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Sam an tha

Part 4

Sam had a dreamless night, alcohol can do that and he'd certainly had a bit at the Admiral. He woke with a mouth like - well like something not pleasant and there was a strong smell of cigarette smoke on his hair to remind him of last night. The brain cells were not really connecting that well but he stumbled to the bathroom and was soon luxuriating under the shower rose.

"Sammie?" Em enquired through the door.


"You want breakfast?"

"Sure, what're we doing today?"

"The weather looks good, how about the beach?"


Hmm, the beach sounded pretty good, he'd have to do some course work at some point but hey - you're only young once! He finished showering and soon joined Emma in what passed for their kitchen.

"Here you go." Em passed him/her a mug of coffee.

"Cheers." Sam gratefully took a mouthful, which helped to resolve the old sock feeling that still occupied his mouth.

Em smiled to herself as she watched her friend tucking into the toast and marmalade. Sam had put on the flouncy dress that they'd bought yesterday and with his hair hanging loose even without makeup, he looked quite a fox!

"So you wearing that to the beach?"

"Yeah I think so." He flounced the skirt a bit.

"Well I'm taking my bikini, I want to get a tan this year." Em stated.

Sam looked a bit thoughtful while he chomped his toast.

"Wassup girlfriend?" Em queried.

"I don't think I've got a suit here, otherwise I'd do the same."

"We can get you one on the way, they're quite cheap in that boutique on Green Street."

"Yeah okay." Sam agreed although he sounded a bit puzzled.

'I'll have to get the others in on this.' Em thought to herself as she watched her friend finish his breakfast.

It was still only nine thirty when the two of them set off for the sea front, on foot, as it was such a nice day. Sam was looking every bit the girl the others made him striding confidently along in the sassy dress, white hair billowing around his/her head, heels clacking merrily on the pavement. Emma had alerted her co conspirators to the plan and they promised to find them later.

Sam was quiet, only answering Em's direct questions, as they headed towards the sea on the sun warmed streets, even at this time the paving was warm through the thin soles of her sandals. She could remember going to the beach before but not with the girls, no he had flashes of rowdy trips with a load of lads - why on earth would any decent girl do that?

It felt good though with the sun caressing her shoulders, her swishing skirt keeping her legs cool and the big sunglasses keeping the sun out of her eyes. Good but, but not usual.

"Not the white one, you'll look all wishy, try this." Em suggested brandishing a cute yellow two-piece at Sam.

"It's a bit er scanty." Sam noted.

"I've seen you in less." Came the riposte.

"Alright I'll try it."

Em didn't want to push her luck, only allowing herself a brief grin as Sam took the swimsuit into the changing room.

Sam slipped out of the dress and surveyed the ‘garment Em had picked out. It sure was yellow but he was still concerned about the brevity of the ensemble. Ah well, in for a penny - the pants were soon in place, they were fuller in cut than they first looked. After removing his bra it was soon replaced by the two tiny triangles of material and copious straps of the top.

"You died in there?" Em's voice enquired.

"Just finished."

"Well let's see then."

Sam gingerly pulled the curtain back.

"Oh wow! You just have to buy that Sam, you'll have the whole beach ogling you!"

Somehow that didn't reassure Sam in the least, in fact just the opposite.

"Maybe it's a bit much."

"Don't be so wet, you look totally babe-alicious. In fact," she pulled the price tag off, "keep it on then you won't need to change at the beach."

"I'm not walking through town in just this!"

"Of course not silly, put your dress back on, I'll meet you at the till."

Sam closed the curtain, a feeling of, well something, maybe unease. He slipped the dress back over his head and settled it about him. The discarded underwear went into the bag with the other beach stuff. He made his way to the counter where Em was chatting with the assistant.

"Come on Sam, I've paid for your cozzie, you can buy lunch."


See you girls later." the shop girl called out as they departed.

Walking along Sam realised something felt different. After the fairly flimsy underwear that he was used to the bikini felt more restrictive, maybe that's not the right word but certainly the heavier fabric gripped his body more and the brief top certainly let his jugglies move about more than his bras. Not that it was uncomfortable, just different. It was only a short walk now to the beach, or what answers locally to that name, like a lot of the south coast the beach is not sand but pebbles. The downside of course was that you have to use deck chairs if you want any semblance of comfort.

There was a bit of an onshore breeze and Sam was grateful for the extra thickness of his new swimsuit.

“Mand and Julie said they will meet us later.” Emma mentioned as they went through the ritual of fighting with the canvas and timber recliners.

“I hope the weather holds then.”

“The forecast looked good – there!” Em finally won her fight with the chair.

Sam wasn't far behind in getting the seat to stay open on the shelf of pebbles midway between the sea wall and the waves.

“Turn over girl, I'll factor you then you can do me.”

“Sure.” Had Emma ever suggested that before? Why shouldn't she? Sam struggled to remember it happening though in fact he was sure she had rejected his offers previously hadn't she?

Em straddled Sam's back and started to rub their sun block into his back, hmm that felt good. When he put it on himself it was generally a handful splashed about and invariably missing a bit which meant patches of burnt skin after a day mucking about on there beach. Em was being much more thorough and took a full ten minutes to do the job.

"You can do the front yourself, my turn now." she handed Sam the bottle before settling into her own recliner.

Sam couldn't remember being in this position before, a girl wanting a massage from him. Him? Gingerly he assumed the straddle position that Em had used, it felt a bit odd but there were a lot of odd feelings going around lately.

Em yelped, "warm it up first you daft mare!"

"Sorry Em, I forgot."

The second attempt was better and he marveled at the smoothness of Em's skin as his hands spread the gunk about. There it was again, that strange feeling in her nether regions was she getting turned on by this? Em gave a contented sigh as he paused, the intensity of the moment suddenly lost.

"Um, all done, you can turn over now."

"I could get used to that." Em stated as she rolled over.

"Er yeah." Sam agreed.

The two of them completed the sun block application on themselves then settled down to enjoy the rays.

Sam was never one for idling, and after barely ten minutes he was starting to fidget.

“Give over girl, anyone ‘ud think you had ants in your knickers!”

“Sorry, I should've brought something to do.”

“I've got Marie Claire .” Em offered.


The magazine was soon produced and while his friend returned to dedicated sun bathing Sam found himself reading adverts for tampons and articles on ‘Your Autumn Wardrobe' and celeb tips on hangover cures. Well it passed the time but even that august volume was soon consigned to the pebbles. The shouting further along the shore once again attracted Sam's attention and he found himself turned about and watching the impromptu footie game.

He soon found himself imagining himself down there that was daft though, what girl would get involved in the rough and tumble of beach football? He glanced over at Em happily dozing in the sunshine, no girl he knew at least! The great sporting event was winding up and his attention was taken with watching a couple of sailing dinghies tacking back and forth across the expanse of the bay.

A shadow fell across Sam's back followed closely by some giggling.

“Mand, you've ruined it!”

“Hi guys.” Em stretched languidly before sitting herself up.

“I'll go get a couple of deckies.” Mand informed them as she slung her bag down.

Julie plonked herself on the pebbles next to Sam.

“So whatcha been up to?”

“Not a lot.” Sam noted

“Alright for some, I've had a right day.” Julie moaned.

“Anyone fancy an ice cream?” Sam enquired.

“Do I!” Em crowed.

“Yes please.” Jules added.

“I'd best get Mand one too.” Sam noted as he slipped his dress over his head, there was no way he was walking along the beach in just a bikini!

“I think our Sammie is gonna have a lasting reminder of today.” Em mentioned as Mandy returned with the extra deck chairs.

“Yeah you've both well caught the sun.” Julie agreed.

“What're we doing later?”

“Got a hot date Mand?” Em joked.

“I should be so lucky.” The third conspirator lamented.

“You got something in mind Mand?” Julie asked.

“We always get a takeaway on Wednesdays, what if we eat out for a change, it won't cost much different.”

“I guess I could go for that.” Em noted.

The ice cream girl arrived bearing rapidly melting dairy product.

“Here we go!”

“Thanks Sammie.”

“We're eating out tonight.” Mandy announced.

Maddy Bell 17.04.07 © 2007

More of this tale soon! Watch this space!

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