proper, i.e. a dress over my fixed underwear teamed with 6" heels. I thought I was finally going to see outside but just before we departed he fitted me with opaque contact lenses, I looked unimpeded but I was essentially blind.

I was loaded into a car and strapped in, my ankles chained to something between my feet, my wrists were linked together and my hands enclosed in a single mitt. Any idea of escape was effectively thwarted.

The journey was long, we stopped for food somewhere along the way, my gag was removed and the mitt taken off and a hot dog thrust into my hands. My release was all too short and we were soon back on the road, he did at least let me release my bladder's contents first. We must have travelled for another four or five hours before we stopped and I was escorted to a room where my bindings and gag were removed. With a caution not to remove the contacts, I was then locked in for the night. I could hear very little outside of the room but I was certain I had heard some other language to German being used by someone on the transfer to this room.

Next morning, I guess - it's what my body clock thought; I was fed as I was now used to, before being used for sex. I fell asleep when he had done, and slept deeply. When I awoke, my face was sore as were my arms and legs, well most of me really. I was kept in the room for over a week by a guess, the soreness subsided, and my thoughts turned to wondering why. I couldn't come up with anything, much less the real reason.

We were on the move again, I was trussed again for this much shorter trip, only an hour or so. When our destination was reached I was attached to a leash which was then used to lead me into a building where my ears were assailed by a clamour of people. I realised then this was a slave fair or convention, even in another language the slave/master conversations were easy to pick out. When we were once more ensconced in a private room I eventually recovered my sight. It took a few minutes to adjust but I could see again and wished I couldn't.

It all came together now, the soreness affecting me all over, at some point, probably drugged, I had been the subject of some further body modifications from a tattoo gun. Essentially I was now wearing a body decorated with a complete body suit, well that's what it looked like anyway. Just my hands, feet and head were not covered in the multi-coloured extravaganza. They had not escaped the attentions however, both hands had matching multi colour patterns on the back, these were echoed on my feet. My neck up to my jaw line was also tattooed, only my face was not coloured. It was but I didn't find that out till later.

I got strict instructions on what I was to do, to be honest I was so distraught by the tattoos that I just nodded and went along. I was naked but for my perma wear gear, gagged and leashed, I was probably in a worse way than Mandy was when I first saw her. After all I was destined to be used as a whore with only a rear entrance, with a full body tattoo, in a foreign land for who knows how long.

My luck was just about to change.

The fair was being run in a similar fashion to the one I had gone to in Lancaster with Polly. Biggest difference was location, language and extremes shown. By the signage and the fact something not German, I was quite proficient in that now, was being spoken, I guessed we were in Holland. As a slave I just followed my putative owner around and answered in good German any query he let me. From my previous experience I knew it was better to play along than buck him, so Julie was now Slave Carbon, that's what I answered to in my best German.

I thought my body was abused but looking about, I was far from being unusual. One girl I saw was covered with brands and not just her torso, another had two rows of rings down her back laced like a corset. Amongst the crowds I thought I saw a familiar face, but no it couldn't be, well it certainly looked like Steve. Couldn't possibly be that lookalike had a slave in tow, one with a huge tattoo that I recognised. I had to battle my instincts to rush across, how come Steve and Mandy were here and just as important why were they acting like slave and master?

I wasn't sure that I was recognisable, the white bubble perm and multi hued skin, but there was just a hope anyway. I studied them as they progressed through the gathering, if it was an act it was spot on, a couple of times Mandy was chastised for apparently nothing. Steve was systematically moving through the crowd and I realised he was looking for something, someone, me? The couple approached my master and Steve started a conversation, I can't recall what he said but it was something about admiring his slave, me that is. Mandy was checking me out but obviously wasn't able to comment. My brother addressed me

'Do you like your master, he is so generous with you?' Steve spoke in English.

I hesitated a touch before answering in perfect German, 'Ja, ich bin gluck' which by his reaction was unexpected, for a German speaker I understood English right good!

I did my best to contain my excitement, had Steve or Mandy actually twigged that the tattooed German girl was the missing Julie? Well I needn't have worried on that score. They later told me that the lisp nearly put them off but Mandy at least was 100% sure it was me. I now had a realistic chance of rescue sometime soon.

It was sooner than I could have hoped. That night my 'master' locked me to a floor-mounted vertical bar, it was attached directly to my collar and left me forced into a crouch. In addition my ankles were manacled to this bit of torture gear and my wrists in turn to them. I was awoken that night by Mandy with a bundle of clothes and a dark wig. My recent master was unconscious and Steve was in the process of binding him.

'Quick fraulein, dress'

'God am I glad to see you two' I lisped

'Not half as much as us, now hurry'

'If I'm going anywhere you will have to get me off of this'

'Oh shit, there's bolt cutters in the car, I'll have to fetch them'

'There's keys in his jacket pocket'


Mandy soon had me freed and I did as I was bid and was dressed by the time Steve had finished. Mandy grabbed the felons bag, I knew he kept everything in that.

Steve led the way as we excited the hotel and I spotted something familiar, my lovely Saab convertible.


I jumped in the back, Mandy and Steve in front, and Steve took us sedately away from my persecutor.

'You alright sis?'

'Well as good as it gets right now. How did you find me?'

'Mandy's idea really, we were sure you were alive, oh you don't know do you, well the police said you died in the car crash, but we, and John and Polly for that matter didn't believe it. But how could we prove otherwise. The break came when some woman came forward just before Christmas, she had seen you stopped changing a wheel with some guy in a Merc.' Mandy took up the tale

'Between us we kept looking, the police found the vital clue, a picture of a girl in fetish gear, it wasn't a good picture but it was you and the camera put dates on the pictures, it was taken weeks after the smash.'

Steve took it up again,

'Problem was, where were you? As you were obviously being held somewhere our options were limited. John and Polly put the word out with their contacts but it didn't look too hopeful. My wife, oh you didn't know that either, we're married now, thought that we could try the fetish scene across the continent and so we have, with Papillon's sponsorship, been doing the rounds. We weren't going to do this one, I know how Mandy feels about the slave trade, but Mand insisted and I'm glad she did'

'Me too, thanks Mandy, you can't believe how much I owe you.'

'You owe me nothing, er did you know your face keeps changing colour?'

'It must be the street lights'

'Uht, uh, not those colours'

It then dawned on me; my face was sore at the same time as the rest of me.

'The bastard, it must be light sensitive ink he used to tattoo my face'

'We've got his papers, he won't get away with it'

'Too right he won't!' I was enraged more than ever 'you see these?' I indicated my wristbands 'the bastard has bonded these, the ones on my ankles and neck plus this corset' I rapped my torso 'they are going to take some getting off, if at all. And there's somewhere else too'

Mandy got my drift, I guess Steve did by his silence.

'I saw that corset thing, does it hurt?'

'Not now, but it's a bit extreme.'

'How big is it, it looked painful small'

'Lets put it this way, I touch fingers around me, he did show me, I think it was 30cm.'

'Bloody hell, that's only twelve inches!'

'Well at least I won't need to worry about corsets. I've not seen me for weeks.'

'How long have you been tattooed?

'By my reckoning about ten days, but I only found out when we got to the fair, he kept me blinded. He was subtle like that, opaque contact lenses, my tongue,' I showed my pierced tongue, Mandy winced 'and my bum has been sorely abused.'

We were back home next morning, my captor was arrested, but it wasn't the end of my torment. My shackles were removed and the chastity plate was released, the catheter was at long last removed and that was bliss. The carbon corset took a bit more effort but that too came off to reveal my distorted torso and my biggest area of un-tattoed flesh. I was lucky really, the tattoo ink was high quality and of a new gel type, not like Mandy's, and despite first panicked impressions, there wasn't as much as I thought, that meant that laser removal was highly successful, if a long process. (I did keep a couple, but I'm not telling where) the only untreatable area was my eyelids, I would forever have glow in the dark make up!

It was several months before I was ready to face the world again and return to work at Papillon, my baby, the Ethernet shop was still a roaring success and I was happy to be back to a normal life. I will always have to wear a corset now, my waist cannot support my upper body properly, but that's no real hardship. It will be two years soon since I uttered those fatalistic words, 'Any job in a storm', and I've had adventure enough to last a lifetime and exposure to more alternative lifestyle than I really wanted. My brother has married the girl I rescued from a life of slavery and I've lived that life myself. Phew.

Perhaps I can live a normal life again?

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