This is a new occasional series that takes its basis and some of its storyline from the cancelled Tokyopop Manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea by Tomochika Miyano. It's a great series and well worth looking out, it's a mystery why they cancelled it. For my version I've changed the setting from Japan to England and of course the names, then I've added some new characters and situations to produce Jamie and the Peach . The original series was cancelled before completion but due to popular demand has been reinstated.!

Maddy Bell, June 2010

Jamie and the Peach 18

Its a bit odd having Mum at home, she's here so rarely that its more like having a distant relative come to stay. It's even weirder that she's so er, enthusiastic about Peaches, you'd think it would freak her out something chronic instead of which actually encouraging Peaches existence.

Take tonight.

"I thought I'd see Pea tonight."

"Hmm? I'm not modelling or meeting Karen."

"It doesn't mean Peaches can't visit."

The look she was giving me was pathetic, no that's not right, it wasn't pathetic it was calculated, the same look that I get from Karen.

"I'll see if I can find her." I sighed.

So here I am sat on the sofa, feet on Mum's lap watching some lame teen chick flick and having my toenails painted.

"Stop fidgeting!"

"Yes Mum."


"I've booked a restaurant." Jonno informed me as we sat eating lunch on Tuesday.

"Oh?" I didn't need to feign indifference.

"Who's the 'lucky' girl soccer boy?" Karen enquired.

"Its football clever clogs, Peaches."

"She never mentioned landing a 'hunk' like you,” she noted sarcastically. "So where are you taking my girlfriend?" the subtleties of that statement went straight over Jonno's head.

"Luigi's on the Market."

“Italian huh.”

“You think that's okay?”

“She'll love it.”

"Could you give Peaches this?" he proffered another envelope.

"I'll give it to her." Karen snatched it before I had a chance.



"So what?" Karen prompted knowing full well what I was referring to.

"Where's he booked?"

"That'd be telling."

"Come on, spill." I whined.

"Hope you like Spanish."

"Dunno, is that like risotto and that?"


"What's the difference?"

"Not really sure," she admitted, "I think ones red meat and the other is fish."

Getting a free nosh up out of Jonno is pretty cool, well it would be under different circumstances.

"So erm, what should I wear?"

My only real experience in dressing to go out was for dinner Sunday and I think 'that' dress would go over Jonno's head.

"Hmm, mine on Thursday, I'm sure Mum will love to see Pumpkin again!"



"Not seen you here for a while Jame." Mo Brown mentioned.

"Life's been a bit er, hectic."

"Jonno said you've got a 'Significant Other'."

"Kinda." I admitted pulling my game book out of my bag.

"You gotta be kidding?" I exclaimed a few minutes later.

"Well you're the one that hasn't been coming." Mo mentioned.

"But why do I have to be a girl?"

"Balance." Jezza replied, trying to stifle his laugh.


"Yeah, like there has to be a mage, a hero and a damsel, it's an unwritten rule."

"Says who?" I challenged Mo's statement.

"Have you ever seen a troop without a girl in it?" Jez enquired.

"Not exactly." I admitted.

"Case closed." Mo grinned.

"Jonno?" I appealed to the other occupant of the room.

"Hey, I'm game master, don't get me involved."

No help there then.

"You could always get your girlfriend to play." Mo offered with a leer.

Like that's gonna happen. I guess if I'm gonna keep playing with these guys its gonna be as the Bard, Freya Flugelhand - at least I don't have to wear the ridiculous costume my character is supposed to wear!

"So we thought for the RPG con next month we'd go as our online characters." Jezza stated.

Why me?


“Hello Priscilla.”


“Er high Mrs Brownlea.”

I was particularly happy about tonight, no sirree, no way should I even be considering going on a date with Jonno, let alone worrying about what I'm going to wear!

“You okay with salmon bake Prunella?”

“Sounds great.” And if the smells from the oven are anything to go by it'll taste amazing – pity Mum is so poor in the kitchen.

“Come on Pea, lets get out of these uniforms.” Karen hinted.

At least I was kinda prepared this time, my new wardrobe supplying a shortish denim skirt and a boat necked top – easy to slip off when Karen starts using me as her personal Barbie® doll later.

“You change in my room, I'll use the bathroom.”


Well you didn't think we would actually change together did you?


“You decent?”

“As I get.”

To be honest my transformation from schoolgirl to teenybopper took barely two minutes, folding my uniform took longer.


“Um thanks, it's from Sunday.”

“I guess your mum picked it then.”

“No way, she wanted to get some old woman stuff!” I huffed.

Karen fell into paroxysms of laughter.

“What's so funny?”

“You are,” she stifled another titter, “you're turning into a right drama queen!”

“Am not.”

“You so are Pea.”

“Well I bet your mum doesn't pick out what you wear.”

“Not since I was nine.” She admitted.

“Drama queen.” I mumbled to myself.

“So what did you get up to last night?”

“I caught up with Mo, Jezza and Jonno, we're starting a new Warlock cycle.”

“A what?” Karen queried from behind a mascara brush.

“You know, RPG? We like play in cycles.”

“Sounds bogus to me, so what do you do?”

“Well there's a game master, that's Jonno and the rest of us play different characters. Last night we were just sorting out a new um, chapter I guess.”

“So there's just like the four of you playing this Warlock thing?”

“In our troop but there's thousands of players all over.”


She clearly didn't really understand.

“Well anyway, there's a Con next month where like all the troupes play in a kinda knockout competition, we got to the second round last year.”

“So you like get to be some superhero or such?”

“Maybe, if you get to the fourth round, most of us are just low level characters, it's important to really get into your persona to progress at the con.”

“How do you do that?”

It was nice that she was interested.

“Play, get to know your troupe's strengths and weaknesses.”

“Sounds boring.”

“It can be,” I admitted, “I think that's why a lot of groups do Cosplay too.”

“Girls! Dinner!”


Phew, saved by the food. We were quickly headed towards the delicious aromas.

“So what's your character in this 'troupe' of yours?”


“Freya Flugelhand.” I mumbled.

“Freya Flugelhand!” Karen pretty much yelled.

“Who's that dear? You're at the back Peaches.”

“A part Pea's playing in some game.”

“Odd name.” She noted.

“Don't tell me Pea, she's some six foot Amazon warrior.”

“Um not exactly.” I slid into my seat wishing I hadn't tried explaining things.

“Hmm, lets see, some kind of witch?”


“Well what then?”

Bard .” I admitted in a whisper.

To Be Continued...

Maddy Bell 12.10.10© 2010

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