Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 3


Monday, my first day as a model. I drove down to Ashford and found the address, it was a bit outside of town, one of those big detached jobs, set in a couple of acres with a wall all the way round. I had decided not to dress up for the drive down so I arrived in sweat pants and trainers, a bit incongruous with the hair and nails. I parked the Saab and spotted John.

'Hi John'

'Oh hi Jules. Are you ready for today?'

'Well I think so, now I've got over yesterday'


So I went through my tale.

'Well at least you'll be ready for some of today's shoot'

'What are we doing? This' I motioned hair and nails' is a bit er strange'

'It looks good on you Jules, this week we are doing the first shoot on the catalogue for the winter season. It's sort of themed, you'll see.'

'Who else is working today?

'You remember Summer and Mike, they're inside. Niamh is coming tomorrow, they are staying over, go on in, first on the right. I'll be in shortly and we'll get started.'

I followed the directions and found not only Summer and Mike, but also Polly and half a dozen others sat around chatting. Polly made the introductions, Dez the photographer and Mary his assistant, Fiona was hair and makeup, Peter was costume and the two girls, Jay and Fi were the other models. Summer and Fi had the same hair and nails as me, we could almost be triplets, Jay was almost a negative, black hair cut in the same style with black nails, Mike seemed to have escaped the treatments us girls had to endure. (I found out later that wasn't strictly true)

Jay and Fi were apparently 'old' hands, they had done the last two catalogues, so new the drill and Summer had done some modelling before. That left Mike and me as rank amateurs. John arrived and explained the day's schedule, three scenes before lunch then five this afternoon. It didn't sound much, but boy could I be wrong. First stop for me was with Peter, he explained that Jay was going to be the main subject in the first scene with me and Fi, he introduced me to my costume, a pink rubber French maids outfit, Fi had a blue one. It didn't exactly cover much but then I knew what we sold.

Fiona sorted our hair and makeup, we looked quite different by the time she had done and we teetered on our heels to the 'set'. This consisted of a room decorated like a Victorian parlour, currently strewn with photo gear and people. Jay was already there dressed in an Edwardian style dress, it was only when you got closer that you could see it was made of rubber and quite heavy. I'll skip the entire posing and waiting bit, it wasn't quite the fun I was expecting, Polly told me that the afternoon session would be more fun.

Mike joined us for the second scene in a rubber evening suit, our maid's uniforms were changed for 'ordinary' ball gowns, Jay suffered with a rubber version. Of course we had to be corseted for this which I quite enjoyed despite yesterdays affair. We finished that scene with us girls all stripped to our undies, poor Jay even had latex bloomers and stockings on. Then lunch, while we ate Fiona with Mary's help redid our hair ready for the afternoon session.

A complete change of venue, one of the upstairs rooms that looked more like a dungeon with chains and benches and some things I didn't want to ask about! The costumes were a bit sparser too, my first consisted of a rubber halter bra and high waist pants to match, with very high heeled thigh boots and neck and wrist cuffs. We posed, pouted, waited, flounced, changed, well you get the idea, I had six costume changes which included a leather straight jacket and a rubber hobble dress which covered me from neck and wrist, the only way to wear that was without any undergarments!

It was during these sessions that I discovered that both of the pros had pierced nipples, I was shocked, never had I seen or even thought of such a thing. Fi confided that she had some other bits pierced too, I would see tomorrow. Well she obviously had the inside track on the programme. We finished just turned six; I grabbed a quick shower and drove home. The day had been an eye opener indeed and tomorrow would be more of the same. I had to admit that some of the costumes had been a bit of a turn on, a fortnight ago I hadn't known such stuff existed, now I was wearing it!

Tuesday and I decided to stay over rather than commute, the others were staying after all. We got through a fair bit in the morning session, another costume bit, this time with an Elizabethan theme. At lunch John, addressed his cast,

'This afternoon we do some of the more explicit stuff, I know Fi and Jay are ok with that but you others, if there is anything, and I mean anything you're not happy with, tell us. We can swap or change stuff, we won't think any less of you, and you still get paid. Any questions?'

There were none yet.

We went out of the house and round the side to the coach house where Polly locked the door behind us, seeing my worried look she ventured

'We don't want unwanted parties coming in do we, it's alright, the key stays in the lock'

My mind set at rest I rejoined the others. It was only then that I noticed Mike, Fiona and Peter were missing. Polly took on the costumier's role, Mary did our hair. For the first scene, we all wore the same outfit, heels with a padlock, pants the same as I had at home with a through zip and a rubber bodice, with the inevitable collars, now with chains attached. I discovered which 'other bits' Fi had pierced when Dez did some close ups of her opening the zip of her pants. I was both horrified and captivated by the set of rings in her labia. When we changed for the next session she showed me, proudly, her shaved pubes and the piercings. Six rings connecting the lips together and higher two what looked like studs, which she assured both myself and Summer, who wanted a look, that those two were the best. They were actually three-inch long bars; she pulled at one to prove it, which played on her g spot when she moved. No wonder she walked round with a smile!

Time for work again. The costumes were getting a bit more risqué, I almost balked at a g string and cup-less corset, but lets face it, it was unlikely anyone I knew would see the pictures, if they did how would they recognise me? I lost my pubes for a set of g-string close ups, it was actually quite nice and Mary had obviously done that shave before. While I was doing that, Polly let some people in I recognised Fiona and Peter but the other girl was new. Fi and Jay did the open pant shots, I ended up wearing a succession of corsets, Summer modelled a range of collars.

The new girl was referred to as Em and somehow got all the leotards and such. I think she was a bit shy, she changed on her own away from the rest of us and didn't speak much either. The final set for the day was again all of us, six this time, dressed identically in rubber frocks cut away at the front to show our rubber nix. Done for the day, we all returned to the house. Niamh was waiting inside; she'd arrived while the new girl was getting ready, but no sign of Mike.

'Hi everyone, how'd it go Em?'

'Fine I think' the voice was familiar and perhaps a bit deep

'She was wonderful' Polly chimed in ' but I think it's time everyone was let in on the prank'

'What prank? Em?'

Em then gave her hair a tug and it came away to reveal Mike's hair and hence head on this good-looking girls body. Amidst dropping jaws and myriad questions, Polly explained what they had done, John didn't know so it was a complete success. So that was how Mike/Em got a bonus for the catalogue shoot, I don't know to this day how they hid his bits, but after that he became one of the girls!

Wednesday and Summer, Niamh and em did some streetwear shots, the rest of us weren't needed till the afternoon. It was a warm day so we decamped to the garden and chatted. It was an education. Jay told me how she specialised in 'fetish' work because she actually liked the dressing up; working for Papillon was just great fun. Fi gave a step by step run through of her piercings and revealed that she normally worked in a kindergarten, this week was half term so she could do this and earn some money while having fun. If they were on the same rate as me, the week was worth about £4000's!

The others finished at lunch, that was them done for now, Polly took them down to the railway station in my car, hers is only a two seat. Fi disappeared with Fiona and reappeared a clone of Jay, black hair and nails. On the walk over to the coach house, John explained that this afternoon I was going to spend tied up, I wasn't too keen but heck, it wasn't for real.

My 'costume' consisted of an assortment of leather straps, which covered nothing and seemed to act primarily as somewhere to attach other chains and straps. I was chained up, blindfolded, I nearly bottled the gags, and I didn't have to feign alarm when Fi and Jay started flicking whip's.

My session was done but Fi and Jay had a bit more to do, jay got the dubious task of modelling some pants with built in vibrators and even 'butt' plugs, one pair with both! People bought these; John assured me they were best sellers. Fi's contribution was a series of horrible hoods that also included models with dildoe's that acted as gags. The session finished with them taking turns modelling nipple jewellery ranging from rings to shield like affairs, even some worn with linking chains.

That evening, the eight of us, peter stayed at the house, went out for dinner and John and Polly went through the next two days schedule. Most of it was photo stuff. I still didn't know what was in store for me, only that this was to be included in Papillon video catalogue.

'I can see someone looking a bit worried, Jules'

'Well not worried John, but what am I going to be doing?'


'Oh yes John, well Jules, these two are going to be playing dominatrix and you are their plaything. We will shoot some maid stuff then we torture you! Just kidding, we do some stuff like today only because it's video we need a bit more acting from you.'

John put in then

'Oh and you get your nipples pierced'

My jaw dropped and no sound came out, then everyone else erupted into hysterics, I couldn't see how me being mutilated was funny.

'No I don't' I was emphatic

'Yes you do, but it isn't you'

'Run that again'

Dez filled the breach

'Well all the long shots are of you, but the close ups will be one of this pair, after all they actually do have pierced nipples. For the after shots, we'll use some clip on rings. Don't worry it'll be fun'

Polly winced as she dropped the next bombshell

'And you um, have to wear the dildo pants'

'I what? You've got to be kidding. Why not just an ordinary pair?'

'Well the script actually has you pulling them on, we could fake that but our punters would spot right away if you didn't have it in, you can tell.'

'You'll enjoy it Jules' Jay put in

'Yeah live a little girl' that from Fi.

'Let me sleep on it guys'

'Not in it then?' that got a good round of laughter.

What had I gotten into? Well it wasn't like a porno film or anything was it? And anyway it would be Aisha on the credits not Julie. Next morning I was no clearer in my mind but at least I was only a maid this morning. There was a little dialog but after all there would be a voice over so I didn't need to try theatrics.

The afternoon started with a succession of costumes and simulated torture. We moved on through whips and restraints and finally I had to make the decision about the pants. I'd come this far; I might as well go all the way, so I agreed. Everyone would get to see my pubes being impaled on a rubber dildo, when you put it like that it wasn't so bad, more embarrassing.

Fi made sure that I was 'lubricated', and with me chained to a wall my colleagues pulled the pants up, I couldn't see as my neck was in a brace and I was wearing a gag and blindfold. It was a huge shock when I felt not only the dildo but also something in my back passage, a butt plug I realised. After the initial shock, it was more discomfort as the girls snugged the pants in place and, another unscripted bit, well I didn't know anyway; a chastity girdle was locked in place. By now I was squirming like a good one, it was true; you could never fake this!

It was ten minutes before I could sort of stand still. Then it was time for the last scene, for realism the girls prepared my nipples as though they were really going to do it, the spray completely numbed not just nipples but breasts as well. I could hear the girls giggling away.

'We forgot the rings John'

'Over here Fi, the gold ones'

I felt a bit of a fumble at one breast then the other, replaced by an unfamiliar sensation of weight. There was a bit more dialog and the weights were moved a couple of times on Johns instruction.

'Ok guys, it's a wrap, get our star down'

I was released from the wall and the gag and blindfold removed. Polly undid the neck brace and finally I could stretch and get a bit more comfortable, it was at this point that the pants reminded me of their presence.

'Well done Jules, we'll get close ups and things later'

'That was great Julie'

'A star is born!'

'Give over guys, just get me out of this stuff'

'Over in the house, you can get straight in the shower, here put this on'

Polly handed me a long robe and we went across to the house, my every step was either agony or ecstasy, I'm not sure which. I realised after Fi unlocked the chastity girdle that I would need help getting the pants off. I got in the shower anyway and felt the hot water play over my almost naked body, the feeling was returning to my breasts and I realised the nipple things were still on. Not on but in. the sneaky sods, they had pierced my nipples without telling me and the gold rings were not coming out! I couldn't find a closure of any kind and my nipples were now quite sensitive. I'm not sure what emotion I felt, anger certainly, delight possibly, well someone was going to pay for this!

By the time I left the shower, I had almost forgotten the pants, well no time now, I pulled a pair of jeans on and a crop top, with these tender nipples a bra was out, and headed downstairs. There was a reception committee, John and Polly.

'Sorry Jules, we shouldn't have done that to you'

'No you shouldn't' I pulled my top up' how do I get these out?'

'You need a special tool'

'Well where is it? Get these out'

Polly put in

'We're really sorry Jules but we didn't bring it, we didn't plan it, the girls got carried away, they were sure you wouldn't mind, and then John gave Fi the wrong sort of rings. These rings, oh they do like nice Jules, these rings were designed for a one off fitting, there isn't a tool, John made that up'

I was stunned to silence

'The girls are really upset Jules'

'Not as much as I am'

'Put your top back on Julie, and sit down'

I did so and then got a reminder of the pants.

'And whose idea was this?'

I indicated the waist of the dildo pants.

'I have to admit it was me' Polly replied 'I know we lied and tricked you but not maliciously, honest'

'We'd understand if you wanted to leave Papillon, but we'd really like you to stay'

'Well I guess I did sign the contract that said you looked after my appearance, not that I thought it would mean anything like this' I indicated my bosom' so I suppose I'll stay on one condition'

They both chimed

'Name it'

'I get to keep these pants'

We all ended up in a hugging heap, I had to fend them off my sore nipples but I was now well and truly a Papillon girl.

'Those girls are going to be punished though'

'What have you in mind?'

'Got any more of these pants down here?'

'No, but I could fetch some'

'Good, and Polly you don't escape either, so bring three pairs'

'I'm gone'

Polly left on her errand.

'Don't think I have forgotten your part John'

'Not for one minute'

An idea formulated in my mind.

'Come with me'

I led the way to Fiona's studio and left John while I detailed the plan to Fiona. He kept making nervous glances at us; Fiona could hardly keep a straight face.

'Ok John, Fiona will look after your punishment for me, we are all going to dinner, on me, at 9 o'clock, see you both then.'

Fiona returned and I summoned my other tormentors.

'Ok guys I owe you for the nipples and the pants, so I'm taking you out for dinner on my terms. Fiona has the pants and I see chastity girdles. Strip!'

They stripped and I had the pleasure of fitting those rubber prongs into each of them.

'Now you might not think that's too bad ladies' all three were squirming' but now you get the chastity belts too'

Wordlessly they acquiesced as I fitted each with a girdle, cinched it tight and locked it.

'These' I dangled the keys' I'm keeping safe. Now go get dressed, our main guest will be here at 9 so ready here by then.'

'What do we wear Jules?'

I thought about making that a punishment, but decided not to

'Only one condition you must have a corset on - tight'

I went to prepare myself. I was getting into this rubber stuff so I went and found a tight rubber number in purple. I worked out how to get the pants off, what a relief, had another shower then dressed, I did put the pants back on after wrapping the keys and secreting them inside, why should they have all the fun. I looked quite stunning by the time I'd done.

I waited for my victims downstairs; Fi, Jay and Polly arrived, squirmy and corseted. To be fair they had taken it all in good part, Polly had leather jeans and corset, Jay had a black version of the frock I had trouble with last weekend, I tightened it a bit more for her! Fi had gone for the Victorian look, one of Mondays costumes, all looked stunning.

Just before nine Fiona led another girl in, not exactly a model but pretty enough. She was wearing one of the flirty latex party frocks in blue with latex stockings and very high heels; her red hair cascaded about her shoulders.

'Hello John'

'Hello Jules' his reply was resigned, the others reaction was wonderful.

'But we can't call you John tonight can we. Hmm Sharon I think.'

So the redhead was now Sharon.

'Come on girls, lets hit the town'

Well we did all have a good night, even the reluctant Sharon, who ended up quite a party animal dancing away, showing her rubber knickers, I still don't know how Fiona hid his bits, but no one could tell.

The girls had to stay locked and when I eventually let them free next morning, they were ready to burst. I think John/Sharon enjoyed himself because he attended filming on Friday dressed in one of Polly's frocks and pretty he looked too. Friday's shoot was corsets and we all had fun lacing each other, and afterwards held a mini competition to see who could be laced tightest, I won with 17", Fi got 19", Jay 191/2", Polly did 20" and Sharon gamely managed 24". I went home Saturday morning having received quite an education and a pair of unsought for piercings.

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