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Rhoddri - The Saga of Rhod and Phillipa.
Part 1

Another Fine Mess

"You are serious aren't you"

"Of course we are"

Drew turned a funny shade of pink

"Look guys, it will be fun, once you are dressed up no one will know"

"Like you can make us disappear! Everyone will know who we are straight off"

"No they wont!"

"I'm not saying I'm in" I said, "but what's in it for us?"

The girls looked at each other.

"Fun, and our gratitude"

Perhaps I should start a bit further back. My bud Drew and I had been summoned to Maddy's mansion as we called it; the girls had another harebrained scheme up their sleeves. I arrived at the same time as Drew and after Mrs Peters had got us drinks and hot cross buns she left us alone.

"What's the secret?" Drew asked

"Well we've got an idea, shut the door Ally"


"And you probably won't like it, but we think it would be a real buzz"

"Spill it"

"Ok, you know the Easter disco"


"Well we want you two to go with us"

"That's no big deal, I was going anyway" I told them

"And I guess I can fit it into my social calendar too" Drew added

"There's a catch" Maddie was showing a bit of nervousness.

Bernie took up the reins, "We want to go in costume, there's prizes and stuff"

"Still with you so far" Drew noted

"Well the point is we want to go as Manga girls, you know like Sailor Blue and that"

"What will us guys go as?

"Erm that's just it, you'll be Manga girls too"

"What, no way"

"Come on guys, your kidding right"

"No we're deadly serious, we've even sort of sorted some costumes"

Now you get the full picture?

You might have read Drew's account of all this but I thought I would put in my two bob's worth (my dads saying, I don't know what a 'bob' is).

I was intrigued.

"One condition" Drew started

"You'll do it?"

"Hang on, I didn't say yes yet"

"What condition?"

"If you can't make us pass as girls by next weekend were out"


This was running ahead a bit but I nodded my ascent.

"Ok, we'll go to Meadowhall on Saturday, if anyone guesses you are boys we'll call it off for the dance"

"What now?"

"Us girls will get everything together and we'll start tomorrow"

"We need to choose costumes now though, I've brought my Manga"

We looked through the Japanese comics for a couple of hours after that the girls had picked out costumes for everyone. Ally would be Pink, Maddie Prince, Bernie was to be Sailor Blue, I got Yellow, and Drew got Sakur! If anyone saw through these costumes we were in trouble!

After tea we had a PS2 session then headed home, we were all meeting at Ally's next morning.

Drew looked a bit concerned but I knew the girls would fail and we would be off the hook. After Drew arrived at Ally's her mum popped her head in.

"I'm going out in a few minutes, so behave. If there's any trouble I'm holding you responsible Alison. You have been warned. I'll bring lunch back, Maccy D's ok?"



"No gherkins for me"

"Remember Rhod's a veggie"

"Ok guys, see you about one o'clock"

"Bye mum"

"Bye Mrs Lacey"

"Right fellas time to get started"

Both of us guys blushed when Bernie emptied her bags on the bed.

"Ok guys, strip!"

"Come on we've seen you in your Speedo's so don't be bashful"

"I guess" Drew agreed while I kept quiet.

The girls giggled and checked us out as we both stripped down to our pants and left us squirming for a while.

"Bernie you take Rhod and we'll do Drew, you can use my parents room"


Bernie grabbed an armful of stuff and half dragged me into Ally's parent's room.

"Come on Rhod, don't be bashful"

"I'm not, can we just get on with it please?"

Pippa makes her debut "Ok, put these on" she handed me a bra, pink cropped t-shirt and a knee length denim skirt, a pair of pale knee highs and Bernie's blue trainers completed my outfit. By the time she was done I was wearing mini bunches and enough makeup to make even Rhodrii Morgan look like a girl.

"Hey are you guys ready yet?"

"Just coming"

When I saw Drew he was looking at me with the same sort of look I was giving him.

"Well I reckon we're going to win this one girls"

"Yeah, come on lets get some pictures"

"Noo" we both cried

"Yes, you don't think we did this to let the moment just go do you"

"I guess" Drew allowed

Ally took some pictures and even managed to get some with the self-timer.

"I still think there's something wrong" Maddie stated

"Panties!" Bernie opined

"You're right, their y fronts really show under those clothes"

Ally dived into a draw and reappeared with a couple of pairs of lacy panties.

"Put these on, you can slip yours off without anyone seeing"

"Do we have to?" I asked

"Yes, otherwise we can't see how you look"

So we changed our underwear and waited for the final appraisal.

"Excellent, you two look really cute, I think this might work"

"We can't call them Drew and Rhod dressed like this"

"Well girls what shall we call you?" Maddy addressed us

Drew got in first,

"How about Gaby, like from Xena? She's blonde and I think pretty cute, I cant be Xena can I, I mean that would be too obvious"

"Well I reckon Drew's right, he even looks a bit like Gaby so that's settled, but it should really be Gabrielle"

"How about Phillipa, my middle names Phillip" I suggested

"Yay! Girls meet Pippa and Gaby"

"Oh heck, mums due back at one"

We all looked at the clock.

"Quick lets get you two changed, Pippa go get dressed while we clean up Gaby then we can swap"

There was a flurry of activity over the next ten minutes as Rhod and Drew once more replaced Pippa and Gaby.

"Hi kids, hope you didn't get into mischief"

"No Mrs Lacey"

"No mum"

"Ok, come and get your lunch"

We descended to the kitchen for our Ronald specials, all through the food Maddie kept calling Drew Gaby, which was winding him up.

"What's with calling Drew Gaby?"

"Oh nothing Mrs Lacey, we were talking about Xena and Drew said that he'd prefer to be Gabrielle than Xena"

"I see, what are you all doing this afternoon"

"Going for a walk mum"

"Ok, make sure one of you has a phone and take care"

"We will" we all echoed

We were out in the woods before our forthcoming humiliation was brought up again.

"Gaby, Pippa we need to do some practice before Saturday"

"Drop the names huh?"

"No if we are in the mall and someone speaks to you it will look odd if you don't reply, so whenever we're alone we will call you by your girlie names"

"Yes Herr Fuhrer!" I snapped off a salute.

"That's just what we don't want. If you act like boys, even if you look like girls people will look twice and you could be found out"

"I never thought of that" Drew put in

"Well do. So between now and Saturday you are both taking girl lessons."

So as Drew told you before, each day we met and Gaby and Pippa received lessons in girlhood from the real thing. By Friday they were happy enough that we would pass and we were set for the five of us to go to Sheffield on Saturday morning. We were meeting at Bernie's house to get ready then catch the bus first to Worksop then on to Meadowhall. Time would be short, Bernie's parents were taking her brother to Nottingham and were leaving just after eight, our bus left at five past nine. To speed things along the girls presented each of us with our undergarments and informed us that we would shower, hair wash at home and be wearing our girls undies when we got to Bernie's.

I was getting changed into today's choice, knee length pink t-shirt dress, sandals and Bernie's pink denim jacket when Drew arrived. We got to the bus stop just in time and our transformation continued as the girls painted our fingernails. Pippa at Meadowhall

I know Drew is not a shopping person and I can take it or leave, but no one took any notice as we went up and down the Mall. We finally got to the Oasis, which is Meadowhall's food hall and while the others grabbed a table, Bernie and I were delegated to fetch pizza and drinks. We were just getting back to the table when Ally started squealing.

"Look guys, it's us"


I joined everyone else to look where Ally pointed to see our little group up on the huge TV screen; the mall TV station slowly scanned the seating area in between adverts and videos. We all gave a wave before the camera panned away.

"Let's see a film"

"Ok, what's on"

"Don't know, let's look"

So we went upstairs to find out what was on in the multiplex and ended up buying tickets for Lord of the Rings. We headed down to the arcade as we had a bit of time to kill so we started to look in the little shops adjacent to the food hall.

"I thought it was you guys"

Drew jumped and we all turned to find Drew's mate Paul and right there with him was Clive and Drew's sister Juliette!

"Clive reckoned I was wrong and Juliette thought Drew and Rhod would have been with you"

Maddie quickly replied,

"No they came on the bus with us but decided to go on the tram into the centre to look at some book shop"

"Oh yeah, we thought of doing that but the lure of the big screen caught us, we just met Juliette when I saw you"

"Oh right you don' know my cousin Gaby and her friend Pippa, they live in Worksop. Gaby, Pippa these are Clive and Paul, Drew's friends and his sister Juliette." Maddy introduced us.

Drew managed a "Hi" but I was too scared to open my mouth. Juliette spoke next.

"You guys all going to the same film?"

"LOTR for us"


"Mind if I join you, we can all go back home together afterwards"

"Sure, Julie"

"Ok I'll go get a ticket, meet you in the foyer in ten"

"We'll come too," Paul said.


Maddy dragged Drew off to the loos and when they returned he was wearing earrings, I guessed they thought it would put Juliette off the trail.

We saw the film and then spent most of the journey back talking, or in my case listening to everyone else talking about the epic we had just sat through.

"You guys still coming back home with me Gaby?"

"Sure" Drew replied, "mum said she'd pick us up about nine if that's ok?"

"Great" Maddy replied

I sighed deeply and by the look on Drew's face he would have burst if the reply had been different

It was just before six when we got off the bus, Paul and Clive said they would walk Juliette home and the rest of us headed towards Maddie's, before doubling back to get to Bernie's and our normal clothes. As Bernie's parents were still out, we were able to have a quick shower and then change.

"Whoops Drew, unless you want to keep them, we better take those studs out"

I had forgotten about them but as soon as Ally mentioned them everyone looked at Drew.

"Yeah, I still don't know why you did that Maddie?"

"It worked didn't it?"

"Yeah, but still" Maddie retrieved the earrings and Bernie cleaned his ears off with an antiseptic wipe.

"Ok guys - you win, no one not even my own sister spotted us so we'll do the dance thing with you" Drew offered

"Ok with you too Rhod?" Ally asked

"Yeah we agreed"

"What now?"

"We'll meet Monday after school to start on our costumes. We have most of the stuff already but we need to make the actual dresses."

God was I not looking forward to this; we were actually going to have to go to a school dance dressed as girls. Aargh! The only thing I knew for sure was that I wasn't enjoying this one little bit, at least with two of us there would be some moral support.

Maddy Bell 16.02.03
Copyright 2003

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