Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 6


I spoke to Jim next day; the 'front' session was pencilled for two weeks time. He confided that he was uneasy about doing it but if he didn't, likely a less able tattooist would. At least she would get a good job!

I confided with Polly and John on my 'plan' as far as it went, they were quite shocked by her treatment re the tattoo's, and offered to help if Mandy wanted out. To be honest I didn't think she would but I tweaked my plans, she could disappear relatively easily, accommodation was easy and the only possible link was Jim the piercer. Well I sounded him out and he wouldn't drop me in it, he had sympathies the same way. Work was going well, the web site a confirmed hit, and the catalogue and video were launched the following Monday. Well I had to watch the video didn't i. Actually, watching my nipples being pierced was quite erotic and boy did those pants make me squirm! Unless you knew it was me you would be hard pressed to identify me in those shots, after all I was gagged and blindfolded which distorted my features somewhat. However I did not show my parents and Steve only got the printed version, where I was at least mostly fully dressed in some form. I'm not sure what Steve really thought seeing his sis in a fetish catalogue, he never did say.

The Thursday following the 'Mandy incident', I had a treat, I was to stand in for Polly on a trip with John to Amsterdam, to source some new gear. We flew from London City and by lunch we were at Claude de Jong's fetish emporium. I was to be the 'model', for a variety of Claude's creations, which were to say the least a bit off to the left so to speak. I think you'll enjoy some of this so here goes. We started off with a couple of corset dresses, I thought they were a bit outside of our usual taste, sort of ballet style with lots of net, they were quite fun to wear, especially with the matching ankle boots. I was a bit worried about the next thing though.

I was stripped to a pair of pants with stockings and knee high boots laced tightly onto my legs. Next I was manoeuvred under a bar suspended from the ceiling, a lacing bar Claude called it, my hands were bound to it and the bar raised until my toes were just touching the floor and left! Well for ten minutes anyway. They returned with a strange bit of leather with lots of straps which was placed around my body, covering me from neck to ankle with separate arms and a hood hanging at the front. It was only when Claude began closing the garment around my back that I realised it was some sort of corset.

Deftly the Dutchman cinched the laces and tightened the corset around me. He grunted approval at the size it went to then the bit I was dreading, the hood. He fed a ball gag into my mouth and a breathing pipe was fed into it from the hood, then the hood was eased over my head and I lost all sense as both sight and sound were deprived and my breathing forced through my mouth. The hood was laced in back and then a neck collar tightened so keeping my head from moving.

Lacking all my senses I more felt than anything else the rest of the procedure. A tugging on my head and then the release of my arms meant I was now suspended by my head. Each arm was laced into a stiff leather glove then pulled behind me, quite uncomfortably, by what I could feel something else was then strapped or buckled and a jerk signified that I was now free standing and entirely likely to fall over. I had lost all sense of time but, the getting out was quicker than lacing in. John assured me that I was only inside for about ten minutes fully laced up, but it had seemed like hours. The delay was his fault, he had insisted on some photos so I could see it later.

They left me in the boots and stockings for the last few items, now these were really special. Claude fetched what looked like a suit of armour out and started dressing me. First a sort of chastity belt, there were various holes and slots, I didn't pay too much attention as I made myself comfortable. It wasn't closed yet as the next bit had to go on first, this was a corset, again in polished metal, this was one piece at the front with hinged 'doors' allowing ingress at the rear. Once closed, a long pin was used to lock it shut, an audible click confirmed that, it was tight I guessed less than 20" at the waist. The chastity belt then locked onto a flexible metal strip around the bottom an Claude locked it in place, even that was constrictive.

The other part was a sort of bra arrangement with a neckpiece built in. I eased my breasts into the polished orbs; each had a hole for the nipples that in my case poked through with the rings chiming on the polished orbs. Claude closed the back and shut it with another pin before fitting the neck brace in place and for a third time a click locked it shut. Well that bit of gear stopped my neck moving altogether. Using my rings to pull my nipples out a bit, john then fitted a two part olive behind the rings, distending my nipples nearly an inch. Finally another flexible strip was used to join corset and bra; my torso was encased in metal. To be honest it wasn't uncomfortable. Our host demonstrated that he was working on a full suit of 'bondage' armour but I actually liked just this bit. I tried on the bracers and they felt good, this would be great for the party next week.

Big mistake mentioning that!

'You must take and try Julie, john here are the accessories I want to know want people think'

'It's a bit draughty around the bottom Claude'

'You need the plate on Julie. Here' he slid a plate between my legs which I heard click into place' see no draught now'

He was right; feeling myself I realised that wearing this you couldn't do any personal business, hmm different. I was roused by John's exclamation of 'bugger'.

'Jules, get some clothes on we have a plane to catch'

'Ok, let me get this off'

'No time, just get your dress on we'll sort the rest out later'


'Just do it!'

Well that's how I managed to set the alarms off at Schipol airport and London City in one day. And boy was that humiliating, having to strip and show the security people my metal clad form. They were very kind, didn't make a big thing of it, John seemed however to enjoy putting me through it.

'You knew that would happen'

'Well I have to admit it did occur to me in Holland but I didn't set out to do it to you'

'I'll believe you, this time. You can get me out when we get to mine'

That's when part two clicked in. John brought the box of bits in to the house and started looking for the key; Claude used just one for all the locks except the crotch plate that used a pair of Allen head bolts to secure it. Well we searched that box and there was no key, at least we got the plate off, the bolts weren't fitted and it was only held on with a ball catch. At least I could pee through the mesh covering my vulva. John rang Claude, sure enough it was still in his office, he would send it DHL straight away, at best that would be in the morning now, that meant I was stuck for the night!

John left me to moan to myself, so I decided to check out the 'accessories. Finding a steel dildo, I thanked Claude for not fitting that, I would have never lasted the flight with that in. I hadn't taken too much note, but when you fitted the top cover, it formed a seal which would stop any 'leakage' of bodily fluids. A flush fitted push in valve would allow urine to be drawn off by a pipe.

The rear opening was bigger, the only way to empty the bowels with this on was by inserting first a hollow butt plug then effectively giving oneself an enema, the result sucked out in a reverse action. I needed to go so I gingerly fitted the bits, connected myself to the water supply and went for it. I'm not sure I'd recommend it but it cleared my bowels. I left the plug in and used the screw in seal to stop any leakage. I clicked the plate back on and thought I might as well bolt it shut, it seemed a final act of submission. At least I could pee with some dignity rather than drip through the mesh!

I checked myself out in the mirror, my breasts were two polished orbs, my waist, a perfectly sculpted 20"'s, and despite the ChB my nether regions flowed graciously. The neck brace supported my head with a perfect cylinder of polished metal that flowed down to join my bust. I looked like some sort of sci-fi cyborg! But I felt pretty sexy too.

I even managed to sleep in it, my neck was a bit sore but I otherwise felt ok. I heard the post arrive, so I hurried downstairs, no need to dress I already was. Bills, bills, circulars, self addressed envelope. I tore that open and there was the picture of Mandy's tattoo. I checked the time, if I got some clothes on, I could just get to her this morning. That's how I ended up in my metal suit for another day, I just missed the DHL guy and it had to be re-routed to Papillon.

I got to our pre-arranged rendezvous, the recycling bins at a supermarket, no sign of Mandy, was I too late, had she bottled out? I settled down to wait in the car where I could see the bins easily. While I waited I rang John to let him know what was happening and arranged to meet him later. Fifteen minutes, half an hour, then I saw her, she looked like a cheap streetwalker in high heels, mini skirt and a skimpy top, with a mans shirt over the top. I tooted the horn and she hurried over and got in her, only a mini backpack.

'You ok?'

'Apart from my back you mean? I think so Julie, I nearly didn't get here'

I selected forward and we left the precinct on the way to the Papillon factory.

'I thought I'd missed you, what happened to make you post the photo?'

Mandy drew herself up

'Well when I got back, in his eyes only half done, he was furious. He locked me in my cage and left me there till last Saturday. He was still in a foul mood, but he wasn't violent or anything and I thought that things would be ok. On Sunday Joe rang to make arrangements for my front and afterwards He was even moodier.' She gathered herself again

'you know he did that brand on my hip himself? He really enjoyed that. Well he's done two more.'

I could see the tears welling up

'You don't have to tell me Mandy'

'No I want to. He did this one first' she raised the hair on her neck, an ugly wound ran across her nape. 'After that He seemed to snap and did another one down here' she indicated her crotch area.

My senses were inflamed, this girl had suffered badly at this mans hands. She continued

'I decided I had to get out, so when he said I should shop on Monday I recovered the envelope and posted it, I was sure I could count on you'

'I only got it this morning, I'm sorry'

'I knew you would come and he let me shop for groceries every day. I think though that he had some suspicions, as this morning he said no shopping. In fact he was going out to work so he chained my ChB to a ring in the kitchen, I could do the chores but not leave the kitchen. Well I managed to unscrew the ring from the floor; he had done that on the cheap. I found a pair of his pants and pulled them over the ChB and the chain and broke into his desk. I got this' she waved a passport at me with a grin 'even slaves need passports to travel. I searched for some clothes but he had taken what few I had with him, these were all I could find' she looked a bit ashamed at that, she obviously didn't enjoy being dressed like a whore.

We arrived in short measure at the factory where John was waiting. I ushered Mandy inside and did the introductions. First job was get her out of the ChB then tend to her latest wounds. Trained as she was to obey, she stripped all the clothes off before John could say just the skirt. John then set to work on the ChB lock, it took him twenty five minutes to open it and then the horror of His abuse was on display - an ugly festering wound almost covered her bikini area. John made his excuses and left me to clean up the burns. The girl tried not to flinch, but she was obviously in some pain, the brand was deep and spelled 'sex', I was certain that she would end up scarred, too much damage had been done.

We moved to her neck, at least it wasn't as deep. The brand spelt 'slave', but with any luck and plenty of attention that could well recover and fade, I hoped for her sake. I checked her back, Joe's work was excellent it was such a pity she would always wear the word 'slave' engraved in technicolour on her back.

John came back with some clothes, as near to streetwear that Papillon produce. She still wore what she assured me were 6" stilettos, she explained that since becoming a slave she had nearly always, that is 24 hours every day had 6" heels locked on. We would tackle that later. We went round to the café and while Mandy had a late breakfast, John had some questions for me.

'I thought you wanted out of your chastity belt?'

I saw Mandy's ears prick up

'I do but the post came and I guess I've missed DHL, so I'm stuck in all this metalwork' I clanged the steel orb of my left breast.

'Well as you are in it, how about letting Dez take some shots?'

'I want out!'

'Well we don't have the key and I can't pick that sort, I'll sort out getting the key for you, but please, pictures? In fact I've an idea, take Mandy with you and stay for a couple of days.'

That actually sounded reasonable.

'Ok then, but just get that key soon, you wont believe what I have to go through for a pooh!'

'I don't want to know, ill ring Dez, he's down there with Mary working on something, and warn him to expect you'

By some fluke of luck I had picked up my own ChB accessories, so at least I could sort my toilet until the key arrived.

When Mandy eventually saw what I was locked into, she was as shocked as I had been at her branding's. I have to admit it was comfortable and looked amazing, the fact I couldn't touch any of my erotic zones was really strange but those perfect orbs with the gold rings and the cylinder neckpiece were amazing. The key eventually arrived only after I had spent a second night in it, it was quite a relief to get it all off, but I looked forward to wearing at least some of it to next weeks party.

One thing I did note was that I actually liked being corseted, I missed the embrace when that part came off. I borrowed a corset from the storeroom and had Mandy lace me in to 18". I kept it on!

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