Nena's Holiday

When Maddy asked if i'd like to go on holiday with her i jumped at the chance! Nearly three weeks travelling around the western Baltic, the Ostsee, mostly by Maddy's bike Foxy would certainly be a break from my job at Global. So i quickly packed some stuff, i was limited to one suitcase, and joined Maddy on a bright sunny morning for our flight to Lubeck in Germany. i've not been camping before so i'm glad that Mad knows her way around tents, i had to sit and watch as she quickly assembled our accommodation at nearly ten pm!

Next morning we started the trip with a short visit to Lubeck where i had to pose outside of the Holstentor. Mad had to remind me to get the sun cream on as it started to get quite warm.We looked at some stones, Mad apologised reminding me that that was what she does, anyway we soon reached the coast - boy that sea looks inviting!We moved steadily north up the coast then swung inland to our first night stop proper at Eutin. At least today i could help set up the tent before we changed to go eat in a local restaurant.

The following day we rode up through the Ploen lakes to Kiel and then back along the coast once again looking at a few stones here and there before we wound up at Klein Waabs, right on the coast. Before dinner we headed down to the beach for a bit and played about in the sand for a while.

Day three saw us still heading north all the way to Danmark! We made a couple of stops on the way, Heddeby Viking village, Schleswig and Schloss Gluecksburg. Then we went through Flensburg to the border - our campsite was only another kilometre further on.

I was getting into the swing of things now, we rode along Flensburgfaeord stopping at places like Dybbol and Sonderborg on our way to Fynshav. The campsite there was well cool, right on the beach - Mad left me in charge of organising the Ferry in the morning!

We caught the eight o'clock ferry across the Lillebelt and started heading across the islands towards Spodsbjerg on Langelland. We got to the campsite quite early as Mad wanted to go find some archaeology, well i had to tag along didn't i?

It was another early ferry in the morning as we made our way to Nykoebing on Falster. Today was really hot and i was glad my travel arrangements were air conditioned! We booked in for two nights as next day was excursion time. We set off straight after breakfast stopping at several places on the way to the Bogo ferry including Halsted Vaenge, a collection of about 70 burial mounds and monuments. Once on to Mon there was a lot to see starting with Gronsalen burial mound, then some more archaeology, some fine painted church interiors, the odd Schloss before rolling into Mon's Klint, the unique chalk cliffs at the eastern extremity of the island. We took a walk down to the beach, the blue sky and white cliffs made it blindingly bright! it was heading towards seven pm when we finally got back to the tent for our tea.

Next morning we packed up and headed south for the nine o'clock ferry from Gedser to Rostock and bade our farewell to Danmark.

We camped at Rostocker Heide after a short ride from the ferry and had a relaxing afternoon around the town before crashing on the beach after dinner.Next day we started another leisurely day with a ride through Fischland and the Darss on our way to the popular resort of Zingst. We had a walk around the town and indulged in a hotdog on the pier!

The following morning we started a marathon day which was a bit boring but took us all the way to our base for the next few days in central Ruegen. Our first excursion took us north over the Wittower Fahre eventually arriving at Kap Arkona - but only after we looked at a few stones for Maddy! then we rode all the way down through Jasmund to Sassnitz and eventually back to Lietzow.

The second excursion started with a look at the Feuerstein felder near Mukran before going on to the Eisenbahn & Technik Museum at Prora.We had a good look around the cars, trains and fire engines before going to look at Prora itself, the biggest holiday camp ever! After an ice cream and with the temperature well up in the 30's we pushed on stopping at Binz before going to look at more archaeology at Lancken Granitz. Wow theres a lot of it! We wound up the day with a stroll along the coast of Jasmunder See - very romantic.

Next day it was back to the mainland, it rained a little and we took the train across to Rostock. After a look around we headed up to the coast where once again Maddy insisted we end the day on the beach! The following day was quite a short hop so we had some time to see the steam train in Bad Doberan then followed the line nearly all the way to our campsite near Rerik. Maddy wanted to see some stones so in the afternoon we went to have a look at four piles of rock. To be honest I was starting to get the hang of all this archaeology by now and it is quite interesting.

Only a couple of days left and we headed out along the coast through Wismar which is quite nice to stay at Zierow. This was our last night under canvas and we celebrated in the restaurant before, yep you guessed, hitting the beach! Our last travelling day started off quite nice, i even pointed out some archaeology to see but then it got a bit damp. However by the time we returned to our start point in Lubeck it was hot and sunny again.

The hotel was quite nice and set us up for a final day exploring around Lubeck including going to see a final pile of stones! Of course we had to reprise day one so we visited the Holstentor again before returning on a late evening flight back home.

Nena Ziegler