Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 4


Saturday afternoon I decided to go up the City.

I'm not sure why but I just had an urge to mooch around the shops, well what girl doesn't. I looked around Oxford Street, Bond Street, and Carnaby Street; well I did the rounds and ended up buying a computer of all things. Steve came over and set it up for me, we spent the evening with pizza and the Internet, you can be sure Steve didn't get too much info about the last week and especially my nipples!

Sunday I spent surfing the net, I thought I'd best do some market research into this business I was being drawn into, so I checked out sites on fetish wear, corsets, high heels that sort of thing, there' s some weird stuff out there. I saw more strange things than I cared for, but there was one thing missing, a Papillon site. Well we couldn't miss all this exposure could we?

Next morning I was back at the office, my hair was a problem, until I remembered a wig I had in a cupboard, a short black pageboy. I didn't feel quite so conspicuous now and the looks were more at the car than me. To be honest my job wasn't that taxing, sort the mail, bank the cheques, do the wages, important but not usually too hectic. Before John could comment on my hair I shouted

'It's a wig, don't worry'

The next few days I used my spare moments on research and by Thursday I was ready with a proposal for John and Polly. Both of them were up for it, I would have to run it, but they would put resource into the project. Polly invited me to a party Friday night, to 'meet some clients', strict dress code rubber, she would drop my 'costume' off later. Friday was hectic; I hadn't even looked in the box Polly had left me.

When I did I was stunned, I was supposed to go out in this? After last week you could hardly call me a prude, but really. It consisted of the usual stilettos and stockings and a rubber corset with built in pant, with that was a matching pair of shoulder length gloves, a rigid collar and a ponytail hood. Well, I said I'd go and I was expected to wear this so I started dressing from the floor up. The shoes locked on, I put the key in my purse, then pulled the corset up, it was a snug fit unfastened and it was while I was trying to get into that I realised that there were two holes, one in each breast cup. The holes were reinforced and the only way to be comfortable was to push my pierced nipples through. So much for decency! I pulled the corset in and soon had a wonderful 20" waist.

The hood took some fitting but eventually I had a white ponytail sprouting from the top, it was feather edged so when I had it settled you couldn't actually feel the skin/rubber interface. The collar was next, three inches high with a built in ring, it effectively kept my head up, and lastly I pulled the gloves on just as Polly knocked to pick me up.

'You look great Jules'

'Maybe, I'm not keen on this' I fingered a nipple ring

'Oh sorry, forgot you weren't used to them yet' she foraged in her own bag and produced what looked like a pair of grommets. ' Here let me' and she deftly fitted the bits of rubber over the exposed nipple but leaving the rings free ' better?'

'Better but I still feel exposed'

'You won't think that way later, here what do you think?'

She opened her coat to reveal a set of rubber underwear, bra and pants.

'Now that is a bit exposed ?'

'Yes but I need your help, I'm not going like this, you're going to paint me with liquid rubber'

'Liquid rubber?'

'Yeah, here'

Well it took a while but the end result was amazing. Polly was covered from head to toe in a swirling rainbow of iridescent rubber. We made quite a pair.

We got some strange looks from the taxi driver but I was starting to get used to that sort of thin. We arrived at the party and my eyes were on stalks. Everywhere you looked were men and women and some not identifiable, dressed in all manner of rubber and leather. Gender didn't matter, men in dresses, women without so much as a bra on top, semi nudity was de rigour. Hair any shade you could think, bit's pierced I would never have thought of, even after Fi, couples in bondage, it was all here.

My attention was pulled this way and that, I wasn't the only one sporting rings in my nipples, and both men and women wore various nipple adornments. Polly seemed to know a lot of people here and she took me on an introductory tour. To be truthful I couldn't take much in, those in that group were weekenders, these here lifestylers, that stage is for the costume competition, the pair over there run a shop in Wales, well you can see I didn't have a hope. The one thing I did notice, everyone was having a good time, the majority at least were friendly, especially to a new face. Polly who answered to Pia here introduced me as Aisha; I kept the pretence up.

A band struck up and the party started to swing, I could just about dance in this getup, I could feel my gold rings bouncing on my rubber-encased breasts. People gathered to talk, moved on, joined another conversation, typical party except for peoples appearance, something straight out of a science fiction novel. The highlight of the evening was the costume parade; as if I had missed some command people started to gather in groups depending on what they wore. Pia found me and deftly plucked my grommets.

'You won't want these for this'

'I'm not going up there'

'Everyone goes up, it's all part of the fun, some people spend weeks planning their costumes for this. There are different categories; look there's bondage over there, rubber here and leather over there. Pairs in the corner and miscellaneous over there.' My newly exposed nipples stood to attention moving the rings to hang free; I was quite turned on by that, more so than all the exposed flesh around me.

Pia continued

'There's a prize for each category selected by the floor and you're up for the first timer too'

'Oh boy' I rolled my eyes. I'm not an exhibitionist the catalogue shoot was a one off wasn't it?

'Come on, rubbers up first!'

Deep joy. I followed Pia and waited my turn. Everyone was introduced, it was obvious that most were alias, everyone walked across the platform and each group of six drew a winner. In turn they were whittled down to a group winner, I was quite surprised to reach the last six, a girl in a bizarre spiky outfit won overall. I actually got right into it, shouting, clapping, jeering like the rest, Pia was right, it was good fun.

The group winners were called back and were voted on quite vocally to get an overall winner, a guy in a leather outfit won to wide appreciation. The first time award was by secret ballot, as far as I knew there were fifteen contenders, I didn't fancy my chances. Pia on the other hand was certain I was in for a chance, we were all called to the platform and I could see why she was so optimistic on my behalf. It was a bit Miss World, the guy acting as compere asked us names and assorted light-hearted questions. Of the others a couple wore 'off the peg' costumes, I recognised a Papillon design, the rest mostly enthusiastic attempts with poor materials. I still didn't click it was me when they called Aisha a second time. 'Aisha, it's you'

Pia's shout did get through and I tottered to the PA to accept my prize, ironically discount vouchers for Papillon and tickets for the next party in a month's time. The band struck up again and the dancing started anew.

We eventually left about 2am.i had some questions for Polly/Pia.

'Who are all those people?

'Well the lifestylers are mostly arty types, you know, musicians that sort of thing, some like that couple from Wales run fetish shops. We call them lifestylers cos. they always dress fetish style, they are usually the ones with lot's of piercings and that'

'Ok that makes sense, so I guess weekenders are like us? Just get dressed up from time to time.'

'You got it, there's bankers, other city types and ordinary Joe's too. There's others too, we get the curious who usually come just once, friends who borrow gear to come for a good party. I think you won tonite because of your nipples, for these people that shows you're serious.'

'Remind me to thank the girls' I replied sarcastically'

'Don't you like them?'

'Lets put it this way, I didn't volunteer for them, I can live them, I don't have much choice, but given the chance I would lose them. Anyway yours aren't pierced.'

'No, I'm allergic, I had the left one done but had to take it out.'

'Just as well I'm not allergic with these then'

We collapsed in the back of the taxi then.

'Those are our potential customers, Jules. I wanted you to see first hand our client base not get you involved with the fetish scene if you don't want to'

'Well whichever way you look at it, if I work for Papillon I'm involved'

'There's other groups we sell heavily to as well, the s+m people particularly and the slavers'

'S+m I can guess, slavers?'

'Not quite slavery in the traditional sense Jules. No they sort of play at being masters and slaves. Some do come close to the real thing, but for most it's a game they play at home or conventions. They take a whole range of stuff; I think most of them just like dressing up. If you want you can come to Lancaster in a couple of weeks and give me a hand with the stall.'

'Sounds like fun, oh home already'

'Ok Jules, see you Monday'

'Yeah bye Pia'

I stumbled in doors, and as usual only got as far as getting the shoes off. I spent Saturday recovering and planning the web site, Sunday was lunch with the oldies again, and Steve actually turned up to eat for a change. The biggest problem with this job was I couldn't tell the olds much, they would immediately disown me as a fallen woman, if they found out about my nipples, I'd never hear the end of it. All the time I had a nice car and worked in an office that was ok.

With Steve I could be a bit more frank. At least he knew of the fetish scene, well he saw them up town regularly and I knew he wouldn't tell our parents. We exchanged news and then I got the question I was dreading.

'You out Friday then?'

'Yeah, a party with a friend from work, up the city'

'Good one?'

'Great, it was sort of fancy dress, I won a prize'

'When you say sort of fancy dress you mean something else, I can tell'

Well I was itching to tell him

'Got me there. It was a fetish party, Polly leant me this outfit, sort of corset thing, and I won a prize.'

'Not for shrinking violet then'

'What do you mean?'

'You at a fetish party! I can never get you to wear a bikini at the beach.'

'That's different'

'Hmm, well I guess if you're into that, you'll be getting some piercings then?'

I blushed and he noticed straight off

'You've already got some, better not let mum know.'

'I sort of got them'


'Yes them, by accident'

'You don't get the sort of thing we are talking about by accident.'

'Well I did. The other week at the photo shoot, a couple of girls had rings in 'odd' places and well they thought I should. At the time I didn't know they'd done it but I went ballistic when I found out.'

'You could have taken them out'

'I wanted to but they are some sort of one fit jobs, once they are locked shut you can only cut them off, and no ones getting that close to do that!'

' Come on sis, where are they?'

'Look, if you must know, you can earn the information, you can help with the web site I'm putting together'

'Suddenly we're shy'

'Take it or leave it'

'Alright, I'll help. I'll come round tomorrow night. I'm not a perv you only have to tell me where, I don't want to see.'

'I'll believe you'

As my brother, I kept very little from Steve, so I decided that he would get to see my rings. I made an effort to dress down for when he came round Monday night, no rubber just jeans and t-shirt, no bra. The grunge look didn't go well with my hair so I put that in a pony tail, it looked better like that leaving just my pink and blue fringe.

Steve arrived and I thought we would get more done if we got the rings out of the way first.

'If you want to know where I'm pierced, come upstairs.'

The poor boy followed, I think he was quite embarrassed at the thought of his sister stripping for him.

'Ok ground rules, no pictures and no touching'


I could tell he was expecting me to pull my jeans down by the look of relief when I hoisted my t-shirt.

'You had me worried there sis, I have at least seen those before, you sure you can't take them out?'

'Yep, look I borrowed one from work, a Perspex sample so you can see how it works'

I covered myself and passed him the model.

'I can see now, you're ok until you push that bit in that locks it. Looks like you wear those forever then'

'It does, happy now'

'Yeah lets look at this web site of yours'

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