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Maddy Part 1


Hi, I'm Maddy, Maddy Peters. I guess either Rhod or Drew has mentioned me before. Oh yeah, Rhod and Drew, well along with Ally and Bernie, they are my best mates. We all live around Warsop, that's a small town between Worksop and Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, England. We go to the same school and we've known each other from nursery school, so I guess that's about eight years?
 Me! This is me!

We are a pretty close knit group, we do loads of stuff together and I guess we don't have many other friends. I suppose at the cusp of our teenage years this can't last, but at least for now we're still all together.

Anyway I thought I'd tell you about some stuff that happened in the last few weeks to our gang. I've sort of just put down the highlights from my diary (which I'm not very good at writing!) as the guys have told you stuff I'm just sort of filling a few gaps?

Well I guess it all started not long after Drew's thirteenth birthday, I was looking at some Anime sites on the web when I got an idea. Our school Easter dance cum disco was fancy dress and seeing pictures of cosplay cons, I reckoned we could all go as Anime characters.

Well I talked to the girls and showed them some pictures and in principal they were both in agreement. Bernie pointed out that there weren't many male characters and I don't know why, but I just came out with it, 'the guys can dress as girl characters too!'. Well the other two weren't sure but warming to my theme, I pointed out that at the cons, guys often wore girl costumes.

Well decision made, we just had to convince the guys!

I guess we expected more of a fight out of them but they didn't turn the idea down flat. After some discussion they said that if us girls could make them convincing enough to go shopping without being found out, they'd do it. What a challenge! So Bernie, Ally and I started working on how to turn our mates into passable girls, what fun!

As neither of them is exactly big or butch, it wasn't as difficult as you might think. We got them both dressed up and I have to say they both looked pretty good, amazing what a bit of padding and makeup can do.
 Pippa! Gaby!
We did a good job on them eh! That's Rhod on the left and Drew on the right.

I never thought we'd get the guys to go out dressed up but I guess a bit of machismo must have got to them as they agreed to go to Meadowhall over in Sheffield all dressed up! We even named them, Rhod was now Pippa and Drew picked out Gaby like in Xena, go figure.

Well we got there on the bus ok and things were going, like really well? We went round loads of shops and stuff and the guys did their best to join in, anyway no one took any notice of our group of mall bunnies. That is till we got lunch.

Of all things, Drew's sister, Juliette, and some guys from school, Paul and Clive spotted us in the food hall. Well I thought the game was up but I came up with a plan, I would introduce them as my cousin and her friend! It was worth a try. As Drew was wearing a blonde wig he got to be my cuz and Rhod 'her' friend. I introduced them and amazingly they were not immediately found out! However things got dangerous when they all decided to join us at the cinema. Well I could see panic in the boys eyes with real reason, I mean close up they were sure to be exposed.

I grabbed Drew and pulled him into the girl's room and found a cubicle. Drew / Gaby was a bit shocked by this and sat down not saying anything. On the spur of the moment I took out my studs and before he could argue, I pierced his ears, well it might help throw his sister off the trail! I guess it must have worked, none of them twigged that we had two boygirls in our midst.

We got back to Warsop and the guys had to agree that we had managed to pull it off and they agreed to go to the dance 'en femme'! Our respect for the guys went up a notch, I mean they could have quite easily told us to forget it but instead they agreed to go to a school dance, as girls!

That's when things started to get weird. Drew told us on the following Monday that his sister had recognised him, so us girls had a chat with her. Well it seems, and don't tell Drew we know, last Christmas he did a fancy dress with his mum, dressed as Xena's Gaby! We were even more surprised when she volunteered to help sort out the guys for the dance. Seems she was convinced she knew when she saw Drew's freshly pierced ears next day. Although I took the studs out I managed to leave the tiny plastic keepers behind! Yikes. Jules reckoned Drew didn't know and when she cleaned his weepy ears she left them in!

The die was cast I guess, Jules was really helpful and in the end we all picked out new costumes and Jules agreed to join us. Rhod got a quite demure sort of Geisha outfit but Drew got a quite revealing outfit, part of a pair with me wearing the opposite costume! I thought he would duck out then but Drew is made of stern stuff. There was quite a bit of sewing and stuff to do but we got Drew to organise shoes and stuff, while Rhod got to make other props. The guys were being really good about the whole thing although I know they must have been embarrassed as hell at times!

I guess it was a couple of weeks before the dance, we agreed to meet Drew in Mansfield. When we caught up with him he was in a bit of a state, seems that a girl in one of the shoe shops thought he was a girl, a tomboy, but a girl nevertheless! Well he was a bit freaked and had gone along with it but by the time we got to him he was quite upset. What was worse was that he was just wearing his normal stuff, jeans, trainers and sweatshirt. Freaky!

I was surprised that he didn't just say 'no way' right then, but Rhod has since told me that they had a sort of support pact going and it was all or nothing. Well anyway we finished the costumes and even gave the guys some gurl lessons! You know, like how to dance, walk, sit and stuff, I mean they would be in front of the whole school!

Well the night of the dance came and we had to fool my mum too as she was expecting Drew and Rhod to join us at the house. It was great, mum had booked a limo, one of those big wedding type things and we even convinced mum that Drew and Rhod were school friends, girl friends! Mum took a load of pictures before we left, she never twigged the guys were there!

We had to pose for mum before we got the limo to the dance, that's me on the right!
 Party costumes!

The dance was way cool. Drew and Rhod looked absolutely brill and we even won some spot prizes, best of all Drew won best costume! He was well gobsmacked I can tell you!

Well at the moment we're trying to work out how to cash Drew's prize cheque, it's made out to 'Gaby Thomas' his pseudonym for the night!

Have to go now, I'll tell you more next time.

Maddy Bell 23.04.03

Copyright 2003

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