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Making Ends Meet part 4

The First Hurdle

By the end of the second week it was clear that Sarah was taking to her Edwardian costume but it was obvious something was niggling.

'What's up Sarah?'

'Eh! um sorry Colin'

'What's the matter?'

'Its this uniform, I can't keep wearing it like this, it just doesn't look right'

{Just as I planned} thought Colin

'What do you mean, I think you look great' a bit of flattery goes a long way.

'Well its designed to be worn with different underwear, my Knickerbox undies just don't work. It really needs a corset to get the shape right and I don't know where to get one to try.'

'That's easily sorted, the people who made the dress I'm sure can come up with suitable undies, and I'm paying as its part of the uniform'

'Well I would like to try it'

'Settled then, let me have your measurements and I'll organise it as soon as possible'

'Erm, I don't want to sound whiny but could I get a second dress too, it takes forever to dry when I wash it'

'You should have said before, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well!'

The corset was duly ordered the dress he held back on until the corset arrived.

Sarah had a nice figure, size ten so she wasn't expecting to have any problems with a costume corset, which would after all only be readjusting her shape slightly. The corset arrived, and after spending half an hour lacing it she tried it on.

She got it laced up and tied off and checked herself in the mirror, only to be dismayed to find it was no where near closed at the lacing. Still she ran a tape round and found her waist was now just twenty-four inches, two less than usual! It felt sort of comforting wearing the stiff garment, like a nice hug. She put her dress on and felt more 'in character' straight away. However there was a second problem, although the dress fitted better, it was now loose over the corset which ruined the effect. Nothing a bit of needlework couldn't put right though.

Colin acted dismayed at his 'error' in ordering the corset, even offering to get it changed, Sarah would have nothing to do with that, she would make do, it wasn't like it was too big or wouldn't adjust. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to resist lacing it down to closed; Colin ordered a second corset and a second dress with a resized waist.

He had thought that the wig was a bit over the top when he came up with the idea and when Sarah had stated that there was no way she would dye her hair, one of her course mates had arrived at lectures that day with bright cerise locks, Colin had decided to let her off the wig as soon as she complained at all about it.

When it came to it, Sarah hated that wig. It was heavy, hot and difficult to look after. But it was part of the uniform so she put up and shut up. She had been wearing the wig for nearly two months everyday, at least part of the time and she was quite used to seeing a blonde in the mirror. In fact when she totted it up she had that damned wig on more than off!

'Colin, can we talk?'

'Sure Sarah, you only need ask, what's up'

'Well it's my uniform'


'I want to loose the wig'

Colin decided to play hard to get before giving in.

'Its part of the uniform you agreed to wear'

'Yes I know, but it's not necessary'

'The dress isn't necessary, but it's the uniform'

'What I mean is, look' and she ripped the wig off.

Colin was dumbstruck. Instead of Sarah's natural brown hair she released a pile of almost white blonde locks.

'See I don't need the wig if I'm blonde already do I?'

'Er, no you don't'

'Good, that wig was awful!'


'Well I realised that I was wearing the wig more than not so I got a short brown wig to wear for Uni. and hit the bottle!'

'But I thought you hated the wig'

'I do but this one,' she produced her new brown wig, 'is much lighter and easier to look after. I'll just tell everyone that I fancied a short cut!'

'Well it seems a fait accompli, I'll change your contract so it covers you being blonde only however if you don't let the roots grow out, I'll supply materials or pay the hairdressers.'

'Done! Materials will be fine, I can manage bleach on my own, colour would be something else.'

'Now that's sorted, how's the new dress?'

'Fine, I really like the dark red, it matches the new corset well.'

'I hoped it would, is it my imagination though but your waist seems smaller.'

'Well I wasn't sure you could tell as I've altered the dresses to fit better, but this here is now a twenty one inch waist.'

There was pride as she told him the figure.

'Doesn't that hurt?'

'No, I've been getting the laces tighter gradually but the corsets close all the way now.'

'Well I guess a celebration is in order. Get changed into a party frock and we'll go out for dinner tonight.'

Well the wet dream that came down the stairs half an hour later looked nothing like the quiet, conservative Sarah who Colin had employed. This was a confident poised young woman, certainly not afraid to let people know what she had become. From her blonde head to her stiletto clad feet she looked stunning. The figure hugging minidress did little to hide her still corseted waist, which in turn emphasised her breasts and hips. Tonight all eyes would be on Sarah that was for sure.

Maddy Bell 17.11.02
Copyright 2002

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