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Das Ist Normal
Part 5

"Stroke of genius!" Bill suggested to Den as we relaxed in the bar when we got back.

"Nena's idea"

"Well young ma, er youngster, you never cease to amaze me"

"It was only a ferry"

"Only a ferry she says. That ferry ride managed to lift a slightly lack-lustre day into a memorable one. That's what we want, memorable days, the punters will come back for more good memories, they don't come back if they don't enjoy it. So that 'only a ferry' was priceless"

"If you say so," I allowed. "Anyway, I'd better go change"

"Me too," Den agreed, "see you later Bill"

 dress  up

I decided to dress up a bit!

I felt better this evening so I made a bit of effort in getting dressed. Jules had managed to sneak a fair bit of 'extra' stuff into my case including this little number. Hey if everyone sees me as a girl, I might as well dress like one! Six more days and I'm done with dresses and I get my own personal slave girl to boot! The phone rang.

"Jules, just thinking about you"

"Oh yeah?"

"I'm looking forward to the next month that's all"

"I think I want proof that you're dressed!"

"Sheesh! Well I suppose that's fair; I'll get Den to take some pictures. So are you okay?"

"Look I'll have to go, Den's knocking on the door, love you"

"Love you too Nena"

That was some call. Of course she wanted to hear about everything that's happened, life as Nena is certainly never dull! After yesterdays upsets, tonight I was back on form and even felt almost comfortable. As long as I don't have another 'mare I'll be alright.

"Thirty nine, that's everyone" I told Den

"That's good, we get five minutes start" he closed the door and day three started.

By the time I'd done the morning run up the bus we were on the motorway heading south-ish towards Trier. With a good two-hour drive ahead of us, today is our long excursion. I watched the forecast this morning, it's overcast at the moment but it's gonna be hot later! We had been on the go for forty-five minutes before I thought a tea run was appropriate and the passengers must have thought so too as just about everyone wanted a drink of some sort.

"About half an hour Nena" Den mentioned when I finally got back to my seat.

"We seem to be having a good run"

"Don't speak too soon" Den noted, "we doing the tour today?"

"I reckon so, they can go in the Amphitheater and they can have an hour or so in the center"

"At least we can control things a bit better, we need to leave by two if we're going to do the other stops."

"Margrit is happy to delay dinner if we need her to, I asked last night"

"When does she need to know?"

"About four"

"That's okay, we shouldn't need it though"

"I'd best tell 'em, can we do a drop for any that don't want the tour?"

"I guess so, we can start from the Porta Nigra"

We were now over the Mosel and making our approach to the ancient city. I took the mike and started my preamble.

"Welcome to Trier! To make the most of your visit, we will take you on a quick tour around some of the main points of interest and then you will have about one hour to explore on your own. Do you all want to take the tour; there is no extra charge? If you can raise your hands please"

I did a quick count; everyone was up for our proposed programme.

"No drop offs, we can head straight to the arena" I told Den off mike before continuing my spiel.

As usual, the traffic was nightmarish along the waterfront, which did at least allow the punters to see the river cranes and the Römerbrücke before we turned into the Südallee.

"Here on the right, we can see one of the cities Römer, er Roman how do you say, yes Roman baths, this one is the Barbarathermen". The traffic meant that we crept past. At the end of the avenue the traffic cleared some and we were soon parking at the Amphitheater.

"Behind the wall here is Trier's famous Amphitheatre. We will stop for thirty minutes. If you wait a moment I will get you tickets, I will sort out with you after."

I got off the bus into the furnace outside. Sometimes I am glad to be Nena and now was one of them!

There is just no way I could remain looking halfway decent and be comfortable as Chris in this heat. As Nena I can get away with a pretty skimpy outfit and still look smart - and I might as well show off the tan I acquired in Austria! I joined the others in the little shade that the entrance offered. Once inside I acquired myself an ice cream before going for a wander, I've been here a few times and it just fascinates me.

I climbed up into the 'stands' and sat in the shade of the trees to eat my ice cream. The sun was reflecting off the floor of the arena and even dressed as I am, I was feeling the heat. I made my way down into the tunnels that honeycomb the stands before emerging out in the baking arena. I headed for the stairs, which lead down below the floor of the arena into what was originally a holding area for the 'entertainment'!

 Nena in trier

Not exactly the ritz eh!

Aware that time was short; I headed back to the entrance, taking the opportunity to use the facilities! I waited until all my passengers were at least in the right area before heading back out to where Den was waiting in air-conditioned comfort. We got everyone back on board and resumed our drive by tour.

Down past the impressive remains of the Kaiserthermen baths, then along to the Roman Basilica and the Rote Turm before making our way around to the Porta Nigra. All the way I gave a commentary and by the lack of chatter, I guess it was appreciated. Den made his way to the drop off point behind the museum where we released our ravening charges on an unsuspecting city of Trier. I stayed on board with Den and we retraced our route back to the coach park by the Kaiserthermen.

"You okay today?" Den asked as he locked the coach.

"I guess so, it helps that I know this place pretty well"

"I didn't mean that really"

"Oh this?" I indicated what I was wearing, "yeah, I suppose I'm more relaxed today. You know, we've got about three couples that have done tours with me before, none of them have as much as given me a second glance"

"Like I've said before, they see what they think they see, you told them that you're Nena, Nena is what they see!"

We walked through the Palastgarten and down the steps to the Basilica.

"Where are we eating?" I asked

"Dunno, what do you fancy?"

"No idea"

We crossed over the road and headed towards the market place.

"I'm gonna have to sort these out" I mentioned, the stuffing was getting a bit uncomfortable in this heat.

"Let's eat in the Karstadt, you can sort that out in there" Den grinned, "I don't know how you look that good anyway"


He rolled his eyes and shook his head as we headed towards the Porta Nigra. Socks! Sheesh! It's a wonder I haven't been tumbled, maybe I should take precautions? But what? Something went ding in my head and a plan popped up. We turned into the department store and checked the multilingual store directory.

"You wouldn't get that in Rotherham" Den observed

"I guess not. Er Den, do you want to go up to the Dinea and I'll meet you there in a few minutes?"

"Sure, you want me to get you anything?"

"Coffee and a bit of cake please"

 Nena on trier again

This outfit was at least comfortable!

"There you are, you sorted now?"

"Uh huh! What do you think?"

"About what?"


"My tits" I whispered across the table

"They look a bit different, what have you been up to?"

"Falsies, I feel a lot better, more relaxed"

"You looked okay before"

"Well I feel better now" I beamed


"I'll take that as a compliment"

An hour later I was counting the passengers back onto the bus and by the looks that a couple gave me, my new enhancements were noticed even though I was ostensibly the same size. I chuckled to myself as I recalled the episode in the lingerie department.

"Can I help?"

"Er yes, I'm a bit, um flat" I motioned to my chest, "all padding, do you have any er, enhancers?"

She smiled sympathetically.

"Of course. I will fetch something. The same size?"

"Er yes please"

She quickly ran a tape around me then disappeared for a couple of minutes, returning with a plain box.

"These should help" she then escorted me to a changing cubicle and went on to explain how to use them to best effect. One satisfied but €100 lighter in the purse!

"Bernkastel and Cochem?"

"I reckon so," I agreed. At least on the optionals we have a fair degree of discretion! Den got us back on the northbound road and we started the afternoon session. I checked on my customers as we negotiated the Trier traffic, seems everyone had a good time, the Porta Nigra was a definite hit although the Amphitheatre ran a close second!

We joined the Autobahn for a few kilometers before taking the 50 down to the Mosel. Staying on the north bank we drove round to Kues and over the river to Bernkastel for our first short stop. I know it doesn't sound much but twenty minutes was all we could allow for our punters to have a look around the picturesque center with its half timbered houses and the Michaelsbrunnen fountain.

Once everyone was back on board we set off to follow the river north. The passengers were fascinated by the vineyards up on the slopes to our right. We stayed on the east bank as far as Zeltingen then crossed to follow the outside of the wide sweeping bend in the river. Past ruins, vineyards, pleasure craft, trekkers and numerous small villages, the road follows the Mosel closely and at the twin town of Traben - Trarbach we again swapped river banks.

I started a drinks round as we headed north again, rail line on the opposite bank providing some entertainment as we headed around to the Marienburg loop. I took a break from the tea run to point the castle out on its knife-edge perch overlooking the river on two opposing sides. After Zell I had to repeat the job as we passed under its gaze once again.

Back over the river at Bullay we rejoined the Moselweinstraße for the run up to our next stop at Cochem. Along past the Kloster Stuben ruin and seemingly never ending vineyards, looping first south, then north, east, north before a long westward run to the tourist haven of Cochem. Den got us into the bus station to drop off.

"How long Den?"

"Leave at five, five fifteen, maybe an hour or so back to Andernach?"

"It's four thirty now, I should have rung Margrit by now"

"We'll be back about half six, they can go straight in"

"Okay, make it quarter past"

I quickly advised the passengers that we'd pick them up in forty-five minutes and we jostled with local buses to get back onto the main road. A bunch of longwinded road works and temporary traffic signals later we finally pulled into the riverfront coach park opposite the Bahnhof.

"Tea?" I offered


"Coffee for me Nena" oh I forgot to say that Bill had stayed on board this time.

I returned to the front of our bus in short order and sat myself in the open doorway after passing outside my boss and driver's drinks.

"Nice drive" Bill mentioned

"You not been before?" I asked

"Not up the river, last time I was here we dropped off the motorway"

"You need more time really, it's a bit of a rush really" Den pointed out

"Well you pair have made it seem pretty relaxed"

"We try" I put in

"I'm going home tomorrow, from what I've seen of you two, you've got everything pretty well sussed. Chris, you manage to get the balance just right on the commentary and it's uncanny how Den gives the passengers a chance to see what you're talking about. I reckon I could make a fortune if I could bottle you pair."

Praise from the boss! Even if he did call me Chris it's always good to get. What am I saying? I am Chris; it's Nena that's not!

We collected our charges and set off to cover the final kilometers of the rivers route. The road from Cochem up to Koblenz is faster and the addition of the railway line alongside provided further entertainment as we kept pace with the local stopping train. We stayed on the northern bank passing the weinkellers and now shrinking quantities of vines. A last north run with the sun lighting the opposite bank before swinging around to pass under the impressive Moseltalbrucke that carries the A61 Autobahn over the Mosel. A few minutes more driving and we entered the northern suburbs of Koblenz where we picked up the road back up to Andernach, arriving at twenty to seven, enough time for a beer before dinner!

Maddy Bell 13.04.04
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