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Four Star
Part Seven


At least I slept all night, no surprise awakenings in the early hours! In fact I may have slept a little too well as I was still half asleep when I joined Brigitte for the walk down to the Lamme.

"So you are off to Goslar today?"

"Uh huh"

"You go back to your friends tonight?"

In truth I hadn't actually thought that far ahead, the Wally bus would be leaving early tomorrow morning and I wasn't planning on being on it. My trip, with Global has an extra day before heading home so at least I'll get another day doing what I'm supposed to.

"I'll need to talk with them later."

"It is no problem for you to stay again."

"Thanks Bridg"

We arrived at the hotel and I went through to join the passengers for brekkie.

"Mornin' treacle"

"Um, morning Alec"

Several other passengers added their greetings before I had finished collecting the components of my breakfast.

"Hi John."

"Heavy night?"

"A bit I guess,” I agreed.

"Spoke to George a few minutes ago, Maureen is improving steadily."

"That's good news"

"I'm gonna take their stuff back with me tomorrow, George thinks Maureen will be okay to travel after the weekend."

I nodded through a mouthful of ham and cheese.

"So you staying for the big meal tonight?"

I'd forgotten about the traditional end of stay 'party'.

"I will need to talk with Dennis later."

"I hope you can, I'm sure most of the bus would like you to come."

I blushed slightly.

"You deserve a rest after all the effort you have put in the last couple of days."


"Come on Nena, you've really worked your nuts off to make sure this lot still had a good holiday, I know they are grateful."

I blushed more, partly at the compliment and partly at his turn of phrase.

"I will see."

"Is that the time? Damn, I'd best go get the bus, out front in ten minutes."


I was down to my second cup of coffee so I took my time draining the cup before heading for the vital loo stop before boarding Wally's Trolley.

"guten morgen everyone"

A chorus of "morning Nena" rang around the bus.

"My last day with you today"

"Shame" came from halfway down the bus.

"For today we have a visit to Germany's oldest city, Goslar. Before we visit there we will have a scenic tour of the Harts, it looks like a nice day so please to sit back and enjoy."

I descended to the crew area, "okay John?"


"Lets go then."

He released the brake and we moved off.

Once we were on the main road I headed up to the passengers. It was a little odd doing my morning run on a strange bus; don't ask me why, it just was. Everyone seemed in good spirits and determined to make the most of the last day of their trip. Maureen's welfare was still a major concern that I could at least give some positive news on.

I finally got back to the front armed with a coffee for John.


"Yes, they are a good bunch, the lady in 8B has volunteered to do the drinks for you tomorrow."

"That's good, I thought we were gonna have a dry run. Its a long way to Gent with only the normal stops."

I nodded my agreement.

"You going back to England with Dennis?"

It was an innocent enough question but one that to be sure I couldn't really answer. Would Nena be going all the way? Or would we have to figure something else out?

"Only if Global have work for me nächste week. Otherwise I will get Den to drop me off part way and go home."

John grunted an "uh huh" by way of reply as we negotiated the climb up into Clausthal Zellerfeld.

We had quite a good run around, a thirty minute stop at Braunlage essentially for toilets then we climbed up to Torfhaus for another brief stop to take in the views across to the Brocken.

We still had a bit of spare time before our rendezvous with Den and Jools in Goslar so I guided John down to Okerstausee, a popular spot for walkers and other outdoorsy types. A fifteen minute leg stretch and we were on our way again.

The road we came into Goslar on looked vaguely familiar but this time I had to spring into action to give a little bit of spiel.

"If you look to the right when we turn you will see the town gate, stadturm Breites Tor. We followed the road around the town and turned in at the sign for the Kaiserpfalz. Den was already parked up and Jools was escorting the Global passengers up for the start of their walking tour.

"Thought we'd lost you." Den stated.

"Just an extra stop."

"Well I guess I'd better get everyone up to the top so we can start."

"John and I will meet you in the main square in, what, two hours?"

"About that."

"Good luck!"

John was already pointing his, and I guess, my, passengers up to the imposing edifice of the Kaiserpfalz that we were going to start from.

"...From here the famous Siemens family started their empire. If you can follow me now to the main square, we will watch the carillon before we continue our tour."

The problem with walking tours is always the same; the slower walkers end up making the trip boring for the more able. It's a difficult one to call but with today's double coach load we had come to a working solution. The girl from the tourist office was taking the 'steady' group with Jools and yours truly was taking a twenty strong hardcore group on what nearly amounted to a route march!

I led the way along to Der Marktplatz where my group joined a good many other visitors to watch the three hourly automaton display.

"The automatons show the history of the town and its important industry of mining? Yes mining the silber und gold."

On cue the clock struck the hour and the ten-minute display of Das Glockenspiel started. The show isn't what you would call exciting but the various tableaus managed to keep their audience's attention pretty well.

"So, we will return to look at the Rathaus later but first we will see some of the other town features."

I led my hardy sightseers on for the next leg. Over the next hour or so we covered a lot of ground, out to the Breites Tor via the Stephanikirche. Then around the wall via the curiously shaped Teufelsturm and Weberturm to the Rosentor where the 'fat couple' provided some amusement. Rather than wear my charges out completely we started back across central Goslar stopping briefly at the Jakobikirche before taking a zig zag route along some of the fine medieval streets before rounding out our tour with a visit to the fine Huldigungssaal with its amazing ceiling, wall panels and the Trinitatiskapelle, a tiny chapel hidden behind the wall murals.

“I hope you have enjoyed our kleine walk.” that raised a few chuckles as we finished our tour on the steps of the Rathaus. “You have some time now to explore we will depart from die Kaiserpfalz at four pm.”


"You look whacked girl." Den stated.

"Thanks a bunch"

The drivers had just arrived at 'Kaiserworth' after the rest of us had been walking all afternoon, well it felt like all afternoon. Our passengers get a two-hour 'free time' slot before we depart, time for something to eat and drink for their minders.

"You going back with John?"

"Yes, I have my things with Brigit."

"And the farewell dinner Nena." John mentioned.

"How're you getting back to us then?" Jools enquired.

"Dunno, taxi?"

By the glint in Dens eyes I knew he had something up his sleeve.


"Well it's just an idea"

I rolled my eyes, "spit it out!"

John chortled at the exchange.

"Well its another free day tomorrow right?"


"Well what if I offer a half day excursion to that mine just down the road from your hotel?"


"You know, what is it in German, that's it Bergwork"

"I didn't know there was one." I admitted.

"I saw it this morning Nena, it's only about half a mile from the Lamb." John offered.

It sounded like a good idea, kills two birds with one stone, entertaining the peeps and me rejoining the crew easily.

"Okay, sounds good"

"I'll let you sort out the mine and we'll have them with you for...lets say eleven?"

"You swine Dennis, you already had decided this."

"Well only about an hour ago."

"So why not say straight away?"

"Well you might have had your own plan, thought we'd see your idea first."

John and Jools were falling about now, I guess my indignant stance was a bit comical, I couldn't help it, I joined in the laughter.

We strolled back to the coach park via the Lohmühle and a look in the shop of the Großes Heiliges Kreuz and a look at the statuary of the Domkapelle.

The passengers arrived in dribs and drabs but no one was actually late. This is the last time our two lots of passengers would be together and for John, Jools and Den to say their farewells. Friendships had been forged over the last few days and the usual anti-snobbery of both crew and passengers towards WA was long gone. However it was time to depart and Den led the British cavalcade out of the coach park and away from Goslar. Our two buses ran in tandem until Den signaled off, a bit of tooting and waving and we were once more on our own.

It's not far to Lautenthal so I stayed down at the front and contemplated the scenery. What a week! The loss of Betsy, my decision to become Nena again. Then the trip out to Berlin and poor Maureen's heart attack, I'm glad I get next week off, I don't think I could stand much more of this excitement! Then there was the night out with Brigitte, how weird was that? Well at least things should get back to some semblance of normal tomorrow.

“Nearly there” John noted.

“Um ja, the dinner, it is at seben?”

“That's right, you got something to wear?”

Have I? That's a good question. I know we bought a fair chunk of stuff on Monday but I don't actually remember getting anything dressy.

“Er yes, I think I have something appropriate.”

Bummer, I've heard that some of these WA passengers take the big dinner thing quite seriously; I don't think the normal Nena wardrobe will cut it tonight. We pulled up at the hotel and soon it was just me and John left.

“I'll see you in the bar about quarter to then.”

“um yes, okay”

He climbed back on the bus and headed off to park up while I headed inside to find Brigitte.

(Of course, the following discourse was all in German!)

“Why the long face?” Bridg enquired as I made my way to the reception desk. “It is the big dinner tonight!”

“I know, it's just…”


“Well I don't have anything to wear, not formal.”

“Ach, this is not a problem, wait here.”

She disappeared and I found a leaflet about the 'Silberwerke Lautenthal', which kept me occupied for a couple of minutes. I borrowed the desk phone and before Bridg got back I had us booked in for our visit in the morning.

“Okay Nena, Margot will cover while I help you to dress, come time is passing.”

I followed her back outside and we headed for her apartment.

“So you had a good day in Goslar?”

“Yes but quite tiring. I should have thought earlier I could have got something in Goslar.”

“With hindsight we can all say these things.”

I sighed, she was right of course. We climbed up to the flat and I wondered exactly what she had in mind.

“Go get your dusche, I will make coffee and look some things out.”

“Thanks Brigitte.”

“It is okay, now go.”

I got my shower; I checked myself for unsightly hair and got myself sort of ready. Now what? Bugger, how am I going to do this? She thinks I'm a girl and she'll expect me to try on stuff, if I go out there she'll know straight away I'm not really female.

"Nena? Are you done in there?"

"Er yes"

"I've left a couple of dresses in your raum."


"And there's coffee out here"

Well looks like I'm off the hook, at least for now. I slipped Bridg's bathrobe on and slipped across to ‘my' room. I snicked the door shut and turned to see what my saviour had found for me. There were two hangers on the front of the wardrobe so I went to investigate. The front one I dismissed very quickly - it was, how could I put it, a bit er risqué for someone in my position. It was nice though, almost transparent with some beading and a hem which would be, well, a bit high!

The other garment surprised me, not so much by what it was but by the fact it was Bridg's. If anything this dress was too formal, the sort of thing you might see at a formal dinner. It was surprisingly heavy a tailored bodice segued into a floor length skirt in a sort of plum colour. Well it might be a bit overboard but given my options it would have to be this.

I got my underwear on, sorted out my ‘bits' and prepared to try the dress on. My first impression had been of weight and there was no doubt that it was a well-made garment. I got it pretty much on and reached for the zip, it moved about an inch before resisting my efforts. Bum.

"How are you doing?"

I felt confident enough that I could ask for zipper help.

"Er could you do the zip?"

"Sure" Bridgett came into the room, "I felt sure you would wear the other, lets see, yes you look good in that, turn around."

I did as instructed and she gave the zip a few tugs.

"Hmm, it is nearly closed, breath in"

I took a deep breath.

"No, it is too much. Hmmm, I'll be back in a moment, slip the dress off."

Sugar! Well my options are restricted here. I slipped the bodice off and stepped out of the skirts. Here goes nothing.

"Here we go, turn around" she ordered returning to my room.

I was taken by surprise when she wrapped something around me and started doing something behind me. The firmness of this new garment surprised me, then it dawned on me, she was putting me in a corset.

"We need only perhaps six centimeters." she gave a grunt as she cinched the restrictive material tighter. She checked my new waist with a tape and with apparently practiced ease she worked the lacing a bit more before tying off and then I heard a zipper being closed.

"There, how is that?"

How indeed? My whole midsection was compressed by the garment in a firm embrace, not so tight to be uncomfortable but rigid enough to restrict my movement somewhat.

"I can't bend"

"Of course not, I will help with your hose und schuh, sit"

She steered me to the bed where I gingerly balanced on the edge. Thoughts of my exposure as a man were pushed backwards by the new sensations of corset wearing. Stockings? I realised two things, one, there were suspender tabs hanging from the corset and two, there is no way I could now put tights on over the corset, well not sensibly.

"Here, I have these glanz strumpf you can wear." and Bridg started to dress me.

To be honest I was in no position to help much, I couldn't bend enough to reach my knees, let alone my ankles! She eased the delicate stockings up my legs, smoothing them as she went and finally bid me stand. Moments later she had the suspenders attached and I could feel the taught resistance on my thighs. I looked at my legs and was amazed at the glossy sheen and on further inspection, smoothness of the stockings.

"Okay so now the dress, come"

She held the garment out for me and I gingerly stepped into the skirts before pulling the bodice up. I slipped into the sleeves and my dresser easily slipped the zip closed this time, the corset having done its job. The dress reached to the floor, the skirts in fact dragging as I moved to try to see myself.

“Ach, you need schuh, moment.” She was off again and in short order returned with a pair of shoes, well a tangle of straps would be more of an accurate description. “My favourite heels” she beamed.

What could I do? Bridg was already down on the floor guiding my left foot into the new torture device. It wasn't until I was perched on the second stilt that I realised how high these things are, I might have volunteered for Nena this week but I know my limitations and a pair of strappy sandals with ten-centimeter heels were pushing the envelope! It wasn't so much that they were uncomfortable so much as I'm not used to the elevation. Oh shit!

“Come on, we should go, we will be late” Bridgett encouraged.

I checked my watch; sugar and I need to do my makeup yet.

As Jools often says, less is more. I did a quick slap job with the major makeup components but my host was now getting agitated.

“Come on, I'll help with that back at the Lamme.”

And so I could demur no longer.

The walk back to the hotel was something I'd rather not repeat. First there were the shoes. It was a steep learning curve, not helped by the long skirts. I stumbled once or twice as I clumsily tried to walk as normal, once I realised that smaller steps would help, I did make better progress. Then there was the frock. I hadn't realised just how much work it would be to wear the thing, I had to hitch it up to negotiate even a curb otherwise I would have tripped and landed on my face as I nearly did before leaving the flat. And of course to top it off there was the corset. It was only when we started walking that I realised how much impact it was really going to make on my movement. So okay it made bending over nigh on impossible but I found that as well as my tiny, unsteady steps due to the high heels, my every move was restricted by my attire. If it wasn't one thing it was another and the other was a lack of breath, the corset seriously restricting air intake.

Now I'm sure you are all thinking, ‘stupid girl, why didn't she complain' but of course I haven't told you everything. So okay I allowed myself to be squeezed into the corset and buckled into the shoes but I did complain, honest I did, as I struggled to keep pace with my torturer.

“Stop complaining girl, you look great, we are nearly there now.”

As we approached the hotel I tried to comport myself a bit more ladylike, I almost succeeded in pulling off that face plant on the reception steps but Bridg caught me before I could complete the manoeuvre . Once inside she sat me down and told me to wait a minute. I checked the watch again, six forty – I don't know how we managed that. Then she was back again with her makeup bag, I suffered her prodding and poking for a further couple of minutes.

“There, you look fantastiche!”


“Nena will go to the ball!” she gave me a quick hug before going on, “go, I will see you later.”

“My god!”

“What?” I asked John with a little annoyance.

“You are just so…. So beautiful! That dress, you look smashing”

“Give over, I borrowed it from Bridgett”

“Well she has great taste, but it's not just the dress.”

That's all I need, a randy driver!

It was a pity about the corset really; there was no way I could do justice to the meal that Bridg and her team dished up. A full five-course dinner, German style but I could barely breath let alone eat so much. It was certainly more formal than I'm used to, I wasn't the only wearer of a long frock, everyone including John had made an effort and I imagined how it was when this sort of thing was the norm rather than the exception.

Talk about embarrassing, after the meal I found myself the centre of attraction, all the passengers wanted photo's of me, with me – I managed to drag John into a few but I reckon I was the subject of a couple of hundred shots! When I got invited to dance I had to draw the line, well try. As a compromise I agreed to sashay around the small dance floor with John for a couple of minutes.

“Well girl, you've done it now” he mentioned as I stumbled about on these stupid heels.


“Well they are going to want a glamorous tour guide every time now.


“Don't give me that innocent look Nena. Here you are in a ball gown, all gussied up and half the room is drooling the other half are envious.”

I let his comment sink in for a minute.

“And which half are you in?”

Now it was John's turn to blush.

“I'd be lying if I said neither, even if you don't believe it you are a real beauty. I shouldn't be saying this, I could get in serious trouble.”

He didn't need to say more, he fancies Nena something chronic much to my continuing discomfort. The music stopped and we broke, I was surprised when there was a round of applause and John gave me a peck on the cheek. My head was swimming with emotions, confusion being at the forefront, the room started to swim and everything went blank.

“She's coming round,” a voice stated.


“It's okay young lady, here have a sip of this” a glass was pressed to my lips and I tasted nothing more innocuous than water, I took a small amount of liquid and felt my flush start to subside.

I cracked my eyes open, “danke”

“That's alright luv, I remember when I was a lass, it wasn't a good night out without a good feint!” it was Carol from 8B.

“She okay?” Johns voice came from behind me and I struggled to get myself upright.

“Just a bit too much excitement John combined with a tight corset, she'll be okay in a minute or two.

Boy am I embarrassed now!

“I um need to…”

“Of course dear, you need a hand?”

“er nein danke, I can manage.”

I levered myself upright and carefully made my way to the ladies. Of course, given how I'm dressed even just a wee turned out to be a major exercise in contortionism. I finally managed to dribble into the bowl with my skirts up around my armpits, knickers and stockings, now divorced from the corset, around my ankles and leaning against the cistern to get my breath back. The renewed light-headedness soon passed and I set about redressing myself.

“Nena? Are you okay?” Bridgett's voice called out.

“Just trying to sort my hose.”

“Come out here, let me help.”

I was grateful for the offer, the corset and heavy skirts were defeating my every effort and I was getting hot and flustered again. My saviour cheated, she just got under the skirts and deftly sorted my stockings out.

“There we go, come they are waiting for you.”

The rest of the evening was a confusing blur of white wine, short conversations, even more photographs and a few snatched kisses, not by me I hasten to add, by assorted passengers. Nearly as embarrassing were the number of notes pressed into my hands, its not polite to look at what they are, but my purse was pretty stuffed with crumpled paper money by the time things were breaking up.

“Well I guess its good bye time.” John told me.

“What time do you leave?” I wasn't firing on all cylinders.

“Half eight, no need to leave at the crack of dawn”

“I'll come down to see you off.”

“You don't need to.”

“I want to.”

“Well in case I don't get another chance, thanks for turning this week round for this lot and me.” With that he grabbed me in a hug and gave me a full on smacker. Strangely I didn't feel anything except gooeyness in my stomach. “You are definitely the best tour manager I've ever worked with.”

He didn't give me any chance to reply as he darted straight off, “bye Nena!”

“guten nachte John, guten nachte.”

“Come on Nena, time to go home, you'll see him in the morning”

To be continued.

Maddy Bell 15.01.06


Pictures of Nena have been generated using Ania's 'Cherie' Fkiss doll on Angy-Chan's template and are Copyright 2004. They are used with permission, if you'd like to see more go to www.acharsi.prv.pl

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