This is a new occasional series that takes its basis and some of its storyline from the cancelled Tokyopop Manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea by Tomochika Miyano. It's a great series and well worth looking out, it's a mystery why they cancelled it. For my version I've changed the setting from Japan to England and of course the names, then I've added some new characters and situations to produce Jamie and the Peach . The original series was cancelled before completion but I intend to take my version somewhat further!

Maddy Bell, February 2010

Jamie and the Peach 07


Purely on reflex I span around to find Jonno bearing down on us. Sugar.

"Oh hi Karen."

"What do you want football boy?" she curtly enquired.

"An introduction?"

"To what? Come on Peaches, let's leave this loser."

"Peaches?" he mumbled.

"And what's wrong with her name?" Karen demanded.

"Er nothing."

"Well go and play with your ball and leave us alone, Peaches?"

"Um coming." I gathered my wits and trailed after my 'girlfriend'.

"Er where are we going?"

"Shopping of course." Karen told me as she looped her arm through mine in that way you see girls walking together. "So when did ball boy see you before?"

"Last night?"

"Where were you last night? Are you dressing all the time?"

"Why would I want to do that?" I shot back, "it's not like I want to be a girl or anything."

"And yet here you are dressed as one in the middle of town. So how did Jonathon see Peaches last night?" she pressed.

Talk about persistent.

"So what are we shopping for?"

"Answer the question!"

"Okay keep your knickers on, I was doing a session at the studio, when we shut up for the night I forgot how I was dressed so I ended up walking home as Peaches."

"So how did David Beckham see you?"

"Well I guess I was day dreaming so I ended up on the main road and I kinda strayed onto the bike path."

"So you told him your name when you saw him."

"Don't be daft, he just shouted at me for being in the way."

"So how did he know your name?"

"Lucky guess?"

"Oh come on Pea, its hardly a common name."

"Well you said you wanted to meet me after school, I guess he put two and two together when he saw us at the gate. I've answered your question now so what are we shopping for?"


"Nothing? You made me dress up like this and come into town for nothing?"

"Sure, its what girls do - so I'm told."


"But what? I thought we could try it seeing as we're girlfriends."

Girlfriends. That's right; to Karen I'm just her personal girlfriend, nothing more, maybe a bit less even.

I'm not sure if the next couple of hours are best described as heaven or hell. She might not have done this 'girlfriend' shopping for a while but nevertheless she's a demon around the stores. I've never really taken any notice or had any interest in what the flocks of teenage girls do around the shops; I did actually think they were really shopping although what they found to buy every week was beyond me.

Here was the reality, we moved from store to store exploring their wares, well to be honest my input was not great, I was too embarrassed - especially when I was dragged into the lingerie store.

"What do you think of this?"

Karen held the lace-encrusted bra up to her chest.

"I um," I wasn't sure where to look! "Its very er nice." even to my untrained eye I could see that the garment was designed to display a girls assets to best effect.

"Maybe a bit too much uplift, hey here's one for you Pea." she thrust another garment into my hands, "lets have a look then."

I turned it over and whilst my experience with the things is limited it was obvious this particular bit of chest armour was intended to enhance a girls assets by using subtle padding and some less subtle wiring.

"Come on lets have a look." Karen pressed.

"Er ok."

I held it up over my already false bosom all the while turning an interesting shade of pink.

"Wow, you so should buy one of those, you are a bit small after all."

"Like non existent." I pointed out.

"Poppycock, you are quite perky but I don't want you getting too jealous of these." she thrust her ample chest towards me.

"Do I have to?"

"You don't have to, her tone said otherwise however.

I decided to call her bluff; "I'll get one if you get that balcony thing."

I could almost see the cogs turning over.

"Ok but you have to wear yours out."

I'm not very good at this subterfuge stuff am I? I get outmanoeuvred every time. When we emerged from the store a few minutes later I felt like I had two footballs strapped to my chest and that everyone was looking at me.

"Everyone's staring at me." I hissed.

"No they're not."

"It feels like it, this thing makes my er boobs look huge."

"Look maybe but mine are still bigger, you'll get used to them."

"I don't think I want to get used to having big boobs."

"It's not like they're real, you can take yours off, I'm stuck with these beauties, she pointed out as she jiggled her wares.

Well I had to concede that point.

"Anyway I think you look good with a bigger chest."

Personally my interest in big bosoms is in seeing them on hot babes, hmm come to think of it isn't that how I ended up in this situation?

"So, you want a coffee?" my tormentor enquired.

"Er sure."

"Come on then booby."

Thankfully after a milk coffee it was time to head home, I left Karen at the bus stop again and started the walk home. What am I thinking? I'm still dressed in a girl's school uniform for heck's sake; I need somewhere to get changed. I reviewed my options, there wasn't anywhere nearby, casting the net wider the only option was realistically the conveniences in the park.

It was only about a twenty-minute walk so I shrugged my shoulders and set off. I decided to take the river walk, its quieter and on a pleasant evening why not enjoy the wildlife? I was pretty much lost in my thoughts when I was rudely disturbed by a football hitting me on the noggin.

"Ow!" I looked round to see where it had come from.

"Sorree, are you okay?" a familiar voice enquired.

"I'll live."

The slight figure of Sally ran over as I rubbed my head.

"I'm really sorry, I just let fly with a shot."

"Its okay, I should've been looking."

By now she was close enough to register my face.

"Peaches? Oh no I'm so sorry! Are you really ok?"

"One and the same." I admitted.

She picked up the ball and dropped kicked it towards the group of kids she was playing with.

"So you been underwear shopping?"

"How did you guess?" I flushed at the question.

"Well Sarah's Intimates isn't known for selling books."

"But how..."

She cut me off, "the bag." she motioned towards the bright pink carrier bag I had forgotten I was holding with my school bag. "Get anything sex-ee?" she grinned in much the way younger kids do when talking about 'adult' stuff.

"I um needed a new um bra." geez I was wearing it!

"Ooh can I see, I can't wait to be big enough for a real one instead of these stupid training bras."

Now she wants to see my bra, things really are getting out of control.

"It's only my old one in the bag, I decided to wear the new one home."

"Oh." she was clearly disappointed.

"Come on Sal!" one of the footballers called over.

"You'd best go back to your game."

"Yeah, well I'll see you around Peaches."

Not if I can help it.

"Sure, bye Sally."

Phew! With all the distraction I hadn't noticed that we'd walked past the conveniences - damn, it'll look suspect if I dive straight back now and Jamie reappears. I spotted a vacant bench just a few metres ahead so I angled towards it and plonked myself down. Now what? The football game was quite close to my 'changing' facility and when I looked that way Sal spotted me and waved, bum now she knows I'm here still.

I watched the play; Sal was in the thick of things and not just in that crowd the ball way that most kids play. Quite the opposite really, she was making space, passing sensibly and was clearly just another of the players - no quarter given or expected. A sudden gust of wind up my skirt brought me back to reality, why don't girls wear trousers? Well duh, they do stupid! So why am I sat here in a skirt?

The football was as intense as ever so I took my chance and slipped back to the toilet block, there was no one about so I slipped into the baby changing room and slid the bolt home. It might not be ideal but there was more space, a table and for some reason a mirror, all useful when changing your sex!

It didn't take long to change back to my usual uniform and boy was I glad to lose the bra. The makeup took a little longer, I wasn't wearing much, just some foundation, lippy and eyeliner, and Jess' industrial strength stuff easily did the job. Oops! Nearly forgot the wig. It took a bit of effort to get all of Peaches stuff into my bag, especially with the new stuff but I just about managed it.

I was barely clear of the building before Sal spotted me.


"Oh hi Sal, playing footie?"

"I've had enough for tonight, so where've you been?"

"The library, history project." I tapped my over stuffed bag.

"Kewl, what is it about?"

"American Civil War, bit boring really."

She fell in beside me and we started walking towards our homes.

"I saw your friend earlier."


"No, that girl, Peaches, I'm surprised you didn't see her she was sat watching the game just before you came."

"Well I'm sure if she wanted to see me she'd go to the house or call."

"She's pretty cool don't you think, even in her uniform she looks hot!"

God! First Karen and now Sal, are they both lesbians or something - nah Sal wouldn't know about that stuff, would she?

To Be Continued...

Maddy Bell 26.05.10 © 2010

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