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Meine Liebling Rad links

These are my favourite bike bits from Italy. There's all sorts of stuff including a bit about my hero David Millar (Maddy note: he's dreamy isn't he?)

I saw these really cool bikes when we went to Germany.

After going with Mum the other week I had a look and found the official Manchester velodrome site.

For more info about my circuit racing and track riding check out British Cycling.

If you want to know what all this 'time trialling' that i do is all about, you'd best look here.
Gaby und Madchen Zeug

Maddy and Bernie insisted I put this link in.

There's some cool links and stuff on here. That's what Bernie said anyway.

Well we all like Buffy and this site is pretty cool!

You think you know what a Mall is? Check out our, well the girls, favourite shopping spot.

When I went to Germany, Kat and her friends were all into this guy and his pals, go figure!
Cartoon Doll and Dress Up Games! Cartoon Dolls!

This is a real cool site for dolls, I mean Mad insisted I put this up.
Platz links

Like most places these days Warsop has it's own web site.

I know you'd all like to know more about the area where me and the guys live - this is as good a start point as any.

Me and the guys often go to Mansfield shopping, find out more about the place here.

The alternative to going to Mansfield - Worksop!
Historisch links

I found this site all about castles when I was doing a project on the Norman's. I told Dad about it and he thinks it's pretty cool too.

More stuff about our neck of the woods!
More than you ever wanted to know about the A1, England's original trunk road, The Great North Road that I've raced on occasionally.


The coolest sight on the web! Miss Bell's books covering my adventures help support this charity for transgendered kids. Pop along and see what they can offer.

This is the site of the real Apollinaris that as far as I know doesn't sponsor a ladies race team, maybe they will be inspired!
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