This is a new occasional series that takes its basis and some of its storyline from the cancelled Tokyopop Manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea by Tomochika Miyano. It's a great series and well worth looking out, it's a mystery why they cancelled it. For my version I've changed the setting from Japan to England and of course the names, then I've added some new characters and situations to produce Jamie and the Peach . The original series was cancelled before completion but I intend to take my version somewhat further!

Maddy Bell, February 2010

Jamie and the Peach 06


So I won the bet but at what cost? That question played on my mind all day and none of the answers were good. I've got a 'girlfriend' who apart from sitting at the same lunch table just about ignores me - unless I'm wearing the female students uniform, that is I'm dressed as Peaches. Not only that but Sal - who wasn't even supposed to know about my alter ego has adopted 'her' as some kind of role model. And its only Wednesday!

The 'good' news was that I don't have a 'date' this evening, Karen will however be next door tutoring Sal so there's a fair chance I'll see her, at least in passing.

' Hmm, I really should go thank the boss for rescuing me and I need to print up some of Mondays pictures. '

Dan didn't say anything about Tuesday night when I went into work, the box of stuff to be processed keeping him well occupied.

"Glad you're here, there's a lot of processing to get through - must be the spring weather!"

"It certainly brings out all the granny shots."

I don't mean that disrespectfully but that's what we call them, the rolls of pictures of children and or small animals that ultimately get sent or shown to friends or family. There's nothing wrong with that, and we see less now that digital photography is so cheap but we still have good business doing 'grannies'.

I'm not entrusted with actual developing for paying customers, I practice on my own stuff, so I do the preparation, stripping the cans and so on then some of the finishing of the prints. Things moved on apace with two of us on the job so after just over an hour I was able to do my own couple of rolls.

"Nice colour balance."


I really wish he wouldn't do that.

"Where did you take them?"

"At school on Monday."

"At school! What if you'd been caught? What were you thinking Jamie?"

"Well you said the studio shots lacked something so I thought I'd put the costume into its normal environment."

"I know what I said but I never thought you'd be stupid enough to take such a risk. So last night was the same?"

"Not exactly."

"How not exactly?"

"I did get caught on Monday."

"I knew it!"

"Not by a teacher, it was a student, that girl I was with, Karen."

"I take it she didn't dob you in."

"I almost wish she had."


"Well she sort of blackmailed me into dressing up for her."

"She has the hots for the girl you?"

"Kinda, I think."

"So what's the crack then?"

"I get to be her 'girlfriend' and she keeps schtum."

"So in Burger House that was a date?"

"I guess so." I thought giving Dan too much info would not be a good idea.

"You using the studio tonight?"

The sudden change in topic threw me slightly.

"If I can, I know it's a bit late."

"It's okay, I have paperwork to do so you can have an hour, you earnt it tonight."


After clearing up in the lab I got myself all Peach'd up and was quickly into practising my art. I thought I'd try some less dressy, more street sass clothes and poses and was soon engrossed in what I was doing.



"Jamie - time to go!"

So engrossed I hadn't noticed Dan coming into the studio.

"What time is it?"

"Nearly half seven, I thought you'd be done long ago." he mentioned eyeing me up.

"Er sorry I didn't notice the time, I'll just get my stuff together, five minutes."

"You want a lift?"

"No ta, I could do with the walk."

I quickly stuffed my camera and so on into my bag and joined the boss outside.

"I thought you were changing?"

Anyone would think I was blonde!

"I clean forgot!"

"I've set the alarm now, sure you don't want that lift dressed like that?"

As I was wearing jeans I thought I looked fairly, you know metro sexual.

"Nah, its not far is it."



I set off on the short walk home and was soon lost in thought. I guess I was on that sort of autopilot that takes you from a to b without much recollection as the next thing I recall was the persistent ringing of a bell. I turned round to see a bicycle bearing down on me. Not just any bicycle but Jonno's with said owner sat astride.

"You stupid bint, get off the cycle lane!" he fumed.

I was like a rabbit caught in car headlights, I stood frozen to the spot not sure whether it was an impact or recognition I feared most.

“I'm sorry Jono!” I spluttered as he inexpertly steered his steed around me.

“Stupid bloody girl!” he almost spat as I turned to watch his departing form.

Oh bugger! Did I really say what I think I did? Did he hear me? How could I be so stupid?

‘What a stupid tart, she walks down the cycle lane then expects me to ride ‘round her ! Not bad looking mind, wonder where she lives? I'm sure she said my name – nah I must've misheard, I'd remember a foxy chick like that.' Jonno glanced behind him but he was already too far away from the girl to see her clearly.



I managed to avoid seeing and I hope being seen by anyone I know the rest of the way home.

“Jamie? That you?” Jess called from the lounge.

“Who else?” Bum, I forgot she might be home.

“I need to talk to you.”

“I really need a crap.” I made my escape and did the quickest Peaches to Jamie transformation possible before flushing the toilet for authenticity.

“What's up?”

She really is a slut, sat as she was on the sofa scratching a breast and wearing just bra and panties. Talk about a turn off.

“Some of my stuff has disappeared, have you lost anything?”


“Er I don't think so, what's missing?” maybe I can deflect her.

“My yellow sundress, that purple top with the tassels,”

“Are you sure they aren't in the wash? I'm sure I saw them in the hamper.”

“I couldn't see them, I think there's a pervert nicking my stuff.”

“Must be a pervert if he's taking the stuff you wear!”

“So says Mr no style, you've got lipstick on your cheek, you found a desperate girl?”

“Shit, no one said anything all afternoon, one of the girls was kissing anything in trousers in the canteen, I thought I wiped it all off.”

“Like her style.”

“I'm sure you'd get on fine, look I've got homework to do, we done?”

“I guess.”

I really am gonna have to be more careful, I did buy my own underwear, wearing my sisters would be sooo gross, but it looks like I might have to buy other stuff too. I sat staring into my wardrobe where the sundress and top hung alongside various other garments ‘borrowed' from across the hall. I was sure I was busted with the lipstick but I think she bought that lame excuse.



“Morning Jonno.”


“You look a bit erm, thoughtful.”

“Yeah, I'm trying to place this girl I nearly ran over last night.”

“In the hospital?” my heart sank.

“I said nearly, she was wandering along the bike lane.”

“So you ran her down?”

“Get real.”

“So what's the big deal?”

“Well she looked kind of familiar and I'm sure she said my name when I went past.”

Damn, he did hear me, “so what does this paragon look like?”

“Bout your height,” figures, “shortish dark hair, not so big up top, pretty though.”

“That probably describes half the girls in our form.”

“She's not in our class dumbo but she seemed quite familiar all the same.”

“If I see her I'll let you know.” I grinned.

“Okay clever er do you mind if I owe you that tenner till next week? I'm a bit short.”

I shoulda seen that coming, “I guess so but I won fair and square!”

“You wound me!”

“Get on with ya, flippin' drama queen!”



What with my sister and her pervert stealing from her wardrobe and Jonno mooning over a girl he nearly ran over I'm getting a little paranoid. At lunchtime Karen once again sat with me and Jonno which I guess wouldn't be so weird if I was really her boyfriend instead of which I guess as myself I'm just a classmate.

We were just about to clear the table before she more than grunted in reply to our conversation.

“If you see Peaches can you tell her I'll see her after school by the gates.”

“Er sure, if I see her.”

Karen left us stood stupidly by the table.

“Who's Peaches?”

“Some girl that Karen knows.”

“So why'd she ask you to pass on the message? We take the same classes.”

I shrugged, what could I say to that observation?



I finished my makeup and cautiously slipped out into the corridor. Is this really such a good idea? Still, I guess I get to spend time with Karen.

“Peaches!” Karen waved me over.

“Hi Kaz.” I don't think that went down too well by the look she gave me.


Oh sugar, what now?

To Be Continued...

Maddy Bell 02.04.10 © 2010

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