This is a new occasional series that takes its basis and some of its storyline from the cancelled Tokyopop Manga, Yubisaki Milk Tea by Tomochika Miyano. It's a great series and well worth looking out, it's a mystery why they cancelled it. For my version I've changed the setting from Japan to England and of course the names, then I've added some new characters and situations to produce Jamie and the Peach . The original series was cancelled before completion but I intend to take my version somewhat further!

Maddy Bell, February 2010

Jamie and the Peach 09


Now what? There's no way for me to sneak indoors like this with Jess home, I know I'll go back to the park and change. I hurried back the way we'd just come. Jeez I could've been found out earlier! The thought came to me as I went over the earlier incident. What if Sal had seen under my skirt – she didn't did she? Oh no worse than that, what if my wig had come off? Sheesh! It didn't really bear thinking about; I'll have to be more careful.

Nearly as bad was the fact that my soccer skills had deteriorated to such a point that I couldn't make a simple volley. Maybe it was the shoes or the skirt but whatever it was I need to avoid getting myself into a similar situation in future.

Peaches managed to slink into the baby room unseen and a few minutes later Jamie was heading home.

“Where've you been? You were supposed to do dinner.” Jess fumed when I finally got back to the house.

“Er sorry, you done anything?” I asked hopefully.

“Yeah right.”

She can be a lazy moo.

“Oh and some girl came round looking for you, apple or orange or something.”


“That was it, dropped off some school stuff you left.”

“Phew, I thought I'd lost it, that's why I was late, I went back to the library looking for it.” Talk about thinking on your feet.


Somehow I got the impression that she didn't approve of Peaches, the girl for some reason.

“This girl, she some sort of girlfriend?”

“As if! We just study together.”


“What do you think Karen?” Jonno enquired.

We'd been ‘discussing' the various merits or otherwise of the new Bond film that I'd had to sit through twice over the weekend. I guess we should take a step back to before the weekend………

“After school then?” Jono confirmed.

“Yeah, there's a showing at quarter to five so we should have plenty of time.”

The multiplex had the much-hyped new Bond release on three screens all weekend starting about thirty minutes apart, I'd checked in last night's paper.

“Cool, I hope there's a new car this time.”

So that was Friday taken care of. Saturday was already booked with Karen; she even had the tickets for our afternoon viewing of the same film.

The trip with Jonno was a typical lads event, a tub of popcorn to chuck around and super sized soft drinks that make you want a wee just at the crucial point – in fact apart from the film itself we could've been watching anything. Saturday was something different entirely.

Jess was working thankfully, which gave me the chance to raid her closets. I couldn't dress at home in case anyone saw me leaving the house but I could do a lot of preparation. It was looking like a nice day was in the offing so I found a short skirt, matching camisole and a light blouse to complete my ‘look'. A shower and leg shave later I was ready to go.

I'd already put on some nude tights and my underwear, hidden beneath a sweatshirt and cargos, to save time. It was a bummer that I'd have to tote them about with me but at least I didn't need coats! Once more the park conveniences provided changing facilities, enter one Jamie, exit one Peach.

“You're late.”

“Only a couple of minutes.”

Karen was looking totally wicked in a flowery all in one, cardi and some of those furry boot things, very much in the current mode.

“You pick that out?”

“Who else, you look pretty awesome.”

“It's supposed to be the look for summer.”

“Well it certainly suits you.”

“Come on then, we've just got time to hit the snacks.”

And so I sat through a second showing of the world's best-known action man kicking the bad guys butts.

Afterwards we headed towards Mario's, you remember, the ‘Maid' café Karen took me to the day she discovered Peaches at school. I'd forgotten just how saccharin sweet the place was but if you can get over the décor and the uniforms the food is to die for. Not literally of course but you know what I mean. This time however I felt much more comfortable being out in public in a skirt and makeup, the last few weeks have taken it from maybe once a week in the studio to at least two or three times a week, in school uniform around town.

I was just setting my fork into a Russian Slice when there was an ominous rumbling.

“What was that?” Karen asked a little warily.

“Sounded like thunder.” I noted before hefting the cake to my mouth.

“I hope not.”

“Hmm.” I agreed around my food.

There were no more heavenly utterances before we left Mario's, the sky was largely blue and the sunshine if not on high managed to make it quite pleasant. Boy how things can change! We hadn't made it as far as the town centre proper before the first spots of rain marked the pavement then in short order the sun disappeared and the wind got up. The first peal of thunder was loud and nearby, Karen almost jumped out of her skin before grabbing on to me.

“Lets get under some shelter.” I suggested.

Karen said nothing but clung to me as I headed for the nearest cover. Another round of thunder seemed to shake the very ground we were on and Karen gave a whimper, she really did seem afraid of the rumbling. The rain was descending hard and fast, we were soaked well before we joined the other late afternoon shoppers sheltering outside John Lewis'.

“You okay?”

“Don't like thunder.” She mumbled into my fake bosom.

“It can't hurt you.” Leastways not as far as I know. The lightning that chose that moment to flash to earth was an entirely different matter.

“Hold me.”

What's a boy er girl to do? She shivered in my arms more from fear than the temperature as we waited out the weather.


Karen's pronouncement wasn't enough to end the debate on the subject of the baddies considerable bust.

“I told you!”

“No falsies could look like that.” Jonno insisted.

“Why not?”

“They just couldn't.” he stated.

“It said she had breast enlargements in the paper last week.” Karen gave her longest speech since joining our lunch table some weeks ago.

His argument finally shot to shreds Jono persisted, “well they look real.”


Wednesday night and with Karen next door tutoring Sal I found myself alone in the house, homework done and Jess newly departed for a night of lust with the current beau. My photographic endeavours have taken more of a back seat the last few weeks – oh I've been going to Dan's to help out still but since I started going out with Karen I've only done a couple of studio sessions. I had all the kit indoors so why not try a few shots.

It didn't take long to set up in my bedroom and soon I was clicking away, with Jess' stuff just across the way, I had soon made three changes of outfit.

Click, click, click.

“You seen my leather jacket?” Jess enquired from the doorway.

“Um no.”


“Nice dress by the way.”


She disappeared from view leaving me frozen in place, waiting for the inevitable shit to hit the fan. It only took a moment for her to return.

“That's my dress! Why are you wearing my dress?” she squealed.


“No I don't want to know, kitchen, two minutes.”

Oh bugger!

Two things struck me as weird, firstly she didn't seem phased by seeing me dressed and secondly, well I'm dressed as Peaches. This is not good. I turned the camera off and followed my sibling down stairs.


“I can explain Jess.” I whined.

“Oh you will, brother mine, you will.”


“I was er just borrowing some stuff, taking some pictures.”

“I can see that.” She pointed out.

“Aren't you gonna ask why I'm dressed like this?”

“Oh I know all about you doing that session for Dan and what you do at the studio, you're really quite good with a camera. What I hadn't realised was that you were wearing my stuff – you're not, you know doing it in them?” she suddenly raged.

“No, no, nothing like that honest!”

“So why are you wearing my stuff?”

“For the pictures? I'm hardly gonna buy my own am I.”

It was like watching a twitch being flicked.

“So when my stuff has been missing you had it not some phantom washing thief.”

“Er yeah,” I admitted, “I washed everything afterwards.”

“Everything? You've had my underwear on! You little pervert!”

“No, no, I've got my own, honest.”


“So how do you know about this – and why didn't you say anything?”

“Firstly Dan told me when I went to apologize for missing the session and secondly its not like you go out dressed up is it?”

I guess my silence and guilty expression gave me away.

“Oh my god, you do don't you?”

“Once or twice.” I allowed.

Another coin seemed to drop.

“It was you wasn't it? You're her aren't you? That girl last week, Pauline or something, that was you!”

“Um yes and it's Peaches.”

“Does Sal know?”

“No! She's never to know!”

“You realise she looks at Peaches, you as some sort of icon?”

“Oh shit.”

To Be Continued...

Maddy Bell 01.06.10 © 2010

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