Jungfrau Title

Part 7

Brring! Brring! ... Brring! Brring!

Urgh! What time is it? I peeled my eyes apart and tried to focus on the clock.

Brring! Brring! ... Brring! Brring!

Ten thirty five, hmmm. Hang on, ten... whoa!

Brring! Brring! ... Brring! Brring!

I located the source of the ringing, my mobile.


"Oh you are alive then"

"Morning Jools"

"What are you on about?"

"It's gone ten thirty and I've missed the bus"

"Why? Was Den going somewhere tonight?"

Hang on a minute, tonight?

"No this morning, he'll be on the way to Freiburg now"

"More likely propping up the bar"

"Am I missing something here? Why would Den be in the bar?"

"For a drink?"

"But its mid morning"

"I hope not, I'm just getting ready for bed"

I finally got it! Dur! Its still night.

"I er thought it was morning"

"I won't ask why. So howz'it going up there?"

"Well it's good to hear your voice"

"Stop it and get on"

"When did we last talk?"

"You were going to some pool party?"

"Oh yeah. Well..."

So I told her the highlights of my week so far, the party, meeting Sonia, the trip to Switzerland, dinner at Maria's and her discovery and finally today.

"Well you certainly pack it in, no wonder you were in bed early"

"How's your week been?"

"Oh you know, Nice, Monte Carlo"

"Proper little jet setter aren't we?"

"Hey you had the choice"

"I know, I was only kidding Jules"

"Well I must dash, there's a firework display down in the harbour at half past and a few of us are going down to watch"

"I can get back to sleep then"

"Aww! Poor Nena's sleepy"

"Get on with ya!"

"I'll give you a bell on Saturday kiddo"

"Okay, love you"

"Love you too Chris"



I put the phone down and now thoroughly awake had to retrieve Thomas of Hookton, as sleep was now far away.

"Morning everyone!" I put what I hoped was an enthusiastic tone in my voice, enthusiasm that I didn't have right now. I slept really badly and didn't feel any better for being up and about!

There was the usual lack of reply, they were still settling down as Den navigated his way onto the road out to Schönau.

"We are going to the town of Freiburg today, famous for it's Universitat and the Sankt Martin's Tor" I was pretty much talking to myself, well it seemed that way! "We will be there in about forty minutes so sit back and enjoy the scenery"

I sat myself down, "well that went down well," I mentioned to Den

"End of week blues"

"I guess so, drink?"

"I wouldn't say no to a tea"

"Coming up"

I did my morning walk up the bus, pausing briefly to start Den's tea, there was no point in doing a full tea run, they'd only just had breakfast! Den gave us a more scenic approach than most people get through Merzhausen and the other villages that are usually bypassed.

As we traversed Bismarckallee, past the bus and train stations I spotted a familiar vehicle.

"Den! Over there"

"Eh?" "Over there" I pointed across the road

"It's a coach"

"Well dur! No it's Sonia' and Kurt's bus"

Univers coach

"Oh right, it's a monster motor"

I wonder if I'll get the chance for a chat today? Den swung us up a tree-lined street up towards the town and we were soon parked about as close as you can to the Altstadt.

I stood up and took the mike.

"We have vier, sorry four and one half hours for our visit we will be leaving at here at three o'clock please. If you just walk down to the tram tracks and turn left, the town is in front of you. If you get misplaced, ask for the Karlsplatz"

I stepped down and helped the passengers off into a pleasantly warm Freiburg im Breisgau.

"So what do you want to do today?" Den asked

"Not sure really"

"How about a coffee over at the café first?"


Justifiably Freiburg is another one of those 'honey pots' and while we relaxed with our coffee's another half dozen coaches of various nationalities joined Betsy in the coach park.

"So, what are we going to do then?"

"Have a wander around the town?"

"Okay, but no clothes shops"

I pretended to pout, "but I need a new dress" I could hardly keep a straight face.

"Get on with you. Come on"

We walked through to the town that has an extensive pedestrianised area; only the red and white trams, a few buses and delivery vehicles trespass into the central area. When it comes down to it most towns are quite similar, McDonalds(tm), and variations on department stores, shoe shops, boutiques, banks, the names may change, the content very little. And here in Germany the town centre still rules, the out of town retail parks are not in such profusion as back home or even France and the Low Countries.

So we wandered along without much of a plan, Den did his David Bailey bit, cursing the tram wires for spoiling his shot of the St Martin Tor and we found ourselves in the back streets leading down to the railway station.


"Let's see if Sonia's about, seeing as we're here"

"Whatever" Den was non-committal on the idea.

I led the way, half expecting the big Univers bus to be gone but it was still stood where I first spotted it. Kurt was dozing in his seat and there wasn't any sign of Sonia when we got up to it.

"So?" Den enquired

"Hmmph!" I knocked gently on the door. Kurt cocked an eye then sat up and hit the door control


"Morgen, ist Sonia hier bitte?"

"Ja, moment" he got himself up and trundled up the coach, returning shortly with Sonia in tow.

(I've translated this bit for you as some is in English and some German!)

"Ah Nena, I thought it was your bus I saw earlier. You want coffee?"

"Please, oh sorry this is my driver, Den"

"Hello Den, you've met Kurt already? This is Nena Julia's friend," she explained to her own driver"

"Come on up, we have a lounge area at the rear of the bus"

We followed Sonia on board and after shutting the door; Kurt followed us along to the casual seating at the back.

"So you are having a good trip?" Sonia enquired a few minutes later as we sipped our drinks.

"Yes, the weather has been good and the passengers well behaved"

That brought a few chuckles; I had to translate for Den.

"You?" I enquired

"About the same"

We chatted about this and that then after about twenty minutes, I missed the why but Kurt and Den left us 'girls' chatting.

"...So Julia and Den both suggested I get some sort of ring."

"Great idea, not that it'll stop some of them" Sonia chuckled

"I don't know what to get though, I'm not really a jewellery person, something plain I guess"

"Ach! You have to wear it so you should like it yourself"

"I guess so"

"You two eaten yet?"

"No, we were going to go to McDonalds(tm) in a while"

"Yeuk! Tell you what, Kurt and I always go to a place up in the Altstadt, we can eat together and I know there are some Juwelier up there too, we could do a bit of shopping?" there was a twinkle in her eye.

What the heck!

"Okay, sounds good"

"Come on then, we'll collect the boys and go now"

The four of us walked up past the theatre and university buildings then Sonia led us into the Altstadt's maze of little streets finally arriving at a small café bar behind the Minster. I could tell why our new German friends always dined there, the food was good and well priced and it was relatively grockle free. With Den's lack of German and Kurt's equal lack of English I'm not sure how but the two of them managed to carry their conversation through lunch and were still rabbiting away when Sonia and I slipped away to go ring shopping.

Although I've been before, several times in fact, as Chris, the jeweler's shops, candle shops and so on in the Altstadt have held little attraction. Now as Nena and with my own personal shopper leading the way, my eyes were opened. Sonia if nothing else is an enthusiastic shopper and we visited several shops before I spotted a likely looking piece.

I was quite surprised at the contemporary nature of much of the jewellery and I was tempted by several items that as Chris I would have ignored. Sonia dragged me inside the shop and the assistant checked the size before going to retrieve a ring for me to try on.

"So you going to get that necklace?" Sonia asked seeing me eyeing up the set I'd seen in the window.

"I don't think so, it wouldn't look the same without the earrings"

"Well get the earrings too!" she exclaimed

"No point, my ears aren't pierced"

"Well that's easily fixed"

I was distracted by the return of the assistant with the ring.

"There you go Miss" he offered me the ring that I picked up and started inspecting.

"Sheesh Nena, for heavens sake, try it on!" I like Sonia, I haven't known her long but I feel like we've known each other forever!

"Okay, okay." I slipped the ring onto my finger, "there!"

"Lets have a look then"

I presented my hand for her inspection; it felt really weird to have a woman hold my hand like that.

"It suits you, not too big and not too boring!"

I held my hand up to examine it myself, turning it this way and that just as I've seen women do countless times, now I'm doing it! I missed what Sonia was saying to the assistant however.

"...Of course. I'll just get Anna to come and do it for you, if your friend will sit on the stool?"

"Hmm, I think this is the one. What was that about?"

"Your other problem" she tweaked an ear but I just nodded as she guided me to the stool which I perched on, still looking at 'my' ring. Hmmm it looks really nice, contemporary and the tiny diamond is pretty cute. I'm sure Jools will like it, she can 'inherit' it after the summer, maybe we should get engaged. Hmmm! I closed my eyes and imagined the scene of my proposal, me on one knee trying not to ladder my tights or show my knickers, hang on that's not right.

"Oww! What was that?"

"Anna just did your ears" Sonia advised

"What?" I grabbed for my left ear finding some new additions there

"Careful Miss, they'll be a bit sore for a day or so" the Anna person advised

"Now you can get that set" Sonia enthused

"Er yes, can I see, you have a mirror?" I asked Anna

"Sure, here we go" she held up the mirror for me. I was used to how Nena looks and I was expecting to see a stud in my ear, but

"Two! Twice?"

"Only one lot of soreness, twice the fun!" Sonia grinned

I hadn't even considered getting any part of me pierced let alone a double ear piercing. On Chris it would have looked stupid but on Nena, well I have to admit it looked pretty cute!

Needless to say, when we left the shop I had parted cash for the ring and the necklace / earring set.

"Phew it's warm out here now"

"I know, we can have a quick paddle," Sonia suggested

My new girl friend led me around a corner to where a narrow water way threaded down the middle of the street.

"How comes I've missed this before?"

Sonia just shrugged, perched on the curb and soon had her feet in the cool water.

"Come on Nena, get those pinkies in here girl"

kids paddling

Well it looked inviting enough, a couple of youngsters seemed a bit bemused by two adults joining them for a paddle but aaah! that's good. We sat and let the waters cool our feet for a few minutes before starting back, shoes in hand, to find the lads.

"Hang on a mo, Sonia"


"They've got some model buses in here" I indicated a toy store window.


"I thought I'd get one for Den"

"Okay" she shrugged

We located the models inside, there were quite a few but not as many as in Koblenz!

"So which one then?"

"I'm not sure"


"Hey! No fair!"

"How about that blue bus there"

"SBG Nachtrichten?"

"I saw one like it in the bus station earlier, I think SBG is the local company"

Come to think of it I think she's right, the buses I've seen in Todtmoos are SBG but not blue. Well I the purchase was made and still barefoot we made our way back to the café where Den and Kurt were still chatting away in a bizarre mixture of German and English.

"Hi guys," I mentioned

"We're back!" Sonia added.

"Anyone for coffee?" I enquired

"Me and Kurt just had one" Den told us

"Well I'm having one" Sonia stated.

We had our drink and on checking the time discovered that we were due back at Betsy in twenty minutes.

"Here's my mobile number, ring me next time you come out" Sonia instructed as we finished our goodbyes

"I will, and thanks again" I was a little taken by surprise when she gave me a hug and a peck on the cheek which I had to return, didn't I?

"Have a good trip home"

"And you Sonia, bye Kurt" I finger waved and we set off in opposite directions.

"So what did you and Kurt talk about for nearly two hours?"

"This and that, he did a tour to Russia last year"

"That'd be quite different," I noted

"That's not exactly the words he used" Den chuckled, "so did you get your ring Miss Ziegler?"

"Yep" I held my hand out so he could see it, "what do you think?"

"So you're engaged now then?"

"Or married if I turn it round" I demonstrated by twisting the ring around my finger.

"Looks like you've got it all covered, I'd put your shoes on, there's some glass in the roadway"

Luckily, where Betsy was parked was afforded some tree shade, Den opened her up and I dashed over to get us some ice cream. The day was certainly turning out to be a stinker and I was glad that I'd had the foresight to ladle the factor 20 on!

I sat on the step lost in thought and absentmindedly watched 'baggie' returning, carrier bag in hand. There's something odd with his hat! I frowned as I tried to work it out then it clicked when a woman cycled across in front of him. He was wearing a woman's hat! I chuckled to myself. It was obvious now, the red ribbon trailing off the brim, without that it could just about be unisex but the ribbon. How had I not noticed before? I mean, he's been wearing it all week! Ah well.

"We all here?" Den asked a few minutes later

"What do you think? Best part of five hours and they're still late!"

"And I bet it's our fault too" Den added

We sat and fumed for another fifteen minutes before they arrived.

"Are we late Nena?" she asked

I wanted to scream 'yes you are twenty minutes late you mangy old fool' but sense prevailed.

"Only a little bit, we were just finishing our ice creams"

"Oh that'd be nice," he suggested

"Er we haven't time now, we'll be stopping again shortly, you can get one there"

They clambered into the bus and got a few dirty looks from the other passengers, but I reckon they're hardened to it; they obviously do it all the time.

"That's us" I told Den

"Okay" the door clamped shut and I was returned to air-conditioned splendor!

We negotiated the afternoon traffic and Den headed us out following the signs for Schauinsland, our last 'proper' stop of the week's tour. We climbed steadily for best part of six K's before the road turned more steeply upward around a series of hairpins and under a cable car to eventually come out at almost 1300m high summit. We parked up and gave the punters an hour to explore the panoramas, maybe visit the museum or like Den and me, get afternoon tea and cake!

Armed with Black Forest Gateau and coffee I settled back into the less than comfortable 'camp' chair and sighed a deep sigh. The breeze up here was just keeping the temperature down that bit and the almost clear sky allowed good views out across the Schwarzwald and over the Rhein valley towards France.

"What are you fiddling at?"


"That's at least three times you've fidgeted with one ear or the other in the last five minutes"

"Oh sorry, they itch a bit" I absent-mindedly tucked a stray lock of hair behind an ear.

"Well you never cease to amaze me!"


"I never expected that you'd get your ears pierced"

"Neither did I, and they itch!"

"Why two?"

"Sonia. All I said was that I liked a pair of earrings in the jewellers and next thing I know I've got these. As for why two sets, ask Sonia"

"Well it suits you Nena, don't think it would be such a hot look for Chris though."

"You're right there"

"So did you get them?"

"Get what?"

"The earrings?"

"Oh, yeah and the matching necklace"

Den just shook his head.

It wasn't a long drive back down through Todtnau and back to Todtmoos. Just as well, tonight is last dinner night; our traditional last night in resort blow out for the passengers. We pulled up and before the door was open Maria was stood waiting.

"Er, Nena we've had to change the plan for tonight"

"What's happened?"

"We had a burst pipe in the kitchen, they are trying to fix it but we've no chance to cook tonight"


"I've got Dave on the barbeque, it's warm enough, we can go how you say, 'al fresco'! Maybe twenty minutes late?"

"Okay, I'll tell them"

I claimed the microphone and addressed the now impatient passengers.

"Sorry to keep you but I'm afraid there is a change of plan for tonight"

There was a round of sighs and associated comments; I waited for them to quiet a bit before continuing.

"Instead of sitting in a hot restaurant, we are dining outside, the chef is hard at work but the food may be a little later than planned. So you'll find us and the food amongst the flowers behind the hotel!

Well that seemed to go down okay and it would certainly make a change. However, Maria caught Den and me again as we went through reception.

"Nena, Den, a moment please" she motioned us over to a corner.

"What's up, the barbeque blown up?" Den quipped

"Not to suggest even!" Maria glared back.

"So?" I enquired

"Sorry Nena. Well we thought it would be nice if the staff dressed up a bit"

"Sounds good"

"I've even got Dave to fetch his Scottish Rock to wear"

"Huh?" Den queried

"I think you mean kilt Maria, I don't think he'd be happy you calling it a skirt!" I put in. "so I can feel something I'm not gonna like coming"

"Oh you will!" Maria jollied, "we thought you and Den could wear costumes too"

"There isn't exactly an English costume"

"We thought Swiss, it's just a dress"

"Me too?" Den squealed

"The mans costume of course" Maria giggled

"For one minute..."

"Well, what do you think?"

I was surprised by Den's fervent

"I'm up for it!"


"Oh alright, in for a penny"

"What is this penny?" Maria asked

"Never mind, I'll do it"

"Wunderbar! Get ready then come down to the office Nena, I'll get yours Dennis, I'm sure you can manage on your own"

An hour later I joined Maria, Inge and her other girls in the office where they were helping each other with their costumes. I felt more of a fraud than ever, a peeping Tom or should that be Tomasina stood there in a room of partially clad girls and women. True they'd mostly been wearing a lot less at the pool party but somehow seeing them in their lingerie didn't seem right.

"There you are Nena, I've got your dress over here" Inge told me


"Ooh you got your ears pierced"

"Er yes"

"And twice also"

"It was my friend Sonia"

"Well I have to agree with her, it suits you"

It wasn't as bad as I thought, the sizing was fairly generous as it mostly laced or pinned together over my own underwear, being seen in my own bra and knickers was pretty unnerving too. I finally pulled the white stockings up, they used a sort of draw cord to keep them up and put on the one size too big shoes that they'd found for me.

Swiss Miss

"Ta da!" Inge exclaimed

"Ah, you look lovely Nena" Maria told me

"I feel a bit silly"

"Inge chuckled, just wait till you see Dennis!"


"You'll see"

"Okay ladies, work time!" Maria told her staff, "Nena, I'll see you out back"

When I got to the barbie ground, Dave was there tending the grills in full highland dress and sipping a beer and trying to hide was Den. For once I think I got off lightly! Swiss costume, well Alpine costume for blokes is what you see on the postcards, not lederhosen but knee breeches, lots of decoration and topped off with one of those funny hats. As I say, at least mine is only a dress, what am I saying?

Well I have to say that the evening went off like a well-oiled, well-lubricated dream. After he got over his initial reticence, Den had a good if basically sober evening and when the little be-costumed band struck up, he was in constant demand for dancing.

Jungfrau Title

I got a fair bit of attention too, I've never been much of a dancer, I think I've told you that before, but it's much easier being 'the girl'! But those damned stockings! It seemed like I had to disappear to adjust them every couple of minutes. Oh for some suspenders or tights! There I go again!

Every time I looked his way, Dave was looking at me with puppy eyes, I don't know what Maria told him but I thought I'd flash my ring as well, just as insurance.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves, although it was cooked on the barbeque, the meal was pretty much what we would have had in the restaurant. There'll be some sore heads in the morning if the amount of beer flowing is anything to go by! Den retired about eleven and I followed not long after leaving most of the coach still drinking and dancing.

Maddy Bell 03.07.04

© 2004

Pictures of Nena have been generated using Ania's 'Cherie' Fkiss doll on Angy-Chan's template and are Copyright 2004. They are used with permission, if you'd like to see more go to www.acharsi.prv.pl

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