This is a new occasional series that takes its basis and some of its storyline from the cancelled Tokyopop Manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea by Tomochika Miyano. It's a great series and well worth looking out, it's a mystery why they cancelled it. For my version I've changed the setting from Japan to England and of course the names, then I've added some new characters and situations to produce Jamie and the Peach . The original series was cancelled before completion but due to popular demand has been reinstated.!

Maddy Bell, June 2010

Jamie and the Peach 12


Of course there is always a price to pay for a favour and mine was preying on my mind already. There was just something in the way Karen had said it 'I'll have an experience to share with Peaches who will be coming to my house after school tomorrow.', well it sounds innocent enough and its not like I haven't met her mother before, as Peaches that is, how bad can it be?

At school I never got a chance to think too long or hard on the subject, even at lunch I found myself working on my history project, not that I was alone in that, Jonno was in the same boat. No it was only Karen who wasn't playing catch up and she sat there with a grin on her face reading a book, whether the grin was at something in the book or directed at our plight I couldn't say for sure but I suspect the as the book was an algebra text book.

"You took your time." Karen dryly commented.

"Yeah well."

"Come on then." she beamed, looping her arm in mine.

Our town isn't the biggest place, you could walk everywhere if you wanted to, Karen actually lives closer to the school than me, just in a different direction. It's not actually a bit of town I would normally go to, it sits in a loop of the river so unless you need to go there, well you get my drift.

"So erm what are we doing tonight?"

"You'll see."

Cryptic as ever.

"Like what?"

"Its a surprise Pea."

How come I get a nickname but she doesn't?

"I just love surprises." I noted dryly.

"Lighten up girl, you'd think you were going to the block, did you bring your camera?"

"Always in my bag, why?"

"Just asking."

She's got something up her sleeve I just know it.

It didn't take long to reach her estate, a newer estate than where I live dominated by big bungalows rather than the 30's semi's that me and Sal live in. we turned off of Button Avenue, the loop that runs through the estate and into Hill Dell, a banjo with half a dozen mini ranches sat around. Karen's abode was off in one corner, neat and trim without some of the garish trim of some of the neighbours.

"Mums home." Karen advised me.

"How do you know?"

"Well duh! That's her car,” she pointed to the pink Audi TT stood at the side of the house.

"Oh right." I should have guessed.

I had a sense of foreboding as I followed Karen to the kitchen door and thence into my 'girlfriends' home.

"That you Princess?"

"Yes mum," Karen replied with a hint of annoyance, "I've brought a friend."

I hovered by the door, unsure as to the etiquette of the situation.

"Lovely dear." Mrs Brownlea Allowed from beyond the breakfast bar.

"Hi Mrs Brownlea." I squeaked.

"We'll be in my room."

"That's nice dear." the disembodied voice supplied.

"Come on Pea, you can leave your shoes by the door."

"Er sure."

Her bedroom! Oh my god, what has she got planned?

"Erm Karen," I hissed, "you sure this is ok?"

"‘Course, where else would we go? Come on."

Well if it was my place probably the lounge or just hang in the kitchen, even Jonno hasn't been in my bedroom. I followed Karen out into a short hallway and turned almost immediately through another door into her lair? Boudoir? Bedroom? I really wasn't sure what to expect, my sisters room is like a discount boutique with a 50% sale on the best of days and the one time in found myself in Sal's room - well she was six at the time, it was all stuffed animals and pink.

Karen's room was - well, ordinary. It was neither excessively girly nor was it a tidy fest, that's not to say it was messy just lived in.

"I'm gonna shower and change, I shan't be long, park your bum for a bit."

She'd been gathering garments as she said this then left me bewildered, alone in her room. A quick look around identified her computer desk as the best seating option so I nervously sat down to await whatever was coming next. The sounds of a shower starting up indicated she was now naked. Naked! Oh my god, I'm sat a few metres from a naked girl! My heart started racing and I could feel sweat starting to form on my back. Must calm down, its not like she's even in the same room is it?

To take my mind off naked bodies I started to look around the room. It really wasn't that much different from my own, well okay the book case actually had proper books on it and the walls are a pale lilac but there are piles of stuff on the floor and the walls are decorated with stuff apparently randomly blue tacked up. It wasn't exactly girl central but it was clearly not a boy's abode, you could tell by the assorted cosmetics on top of the dresser.

I was kind of lost in my musings when a voice made me jump.

"Here we are girls, I thought you'd like a drink and some biscuits."

Well I pretty much fell off the chair in surprise.

"Are you all right dear?"

I scrabbled to get back up from the floor.

"Er yes thanks."

"Where's Karen?"

"Shower." I supplied.

"No manners that girl, sorry about my daughter Prunella."

"Peaches, its ok really."

"Mu-um." Karen moaned from behind her mother.

"Well I'll leave you two to it, you are staying for dinner aren't you Plum?"

"I er."

"Of course she is Mum, I did tell you."

"That's fine dear."

Karen let her parent past and closed the door behind her.

"Parents!" she stated bouncing onto her bed.

I hadn't seen what Karen had collected to wear so I was pretty surprised to find she was in the slightly sluttish teen fashion of tight denim shorts over leggings topped by an ill-fitting vest top. If you'd asked me before I would have denied the possibility that she'd own anything of the nature. Jess yes, Karen no way.

"What's up, my knickers showing?"

I must have been staring at her.

"Er no, I erm didn't think you wore that sort of stuff."

"Why not?" she challenged, "just coz you don't."

To be honest I have tried the look but wasn't comfortable with how exposed it made me, lets face it, I have a um little extra to hide.

"Where are your glasses?"

I knew there was something really different about her beyond the clothes.

"Well duh, you don't wear specs and contacts!"

"You look..."

"Different. Yeah I know, the windows are a disguise."

The contacts really did alter her appearance and with her hair loose she was stunning.

"You wanna get changed?" she prompted.

From anyone else it would have been an innocent enough question but with Karen nothing is that straightforward.

"Me?" I spluttered having just taken a sip of my drink.

"You're not gonna wear that stuffy uniform all night." it was a statement rather than enquiry.

"You never said to bring anything," I hedged, "I'll be fine like this."

"No way José, you can wear some of mine."

"Really its okay."

"Don't be daft, what kind of girl friend do you think I am? You're my size so lets see what we can find."

When she's in this mood there is no nay saying her, this is a line I never envisaged seeing let alone crossing.

She sprung off the bed and headed to a closet behind me, "now then lets see what we can find."

It was clear I had been set up by the third outfit change, her insistence that she borrow my camera to take some pics each time only reinforced the truth of it. Initially there was a complete lack of enthusiasm on my part but as time passed I started offering some camera tips and actually started enjoying myself. She was a cunning minx though; each garment change moved my appearance to an ever girlier look.

"I think that'll do." she stated nearly an hour after she started playing Barbie with me.

"You sure, its a bit prissy." I mentioned, not exactly comfortable with how I looked.

"It's great, Mum'll just love you in this, lets do your hair and get some slap on that face."

She was really enjoying this whereas I was very much the unenthusiastic plaything.

"Do we have to? You're not wearing any." I pointed out.

"You think I'm going out there looking like this?"

Well you do kind of assume.


"Come on, it won't take long."

"Dinner girls!" Mrs Brownlea called down the hallway.

"Coming," Karen replied, "come on Pea."

With a sigh I followed her, there was nothing I could do about how I was dressed or made up now short of making a run for it. Its not like I looked like a clown or a hooker or something, no, just the opposite in fact, with a couple of minutes of tonging and painting I looked.... well I looked different. Not bad different but compared to my usual look this is a cuter look and I'm not sure I like it - or I like it too much!

"There you are girls, you look nice Blossom, I see Karen's handiwork there am I right?"

Karen dived in before I could reply, "Pea's mum doesn't like her wearing makeup, not that she needs much."

"Well sit down and I'll bring it through."

'Where?' I mouthed to Karen.

She pointed to the seat opposite as she pulled out her own chair.

"Here we go." Karen's mother returned a moment later, hands full with a large roasting dish emanating interesting smells.

"Dad not in tonight?" Karen enquired of her mum.


By the tone there was more than that to tell and Karen's reply hinted at some unrest in the household.

"That's twice this week."

"Not in front of your guest Karen."


"Help yourself Peaches, there's pork chops, stuffed peppers, oh I forgot the salad."

"I'll get it mum." Karen offered almost leaping from her seat.

Lest you get the wrong idea, the diet at my place is dictated by our cooking skills more than our finances but the last time I even saw a repast like that in front of me was when mum took us for a meal on Jess's last birthday.

“Um thanks.”

To be honest I didn't really know the etiquette, and the last thing I wanted to do was expose myself as an uncouth lout.

To Be Continued...

Maddy Bell 16.07.10 © 2010

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