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Maddy Part 2

Gaby's Back!

We all agreed to meet to go bowling the morning after the dance, I just so didn't want to get up! I guess all of last night's excitement took its toll, I still can't believe that Drew won all that money. Any way I think Ally and me have got that little problem licked. Ally is going to pretend to be Gaby and open an account at the bank so Drew can get the money after all I can't see him dressing as a girl again in a hurry. Worst luck! Drew was really relieved when I told him the plan and when I told him that he and Rhod could have ducked out of last night he looked a bit pissed.

It was Tuesday before we all met up again to go biking. Drew looked gutted when Ally told him that she'd not got to the bank yet but other than that we had a good time. Well except for me getting a puncture that nearly wrecked my wheel on the way back, so we ended up walking for a fair bit. Jules eventually rescued us after Drew, the sweetie, had pushed my bike for miles while I rode his.

We met at Rhod's to play his PS-2 next day, Ally and Drew arrived together I presumed after sorting their 'business'. How Kewl! We got our pictures in Chad (that's our local paper), me, Drew, Rhod, well everyone really. It wasn't until Drew and Ally told us what happened at the bank that I realised there was a down side to fame. The long and short of it was that one of the women at the bank had seen the pictures and accused Ally of stealing Drew's cheque! As you can guess Ally freaked but she did manage to put off the police by promising that 'Gaby' would go in herself next week. Poor Drew, he thought Gaby was gone for good, now he's going to have to dress up to get his prize money!

We agreed to meet at my house on Tuesday morning, Drew was going away with his parents for the weekend and the rest of us had family stuff too over the weekend. The plan was to do the bank thing in the morning then hang out for the rest of the day.

I had a really great weekend, even if I did have to sit with Great Grandma all of Sunday afternoon, but I was cool with that, I mean she is 70, which is like really old!

The girls and I sorted out a 'Gaby' outfit for Drew so we were ready for him when he arrived. Mum had to go out for a while so we soon had Drew dressed in a Betty Boo t-shirt and a long denim skirt. By the time we had finished no one would doubt he was Gaby. Bernie put a choker on him and I gave him the little gold hoops I bought him at the weekend. Before we left we had him practice signing 'Gaby Thomas' until he started to do it nearly the same each time and in a suitably lady like hand.


I don't know whether Drew noticed but the rest of us had jeans and stuff on, we thought it would make him seem more girly. I think it worked. We got to the Bank about eleven and nervously shuffled in. Give him his due, Drew didn't hesitate when he asked for Mrs Jenkins the head teller. When she came out she greeted 'Gaby' by name! That is just so spooky. Ally introduced the rest of us and Mrs Jenkins apologised to Rhod, she thought we were all girls.

Gaby acquired a new account, a Walkman and some cash by the time we left, perhaps this wasn't the end of Gaby?

Anyway Drew sprang for ice creams which we ate in the churchyard. Drew seemed to have forgotten about what he was wearing and no one else mentioned it either. We decided to do a bit of 'surfing' on my computer as it was looking a bit like rain. Drew got changed but I don't know why, he left the make up on and the gold hoops in. perhaps he just forgot.

I was a bit surprised to find that mum had posted some pictures of us in our costumes to my favourite con site. Drew went into panic mode, but we convinced him that no one would recognise him. Dad got a copy of 'The Sims' last week so we started a game and got well engrossed; we didn't even hear mum come in.

Everyone was staying for tea, mums special spaghetti tonight, yum yum, so we only broke off when she called us to eat. Afterwards we resumed playing 'The Sims' until just gone six when Drew left to go to his race. Mum was obviously more observant than I thought.


"Yes Mum"

"Why was Drew wearing makeup and earrings?"

"Oops! We were practising make up on him earlier, I guess he forgot he had it on"

Her look said she wasn't convinced but she didn't pursue it so I rejoined the others at Sim central. Ah well tomorrow is another day.

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