Any Job in a Storm

Chapter 2


Saturday was a blur and it was Sunday afternoon before I read through the contract in full. All was as John had said, travel on company business paid for, car supplied on hire basis at 25 a week, better than a proper company car. The small print was none too specific but the gist was that I must look after myself physically, Papillon took responsibility for my appearance, cut my hair that sort of thing, in effect I was a company woman until I left. That all seemed ok and when mid afternoon my car was delivered, I didn't hesitate to sign the contract. I mean what other job supplies a Saab convertible to a new staff member? Checking out the schedule, I found that for my first week I would be working from Orpington, then next week would be split modelling and filming, if that was the term. So on Monday I drove to the 'office' where Polly showed me the ropes and I gave John the signed contract. In retrospect perhaps I should have read it more closely.

It was never going to be a strictly 9 to 5 job. John and Polly were in and out constantly, the 'factory' was at Green Street Green and the film unit was based out near Ashford. I tried to get into a kind of routine but things take on a life of their own. Still Friday arrived and the three of us had dinner together.

'Are you looking forward to next week Jules?'

' I guess so, I'm not sure what to expect?'

'Don't worry, Simon will look after you.'

Polly put in

'Oh I forgot to tell you Julie, you've an appointment for your hair tomorrow, 10 at Visions.'

'Ok I'll be there'

On the way over to Visions I mulled over the coming treatment. My hair's never been much, dark blonde and midway down my back; it has a curious kink, which makes it hang oddly sometimes. I'd tried allsorts but the kink stayed, I just put up with it.

'Ah you must be Julie, welcome'

Typical male hairdresser.

'We will have you ready for your debut eh?'

Dino, I ask you, Dino set to work while an assistant tackled both hand and toe nails and later tackled my brows. I was in that chair fully three hours without seeing a hint of the treatment. I would probably have fled if I had but I had signed the contract. When I did finally see myself I didn't recognise me. Two gently curving brows above my eyes where my lashes were dyed blue. That was enough but my hair, my hair was white! Or should I say that blonde that is colourless. All except a square cut fringe layered in fuchsia pink and the same blue as my lashes and now I looked my eyebrows. All my nails were finished in a polished chrome; my finger nails a good inch long.

'Nice eh Julie'

'I'll let you know when I've taken it all in'

Dino chuckled at that.

I certainly got some looks on the way home. Something was wrong and it wasn't until I got home I realised what. I actually looked quite good in a sci-fi sort of way but my mumsy skirt and blouse were not compatible. I remembered John's words about employee sales and went to find the catalogue Polly had given me. I didn't take long to select a few pieces and rang Polly.

'Hello Polly, its Julie'


'I need some stuff Polly, my wardrobe does not run to this hair!'

'Oops, forgot to warn you. What do you want?'

'I've got a list, can I meet you at the warehouse?'

'About three ok?'

'I'll be there.'

Well I had to wear something to go in, the rubber gear was the only stuff that was halfway fitting with my new appearance. Now I think I've said, I'm not one for short flighty skirts, lots of leg, that sort of thing, so to contemplate going out in daylight dressed in rubber mini and corset was not something I could think about, just do it! I didn't put the swimsuit on this time; it was only when I was fastening the stockings that I realised I had no knicks on. Well in for a penny. I put the skirt on, eased into the shoes and cinched up the corset. I found a suitable necklace and earrings, gathered my bag and keys, put my gloves on and left the house. I escaped, I think, being seen getting to the car, but the drive to Green Street Green gave me more attention than I really wanted. It was actually quite a turn on dressed in rubber, no underpants, cruising in an open car. When I pulled up Polly was waiting, her eyes nearly popped when I got out of my car.

'Erm I see your Er, problem Jules' the look on her face was still one of shock.

'Hmm, can we get inside, this outfit is a little um, breezy'

'Sure' and Polly led the way inside.

There was a strong smell of both leather and latex, well that shouldn't have been a surprise, but the stock room certainly was. Row upon row of rails and shelves packed with rubber, leather and spandex.

'Right, lets find this stuff for you'

'Ok Polly'

After twenty minutes of searching my shopping list was complete, I only had to check it for fit! Polly had to help with that, as I stripped down to the buff in the staff room. The trying on was fun and took about an hour, but in the end I redressed in my original stuff to go home. I actually liked wearing this kind of stuff, and with a haircut I would never have dreamt of myself, well it was fun.

I left Polly and drove home, this time taking less notice of the looks I got. Just my luck! My neighbours got an eyeful when I got home; I can guess what was going on in their minds, but what the hell. Once indoors I decided to dress in some of my new gear, so I pulled it out to get started, tonite I decided, I was going out on the town.

My outfit was to say the least eye-catching, I started with a pair of stockings, regular type, then a pair of high waisted pants in white latex, complete with a front to back zip. That was it for underwear, the rest of the outfit was a white latex dress, corseted and strapless. After a bit of manoeuvring of bust and rubber, I fastened the suspenders and turned my attention to doing up the frock. It used a sort of ski boot fastening; six in all, the fiddly bit was getting them located. Once in the button was quite easy to use and I quickly had it snugged, looking in the mirror I could see that it would give me an incredible waistline a bit tighter. So I started to pull it in a bit, it was quite comfortable and in my ignorance I just kept tightening away. When I rechecked in the mirror it wasn't me, for the second time today I didn't recognise myself. I didn't have a waist! Or rather I did have a waist but it was quite small, I found a tape and ran around me, 18"! now I'm not fat but that was eight inches less than normal and I realised I couldn't move much.

I was fascinated at the idea but good sense found me releasing the binders, they released fully in one go, so I would have to start again. I found my footwear, white patent ankle boots with a high heel and clasp lock, put them on. I restarted tightening the dress and at a more sensible 22" size, I measured!, I stopped. A deep studded collar and matching cuffs completed the outfit, I found a mini rucksack in white for the nights essentials and I was nearly ready. Make up, well I settled for powder blue eyes and blue lips with a pale foundation, it wasn't me Julie I saw in the mirror, for tonite I was going to be Aisha, which felt right!

Well the night went well, I partied well into the night, however disaster struck in the taxi home. First I dropped off, that was ok until I jerked awake and caught a buckle on the seat; I arched my back to free myself and didn't really hear the click, more felt it. I freed myself, but strangely every time I moved the dress seemed tighter. I ignored it thinking it was just my imagination.

I was dog tired and collapsed into the bed without even getting the boots off. I awoke to some chest pain and realised I was still in the dress. I heaved myself up and realised I was short of breath, I also realised that the dress was tighter than last night. I tried the release buttons, nothing, again, but no movement. I went to my dressing room, my waist was smaller than that first time, and I could actually touch fingers round it! the tape confirmed it 16"! and I couldn't get out of it!

Fighting back panic I tried the numbers I had for Polly and john. No reply at any of them. None of my friends lived close enough to be of any help, and I could hardly go to the neighbours! And oh shit I was due at my parents for Sunday lunch. I tried again and found the problem, the binders had gone past the release mechanism, they couldn't release but thankfully they couldn't tighten any further. It must have been my taxi contortions and sleeping in the dress, I must have spent the night gradually making the corset tighter. Well for now I had to visit the oldies. I took off the collar and cuffs, and just managed the boots. I found a loose fitting dress and some flat shoes. Checking my appearance I looked ok if a little on the thin side, who wouldn't in that frock!

Mum was a bit taken aback by my hair, dad by my car. As I was constricted, my walk had adapted and that got looks if no comment from both of them. After lunch my brother turned up, he liked my hair, my car even more and 'when did you lose so much weight?' Fortunately both oldies were out of earshot. Of all the people I know, Steve is the one I can trust most, I told my tale.

' I can't get it off.'

'Oh boy sis, you do get yourself in some fixes'

'Any ideas?'

'Well I could take a look for you'

'Could you? Please. Here, we could use my old room'

'Best not, mum would sus something right off'

'Where then?'

'Yours after tea'


Steve arrived at the appointed time complete with tool kit.

'My dressing room'

'Ok sis'

Once there I had a little undressing to do

'Just remember, it's your sister you're ogling'

I removed the dress and Steve uttered an appreciative

'Whoa' When he recovered his voice he continued

'I didn't know you were into this sort of stuff'

'I'm not, wasn't, not until this weekend'

'How big is that waist?'

I showed him with the tape.

'We have got to have some photo's'

'No way, I just want out'

'Come on, my camera's in the car'

'I just want you to get me out'

'A few pictures, then I'll get you out. It'll be good practice for you'

'I guess'

'Look a few snaps for posterity then I get you out'



'Alright then but just a couple'

He was off like a whippet. I decided he might as well get the full effect, so I located and put on the collar and cuffs, Steve put the boots on for me when he returned. We decamped to my bedroom for the impromptu photo shoot. Half a film later, he just had to take a couple with the tape measure, we finished.

'Just remember, it's your sis inside and I'm not exactly wearing much underneath'

It took my sibling nearly an hour to re locate all the binders and with a loud click it released. It dropped to the floor leaving Steve staring at his sister wearing nothing except stockings and a pair of zip through rubber pants. He came round quickly and departed stage left and downstairs.

It actually hurt now; returning circulation had me in pain for a full ten minutes before I could do anything. I dressed and by the time I got downstairs, Steve had a sandwich and coffee waiting, I was starving as I had been unable to eat much restricted as I had been all day. In fact I was famished, I took my saviour to an Indian, on me, I owed him one.

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